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Discussion in 'The R&B Haven' started by TERRANCEZWEBB, May 4, 2010.

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    May 4, 2010
    From RNB Artist (neo-soul) Artist, TERRANCE ALLEN...yo, what's good. This is the link to my video for my song I wrote called "LOVE" YouTube - NEW MUSIQ.TERRANCE ALLEN

    I am an independent artist, just out here hustling and trying to make a name for myself. If U like those soul singers then Im ya boy. I am also looking to work with other artist who would need a singer to do a hook, a verse, background, whatever...I just stay busy constantly keeping myself in the loop. So I hope you like the 1st video that I've done...with many more to come..****EASE SUPPORT LOCAL & INDEPENDENT ARTIST like myself. Also let me know what you think about my a comment, ad me as a friend, and dont forget to rate me...

    Anybody on FB?....hit me up there 2
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