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  1. dsp2k5

    dsp2k5 Dime Sack Pimp

    Sep 7, 2005
    EP(When they ask you who is DSP ... just tell em he's nobody ..)

    I remember even when I was in school I was a nobody
    So real quick I had get in grind mode, like don't call me
    I'm a busy body wit god wit me so don't josh me
    Prolly should have slowed my roll .. do you savvy???
    But I didn't n and to this day it still shocks me
    Remembering them ends I dropped for that Vette, yelling now whose a nobody??
    And I was only eighteen wit a plain dream ...
    Not many people can say they did the same thing
    Had all the confidence in the world, couldn't no one play me ..
    Every hater hated the looks that they lady gave me
    And maybe its crazy, but to me it was the greatest feeling ..
    Wit all my homies lookin up to me like ain't we living??
    But now my life is plain and simple so I save the grinning
    No longer picking random women n staying wit em
    Courtney always watching me so I gotta pay attention
    I save da bitching .. I give thanks for what I got
    living on the other side of the tracks now, had to get off da block
    And if I could stop da clock, id help us all out
    Find u to pick u up if was to fall down ..
    And yeah it brought doubt when meth took my mom out
    But I'm still living to wish I could help god out
    now I know how Nick Cage felt on the City of Angels
    And no I know I ain't an angel ...
    But how many complete strangers
    u know would cut his heart out and lay it on his kitchen table?
    Just for u if I thought it may save you?
    my whole life I've paid dues, but when I step up to collect,
    Anymore it seems hectic just go get a check ...
    Gettin dreary n cloudy now like how the weather gets
    Going from mean to meaner just like Weapon x.
    Hoping it will get better, hoping to find my treasure chest
    And if I don't will I just set there and guess
    Let me rest and catch my second breathe ..
    I'm not like a comic book hero ...
    I just keep takin shots like Ne-yo
    Keep tryin to bounce back like I bricked the free throw
    Armed to the teeth with these torpedoes
    we know the explosion is comming, so go take cover
    Like I do when I'm insecure, I find some big tits to stay under
    They wonder why when I leave I say I'm so sorry
    I guess I just talk a lot of shit and I'm still just a nobody
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  2. dsp2k5

    dsp2k5 Dime Sack Pimp

    Sep 7, 2005
    Sorry I had to come back and finish this ... I feel like I'm half dead ... this gallbladder thing ain't fun lol
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