My rhymes Like the wind they ruffle the sand while I Scuffle with a plan then have to use muscle to

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    Oct 4, 2005
    My rhymes Like the wind they ruffle the sand while I
    Scuffle with a plan then have to use muscle to stand fly
    Hussle to land from the sky, got stats and scheme at it’s
    Extreme my pride is seal the divide is revealed by the number
    Of fly hummers on the beach using strong bleach this summer
    To clean their white walls I write tall build homes with lumber
    This stuff amuse on the real but I refuse to reveal the reason
    For my shock decision to stop the collisions this season
    With microphones it’s treason to rip domes the way I do
    Play a crew like a deck of cards wreck retards and slay a few
    Been in frontiers with engineers and computer staff and like
    LUDA half my raps are hot and trap a lot of brains with hype
    Far as rhymes got a bundle to revamp but now at a jungle camp
    And see TARZAN with a caravan of elephants and Jane is a tramp
    Recent contracts are frequent and whack no true fun and
    due to run out in December begin to remember tons of plans
    got mad flavor but bad behavior is expected after I corrected
    some whack rappers with no facts in their chapters its hectic
    emotions are there oceans everywhere but I don’t think it
    will be until another hurricane people will utter pain legit
    and come together again not many clever men can understand
    god’s plan odd how man try duck the truth not raise his hand
    unlike these folk I type and sees quotes and the whole caboodle
    Pet my old poodle and fed it dog food and sing to it Yankee Doodle
    My facts shatters its time to act in matters that involve
    Rap my job is to map ways to escape turn doorknobs
    And be concerned about slobs playing as fake snobs
    Thrilled in America to fufil the character of rapper
    Not a true jerk and do the work, behave well chapters
    From books help realize by action must deal wise and add
    Fraction, my life separated in parts but devastate with mad
    Art, like a windstorm I’m in rage when I perform on stage
    Hard to stay calm amazed over rap skills, the norm pays
    Off, terrific art takes a specific part of my heart buy body oil
    Sniff it after dark and party in the club, I’m a rap fan little spoil
    In the middle of turmoil, like loose checks this produce effects
    When you try and cash to buy hash cant be fly or first class connects
    Are phony wreck the macaroni when I feast, my dog find satisfaction
    In howls but the action of his bowels is another thing have attraction
    To bones at home

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