My babies and their mother

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by retts, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. retts

    retts BlesseD

    Mar 10, 2008
    A poem of myself.. and by myself.

    Never deeply look into these eyez they lie

    Not telling you the story of the death I die and why

    To you it won’t even matter that my soul is shattered

    It cut right through my heart now it’s left me battered

    You see you’ll never really get it and I can’t forget it

    Basically I’ll pour it out grab your cup and catch it

    You think you’ve lived a life so hard you deserve respect

    Well even the cutest kitten deserves a better pet

    Forget whatever I tell you before it’s even said

    My babies and their mother are dead, dead, dead

    Label me barren then say you understand

    You’re a fucking giant bunny in another land

    What I’ve been through I go through every single day

    I’ll never get another chance no pause rewind and play

    I was blessed with seed and loved them both so dear

    Then God ripped them from my womb and he left me here

    I felt them there and I knew they were SO great

    Now I’m alone in this life and pain I can’t escape

    No one wants to see they’re child hurt or even cry

    I’ve felt my babies inside and then I felt them die

    I will never give birth now and never even mother

    Never will my breasts give milk; no Pablum in the cupboard

    I dream about my babies and I have seen their faces

    My death will bring me closer to live in better places

    Where we can finally be a family and I can be your mother

    You chose me and I chose you there would never be another!
  2. anonyMISSme

    anonyMISSme New Member

    Feb 21, 2010
    Um.. Deep shyt.. It took me a second to get what you were talking about at first.. I had to read it twice by the time i realized.. Truly felt.. You coulda been my babiesmom due date the 33rd of neverary.. Ive lost 3.. But good shyt..
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