Nix ft. Tycotic & Losty - Dirty Herbs + Comic Books (Music Video)

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    May 19, 2006
    What's up. My name is Nix and I am an emcee based in Canberra, Australia.

    Please check out my new music video for 'Dirty Herbs & Comic Books' featuring Tycotic and Losty! We actually filmed this in a comic store! This track is for all the weed smoking comic book heads. Hope you enjoy! Any feedback is welcome :)

    If you like this track, you can find it on my debut mixtape 'The Nixtape' which can be downloaded for FREE at:

    'Dirty Herbs & Comic Books'
    The Nixtape
    Halestorm Music

    Verses: Written and performed by Nix, Tycotic and Losty
    Scratches: Performed by Nan Artist
    Instrumental: Weathermen - Gut You (Produced by DJ Mighty Mi)
    Video shot & edited by: Tycotic (Indigo Embassy)
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