Momma's Boy (bits of a poem i found in an old notebook) '06

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  1. marc antony

    marc antony It's all about da ass....

    Jun 8, 2000
    Instead of hugging me and telling me she's proud of the man she made me,
    she held me under her thumb and called me selfish...a trait she developed lately,
    I walked on my own two, ran on my own two, til she held all the motherly things she did I took for "love" and screamed "i own you",
    She held the money that would pay my rent cuz i fell on hard times and,
    called her, not out of love...but desperation knowing she would give me the money...
    and ended the conversation with "I love you too"...hangin up before i added the "NOT!!"....
    Trying to veil my,
    and to hate her is to sin,
    but she pushed me towards it and fed the demon within,
    crying "you don't love me" cuz I didn't call cuz i had to study,
    always complaining about money, but when I told her to take that promotion...
    ....she'd scream FUCK YOU...

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