Moments of silence

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Sir Bustalot, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    Rememberance Day
    Drop somethin respectful or dont drop nothin at all........

    like a break between bombings i bring moments of silence
    a moment for the ones who were prone to the violence
    without propper clothes, alone in the minus
    some wondering with hope "will our boys even find us?"
    screaming eagles of death, hot steal splitting their breath
    be careful where you walk cuz theres danger at every step
    lest we forget, we might be the next-
    to have to fight for our lives or die like the rest-nuff respect
    never forget, dont ever get clever and think ya know better
    than the boys who died in hopes, memory's just an old letter
    "mom me and the boys really loved the cookies,
    but next time you think of me tell god to send me a look please"
    its so cold here i think god forgot us,
    my thoughts are of them and the sons, moms, and daughters
    so please take these moments of silence,
    and never forget the ones who died alone in the violence...........
  2. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Justa moment of silence, for those who look on to the violence..
    Tramatized so harsh they dont wana open their eyelids..
    And they are told to just hope for focused compliance..
    Instead they outkast themselves n cope with defiance..
    I hope this is righteous enough to aprove my respect..
    This is hearty, so these words couldnt "lose its defect"..
    When you get this-Check if its got any proof of regret..
    So you could see the truth in it, who but you knew it was set..
  3. Touchstone

    Touchstone Bricks Build

    Nov 19, 2003
    and this is a moment of silence, exploding the sight of the right eye off..
    and leaving these zombies with one point of view like a cyclops..
    as emotions help the time stop; minds' lost as gunfire blinds through eyelids..
    infecting the retinas of everybodies iris, due to llives accosted to violence..
    they fight with.. the weight of the world summing up to their arsonel..
    the weather is like fire in the sky as the clouds pour blood from hearts they've spilled..
    the art of war has been created with the colors of insanity brushed over the hills..
    soldiers kill..but their not killers..silent moments bring back to each that it's peace that keeps these people in a forcefield..
    and it's hard not to slip up when the soule's feel like orange peels..
    desert storms steal any gasp of fresh the flesh wears..
    so Bush can wear his ribbons n awards..
    just bring my family back sometime by next year..
  4. Vitamin C+

    Vitamin C+ pay homage

    Jun 12, 2000
    A moment of silence for my ni99as locked up
    all cops suck, load my weapon then ya'll get bucked
    A moment of silence for my ni99as who grew up fatherless
    defying the odds regardless of the cards you get
    A moment of silence for all the lost loved ones
    from mothers to brothers, cousins to husbands
    A moment of silence for everyone feeling my pain
    who ain't got nothin' to lose only much to gain
    everyday ridin' the subway trains
    chasing dreams hopin' things will one day change
    A moment of silence for those who can't see the light
    for those peeps who don't get the privilege to learn to read and write
  5. Louisville

    Louisville Dat nigga

    Dec 15, 2005
    I pour that liquor for my syrup sippers, thorough niggaz, and floral diggers//
    Who put my past thorough niggaz to rest//, we suffer from..drugs and stress, slugs in vests the only way to leave this life with morals to test// if what we dying for is real light a candle for those not present, then look around see if the rest of the world is present, is it ill to be gangster, or just plain ignorant, cuz when we die we're offered no sentiment, no benefits I'm a nigga and that's the end of it, rap's the public enemy when white kids made a trend of it, president sick the whole world knows about it, thousands of blacks die each year no story told about it, no publicity, just this quick soliloquy, about my place in this world no harm no injury, a moment of silence for fallen soldiers who blend with me, mend with me, who see life in ways no one pretends to see, cuz they'll lose their minds from glimpsing what we face, being this race, I'm hungry just fiending for a taste, of that... american dream, what those in Maryland scheme, in those Senate discussions but I face the repercussions, this moment of silence for those who tried to make moves, we all Shaq's in this game, no one can walk in our shoes
  6. Funasty

    Funasty New Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    Moments of Silences will travel all thru my life-span/
    Ten bells rings after the three strikes man, understand../
    That I remember the troops and all then goners../
    Fighting for honor, leaving sons and daughter/
    To encounter torture and slaughter/
    I'm inked to remember my father, me and momma tryin to eat/
    Then close friends get locked, last seen cuffed from hands to feet/

    Remember them criminals, they got souls too..
  7. Tha'Prophecy

    Tha'Prophecy Get the Write Impressions

    Nov 5, 2005
    Heres a muted moment forced to soothe the potence
    that memories can glue to souls and futile soldiers
    waging wars to glorify the pain absorbed
    by the fading hordes of folks wanting a savior born..
    every grave site passed..every thought fades like laughs
    thinking foward to that day that your fate might grab
    its awful to watch a person die and harder to stop
    time from turning and moving on when God's guarding the clock
    moments of silence..//
  8. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    I only ask for a second of silence
    For my lil' niqqa, Nick, victim to the weapons of violence
    Only 18 years old, killed for his chain
    I pray for his family still livin' in pain
    He did dirt, but we all did it too
    My lil' homie, this one out is for you...
  9. *Montgomery*

    *Montgomery* 6↕☼ heat

    Dec 30, 2005
    lets get a moment of silence for who died 4 our country,
    or a fiend who took a bullet, no longer died wit da munchyz,
    this silent time is a must see, longer for tupac and big,
    thinking you gon pop my nig, then i'll pop yo wig,
    i dont want no more moments of silence,
    cuz they only moments, after moments of violence...
  10. ThePussyMonster

    ThePussyMonster no 1 does it better

    Jun 6, 2004
    i wanna request a moment of silence 4 all my niccaz who died 4 our cause faithfully,
    if i could bring juss 1 back i would gladly make my body a vacany,
    this life we lead amazes me,
    cuz we live it so crazed and free,
    and sumtimes its like my niccaz not bein here is makebelieve,
    and cant understand y Jehova chose 2 take them instead of takin me,
    but trust me wen i say that EJ, Supa Mario, and B. Ness aint die in vain 4 me,
    thats y i gotta make it B,
    so like the otha posts can i get a moment of silence,
    4 my peeps trapped in the streets wit no choice so against the laws they posin defiance,
    and say a prayer 4 the the 1's u lost in the u lost in the violence........

    Dear EJ,
    cuzzin im sorry i wasnt there 2 stop them niccaz from takin u away frm us. and i knw u wasnt big on retaliation but i couldnt help it they took sumthin frm me tht i would have jumped in front that bullet 4. but n e way rest in peace my nicca i hope 2 see u again 1 day.

  11. KnowledgeBorn

    KnowledgeBorn Original Asiatic M.C.

    Jan 16, 2006
    Ain't sayin words, keepin my breathe to myself was my philosophy
    Thought about 3rd world countries across seas, that had no health policies
    Just dig your hole in the earth, cuz livin pass 12 was not-to-be
    American mockery, Uncle Sam tellin the world to "follow me"
    Cash money, materialistic things that made Rome fall, the home of Socrates
    Rocked cuban-linkd chains, melted ice and rocked glaciers wit golden wallabees
    How could i fall victim to this countries hypocracy
    Modern day Nazi's killin to gain riches, this is an American history X
    Killin minds, makin blacks either thugs or bitches welcome 2 the generation next
    Sex sellz, but AIDS kill...drugs sellz, but fakes real....i live in a troublin time
    Copped a dime to soothe my mind, and blasted Miles Davis' "Birth of Cool"
    These were sum of my thoughts when they askd 4 the moment of silence in skool
    Soldier salute, i watched bodies drop like parachutes
    Lovers, killers, addicts, mothers, givers, haters this moment of silence is 4 you......
  12. Cadet_Karma

    Cadet_Karma I used to give a fuck....

    Feb 6, 2006
    a puff to the sky for all my niggaz that died
    im so sick of holdin candle light visuals outside
    we killin off each other and dont know why
    a sip to all my girls using machines that suck out life
    wheres my black men at that really dont cheat on their wifes
    all these lil kid that are goin to school with knifes
    wheres the governors now when we really need em
    the black community is fucked and they say raps the reason
    and the homeless people outside for all seasons
    we need to pull together and stop hatin each other
    diamonds destroyin the land of our mothers
    we need a million man march to help all our brothers
    AIDS is another enemy and nobodys cares
    but if u catch it u like "God it aint fair"
    single mothers raising kids we should do it in pairs
    the rap empire we created we should use it for good
    niggaz blow up and neva come back to the hood
    fiends wont stop smokin even if they could
    another enemy is sellin crack its evil
    you make money cuz u pump drugs to ya people
    consenting adults so why is smokin weed illegal
    IN GOD WE TRUST but we worship money
    all the money in the world and babies are still hunrgy
    kids play with guns til someones dead hows that funny?
    the war overseas is a damn shame
    just like the war at home no one knows whos to blame
    lookin for weapons of mass destruction got mr. president his fame
    war doesnt determine whos right only whos left
    I.D. required cuz they think u tryna make meth
    but goin thru struggles is a part of life and so is death
    so lets bow our head and pray for everyone lost in the fight
    on some real shit i pray for world peace every night
    but first we gotta find peace in ourselfs thru darkness to see the light
  13. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Much respect i ditched the tech, kept the 45 cause i like the way it shined.........

    As i walk back through time,
    i settle where the thoughts are destrought,
    My nicca Ears fled with fear of doing years,
    He didn't want to get caught,
    He crashed his Acura,
    it split in half, killed him fast,
    that's the life he lived to Maxima,
    So no pouring out beer,
    I just sheded tears,
    A begged my peers,
    who died throught the years,
    stop--- change and evolve the game...
    Drug wars and fast doe remain the same...
    That's how i know things in the hood will remain the same..
    So for all those who past,
    to many names to add,
    children left to fend without they dad....
  14. I heard the glass break plus sounds of sirens
    step into a cypher it's a complete circle of tyrants
    we all firing bomb in a truck like northern Ireland
    sole of a pimp and a hustler heart of a fuckin' lion
    ahead of you all by at least 12 bars while rhymin'
    a grunt in the middle of the suck I'm still shining
  15. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    errrtime i rip a tag...
    or take a sip of yac i pour out liqour til it hits the cracks
    in the pavement...they need to fix those cracks
    got white tees, hate puttin a RIP on that
    so i get on tracks and hope u feel those raps
    peace to god, word to mother, rest in peace to black
    missing my homies,
    wish shots woulda missed.....
    they was hitting like kobe
    sittin perched on the curb, sippin a forty..lil shorty working my nerves...seen a car that had swerved
    hit black while he was in the car wit his girl
    knowing this life isn't phony,so's giving him stories to url
    my mind's ahead of my years
    hope i aint dead in a year
    pray for one less mother sheddin a tear
  16. Kapitalizm

    Kapitalizm New Member

    Jan 5, 2006
    let me make a vindication that armagetton is comin
    in two days bombs will drop on your place all of a sudden
    you'll look out the window and see people running crazed
    looking for shelter until the nuclear bomb cloud chase em away
    understand the end of days are headin towards us, no one can save ya
    the radiation will destroy you completely wit no doctors to give u euthanasia
    all terrorists will be dead and not in a heaven greeted with virgins
    supposively scientists said will be part of the universe thats constantly growin
    but another explosion means another big bang that will change the world
    again and again until you wake up one day and its a hole nother universe
    your mind, where everything goes your way and there absolutly no problems
    just pure nirvana, but everyone is you and not other entites are alive in your subconscious
    so how do u even know that that didn't happen already and this is just your mind
    but its not its me writing it in keystyle just saying shit line by line
    aright, but the message is that your gonna die because of the war
    its written in all holy books, however the date I'm not to sure
    because it seems like the world is already mentally dead so maybe it'll happen for the best
    then we can all dance under nuclear showers to clean ourselves, wait dis isnt the poetry realm
  17. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    I pray for the world daily. I'm not perfect in God But I believe w/a passion.........

    “I got GOD
    You can keep ya milk
    God made our bones strong
    You can thank him,
    I’m down for life with him,
    I Got love for Him,
    He saved me from death twice
    and showed me the power
    he hold within that’s why I believe in him...”

    God is my strength he keeps
    takes me from weak to strong for keeps
    Peeps Peep this I’m on a level of bliss
    when I’m in his

    I’m beyond beef in the streets
    Above the law when cops profile --Y’all
    I keeps it real with prayer, I’m feel “n”
    Well, swell and rejoiced in he who created air
    and life from here to over there

    “I got GOD
    You can keep ya milk
    God made our bones strong
    You can thank him,
    I’m down for life with him,
    I Got love for Him,
    He saved me from death twice
    and showed me the power
    he hold within that’s why I believe in him...”

    God feels our poise,
    take our pain and levitated it to no more
    I adore the one who gave me breath
    Took evil and booted him to roam with death
    I feel you GOD feel my repent

    I evident He’s the almighty who mad mommy and daddy
    skies and food to fill our tummies
    you don’t believe
    You need to believe...

    Who created car, man did
    so who created stars, man couldn’t
    Man created drugs, Who created the weed,
    the leaves, the trees, grass and that girl with the big Ass
    GOD did, Man couldn’t.

    “I got GOD
    You can keep ya milk
    God made our bones strong
    You can thank him,
    I’m down for life with him,
    I Got love for Him,
    He saved me from death twice and showed me
    the power he hold within,
    that’s why I believe in him...”​

    Yeah!I write raps and poems some of them maybe sinful. Don't judge me in any way... That's GOD Job... Much love and peace to you all..6 peace
  18. prophetional

    prophetional hokey muh-fuckin' pokey

    Jan 24, 2002
    i've taken shots to the chin, my jaw rocked with a grin.
    caught by cops, done been lost, you've seen the spots i've been in
    strung on rocks, behind locks, dodgin' glocks drunk on gin
    robbed by enemies the many, even robbed by some "friends"
    but who pays the cost, my life, it's always been them
    them good cats who should last, those who been better men
    names could go forever, tab, nicky p, and jess too
    loves lost, but the boss says puddin's all in the proof
    in the jaws of life, pulled out like no more then a tooth
    louis, will, rafeal, all caught in death's power
    but most recently my man mike, who fell from a tower
    got his life right, two dughters left with no dad,
    so a moment of silence to reflect and be glad
    good times that we had, reflect, embrace being sad
    too immune, the same ol' tune, so ain't no point being mad.

    REST IN PEACE MIKE! god bless your family the way you've blessed them.
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