My flow ready to go steady on microphones and sprinkle

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    Oct 4, 2005
    My flow ready to go steady on microphones and sprinkle
    Defeat on freaks why try and battle and die rattled, wrinkles
    In their game be aware of these flames, cause words to flow
    And nerds go loco golt vicious verbs oh no, never a bozo
    I rap solo strap on POLO, my heart pulled apart by four
    Horses hear hardcore voices telling me to make more
    Choices, desire dialect and pride but this require a specified
    Amount of time must let my quotes floats like boats and glide
    On the seven seas can go to Heaven with these this stuff tried
    And true, somehow my staff allow a draft down my chimney
    Been around many every house has one chop wood a plenty
    Got class and crew and a glass of brew now I can pass through
    Club and get new love, got facts and smart but unlike abstract
    art this stuff make sense have to be fake and dense to back
    out of reading this I’m proceeding to twist knowledge like whack
    history book it’s to blistery to look pass this stuff awight?
    Rhyme has image like the line of scrimmage they tackle cats
    And the worse clowns never make first down I shackle stats
    Around their ankles and they sink to the bottom the stink
    Rotten ones don’t exist in the game talent missed the lame think
    I survive with rhyme as thoughts derive in my mind I’m from
    a tribe that design rhymes and duck crime that’s how we come

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