Nightmare Elm Street 3 Phantasm 2 which was better? hmmm

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  1. BilCosbynDZK


    Jan 21, 2005
    Nightmare on Elm Street 3- best of the serious that shit gave me goosebums from start to finish very well down movie....shit they dont have movies with special effect make up like that any more
    best part
    when freddy turned the guy into a pupet that the strings came out of his body...truly gruesome and when that chick stepped into a pile of blood
    the plot was cool...continued along with the series good actors as well and lots of blood and gore very creative to

    phantasm 2 i loved this shit man cause it picked up right where part 1 ended
    i loved the music in it to and when they went to the grave yard with the double shot gun and flame thrower that shit was tight

    the tall = classic horror characacter aka angus scrim hes very underated

    but both are excellent scary movies

    my vote for which was bette= tie

    and i cant wait to see amity vill horror
    positive music for the soul/\
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