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    Apr 18, 2001
    Im done.. with the game, I quit this..
    can't stop the flow of the pain I've witnessed.
    didn't know my brain came equipped with
    the fuel when I spark the flame, its sick kid.
    liquid verses
    written with a purpose
    sippin on the bourbon
    when I'm hurtin
    is it worth it?
    to be burdened
    by the serpent
    when I'm thirsty?
    I ain't certain its workin, I'm damaged up..
    stuck with bad luck, hands are cuffed.
    I still keep thinkin, I'm man enough,
    to ante up, and make it work.
    like a wordsmith puttin it to paper first,
    and when the ink hits the page it bursts
    into flames when I spit this.. David's cursed.

    to be continued...

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