Need Some Artwork? Are U Broke? Peep!

Discussion in 'Graphic Forum' started by bEANERGETTINGPITO, Apr 9, 2005.

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  1. Stashh - Berkowitz.

    We've recently just hooked up, and we're planning on opening a little business online.


    Graphic designing in General.

    Which includes; Covers, Banners, Flyers, Logos, Websites, Website tamplets, And everything in between.

    Stashh owns teccanina . com - So, we'll be hosting a website for us aside from that.

    Now, i know most of you have seen what i can do on covers, and banners - I'm humble as fuck, i gave my shit out for free, but, what other way will i get repaid?

    This is on my part, stashh's will be higher, since he has alot more experience than me.

    Single Covers: 30 Dollars.
    Complete package: (Cover, Back cover, and inside): 100 Dollars.
    Logos: 10 dollars.
    Flyers: 20 dollars.

    Paypal ONLY.


    Contact him for more information on prices.

    Now, when coming to me, i'll have your shit done in less than 3 days. I'll show you the progress as i try and finish it, it will be designed BY YOU, we'll figure out a way to get what you want exactly on a cover/flyer/logo, etc..

    If you want more information:

    Berkowitz Mc

    Or sstashh -


    Prices are not negotiable.
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