Mythos Beta Code Give-Away News

Discussion in 'Game Zone' started by Knowledge, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Feb 25, 1999
    We've just been sent over 100 Mythos beta codes to give-away to you fine people for free. The closed beta for this hack 'n slash MMO will commence with a sneak-peek this weekend (between January 27th - today - and January 31st) before the full beta starts on February 8th. Tha game will then launch under a free-to-lay model in March.

    To redeem your code, simply register with Frogster's Mythos Europe website via the Account Management section of the site's Community tab. Then, from the same Community tab, you can download the game's client and also enter a code from the list below under the Key Redeem portal.

    As always, we only ask that you update us in the comment boards with the beta code that you've used so that we can keep the list up-to-date (if you could also mention any dud codes then we'd greatly appreciate that too).

    Happy hack 'n slash MMOing...

    * CB2_7Nz53dZvAF
    * CB2_7nzNpJNFss
    * CB2_7P9xVyxJq6
    * CB2_7pJ34s43q8
    * CB2_7pMpSGAWeF
    * CB2_7pMuTtyHL5
    * CB2_7ppLv91NR1
    * CB2_7PtsNDMPkA
    * CB2_7PVdGAX2Bv
    * CB2_7pWYhp8nfy
    * CB2_7PZU1156PJ
    * CB2_7qbxyu833X
    * CB2_7qCn3XNBpe
    * CB2_7qCUPkfKyE
    * CB2_7qd89YYcSc
    * CB2_7qmgUpg2bC
    * CB2_7qNUvWTpgW
    * CB2_7R4J1CxgvL
    * CB2_7r5qZg4nSb
    * CB2_7r9vzY9MAF
    * CB2_7rCwfhhpev
    * CB2_7rgeZpwAEK
    * CB2_7RJSbYMFWk
    * CB2_7RKxB6PsH2
    * CB2_7rrNA68bCx
    * CB2_7RvCsEgW3E
    * CB2_7RwHzLZBeP
    * CB2_7rwqYfcYND
    * CB2_7rxz1FhGhS
    * CB2_7rZK6h2CDU
    * CB2_7rzTqTah6e

    Mythos Beta Code Give-Away News
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