Myrmidons - "The M Forever alive" Feat. Black D.

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Baron Mynd, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Baron Mynd

    Baron Mynd Swaggersaurus Rex

    Jul 16, 2003
    that Minotaur from Minnetonka, rigor mortis, wicked author
    Sigmund Freud, repressive doctor, scalpel in your seventh chakra
    similar to Jimmy Hoffa, vanish in a moment's time
    The last of a tribe that practiced Necromanticism overnight
    cataclysm overrides responses from the central nervous
    system, sense of courage, death is certain, life is polarized
    western dress rehearsals,
    cue the curtains & prepare for a sequel -
    Chinese labor, wind beneath the wings of our American Eagle
    IV antibody drips moonlight as heroin needles
    associate, like midnight marriage and Paris cathedrals
    Polio, lung cancer, AIDS, malaria, measles
    Virgin rose beneath a scarlet letter - Barely illegal
    I'm embarrassed of people. You waste away in digital bliss
    computer love, Zapf knew one day all his predictions would live
    Roger that, as Alpha-dogs weed out the Alpha-rats for free
    sickness flourishes around us like a Pomegranate tree
    hollow passion, fantasies. armor bastions, wartime strategy
    Shoreline cavalry, writing *****ly, citing sources at Applebee's
    burning calories, cracking mountaintops and jogging through wilderness
    While I rape a Jewish maid and eat her jar of Gefilte Fish
    like autumn, deciduous. Mormon Mitt-supporter, heartless polygamist
    Finally found God and lost my problems in a palm of barbiturates
    father, Saint Nicholas - Karma called for my addiction to hate
    Before I cast the nearest kitten into Michigan Lake,
    Citizen Kane, soldiers of fortunes. Trojan horse behind enemy lines
    count to twenty, set it off. the M. forever alive.

    That beast of burden from Bilston at ease with hurting your feelings. I sleep in search of fulfilment but it’s never attained, ‘cause my dreams are worse. I conceal them but they’re etched in my brain. Every second is plagued by the horror’s that make up my past. The resented weight of tomorrow’s. Mom’s break-up with dad. The prolonged wait that we had just to see her sectioned with neurasthenia. I wept as she was moved to theatre, but it made me a man. The changes began while I was still in school, tortured with upset, I’d filled his shoes but didn’t want to walk in his footsteps. Talking to some friends only met with pejorative hurt and yet I thought I could trust them. That stung more than their words. So I ignored it at first and tried to keep it within. I was always so nervous as to what other people would think. It’s only now I’m free to admit for too long I kept it inside. It gets no realer than this. The M forever alive.
  2. Storyteller

    Storyteller .:Your Fav. Mc's Idol:.

    Sep 28, 2012
    Honestly this was really vague.... you guys really digged into your bag of tricks but honestly I felt it was a little on and off but shit the emotion is raw and the delivery once I started saying it more so as a poetic slam write was really emotional my dudes. The floe was really effortless and proposed with great diction fellas. Loved the content distributed through out real abstracting but clear in the end my friends props @Baron Mynd
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