New album - Flowman: The Rise of the Primarch

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    It's finally here! So Independent's Flowman returns with his 3rd studio album, the thematically-titled LEGION: The Rise of the Primarch. Unorthodox title aside, Flowman truly delivers with his unique blend of high-intensity bars, infectious melodies, and rock-influenced production style. This time enlisting a literal legion of collaborators, Flowman proves that he stands out even amongst some of the underground's most talented emcees. Available any and everywhere digital music is streamed and sold!


    1. Lotta Y'all
    2. Hundred Years
    3. Burn This City
    4. Fire It Up (f. 2 Piece Malone)
    5. Level Up (feat. Worldwide MVP & HA-Double-R)
    6. Just Gotta Be Me (feat. Cyren)
    7. No Nightmares (feat. Ashleigh Munn)
    8. Conquer (feat. Seven Knuckles)
    9. Who's Laughing Now (feat. Spaceship Ohayses)
    10. This For My... (feat. KoolBRZ)
    11. I Can Really Tell
    12. Loco (feat. Big DAWG)
    13. Smoke A Sack (feat. BeeZy! & Worldwide MVP)
    14. Full Circle (feat. P.S. The Rebels)
    15. On My Way
    16. Shine
    17. The Evidence!
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