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Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Da New Kid, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    This is the Onslaught... I'll... RIP ya head off!
    Grab the CLIP and let off!

    Like them LK gangstaz did - leave a niqqa brain danglin'
    My mic presence leave niqqaz on stage stranglin'
    You chokin' Im tokin', Im flowin while you gaspin'
    Couldnt follow my lead?... Im a freestyle assassin
    See me outta town n Im blastin'
    You niqqaz couldnt see numbers written down on a napkin

    Onto the next HO! Im onto the next BLOW!
    You thought bein' underground was goin' METROOO
    Now you in a pink polo n skinny jeans
    Youse such a BIG HOMO, a teenie queen
    Minnie little shit....

    Switch it n take it back, these coke beans got me shittin' money
    flip it n make it crack, these broke fiends finna put a hit up on me

    IM OUT
  2. nO gOoD!

    nO gOoD! Life Music :: Press Play

    Apr 18, 2001
    Read the rules. Pm me once you've replied to 2 other posts and I'll open this back up.
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