Mobile Pre-USB / Mic Issues.

Discussion in 'Audio Help & Tips' started by KriminaL, Jan 8, 2010.

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    so, basically - i just got a new laptop because my old one no longer works, I was using Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (yes, i'm still on that) .. with a mobile-pre usb preamp.

    On XP, the software worked fine - No issues with anything.

    But my new laptop came with W7, Which is dope - but, the software didn't work - Not being totally stupid - i went and located the windows 7 drivers so i could install it, it worked fine - i could see both the audio/Mic in Cool Edit Pro.

    I recorded a verse, went back to it and noticed that the levels were too quiet, so i went hunting in my control panel trying to find how to adjust the volume of the microphone, i must-of done something, because now my computer won't recognise my microphone.

    Like, the speakers of the mobile-pre are still there - but the microphone isn't locatable, Anyone know how to resolve this issue?!
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