N.W. - Round 2: 5. Vigil -vs- 4. Tekneek

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  1. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005



    The Standard League Rules will still be Enforced

    • Check-in (Posting in your match to show that you are aware the match exists) is encouraged but not required.
    • Verses must incorporate at least one of the provided topics and must be at least 16 lines and must not exceed 64 lines.
    • Anyone who does not post at least 4 rap lines, incorporating at least one of the provided topics, is considered a no-show.
    • During check-in, you can ask your opponent to agree to a line limit (Minimum 16) and if your opponent agrees, Moderators will hold both participants to that limit.
    • Posting between 4-15 lines is considered a “show” but will not result in a match. If you post 4-15 lines, and your opponent posts between 16-64, you will lose the match but you will remain in the league. If you post 4-15 lines, and your opponent does not show, you will “Win by no-show”.

    • If you do not show you can’t vote in any matches. .
    • No bias votes! If you have a personal investment in wanting someone to lose, whether because that member voted against you once, or you just don’t like that person, whatever the reason, do not vote in the match. If have a personal investment in wanting someone to win, whether because they’re crew member, or because you want to face that person in the next week’s brackets, whatever the reason, do not vote in the match.
    • ”Bias” must be confirmed by a Moderator.
    • 3-ways are inevitable. In order to provide a tie-breaker in a 3-way, you are now required to indicate in what order the contestants finished (1st, 2nd, 3rd).
      anyone who does not show or vote is suspended one week and must sign-in again to be inserted the following week.

    Topics: http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=1032063

    From now on if you don't vote in the tournament and win your match, you will be deducted a vote from your next match for every vote didn't give the previous week. If you show late and your partner allows the extension as long as it’s less than a day late, it can count, but you will be deducted 2 votes for showing late regardless.

    These rules will be put in effect starting now and won’t be modified again. I’m not bending or breaking anymore rules for anybody.


    Must READ: You must pick one of each topic to give your opponent some protection from choices and also so there isn't several verses written on the same topic that everyone has picked to be used.

    So pick one of the Title and Phrases, one of the Quotes and one of the Pics for your opponent.

    Thursday is the deadline for choosing topics or your opponent will get to pick their own topic. Topical choices must be posted in match threads by deadline.

    All other rules that are applied in the league will also be enforced for regulating the tournament. If you're not familiar with the rules of the RSTL, please read them.

    The only difference will be that in this tournament, your opponent will get to pick your topics for you. Topics must be picked and posted within the match thread within 1 day. If it's not posted, the opponent of the person that didn't pick a topic in time will get to choose his/her own topic. You must choose one of each kind of topic for some variety.

    So... topics will be up Wednesday 12am PST every week and topical choices are due Thursday 12am PST and verses are due Monday 12am PST, 3am EST, 8am Greenwich with votes due Wednesday 12 am PST, 3am EST, 8am Greenwich

    Also, there will be no recycling allowed. Nothing you've ever posted anywhere online will be allowed. The mods will be checking verses for authenticity with online search engines.

  2. Vigil

    Vigil Im infinite consciousness

    Aug 16, 2005
  3. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    what a pussy.... cant handle me?

    fuck u...
  4. Vigil

    Vigil Im infinite consciousness

    Aug 16, 2005
    TOPIC: Lost in the Rain

    The Current

    Definition of Current: Occurring in or belonging to the present time.

    In Religion
    I'm cross-eyed, so I can't see my doctrine hidden in encrypted scripts
    I'm clueless that christianity's blueprint was taken from egyptian myths.
    They say it's doomsday,
    that we've come to the edge and there's no more room to make,
    they see the clock striking 12 so they assume their place and their gloomy fate.
    But most presume its fake, believing revelations carries no ground
    they think the horsemen of the apocalpyse are riding on time's merry-go-round.
    The past & the future are going in an opposite direction
    and I'm lost at the intersection, longing for god's protection.
    I'm a blast from the past that's resurfacing at Godspeed
    but I'm not looking both ways before crossing the street.
    Even if I make it to the other side I may not come across what I seek.
    I've forgotten my once thoughtful heeds and bought into godless needs.
    I promote unlawful deeds by bottom feeding on the common seed
    from fallen angels to fallen kings - I've lost my creed at the cost of greed.
    In Music
    I have no message that aims to clean the mess in this age
    I'm in a state of escape, and not addressing the rage.
    Artists are trying to move units rather then move people
    and their delusional, believing the two are true equals.
    Musicians have been merchandized so their art is rigid,
    and their sound is caught up in the digits so its hard to dig it.
    In Revolution
    I'm the quiet before the storm
    violent riots of reform are silenced by sirens of the norm.
    Tyrants in their throne grew def in the absence of dissent
    and the new left are masking their intent while asking for consent
    from the masses who bask in their content.
    People are unmatched by the task their up against.
    Some have been dragged into descent, they've packed their bags for the night
    while others are waving flags they represent, but all they have is bragging rights.
    In Politics
    I've got my hands full with unlimited scandals and political vandalism
    the masses who can't phantom it are critical and wish to dismantle the system.
    Presidents are free-basing on high podiums and becoming junkies of talking smack.
    They only look over their shoulders to do business with the monkeeys on their back.
    The figure heads who configure the threats are breaking more than a sweat
    and already the pundits are raising their breath and waging war for their bets.
    All the while the dictator is debating what's next as the nation faces its death.
    Still, some patience is left for the traitors who continue to stick to the page.
    Like cancer they're quick to invade, and create terror cells sicker than aids.
    Democrats preach they've got the lethal injection and speak with intention
    on impeaching through legal inspections but what they need to be addressing
    is the bigger elephant in the room that seeks their investment by feeding their attention.
    They're not teaching a lesson, all their doing is keeping the people from guessing
    about the real evil beneath these dimensions where fascism leads the convention.
    In Media
    I'm in a war of words and in the ratings battle everybody is unkind
    its where back talkers pretend to be straight shooters on the frontlines.
    I've lost broken hearts and won unspoken minds cause what I sell shakes views
    and while people wait for hell to break loose I take cues and tell fake news.
    I publish lies to get a piece of the culprits's pie but sooner or later I'll cut the ties
    cause I know I'm transforming before the public's eyes just as the republic dies.
    In Consciousness
    A heavy rain gonna fall, I've already felt the brunt of the storm
    and although its too early to tell, these shallow waters gonna' warm.
    I'll submerge in polluted waters and drown in the torrent of illlusion
    and tomorrow's death will come today in the midst of torment and confusion.
    I might clear the trend right near the end when the sun will come again
    but I fear the tears of the children will be lost in the rain before they become men.
  5. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    You can hear me whisper …
    Death to the sunlight…
    Fangs to the veins when my hunger is done right
    You can never see me thru the beams from the sky
    Somewhere in the hills you hear the canines cry
    Blood drips the streets in the night when I fly
    There’s another wail of a soul that has died

    Hogtied victims, gagged with a mouthful
    Beasts in the night lurk around packed in housefuls
    An oracle proclaims something wicked will unveil
    Unexpected times in which the ghost ship will sail
    Make its way to land, skeletons will come thru
    Deep into the countryside the villagers get runned thru

    Stuck within the jungles, huts made in bamboo
    Black voodoo chants made mixing acid shampoo
    Onyx stoned medallions to glorify its doctor
    Spittin poison darts in the dark like a stalker
    The shining of the moon has been colorized in blood
    37 months without the rising of the sun
    Sunk in the prayers of a spirit from the flames
    Chanting every victim’s name gone and been lain

    Eyes are shut but then slowly rise open
    Shackled in the wrists while the collarbones’ broken
    Scan around the premises to hear echoes spoken
    emitting evil laughters from the dark that’s awoken
    Swirling noises, wail across the blackness
    Chained against my ankles as I stand feeling hapless
    Decapitated heads appear around me screamin’
    I smile an evil grin with the mind of a demon
    Darkness fills me, my strength’s been replenished
    My skintone darkens a deathlike blemish

    Face drowned in acid, I rise up in laughter
    Clutch tight my victim till his brain stem’s been fractured
    Knife to the vertebrae, stab deep repeatedly
    Escape from confinement, gaze grinning evilly
    Look around the scenery, flee into the premises
    Revelation states the apocalypse’ my Genesis
    Creeping thru the shadows where the valley keeps me solace
    The condition’s been unchanged in its chilly weathered solstice
    I live within this dark with a smile in the face
    While my finger holds a precious little glow in its place…
    It takes me slowly, my life starts to leave me
    The ring that I wear… keeps the dark to relieve me…

    My Presssshusssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!
  6. A.S.K

    A.S.K ...

    Mar 11, 2003
    Vigil: first off i gotta say im not a fan of these long lines. Yes its peoples style and it may be able to flow but im just not a fan ot it period ya know. Like is one of those lines two bars or are they on a proper slow as fuck beat? I aint dissing, i just wana know how that shit works in your eyes. However now ive read bout 6 lines into its getting nice, like the word use and the flow works on soe dodgy level now ya knw. I dont really know where your going with the story, but the way its all descripted is real nice, im impressed. But now that real long lines, damn i hate them haha. Real nice verse, got a political element to it and the description and multis were awesome to me.
    Critique: Nice verse but those lines, you know how i feel on them, haha!

    Tekneek: Thank god, short lines. Right this starts off nice enough but just seems a bit simple to me. I really can imagine it on beat, but it just seems a bit lacking compared to what so many other people are bringing. Like 'gagged with a mouthful'. Mouthful of what? its seems you stop lines in description just to make em rhyme. haha and ive guessed what this is bout now, something to do with lord of the rings. This was an alright verse in the sense it was rap, but it read somethign like u keyed in 5 minutes and put new thought into. The story didnt really hold me, didnt devlop enough.
    Critique: Be your old self man, bring that heat. Everythign just seems a bit basic with you now

    vote: vigil

    kinda a wierd topical verses a basic story, vigil just took it for his overall better style and that alone kept me enthralled.
  7. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    gonna put my shit on here.... er votes i mean...
  8. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    vote - Tek

    Vigil - This was a nice piece I like how you did it for all those seperate
    aspects it made it I dont know kinda coo to view one view on several things
    but as we all know Im just not a fan of leave you think pieces ... but ok
    your lines were really long which made it sorta boring but your word choice
    kept me going so it was a weird but nice job on that one I liked the piece as
    a whole but it didnt leave me with no real feeling of wow

    Tekneek - This was a nice piece in the beginning I didnt know
    what the fuck was going on I thought you did the same as vigil and gave
    me a leave you think piece but no you did something better
    cus the ending made it all clear I liked the last stanze cus that gave a clear
    picture instead of abstract but the ending took it
    that LOTR reference just got to me and made me smile

    this was a nice battle I liked it vigil story for what it was but I feel
    tek took it but just with his ending tho
    so there you go
  9. SacriFICE

    SacriFICE TRUspeak

    Jul 13, 1999
    Vote: Vigil

    I read this battle a couple times last night, and again this morning. It's been a tough decision, but overall it came down to preference, and overall the more interesting, and more fun piece to read.

    After getting Vigil's flow down, which is there, despite the long lines, reading those lines became easy. Each line has a flow, and it's not meant to be read in a continuous fashion like pieces with shorter lines. Rather each line individually. Which worked really well, because as usually with Vigil's pieces, these lines were jam packed with a lot of ill ass concepts...Each section of the piece was dope individually, and could have been developed into it's own piece, however, going into a new area, and continuing along the same thought pattern was a dope idea. The whole piece flowed really nicely, and while the rhyming wasn't anything TOO spectacular, you developed had doper schemes in this battle overall..

    Tekneek: Lots of cool description + decent flow + not very decent rhyming + a really strange story. That's what your piece came down to for me... It was cool following along with your imagery, but your rhyming was boring... all in all that is what it came down to for me, because at first, your piece had a mystical aura about it that drew me in. But after reading both pieces a couple times I came to my senses a little and my preference prevailed. You're writing doesn't seem to develop very much week-to-week, which tells me you're comfortable where you are in your skill level, which is good, it's good to have that comfortability with your own writing. Unfortunately this week Vigil out-wrote you in my opinion.

    Good like guys.
  10. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Vigil, man... I was really impressed with this. I expected something along this kind of subject from you, but the way you formatted this to include all the different focus groups was really dope and it all had great transitions so there was no awkward instances in between sections. It started off great with the religion stuff and I was pulled in to it deeply after that. Very insightful, nothing really unknown, but worded nicely and with the wit you add, it was great. Like I said, I liked this segment most.... and I hardly ever quote shit...


    I had to go back and reread that part. Nice shit man.... for a youngsta, I'm even more impressed that your bringing not only some nicely developed schemes with great structure and rhymes, but also educating with an entertaining verse.

    Tekneek, well man, you said you would shock us and you actually did because I never expected you to write something this well. After reading Vigil's piece at first, I thought it was an easy win for him, but you've proven that wrong. Your narration was really nicely put and well thought out.... and in some segments, the rhymes were well developed too, which pulled me into the piece more. Excellent imagery and nice character development. When you started talking about the ring, I was thinking of the Hobbit, the original animated movie that wasn't turned into an actual movie like the rest of the Lorn of the Ring series was... impressive and it's good to see you're taking shit seriously again.

    Another great matchup with two very different, almost complete opposite formats and styles... Vigil being more topical with emphasis on flow and rhymes schemes and a very witty narrative voice....
    Tek, with a colorful story filled with imagery and nice word choices to bring it along..... with a strong finish to the story.

    Vote Vigil, both impressed me a lot and more than fulfilled what I was expecting, but Vigil impressed me more this week.
  11. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    I'm going to have to barely give this to Vigil

    Tek, you are definitely headed back in the right direction. If you start consistently writing like this, you'll be right back in contention for that elusive third title. Your wording, while still faltering here and there, seems to be getting noticeable better. Your rhyming was a little inconsistent still. The one thing that I can point to that sealed your fate on this one was, besides Vigil, the fact that your piece read a bit vague for me. On one hand, I suppose that leaves more to the imagination, but on the other one, I don't ever get a real feeling for where this is all taking place or from who's (or what's) perspective you're telling it from. The descriptions were pretty dope, but there really didn't seem to be a whole lot of meaning behind them in the end, and that left me feeling a little bit unfinished by the end of the rhyme.

    Vigil, this is the kind of stuff I'd hope to see from you every week. I know it's hard as hell to be consistent when you're constantly signed in (which is why I can't keep my ass in more than a short span). First off, I loathe the formatting lol. I'm a traditionalist, what can I say? That said, I knew it would flow if read it right and it pretty much did thanks to the rhymes and where you placed them. More so than the technical stuff, which you did well, I loved the actual concept you went with. Maybe I'm being a little short-sighted here, but from reading the previous votes, I'm a bit unsure of whether anybody really caught the jist of what you were trying to pull together. Again, I could be totally wrong, maybe people are just being vague in their voting, but I saw it as some apocalyptic type of shit that will happen with the jet stream basically shuts down and all hell breaks loose with the climate. Your job, then, was to show how all of these different facets of society contributed to the outcome. I could read it on a more general level, but I'm pretty sure I got it right, if I didn't, well props for making something that could be taken any number of ways.

    That's about it...Tek brought a nice descriptive piece with a solid flow but a lack of context and Vigil brought better rhymes and a concept that has been generally touched upon, but never quite in the manner which he did, and I thought that was pretty cool.
  12. ConstantFlows

    ConstantFlows New Member

    Nov 10, 2001
    Vigil -- this felt longer than fuck. I loved the first three stanza's...religion, music and whatever the other one was but after that u jus dragged on it

    The wordplays in this were dope as hell so kudos.... not a bad piece u still gotta tighten up ur rhymes, but whatever u wanna do....overall one of ur better works n1

    Tek-- roflmao, that's dope...I like that twist haha I'm still chuckeling. Read smooth, didn't drag, the rhymes hindered on crap, some of the language felt out of place, but other than that a good read, I'm surprised u put up a verse I liked to be honest

    Vote -- tekneek, in all honesty this match is to close u guys r polar opposites which makes it hard to vote but while I waaaaay enjoyed vigils wordplay I think teks twist just hit a funny place in my mind
  13. Brains

    Brains The Phantom

    Aug 10, 2004
    Vigil- You had some really nice multis in my opinion but the long lines defintely throw me off when reading so idunno. Your philosophies in this piece actually seemed a bit tangled. Like, after reading the political part, I didn't come away knowing where you are politically. A lot of scattered thoughts in that part especially. A thinking man's piece is always a good one though.

    Tekneek- On some LOTR shit. I done grew up on that shit. A lot of what you wrote was vauge though and the ryhming didn't match up against your opponents' this week. I liked this though, this was the strongest of what I've seen from you since I got here. Cool twist. Nice creative way to relate to the topic but vigil edged you on most areas in my opinion.

    Vote - Vigil
  14. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
  15. _millz_

    _millz_ New Member

    Jan 12, 2007
    vigil...at first i didnt think i was gonna follow this piece at all with the structure...but after the first bit it grew on me...and i like the way you developed this topic...takin the different stances on it...good work...pretty solid lines..sketchy at times but overall you pulled through.


    tek...this story started out really slow to me....you had a nice section with the vodoo and onyx medallions section was ill to me...but the story was just seemed tossed together at the end....rhymes had there times but other tiems you seemed just a bit off.

    overall...i like the unique approach that vigil took and that is what won him this battle

    vote- vigil
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