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  1. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    This road to success is kinda bumpy
    Gotta chip on my shoulder - on my back there's a monkey
    Like Babe Ruth! I swing for the fences,, hope I don't do it sloppily
    Hey Coup!! Don't psychologically body me..................................

    It Starts Here..

    A young poet he drink shots he won't throw it-
    Born in a neighborhood where you don't go at-
    A lot of crooked cops, Blood stained hop scotch-
    Kids killing kids while the cops watch what a hot block-
    He keeps his 3rd eye open in a city full of cyclops-
    Cold nights, Gun shots are like Rock music-
    The block boomin' he assumin' soon the cops'll move in-
    His thoughts race, His hands shake he's feeling stressed-
    A couple puffs of his inhaler and a prayer all he need to rest-
    For now at least, he'll be fine asking god to bless the blind-
    With a stomach full of fear sick of sirens in his ear,
    all he hear are cries for help death is in the atmosphere-
    Plus his sister turning tricks doing dicks for some gear-
    She was adopted, Only used and abused for the profit-
    So much pain, The only way to stop it is dance topless-
    Mo money Mo problems, She'd pop it for red bottoms-
    His dad was a con-vict, He used to be Strict no non'sense-
    But that's long ago so little time spent, the feds got em'-
    He was connected like vonage 3 homicides 2 kidnaps,
    burnt the bodies in bondage-
    His mom died giving birth so they never bonded-
    So he picks up his pen, here's how his legacy begins
    He had one skill and a blessin',
    The will to survive, by using words as a weapon-
    Leaving people at aww, their jaw froze from the indiscretion-
    With one stroke he slashes opponents like Conan, The Barbarian
    Pall-bearers carry em, Bold Bars bury em'
    His mind state was so Adolf - Aryan,
    Seek Destroy,His delivery, was so bone chilling, I'm talking shivering-
    He spoke so poetic people thought he was prophetic-
    His personality and genetics almost made him magnetic-
    But often misunderstood by the weak minded and pathetic-
    If there ever were a bar to be raised believe he set it-
    Never got big headed instead he stayed grounded and copacetic-
    Now Fame is calling, should he chase it or just forget it?
    Who wouldn't wanna have fast cars and black visas ?
    Hell, the hood even called him black Jesus-
    A star is born, Fame and Fortune wouldn't change em-
    And if it did, He'd been grinding since a kid who could blame em-

    -Coup d'état

    Redeyes, ya alive ? To ride or die
    Semper fi, allegory for how we fly
    How we born again...sworn to tha Most High
    The real from tha zeal, facts from tha lie
    I know that cat, heard of his dreams
    I'm sure of these things, murdered tha schemes
    He was one Doctor... like tha Luther King
    Hymns he'd bring, the violin he'd string
    The streets he'd feed
    The grieves he freed
    Swashed. Heat. Creed
    So profuse he'd bleed...

    Give me tha beat homie...que the snare

    He came off tha street, out the hood college
    Held captive his bondage, acknowledged tha garbage
    Stood against tha broken hallow, on down tha city soul
    Protected his neck against da shadow control
    Drowned in the vex of the white man parole
    Wrote to his people...the things only he'd know
    Or to anyone been beaten, up on his freedom wax
    Out the stereo to the masses. The audio jack
    It wasn't crack or tha Gawd on his shirt
    It wasn't the black-jack drowning tha thirst
    It's the facts lodged in both these verse
    The exact time he saw these words:
    He saw one million cracks of lighting fall
    Upon the scorn of the great, exciting tha dawn
    Striking tha surfaces of tha columns of gods
    Between two great mountain valleys unmoving
    Ten thousand armed came sullen and brooding
    Fighting the night and the thunder called storm
    He saw the roots of tha world collapse under and worn
    He saw five million devils flee the flesh of man
    Dancing on strings of fire; bleeding the sheet of tha holograms
    He beheld the great fall of the great dragon lance king
    Six hundred bats screaming around the finger as he pointed it to see
    The remaining left standing and down on their knees
    Eyes on the signs and alive to sing these meanings
    His vision brought death upon the ideal of man
    Cos shadows can't stand where truth isn't dammed
    He put his pen to the paper
    Another truth left to the pauper
    It's the youth who will get this message
    In his lesson was the test of God's method
  2. Chase Murda

    Chase Murda hostile enviroment

    Jan 25, 2004
    dam yo I shouldve been on this one haha nice shit u too that's ok ill get on the next one
  3. Malawi Dawi

    Malawi Dawi New Member

    Jun 22, 2013
    yea i mos def loved the imagery would love to hear this on wax
  4. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    thanks for the feed back, and fosho chase we need to collab

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