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    Here's a short guide to help you with signing up - if there is anything not covered or you would like explaining further, then please contact a moderator or admin, or post your query in the "Got A Question" forum.

    FAQ & Signing up

    1)How many posts do I need before I can make threads?
    you need a minimum of 20 posts, (make sure to confirm your e-mail!)

    2) what do the different coloured names mean?
    the colours are as follows -
    Purple - Site Administrators
    Light Blue-Super Moderators
    Darker Blue-Regular Moderator
    Red - Prominent Battler
    Gold - Battle League staff
    Green-regular members

    3) what are the small green squares under my name/post count?
    This is 'reputation' - its a way of showing approval for a members comment or post. Green signifies 'good rep' -red 'bad rep'. You can read any comments attached to the reputation on your user CP

    4)How do I embed a You Tube video?

    If your youtube link is for example:

    Enter the code after "watch?v="

    To embed you type [ youtube ]XfHw2b6b1PU[ /youtube ] (remove all the spaces)

    5)What Are the main forums?

    links to the main areas & short description....

    Battle Videos -

    all things battle rap - top battle leagues from around the world drop their latest battles as they are released.

    RhymeArena - Audio Forums -

    Emcees, producers, video makers etc

    Hip-Hop Central -

    The Alley -

    Sports Central -

    Scratch Pad -

    once again, thank you for joining RM - post & enjoy!
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