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    Jan 31, 2014
    Wassup Rapmusic?
    I just joined because this looks like a dope site for discussion. Plus I think this is probably the best place to get my name out as an emcee since I just started (and by just started I mean literally JUST started. Most of my close friends don't even know I started this project yet). I made one song and put it on Noisetrade so far. Just a really quick thing I put together with some lyrics I was digging just to get my name out there. I didn't even use a compressor mic because I just wanted this to be a chill thing to start out. I REALLY want feedback though so I can know whether I should start putting some work in on the studio mic or if this project's starting rough out of the gate. I don't get offended by people talking bad about my music so I encourage you to call me wack if you think I'm wack and call me dope if you think I'm dope. That's what this song is about is feedback

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