Motivation and Uncertainty

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by LyricalMaze, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. LyricalMaze

    LyricalMaze The Scottish Warrior

    May 1, 2006
    This is my first key-style in about 3 years, the Liquid Swords instrumental is what I had in mind for a track, feedback of any kind much appreciated:

    A whirlwind relationship too hot to handle,
    A pretty light but I get burnt by the candle,
    Girl whats the angle, I don’t know what’s coming,
    Are you in my arms or are you in the hills running,
    But fuck that I never needed Eve before,
    This lady makes me weak, knocking Adam to the floor,
    But who’s chapping at the door? opportunity knocks,
    I’m paranoid, a bit schizo, stop picking at the locks,
    To my inner demon shocks and terrible thoughts,
    I’m a recipie for disaster banging pans and pots,
    A few sambuca shots n grass that’s enough for me,
    A comedic emotional wreck with mad philosophy,
    No motivation or passion pass the ecstasy,
    Synthesized highs leave demons next to me,
    What did you expect of me, a perfect student?
    Naw you were too selfish, wake up be prudent,
    So now I’m tripping over ideas of reality,
    Smoke so much green some think it’s sad of me,
    A smoky waste of life but a comfort as well,
    Makes me feel like heaven when at the gates of hell,
    It causes guilt to swell as I do less and less,
    When I’m high I feel normal I forget the stress,
    But productive needs still press and I know I should quit,
    Maybe this last time this will be my last bit.
  2. INKrypt

    INKrypt New Member

    Feb 18, 2009
    this is pretty nice for a keystyle, i can't keystyle or freestyle for crap haha

    reading this makes me feel like we have slightly similar styles. some of the rhymes seem a bit too obvious and easy to pull off, but then again, this is a keystyle so we can't exactly expect the most complex rhymes

    overall enjoyed the read, you should post a written some time. written as in a non-keystyle
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