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  1. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    years ago i was hoping my confusion for relationships, could be turned into a union of forces,
    teaming up with someone else to rampage endlessly on the evil oppressing the entire world
    theirs been a few i solely desired for, until the wires between us crossfired and sent the sparks flying spawning an uncontrollable fire
    of contemplating the dexterity of ,malice
    to successfully create the ultimate revenge
    when i would see them again i would quietly shake my head and cringe
    knowing deep down that i secretly yearn for them to cleanse
    a soul oozing with choatic contempt,hoping for the ultimate fix,
    and you know they got the recipe and the pedigree
    and the chemistry they could provide your life would be the ultimate therapy,
    secretly hoped of caressing, until your mind freelanced carelessly
    sending you in a barbaric tailspin

    then when you walk
    outside every day
    your eyes are focused intensely
    with your teeth tigthly clenching against each other,
    clouded thoughts of constant brainstorming motives,leading to
    feeling nearly smothered inside your punctured mind
    just hoping for understanding and someone's genuine time
    accompanied by a warm and enriching smile
    and you think to yourself how deeply puzzled you are by someone u just used to admire
    now when you feel her disapproval and you realize how much you still like her
    and you think of all the excitement she generates for you and you feel deeply troubled by your guile for her
    but tortured by the silence from her, even when you usually like to be quiet this definitive cycle of unattentive defiance from someone you admittedly have eyes for
    though you try to act like theyve became an eyesore
    still you wish you could tell them
    but even in the same city
    your worlds apart from acheiving serenity and divinity
    at least when it comes to each other
    but you definitely need their comfort and secretly greive that they wont keep you company
    cuz theyve stole the keys to your soul seductively
    pushing you away but at the same time leaving you sucked in
    almost like a sunction
    powerful vibrations send rhetorical untold signals only among each other
    deep down inside you wish you were allowed to show them and others that you really have love for her
    but the non stop static and friction will always become way more than puzzling
    leaving you alone to ponder how about to properly function with it...
  2. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    a soul oozing with choatic contempt,hoping for the ultimate fix,

    nice expression man, I feel this written
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