My Nuts (Testicules) are HUGE! - Massive even! -LADIES TAKE A PEEK!

Discussion in 'Ladies Lounge' started by Noncentz, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Noncentz

    Noncentz Sieg Heil, M'fer!

    Oct 13, 2004
    I was sitting around the other day admiring how big my nuts are, when I came to the conclusion that they are somewhere between fairly giant and super giant. It's like I have a pair of Epcot centers dangling between my legs. Of course, you have to have a pretty big pair to say some of the things I've said, That's part of the reason my balls are so astronomical. The last nine or ten false readings in gravity wave detectors have been due to the gravity field of my nads. They're just under critical mass, a few inches away from collapsing into a super dense vortex of nutsaqutron (a type of radiation given off by enormous balls).

    I've made a chart to help you get a feel for the size of my jewels:


    I don't even have an office chair anymore, I just sit around on my nuts. People come over to my house and they think I'm just sitting on a giant flesh colored bean bag. I once took a bullet right in the cojones just to prove how tough I am, but the bullet ricocheted off of a pube and shot some kid in the face. I almost felt sorry for the kid, but he had it coming. Nobody can step to my nuts. My ex-girlfriend was bitching at me one day, so I tossed my nuts at her. BAM. Knocked the bitch out cold. The best teabagging she ever received, and I wasn't even trying.

    1,344,518 People agree, my nuts are huge.
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