New Pleasure And Pain Is Ill

Discussion in 'The R&B Haven' started by Soul Assassin, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Soul Assassin

    Soul Assassin Bleek is very underated.

    Jun 15, 2001
    Go buy that - March 29 this album is ill. finally 112 is back with their music. i guess the weight loss really helped. These dudes really came wit it. in fact i'll do a quick review of the album

    1. Intro - it's a snippet of their old pleasure and pain song with a new beat - clever
    2. Let this go - i really like this song. even though it sounds like it's over now. a lot.. but it's still dope. nice beat. i like the bass - hand clap.
    3. What if - Slim sings most of it. and i'm glad Slim is actually singing again. very good song. song asking what if they acted differently to their women. what if they actually respected them and treated them right.
    4. u already know - single - no need to explain too much.
    5. damn. - took me awhile to get it. but it's not bad. i kinda fits in this album like dance with me fits in. not that it's similar but it just fits in like that. it's not bad. but not excellent.
    6. nowhere - this song is great. basically telling the girl. u don't have to worry about me not loving you because i'm not going nowhere. very nice song. so far best song. slim kills the first verse by the way.
    7. last to know - nice beat. a little more up tempo, not too much but enough to not be a ballad. this song is telling the girl, if something is wrong, don't let me be the last to know. these guys is really doing it.
    8. I'm sorry (interlude) - a 112 album isn't a 112 without a 112 interlude right? well this is it right here. very short but you know, it's still needed.
    9. My Mistakes - Track boys produced it ( producers that produced tipsy ) very interesting beat. very nice song though. 112 finds themselves wanting a girl to work it out with them, even though they've made mistakes, they are wondering can we forget about those mistakes. nice melody interestly enough. i like the bridge. the lead is done by daron i think.
    10. If i hit (feat. T.I.) - ATL CLUB BEAT - this song is aight. could be a hit with that beat. drum beat sounds very similar to Ciara's song, i forget what it's called. Slim does the lead.
    11. The Way (feat. JD) - well right off the bat the beat sounds... check that.. this beat is Change the game by jay z. I could have done without this song.
    12. We goin be alright - song is a minute and a half long. Excellent harmonizing done by 112 on this beat as they sing acappela.
    13. Why can't we get along - Alright back on track after those brief interuptions... another slow tempo ballad - but hey i'm not complaining. 112 is wondering why can't they get along when they know that they can't be without each other.. nice song.
    14. That's how close we are - i wonder who produced this because i'm curious what the sample is on this song. Song about how close he and she are. very nice romantic song.
    15. Closing the club (feat. 36 mafia) - 36 mafia is just wack. i don't understand how they are around. but... 112 makes up for it greatly. The beat has some nice congos that are just ill. 112 really kills this song. their verses were really nice. they're singing kinda fast. great song.
    16. What the hell do you want - another good song. not my favorite but good. this was produced really well.
    17. God knows - Excellent song. This may be one of my favorites after a few more listens.

    great album overall. I am a fan of 112's ballads mostly so i was very happy with this album. I'm very excited by the outcome of all this. Maybe Jay z is doing something right over at Def jam. Finally got them on the ball again.

    great album... 4 out of 5 altogther. only songs i may not be listening to will probably be the JD song. other than that everything else is great...
  2. AZfan

    AZfan AZ is where its at

    Sep 21, 2004
    you have the album, leak it? My favorite 112 album ever was part 2 . Not much beats Smile & Sweet Love
  3. The C.E.O

    The C.E.O New Member

    Mar 15, 2005
    Ill have to agree this album is Hot, Got some good quality hooks. It could possibly be better then Part III but time will tell. You already know gets mad play with me and the Wiz
  4. lazyfcuk

    lazyfcuk New Member

    Mar 17, 2005
    thnX for the review :] ill check it out
  5. skandelous_lala

    skandelous_lala back from the dead

    Sep 12, 2000
    Can't wait to hear it!
  6. X sample

    X sample New Member

    May 7, 2003
    i cant wait to cop this shizz...wooooooooo
  7. innocentsin

    innocentsin New Member

    Nov 6, 2004
    Thanks for posting the track list...I managed to hear the entire album and I was in love with it. I'm actually feeling this album more than the "Part II"....that's just my opinion though. Can't wait for this album to drop so I can cop it LEGALLY.
  8. Al Murder U

    Al Murder U Lyrically...

    Aug 23, 2004

    i listen to the whole albym pretty much, tru, only song i dont fuck with the jad change the game shit...but the rest of the albums coo..3-6 shit is hot.
  9. erikalian

    erikalian New Member

    Oct 24, 2009
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