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  1. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000


    Interview with Ninja Kid
    Good Side/Bad side
    The Spotlight
    Sound OFF
    Your Role in RSTL
    Top 5 Stanzas
    Mod Odds


    Round two people. I hate to be the one who overshadows the 'newer' members by giving attention to the 'vets' but Tali and Dese are here. +1UP. Plus they are both signed in. +1UP.
    Anyway interesting week last week. Alot of members showed maturity which is kinda new and made the mods feel like proud dads. Finally Tek's pissing in the bowl. Should make for an interesting week this week. Vizz vs the world. The dope response to the PPV. Riko's a step closer to his goal and we have yet another dope mag!

    Dogg Interviews Ninja Kid

    L dogg the god: Welcome to another weekend interview. This week we take a seat with Ninja Kid to get to know a little about him and his perspective of things in the league.. wassup man how u doin

    JKeeps616: hot and high as a motherfucker.....

    L dogg the god: so NK.. some people might not be familure with you or your presence in the league.. how long exactly have you been participating in RSTL?

    JKeeps616: damn thats a hard question, i been on rm for about a year, so i'd say 6 or 7 months

    L dogg the god: where did you hear about RSTL and what made it seem like something you might enjoy being apart of?

    JKeeps616: actually i was benefit's website forum, it was the only one i had ever been part of, then that shit crashed cuz we made of the mod a mad lot, so i was lookin for a place to post my shit, found rapmusic, posted in the open mic, and i think it was blackgammon that told me that i shoud look into the rstl, so i did, and i been a member ever since.....
    JKeeps616: made fun of the mod a mad lot*

    L dogg the god: now a couple of mags back i remember reading you say something along the lines of you not getting as much shine or apreciation as you think you should have.. do you feel as though people owe you more then what they have been giving you as far as these things go...and if not why?

    JKeeps616: nah i dont think i'm owed shit, i still i think i got shit to prove here, its just that i see other dudes bein revered like theyre gods, and to me their shit obviously wacker, so i dont think they owe me more, i jus think should get more, for example, im yet to be the favorite to win through mods odds and the prediction thread

    L dogg the god: now personally i can remember checking out matches and reading your vote and not agreeing with some of the things which were reasons u voted for a person.. and have asked myself.. i wonder where this guys point of view is coming from...what are the ways you go about voting on verses.. in other words.. what kind of verse would get a ninja kid vote...?

    JKeeps616: i use the "if this were an audio" approach. In other words, flow and rhyme scheme are HUGE factors,like i see poeple openly sacrafice any semblance of flow for the sake of creativity, I mean, I'm all about bein different/original, but it shouldn't take away from the quality of the verse, also, i think i look for different content than most other people on rm, what most people call played subjects are still interesting to me, i look at every verse like it was the first verse i ever read, so theres nothing clouding my view of the quality of the verse.....

    L dogg the god: what some things you like and dislike about the league right now.. and what would u suggest be changed about the things you dislike

    JKeeps616: i terms of modding, nothin really, mod's been doin a ill job the way i look at it, mags are well made, voting has improved a lot since i first joined, only thing that bothers me is no shows, especially when one person posts a verse and the other doesnt, it just feels like a waste.....

    L dogg the god: yea.. we all hate no shows.. u like the idea of the ppv? and are you ok with the league shutting down for this when it comes

    JKeeps616: ya, i think it'll be a good draw for more people comin to the league, and I'm hopin to be a part of em, so it don't bother me that the league'll shut down when they come around
    JKeeps616: .....

    L dogg the god: how long can we expect to see you in the league?

    JKeeps616: forever, lol, as long as there's a rstl i'll be a part of it, i think its the best way to improve the lyrical aspect of rappin, i mean, i eventually am doin audio, but i'll still be a part of the rstl, cuz without good lyrics, rap is pointless.....

    L dogg the god: ok.. now as of right now.. who are 3 people you enjoy reading in the league and whats it about them that has caught your attention

    JKeeps616: first is godfather, hes got a ill flow, and i'm a sucker for those, he honestly seems like a more experienced and daring (style wise) version of me, he always has a good scheme as well, its just a matter how good,
    second is rikoshay, for the same reason as godfather, mans jus got that flow, he switches it up for a more poetic feel, which usually bothers me, but he has ill imagery and scheme and it just keeps me readin,
    third is doyen, hes just the best writer in the rstl IMO, crisp flow, complex scheme, ill vocab, dudes got it all
    fourth is you, although u seem to sacrafice flow for content, it doesnt bother me most of the time, cuz its usually so ill and creative in its own way that it almost seems worthe the sacrafice(almost, lol)
    JKeeps616: ......
    JKeeps616: i meant to say u were tied for third
    JKeeps616: lol my bad
    JKeeps616: im polish and high, not a good combo.....

    L dogg the god:now if you had to pick the worst member in the league who would it be

    JKeeps616: oooo thats harsh, damn, im not one for sayin some shit like that, but ima hafta say that last week queen isickill(or whatever), had one of the whackest verse i read in a while, but it was rushed so i can see why, but ya thats im sayin bout that, lol....​
  2. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000

    L dogg the god: k.. imma go over some names with you and you give them a grade from A to F and why u chose it...

    L dogg the god: Lost Prophet

    JKeeps616: C+, has gotta work on his flow and scheme a lot, content hes iight, hes jus seems kinda inexperienced, but def see him gettin ill with time.....

    L dogg the god: ssenlli

    JKeeps616: D+, havent read anything i liked from him yet, another one of those dudes that thinks that jus cuz it was creative it dont need flow, the mans got good twists and shit, but thas bout it....

    L dogg the god: Unavailable

    JKeeps616: B-, got flow when he wants to, but (and i know this might be soundin redundant), needs to stop sacraficing that flow, hi scheme is too simple as well, his content, stucture, and vocab usually make up for it tho
    JKeeps616: .....

    L dogg the god: Jersey Emcee

    JKeeps616: B+, lol i hate to say it again, but needs to stop sacraficing flow, needs more multis, dudes got ill imagery and ill vocab tho, but damn that flow is pretty weak

    L dogg the god: Vizz Blade

    JKeeps616: lol i new u were gonna say it, C+, and once again, my problem wit em is the flow, he has some of the illest imagery in the rstl, but thats all he has, no flow, no scheme, i seems like a project to read one of his rhymes.....

    L dogg the god: so what exactly is good flow to you.. you seem to be critical of everyones.. do u think its possible that u not worrie so much about the audio part to a persons verse? cuz i know that a few if not a lot of people just post in rstl cuz they like to write and do nothing with audio at all.. whats your take on that

    JKeeps616: well writing a rap with no consideration of how it sounds over a beat is absolutely nuts, rap is auditory, a good flow is on beat, simple as that, whenever i read a verse, i read it over a beat, if it doesnt fit, it seems just retarded, its rapmusic's story and topical league, so it consists of raps, and good raps always have good flows in my opinion, i doubt anyone can think of a good rap song that had absolutley no flow to it, or even a good rap song with a bad flow......

    L dogg the god: yea.. but all beats are differnt.. which is why rappers write to beats.. u cant expect someones writing to go with a beat if they didnt write it to the beat.. all im sayin is that people dont write for rap related reasons in the league.. they just write stories an shit... just something to keep in mind an maybe become more open to as your time here lengthins... moving on.. who do u think will be the first to beat rico?

    JKeeps616: I cant say, but i can tell u who has the best chance, and thats me, godfather, mac, and you, i think that if any of us catch the right topic, we can beat him, but i guess if i had to make a choice, id go with me, haha......

    L dogg the god: well... im pretty much out of questions.. is there anything else you would like to add before we conclude this session?
    JKeeps616: Ya, watch out for me mother fuckers, I'm like luda comin for that number one spot, good lookin on the interview l dogg, keep them mods on the right shit, and whoevers the champ is jus keepin it warm for me, oh and I'm not arrogant, arrogance is when confidence exceeds ability, peace bitches.....

    Good Side Bad Side


    Believe it or not having an ego can be a good thing for an RSTL writer or any writer for that matter. When someone gets an ego, they may get that feeling of unbeatableness and that can boost your writing. For Example, lets say by some strange twist of fate...that some new kid beats doyen in his first match. Then the next week everyone is speaking word of how great he is and blah blah now this kid is all gassed up and confident. So a few weeks goes by and he is just tearing threw his competitors left and right. Next thing you know the kids in the #1 contenders match...there he has his closet battle so far in his young career. Lets say he wins by one vote just to make him that much more heroic...then he replaces the current champ quite easily. And that my RSTLers is how egos birth champions...!!! Now go get you an


    Everything has it's bad side, ego's are no exception. People with unjustified confidence can be irritating as fuck. I know the obvious plus side is that you get to slap 'em down. Turn them into recluses and probably even run them off completely but eh... you know? It's changed, it's less competitive related now and more about how obnoxious the person can be. They don't want to work for the ego or even defend it in the appropriate manner. I mean we all do it but most people end up settling it in a battle. Tek vs the site. L Dogg vs Dicenyaeye, Adrock and soon Pent uP. Peril vs the site, I could go on. However, there are people who just feel entitled to one and refuse to back it up. I think we know who I’m talking about here. We always have one don’t we? Some one who won a few battles against a few no bodies and thinks the world is his own. Or in Vizz’s case he’s just an all out RSTL legend. Despite some of his career, if not all of it ringing up as rather fictitious. Most people who beat names like Talent, Jowelz, Peril and Tek have their name at least mentioned in light conversation. I say most people, the only exception is, of course – Vizz. Hopefully Vizz sticks around. The Vets normally come back for a battle and leave. Then they can all tell us how Vizz handed them their asses. Maybe he’ll actually accept their challenge/s. Lets hope it’s just not in the PPV, the league or outside the league because we wouldn’t want Vizz to have good reason to back down form backing up his ego now, would we?


    The Spotlight
    by Ssenlli
    Insanity is a writer who I feel, if he begins to show weekly, will find himself as a mainstay at the top of the league for a long time to come. The three stories he has posted so far offer a wide variety of ways to approach topics. One about a stung out rock star displaying plenty of emotion, one with a twist ending and, the most recent being a topical about a painter in prison. In each verse he has demonstrated skill at inner rhymes, and though he misses the end rhyme at certain points, in the weeks to come I'm sure those few rough spots will smooth out. Also, Riko pointed out that sometimes Insanity lets the rhymes dictate the story, however, in time his vocabulary will pick up and his schemes will begin to form around his plot, and not the other way around. In his last showing, at 2-0, he defeated the battle tested Cogzwell (who recycled a verse, a no-no in this league, however, he was on his was to losing the match anyway) and it seemed he was on the fast track to a title show, however he no showed the week after, stunting his growth. Once this competitor gets his feet wet, and figures out what works, and what is played out, be on the look out for this, up and comer.

    Old Insanity matches if you wish to see who I am writing about:
  3. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000

    The Sound Off
    by Insense

    What motivates you to write..?

    generally emotion motivates me. If i just got into a fight with my girl, or someone close died, or something simple like i had a bad day, it motivates me to write. i write from the heart so for me it's easy to get motivated when my heart feels something, wether it's pain, happiness whatever.


    hmm.. life, just everything i go through. Its like an addiction that i dont wanna stop supporting, its the only way i can really express myself


    The driving force behind my writing has to be my ego. I like to think of myself as great at anything I do, but if I'm not good I will come off as cocky and arrogant, but if I can back it up, then that part of my personality will come off as confident. Rstl is where I have refined my writing and it has made me the writer I am today. Without it I would still be as whack as i was back in 01 when i was "stage". I'm not the best, by far, but I'm on my way to the top, and progress is what counts

    Ninja kid

    anything thats ugly or beautiful, right or wrong, painful or joyous, basically anything on one extreme or the other, i feel its the best way to express those emotions


    There's different factors, and it somewhat depends on the kind of day and week I've been having. Most of the time the competitor factors in. Another thing is, although I don't think of myself as a legend so to speak, I do understand that most kids who face me really want to beat me because they'd be beating a legend, so a lot of times that inspires me to write some dope shit so, if they are going to beat me, they're going to have to really come illy to do so. I'd say stress and emotion is the final factor, if I'm having a sad/happy/mad day, it always effects what, when, and how I write. I like to keep my writing fresh and playing off my own real life always helps that, because no day is the same as the last nor will it be the same as the next.


    I'm not one of these people that gets into a fight with their mother and writes a paragraph to the 'Fight Music' instrumental, or gets into a fight with my girlfriend and drops 16 bars over the 'Song Cry' beat. I just do this to see what people think. Nothing in my life motivates me to write because the RSTL isn't about people relating to another mans trials and tribulations. It's about seeing the other man drop some decrepid, incest, amusing, original shit and trying to top that. For me it's the reaction and feedback. I don't drop lines like ''Just strings of blood with my teeth climbing down them,'' or ''She’d draw pictures with arrows through my heart, Now it’s mood dependant: arrow or a dart'' because of some outside influence inspired me. I do it to see the reaction. Winnings there too. But winning only mainly motivates me when I face people like L Dogg.


    Top 5 Stanzas

    by Ssenlli

    God Father:

    Easy come...
    I never asked to be a victim,
    Born amongst tough luck, and I'm trapped within its system.
    As hells kitchen brews the essence,
    food for thought on a hot plate.
    Served fresh from the heart of a loser, trying to opt fate.
    Cause life's paved the darkest ways, I try to fight but I'm funneled.
    Sliding down periscopes, there's no light in the tunnel.
    And I'm rumbling with my conscience, but the truth is of steel.
    Trying to beat a way my scars so these bruises'll heal.


    By age 20 he had basically faked being authentic…
    Nobody knew him…And he didn't know himself…
    Instead of reaching inside and freeing his essence
    He delved further into hell but he didn't know that he'd melt…

    He thought he could evade the misery…
    By blazing J's until his hazy brain was baked to smithereens…
    A lazy lame, he was faced with a fate uncertain
    But he knew his mom was lurkin' with job-talk and he hated workin'…
    His other option was coppin' some knowledge at college
    With frat jocks and all of the nauseously pompous nonsense…

    Jersey Emcee:

    Dear Denise,
    As I am writing this letter, Im watching my only love sleep...
    But Im going away sweetie, and I promise its for only one week...
    Have fun with your friends, I left the keys to the Jeep and the car...
    Enjoy your graduation baby, and continue to reach for the stars...
    Say hello to Katie, Mike, and whats his name??? Steven?...
    Im just kiddin' honey, I think the kids pretty decent...
    By the way, I like your hair, lookin' good with those curls...
    See you on the other side kiddo, Remember your Daddy's girl...



    Continue the quest to the fountain of a Dogmatic goddess…
    Godless, in the projects eating up all of the gossip…
    That the locals speak on me, how I had the tools
    To conquer the world, but I was a God fearing fool…
    Look for water in everything till I'm eating the sand up…
    I'll get amped up till I can't move muscles are cramped up…
    The muscles in your shoulders where the soldiers carry guns…
    The pockets trapped in your jeans, homeless hope to carry one-
    Dollar bills that are placed in a cup while We freeze…
    Lying up in a dumpster as We cry silently…
    It's crazy, how life changes on the daily…
    Moving with confidence in the midst my bones are frailly-
    Falling apart, determining when the calling will start…
    Getting beaten down and punched when I'm crawling through art…
    The more the fingers move, the hearts left in dire health…
    I'd trade in the talent to write just to be myself…


    The Trail Of Tears follows a rise to prominence cloaked in
    lies and promises broken.
    Time doesn't heal all wounds…actually, he tries our patience.
    At the speed of light, we're waiting for apathy to strike.
    We're jaded.
    Atrophy applies the breaks quick, after we define our places.
    The concrete jungle's canopy can't hide the basic
    truth that we can't compete, we're fine with stasis.
    While the cattle sleep, the lion paces.
    It's a tragedy. We're wide awake when
    the lion decides, at last, to leap and bite our faces.
    Kill or be killed.
    It's a law of nature which, naturally, we're violating.
    While wolves are gathering, we're hibernating.​
  4. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    Your Role in the RSTL
    by L dogg

    Have you noticed people always give excuses for why they lose matches, they say shit like. .. if you beat me next week it wont be because your verse is better, it will be all your dicriders or bias votes that gives u the win. Usually this is a statement made to insure the person saying it that he will have an escape route just incase he does in fact lose and now will be able to use this statement for backup to his reason for losing.

    Now lets think about this one for a quick sec…if you plan on wining then you should have no reason to make a back up excuse before the match to fall back on.. unless you’re a guy who disrespects the league and members in it. If you do this then your wining assurance is no longer as strong as a person who stays calm an doesn’t bother anyone. Now knowing that the voters are the ones with the power to make or brake you in a match, why would you choose to disrespect them? Lemme break it down for you…there are 3 types of league members:

    The Asshole:

    This person is someone who could be dope or suck at writing…it doesn’t matter. This is a person who could be dealing with a number of issues trailing from real life frustrations to feeling like they have low self worth on the internet. Usually these people are not open minded and feel they are always getting screwed over which makes them not happy people. They have a hard time seeing other peoples point of view and will think there way of thinking is always right. Then there are the asshole people who are pretty intelligent people who accomplish their goals too quickly and become board with the same old shit that they do. This person will become and asshole just to ****e up their interests and end up finding a new interest in the drama being an asshole creates. Usually they don’t take others feelings into consideration they are only concerned with themselves. But keep in mind the way these people act are USUALLY not how they really are when it comes down to the true worth of the person. They are just trying to have fun the same as you.. Just in a different way that could seem offensive if taken to0 serious. The more attention you give these people, the more they will want to keep doing it so play with them at your own risk.

    The Gentleman:

    Here is a person who has either planned out his method of wining in the league wisely or is just a quiet person who is here for a specific purposes other them being social. This person will only be noticed once they have worked there way into the spotlight. They usually don’t post much and are only seen posting their verse and voting on other matches. These people tend to stay out of the drama and are never seen saying anything negative about people or things for random reasons. This is a person who is usually someone older then 17 who has things to do other then spend all day on the internet rap site such as work.. Girlfriend.. Shit like that, which is why you don’t see them commit to the social aspects like the other posters. The reasons its good to be one of these people is because you are the safest person from being cheated. No one will be out to vote against you, no one really knows anything about you.. All they know is what you write each week and base their judgment of you on that alone. These people tend to rise to the top much faster then the Asshole would simply because they mind their own business and avoid conflict. However, Once they accomplish their goals in the league they might get that bored feeling the asshole often gets and begin to become an asshole themselves. They get cocky cuz of their accomplishments and rub it in the face of other people and feel they have nothing to prove because they already proved it when they were nice. But that doesn’t happen all the time.. What is most common is they will leave the league once they have done what they came to do and move onto better things.

    The Follower:

    These people usually suck at writing. Yes, im sure we all can think of a few of these people. These people find that clinging to certain people helps them attract positive attention from other people of the league. They can do a number of things…from voting for or against the same person every week… to kissing ass in the mag or threads of people who are successful in the league. But you have to be careful with these guys… If you spot one of these people and you let them know you know what they are doing, you could be screwing up your own chances in the league. How? Cuz these people are not stupid. This day in age the followers have upped their ability of producing bias votes and basically have potential for taking over the RSTL given that there are enough of them signed in. If you say some shit that pisses them off, you might be getting the pay back of that person weeks down the line when they end up voting on your match. They vote with the skill of hiding how they really feel. Do they read the verses? Hardly ever.. What they do is look at the other people who vote and use comments from them to make their own and make us all think that they actually read and feel this way about the match. Its so easy for them to hide how they really feel about you when they vote because there is no way of proving that their cheating you. How do we solve this? We can’t… but by blowing their spot and letting everyone know this person might be a follower will make the follower less likely to continue his cheating ways.. At least until shit blows over.. You do sacrifice the chance of being fucked over by them if you expose them.. But its better that they get stopped then to have it continue and have them fuck over more people..


    If you want the best chance of doing well in the RSTL then you should work on being a gentlemen. Be an Asshole at your own risk.. don’t complain about losing towards bias votes if you’re the one giving people reasons to bias-lee vote against you. Followers.. Get your shit together and realize you’re your own human being. You don’t need to kiss ass or hate on others to get by.. Try growing the fuck up and doing shit for you.. Not others.. This is L dogg signing out.
  5. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    Mods Odds

    1. RIKOSHAY 16-0
    2. Jersey_Emcee 19-6

    Riko over Jersey 77%

    3. Vizz Blade V2.0 10-1
    4. Lost Prophet 7-3

    Vizz over LP 55%

    5. Awedishin 54-21
    6. TaLi* 14-2

    Awe over Tali 60%

    7. J o o K 3-0
    8. Jai-Z 3-0

    Jook over jai z 74%

    9. God Father 9-1
    10. doYen 23-3

    Doyen over Godfather 70%

    11. Pent uP 11-3
    12. L Dogg 36-8

    L dogg over Pent up 69%

    13. NinjaKid 9-8
    14. Insense 20-4

    Insense over Ninja Kid 66%

    15. Retulen Reactus 12-6
    16. DiC GeTs GuLLy 21-6

    Dic over RR 73%

    17. Adrock 4-1
    18. Spacebar 8-2

    Adrock over Spacebar 61%

    19. Atreyu 2-2
    20. iLLweezy 4-0

    Ill Weezy over Atreyu 55%


    So there you have it. Did you see your name? Did ya like it?

    Finally after all the comments like ''I didn't feel like trying, there was no Tribune this week'' (Jowelz), we have realised the real core of this league. The thing that gets you writing more than Beef and the championship put together. The mag. With that said, there's no looking back now. This Coming up week looks better then it has in awhile so i hope you all are ready to read some great shit.​
  6. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    great mag again kids
  7. pestilence

    pestilence now believes he's hyphy.

    Apr 5, 2000
    You're right... this is what the people love... this mag... this one was mad good...

    thanks to whoever does those Top 5 Stanzas
  8. Jersey_Emcee

    Jersey_Emcee aka LiQuiDliFe

    Sep 3, 2001
    Excellent mag...I enjoyed it...
  9. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    Good job folks...I'm an underdog this week...GOOD...Someone is finally paying attention lol
  10. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Dope mag, I like how the mods are very opinionated it's a real close-knit atmosphere here. Keep writing fellas sheer illness.
  11. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    YOU KNOW WHAT?????? Lol how the fuck ya'll still my mag name though. My RBL North mag is called the Hype. Lol @ you hustlin ass thieves.
  12. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    i dont even like the name lol im just goin with what them other mods call it..
  13. Desenut§

    Desenut§ Lean mean nuttin machine!

    Apr 18, 2003
    Good mag.. very creative.. and I'm not just saying that because my name was in it ;) *LOL*
  14. Og Simmson

    Og Simmson New Member

    Jan 1, 2002
    solid mag but im gone for awhile...
  15. BaySick

    BaySick ill.

    Jun 23, 2001
    its ok im back tho.
  16. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    dope mag ima sign into the league for a bit cause of it.

    cheers boys
  17. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    Mag is very nice actually.
  18. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    thanks for the love, every week we're gonna bring some solidness

    and if anyone has something they would like to contribute, feel free to hit a mod up and we will gladly assist you.
  19. God Father

    God Father The Mayor!

    Mar 1, 2000
    thanx for the props NK, nice mag overall.
  20. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    We'll be back once again with the ill behaviour.
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