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Discussion in 'Audio Help & Tips' started by frenchgign80, Nov 4, 2003.

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  1. Demandred

    Demandred Buck-Fifty

    Aug 7, 2002

    Correction the mpc has room for one interal harddrive which can be switched to your preference regardless of what akai say (120gig seagate in mine)
    Along with a usb port for unlimited amount of harddrives externally

    People have still failed to tell me why a MPC needs more than an hour and a half of loaded samples 516mb (thx ghet for correction), which is long enough for an orchestra

    Regular computer are more flexible in upgrading not more upgradeable

    You seem to forget that you have to upgrade your computer with time, and this is not a free process...
  2. Demandred

    Demandred Buck-Fifty

    Aug 7, 2002
    What don't you understand about Aftertouch? Why are you cutting corners like I'm an idiot that doesn't know wtf he's talking about?
    This keyboard has
    Data Entry Slider: This slide controller allows you to adjust the value of
    parameters such as Volume,Velocity, Aftertouch, and virtually any assignable
    MIDI control parameter directly from your keyboard. Setting the data slider
    is covered in the next section.

    Keyword: Data Entry Slider.... My pads do these automatically not with a Data Entry Slider
    Either you are a bit slow or you take me for an idiot

    Just to mention the MPC also has a graphical Fruity loops like step sequencer, including piano roll

    ***First Valid Point of the whole thread*****

    Finally a good point, about having 16 pads making it harder for a pianolist to play chords, although they're work arounds involved if the person has good music theory behind him and can use the piano roll, you would have to get a external keyboard for any professional feel piano playing (thats if you know how to play of course, if you don't then you can just stick to the pads)

    I'll assume you know what a D minor Scale is and didnt just respond this

    to this

    Sheer stupidity IMO, and trying to cut corners
    Having a computer is not a given
    Your mother doesn't pop you out of her belly with a computer attached

    So you can just that easily rule out that you need a computer, because people already "have" one, not all kids just getting started HAVE a computer more less a good computer capable of running all these fancy plugs and other various things you refered to like pro tools comparative to the MPC, and a professional will dedicate his own seperate machine towards his audio profession so ruling out the computer is like ruling out the engine of your new car cause you already have an existing engine (which can be three variables between you not having a previous engine, having an outdated engine, have a engine perfect for the cause)

    We are not playing the variable game here, reality is you need a computer

    See above

    See above

    See above

    Your computer has to be hella old if all you are running on is a heatsink
    Your computer building knowledge has to be very limited to say this
    You know ontop of the heatsink is a fan

    Then you know you need stuff.. like fans to keep those harddrives cool, the ram from overheating, and the rest of all those wires and other things you have hanging around from overheating, computers these days give off alot of heat, which won't result in it being very stable if all you have is a heatsink sitting over your processor... another reason you need a good case so you can install decent fans

    I was pretty lenient with those cheap noisey ass fans(really helps monitoring process), and only 2 at that...

    Tell me how this compares to a 2/4 midi interface with patchbay?

    tsk tsk at the cheating... this only comes standard on a mpc....
  3. Demandred

    Demandred Buck-Fifty

    Aug 7, 2002
    You seem to be stuck in the noob world(not the latest and great nor the professional world)

    Cubase- after having to wait for the crack
    DP- Kinda forgot the price of a MAC?(even more uncommon)
    Logic-Sure if you want to use old logic, instead of Logic 6 which is uncracked, and kinda needs a MAC, not to mention is nicer on the mac in the older version
    Crack for Logic 6-where?
    Plug-ins=Not all plugs are downloadable especially when you step outside of the VST market and into some of the best plugs into existance (you can get by with waves, you'll just have to wait for the newest plugs to be cracked)
    Samples=The headache of sorting thru shitty unorganzied samples just to get the good ones, and not to mention the best sampler sites, dont have their samples released, so you have to play with thousands of wack scd's just to get something good

    ^all that applies to the noobie world with the variable that they have to have a broadband internet connection, and pretty much have a good idea of the warez world

    When you step into the professional world, the ball game changes and you have to buy this stuff

    So the only point you are proving is that is (what I initially stated) that a noobie can get started for less provided he has only available to him whats been warezed(waiting for cracks/people giving him stuff/etc), and that MPC is not needed to begin to start making beats cause you don't need all the features it provides as default(hard-rooted myth your trying to dispprove?)(who said you couldnt use something other than a MPC to get started with?)

    That's your whole argument in trying to bash the MPC and stating faulty things trying to make it seem like it's lacking anything offered in the professional world rather than just say something as simple as that cause thats all its amounts to(You are not helping anyone, but rather misguiding them)

    No one here never suggested to anyone that the MPC is the BEST start(Price wise)(Some people actually have a source of income, and it won't make or break them for your oh so precious distrubution) for making beats, infact I say its the total opposite, you shouldnt invest into a MPC untill you have solid knowledge of the structure of music and production, so then you can decide if its the proper utility for you, which is the ultimate decision is your preference, not Ghet Ghets disillusional opinion

    The MPC is a failed investment if you never use it, don't learn how to use it to its full capacity, but then again so is everything else in life. Reason is an failed investment if you buy it from the store and never make a beat in your life, given the MPC is more of a costly failure for someone who isnt determined to make music

    And I will not stand idly by and watch you bash something that you have not even bothered reading the manual for, nor have ever placed one of your fingers on

    When you add up all the Real life cost of all the features the MPC offers, the price difference is not that farfetched, and provided when you step into the professional world where you are making profit, you will have to get rid of those warez, and go out and support the company that is putting money in your pocket

    You don't realize how small of a percentage the warez scene actually is in comparison to the total scene

    $2900.00 /w Windows Setup
    $2500.00 /wo monitor(for your cheap sake)(if i was an ass i'd add winxp)
    (And this is a the cheaper AMD setup, not the more expensive Intel 800fsb you so arrogantly laid out)

    $4700.00 /w Mac Setup
    $4000.00 /wo Monitor
    (Your still flinging around old logic? DP is mac only, granted you can take a performance cut and spend less for DP)

    These are the prices for you to be hardware-wise up to par with an MPC /wo all your variables, and what-ifs, This is for a guy who has nothing....
    Accept it....... there is no argument unless you find the products for cheaper....

    The irony is that you act as if a MPC user can't download all the same things you download and use them in conjunction with his MPC?
    So you want to tally the price of the o-so ever common computer on now right?.. anyway
    (can't play both sides of the field bro)

    I don't even need a computer that meets bare requirements, I can simply use "grandmas" computer as long as it loads the program ,has ability to run 1 track and the plugin, install Ak.Sys, and have access to everything you have downloaded

    *****Since you obviously don't know how Synths work, You do know Synths don't make sound off solid air, they actually refer to the sounds on the ROM, which are then edited via the Synthesis portion.... Your suppose to know this before you go talking out your ass********

    The noobish of this statement leaks out, as long as I have my DSP covered (exceptional I might add) why do I need anything external? not to mention if I just want to use Wave's compressor just cause its Wave's my option of going external is as simple as resampling...

    O by plugs you mean like synths/samplers? I can resample those
    O by plugs you mean random shit? Why can't I easily go external, I mean what do you think your doing when you place a plug in, into your signal process? Going external from the programs default stage
    (not to mention the plug-ins are an board, which can be taken out, if akai decides to make another board, which I don't see what they would add that would be useful and that it doesn't already cover)
  4. Demandred

    Demandred Buck-Fifty

    Aug 7, 2002
    I'll just pick thru the first 2 of your post, and not even bother responding to some of the worthless stuff you say cause you don't know wtf your talking about

    Surely you have not installed either or.... Find me a site that has logic's instruments built in to the default program, and I'll admit Im wrong on this particular point
    When you don't I want you to admit your wrong
    *Loads up Cubase, hmm wheres the instruments or the sampler?*

    Resourcefullness is not your strong point, I can simply walk to the local library with floppy/cd in hand, write my name down, sit down at the computer, do my business, then walk back home....(Alot of public computers available you know? they even have them in low end poor places)

    Where did I say better... thats you
    I simply stated its not lacking... I don't have an agrument to prove you do....

    Includes DSP Reverb, EQ & on-board compressor(3)
    Ya thats pretty nice in comparison to the 52 dsp plugs and additional 12 effects...

    I would reread it, according to you Fruity loops will have a substainal gain with 3 gig instead of 1 gig? Is that true? All by itself with no plugs just plain ol FL?
    (Not true FYI)

    Still moronic when you try to clear it up, if a speaker can play it a MPC can sample it no matter how you want to play on words

    You do know the soundcard has outputs right? As Long as it accepts whatever your format is(internal), when it comes out there is no format other than sound

    So your stating the MPC lacks a format which can be easily fixed by putting a interface that accepts this between the sound source, nice try though..., and why I need the rarely used AES/EBU/ TOSlink, in comparsion to the universal Analog and Digital? Considering you have to add more to your computer to also include these features.....

    (Leaving for edit till I come back)

    What about Pro Tools 3 to 6.11?....Suppose you didn't have to upgrade of that outdated computer hardware you had

    MPC is a all-togethor upgrade
    Computer is a part upgrade
  5. Demandred

    Demandred Buck-Fifty

    Aug 7, 2002
    What thread are we reading?
    Cause I'm not reading the same post as you are

    What facts?

    MPC pads arent very good at playing the piano on so you need to go buy a midi controller?
    Only one I've found

    Broken down the price if you exclude the computer as well as hardware that comes standard with an MPC, and then download all your programs and plug ins..

    You have yet to prove how any of those stats are valid in comparison to the Audio world and limitations of the MPC? especially to a HipHop Song....

    Hilarious..... cause a minute ago you were just preaching 50,000 dollars worth of hardware, sure with all that hardware I would hope the statement would be true, but then again it would only be fair to start adding tritons, motifs, hardware diskrecorders, external dsp, cause your suddenly adding all this b/s
    The hardware world isnt lacking anything, you just can't download it :)

    With all your variables, ifs, ands and buts, you are correct, anyone would agree with you in your ideal situation, unfortunately not every case has an ideal situation, and no one said the MPC was the best starting place, some people start driving in a benz, other people cavalier, are you saying I should pay less and start driving in an cavalier?

    Subtract all of your variables then you are greatly misleading anyone who reads a word typed from your hands

    In your next post, just minus all the bullshit and let anyone crazy enough to still be reading this why the MPC is inferior minus the bias/unfactual/ideal situation bullshit.....

    If you can't do it in your next post, you simply can't do it, and I am wasting my time carrying on a conversation with someone less experience than myself, cause I'm not learning anything out of this....

    I also find it quite ironic disturbing and amusing that on your webpage that smack dab on the beats tab is a picture of a MPC2000, on the... beats tab of all places.....on the Same Ghet's webpage thats spewing all this trash
  6. Milo

    Milo Guest

    "Hey Milo, what's the most you ever sold a beat for?"

    As a professional, you should know that discussing price isn't a common topic of discussion.
  7. Syntax_Mastery

    Syntax_Mastery Emcee/Producer/Engineer

    Jun 26, 2001
    you 2 should join forces and make this debate a hardback reference book...
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