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  1. Philly_215

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    Jan 14, 2005
    Through my eyes,
    I see the disconnection,
    And its eating at my soul,
    Lack of willful control,
    And the frustration taking its toll,
    I pray for perfection,
    A return of her former glory,
    But I'd settle for balance,
    For her a breath of familiar air,
    A release from the fear,
    For clarity.....
    For ease.....

    For not having to question ones mind,
    Fighting actions of compulsion,
    Of unfocused loathing,
    The unsettling feeling of being aware but not there,
    I can do nothing but fake my strength,
    Smile and suppress my aches and worries,
    Stand guard a futile warrior,
    Make calls and give description,
    Hanging up wishing with all I had my report was so so different,

    Lord if you hear me,
    Please please take what she needs from me,
    Consider it a fair exchange,
    Let me bare her weight,
    Let me contend the long rounds,
    Anything she needs jus to get that look of certainty back in her eyes,
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