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  1. Philly_215

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    Jan 14, 2005
    I don't see what they believe,
    When I look in her eyes,
    That glisten that nurtured I,
    That strength I can't find,
    Her words and orientation of certain phrases,
    Her scattered moods,
    My eyes see what they can't admit as the truth,

    To be trapped in the confines of ur own pains,
    Replayed in random order in sadistic ways by your own brain,
    Tortured by your very soul,
    Taken on a trip that's so far out of your control,
    Torn between the now and the then
    The truth and your perception,
    Neglected from your core,

    I pray that she jus slumbers,
    And that wonder women again will exist,
    I hope that thru my vision I blinked and something I did miss,
    I wish on all my borrowed strength,
    That pure person she was again will exist..........
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