Monster vs madpoet

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by rosa, Dec 7, 2003.

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  1. BeasT

    BeasT New Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    Breakdowns comin!


    fuckers say shit... on the net they wouldn't in real life, face it
    you're a waste kid
    you're 28 now, don't you think it's time to move out ya mother's basement?!
    some people gotta pay for their house, you get no respect bitch
    cause Rent to you is just some broadway play you were obsessed with
    yeah ok
    Poet's dissin a screenname actin gully... when will this ploy end?
    I mean you are a crazy fucker, but that's only with ya boyfriend
    BOO! Not another gay diss
    Monster's pullin ya card, hard. really shoulda folded dude
    even that newbie style you're so proud of isn't as old as you
    Uh..can u say i've hurd this before? Well even if u cant i outplayed
    but it is pretty old regardless, battling - you like text and such
    and we all have hobbies... it's just that yours is collecting dust
    Another wack outplayed line
    you're high and getting hungry I bet, but you'll die dude
    cuz I know you seen a welfare line before,
    ...................................but this one isn't helping you to buy food
    OH REALLY? How fuckin dumb soundin was this line?

    You say you pullin my card and that your hard
    When your probably 400 pounds eating handfulls of lard
    Call me a newbie and say Im collecting dust
    Tell me why in our posts did everyones stomach's bust (Wasn't you)
    Ok, dont get it. WACK
    OH MY GOD CALL BUSH ; Monster dropped a bomb
    We'd get arrested and asked what drugs we were fucking on
    ROFL!!! HAHA, wack.
    I'd call you a clown but they get paid more than you whore
    I can afford food from the store; Im not near that poor
    LOL@u making a statement and not even dissin him...wack
    I can't even believe 12 -14 lines took you so damn long
    I could have done a demo; and written a radio song(6)
    You couldn't be hot on the son and If I come you best run
    Im comin wit a shotgun for tons of bloody fun
    ROFL!!!! WACK!!!!!
    Spun; ya body did when I came out the fucking gate
    And snatched your bitch ass and ate the food off ya plate
    How is this dissin him again? Just shutup u suck. WACK!
    A bad state and as my ego will now inflate
    Your fate is to be Gayman and wear a big red cape
    LOL!!!! GAYMAN!!!!!! LOL!!!! WACK
    I went over 16; hows that you slacker
    COME ON CROWD..does madpoet have a backer
    .....? A backer? WTF is that? Gawd u suck

    Well at first i wanted to vote Madpoet becus his verse was funny as shit but then i had to vote for monster becuz he's the obvious choice. His verse was nowhere near good but it wasnt AS wack as Mad's. So vote=Monster
  2. Guy Smiley

    Guy Smiley - - - - - - - - - -

    Jun 18, 2003
    how is madpoet getting any votes?
  3. Kanyne

    Kanyne 6x RBL

    Oct 22, 2001
    I dunno, but 4 some reason everyone votes for em!
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