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    Mar 11, 2007
    burn one for the livin' dead
    ashtray full of roaches , we fuckin' hopeless
    who the dopest? my words potent
    memories of pistols piff in my osmosis
    Fuck a Hater bullets like comets so keep ya comments
    I got army guns, atomic my dealer Islamic
    see words are a weapon, so the last line was honest
    so if my gun jam I'm dumb damn I'm done damn!
    my uncle sam jr he the son of sam, crazy ain't it?
    its amazin' how I made it out the swamp like an alligator
    swear it felt like I got lifted by an elevator
    I'm gifted, transitioned now I'm tippin' instead of shop liftin'
    don't get it twisted I'm still a terminator,
    hollow tippin' instead of stealin' I'm makin' a killin'
    the realest I know you feel it, the fake like "what you talkin' bout Willis?"
    I'm a dealer like phyllis only if molly's were minutes
    I'd be gone in 60 seconds beam me up scottie pippen
    this young bull be pimpin' slappin' hos with no sympathy
    she catch the holy ghost like is an entity
    I enter her and beat it up it sound like a symphony
    she scream my name wanna be my main but I bench her
    and if the bitch talk smart I'm a lynch her get the picture?
    Catch up I'm gone
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