NFL Free Agency..The First 72 Hours Breakdown

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    Saw this on another is a pretty good breakdown

    Also this week on


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    Free For All
    Written By Robert Littal


    Free Agency starting at 12:01 am Saturday morning and it his been nonstop signings ever
    since. I will keep a running standing on the major free agent signings and resignings everyday
    until all the big names have been signed, so be sure to check back daily. I used a very simple
    rating program it is a 1-5 system. 5 would be considered a Reggie White type signing and a 1
    would be considered a Peerless Price type signing.

    March 13th, 2006

    Adam Archuleta signs with Washington Redskins terms not disclosed:

    Terms weren't disclosed, but we know Archuleta received 10 million in guarantees which is
    a ludicrous amount of money for the slower less effective version of Roy Williams. Archuleta
    couldn't cover a 75 year old man. Now the Redskins have two safeties (Sean Taylor being the
    other one) who hit hard, but are not the most discipline of players when it comes to coverage.
    Another horrible signing by the Redskins.

    Final Rating: 1 1/2

    Mike Anderson signs with Baltimore Ravens 4 years 8 million:

    This signals the end of the Jamal Lewis era in Baltimore. Low risk deal for the Ravens and
    Anderson is servicable, nothing special about this signing except it gives the Ravens a tough
    nose back with some experience.

    Final Rating: 2 1/2

    David Thornton signs with Tennessee Titans 5 years 22.5 million:

    Thornton is a young and active LB who will help the Titans D. The deal is a good deal on
    both sides that doesn't cripple the salary cap in future years for the Titans which was a problem
    they had before when they signed free agents.

    Final Rating: 4

    March 12, 2006

    Edgerrin James signs with Arizona Cardinals 4 years 30 million:

    The media would like you to believe that Drew Rosenhaus is a bad agent, but he got his
    client more money in the first 3 years of his deal than Shaun Alexander (Alexander will never
    see the money in the last 4 years of his deal). So while they are making jokes, Drew is getting
    his clients paid. James is the perfect back for Denny Green’s offensive system, but unless they
    get that O-Line straighten out they will be wasting money on Edge. If they get their line squared
    away, I think Edge has a huge year running in the NFC West and the Colts will regret not trying
    to resign him.

    Final Rating: 4 1/2

    Antwaan Randle El signs with Washington Redskins 6 years 31 million:

    Randle El has just made the biggest mistake of his life. He had an offer on the table from
    the Bears for 6 years and 18 million (8 million guaranteed) that he should have taken. I know
    what you are thinking, “Are you smoking Rob? Would you turn down an extra 13 million
    dollars?”. Not if it was guaranteed, but NFL contracts are not guaranteed and the chances El
    gets all 31 million are remote. The Redskins gave El 10 million in guarantees, so in essence for
    2 million more he chose the Redskins and is destine to be the next Peerless Price.

    Final Rating: 1

    Will Witherspoon signs with Saint Louis Rams 6 years 33 million:

    Unlike the signing of Corey Chavous and LaRoi Glover who are both way past their prime
    this is an excellent signing for the Rams, even though I would have been hesitant to give
    Witherspoon 15 million in guaranteed money. Witherspoon does the one thing the Rams
    linebackers haven’t done in years. He tackles.

    Final Rating: 4

    LeCharles Bentley signs with Cleveland Browns 6 years 36 million:

    The premiere offensive lineman on the market who has been rumored for weeks to be
    headed to the Eagles, ends up in Cleveland. I like what Romeo and Phil Savage are doing.
    Doesn’t matter how great your skill positions are if your O-Line is weak. Great pickup for the

    Final Rating: 5

    Joe Jurevicius signs with Cleveland Browns terms not disclosed:

    Another solid signing by the Browns who are revamping their team with quality and quantity
    in free agency. Jurevicius is the classic possession receiver who comes up big when the
    pressure is on. Looking for him to be a solid #3.

    Final Rating: 3 ½

    Ted Washington signs with Cleveland Browns 2 years 7 million:

    For the money that they are giving him, this is a low risk, high reward signing for the
    Browns. Washington is on his last legs, but if he can stay healthy and come to camp in decent
    shape, he can give the Browns a solid run stuffer on 1st and 2nd down. It is obvious that
    Romeo and Phil Savage and trying to shore up both sides of the line scrimmage.

    Final Rating: 2 ½ with the possibility of going up to 3 ½ if Washington lays off the
    Popeye’s Chicken.

    Bart Scott resigns with Baltimore Ravens 3 years 13.5 million:

    If you don’t know who Bart Scott is, he is the guy who replaced Ray Lewis after he got hurt
    and played exceptional in the final 10 games of the season. Good deal for both the Ravens
    and Scott. Makes me wonder if this is the first move in regards to getting Ray Lewis out of
    Baltimore after this season.

    Final Rating: 4 for the new Ray Ray

    March 11, 2006

    Deshaun Foster resigns with Carolina Panthers 3 years 14.5 million:

    Great move if he stays healthy, but seriously does anyone really thinks he is going to stay
    healthy? I like Foster as a RB, but he is brittle and has never proven that he can stay in one
    piece for an entire season.

    Final Rating: 2 with the potential for a 4 if he can stay healthy

    Trevor Pryce signs with Baltimore Ravens for 5 years 25 million:

    I think the Ravens overpaid for Pryce, but they were desperate for D Line help, to allow
    their linebackers to run free. I think Pryce is past his prime and 10 million in guarantees were
    too much for him, when a cheaper, younger and possibly better alternative was out there.

    Final Rating: 2 1/2

    Ron Dayne resigns with Denver Broncos for 3 years terms not disclosed:

    Pretty low risk deals for both parties, the Broncos have promised Dayne a chance to start,
    but remember whom we are talking about.

    Final Rating: 1 1/2

    Chester Taylor signs with Minnesota Vikings for 4 years 14.1 million:

    The history of #2 backs that go to other teams to be the #1 RB has about a 60/40-success
    rate. The only thing that concerns me about Taylor is that he is a lot like Melwede Moore and
    Michael Bennett. I really thought that the Vikings would get more of a hammer of a back, but
    that doesn’t really fit Brad Childress offensive philosophy.

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