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  1. Den-S

    Den-S .:.The Chosen One.:.

    Aug 16, 2003
    Writer’s block, wishing all this pain would stop
    Identity crisis has got my mind on lock
    Topped off by these sissies who want what I’ve got
    Hatred enslaves me and now all of my thoughts have dropped
    That’s when you came along, and set me straight
    And finally I can distinguish between love and hate
    Lost through your eyes, unsure of my fate
    I can’t turn back now, it’s already too late
    Slowly but surely I let you in
    Went from an acquaintance to my very best friend
    In turn you gave me your heart and soul, unwilling to bend
    And through thick and thin, you’ve been by my side
    Through all the pain and the hurt, the truth and the lies
    You were my life when I felt I had died
    The pitfalls of failure leave me burnt at the core
    Too many wrongs and not enough rights have me defeated and torn
    My only regret is not having you for so long
    It’s your faith in me that keeps me going strong
    Each day I count my blessings, I get down on my knees
    And thank Jesus Christ that He brought you to me
    Like a fairy tale, a never-ending story
    Without you, I’m running through fire and letting the flames destroy me
    I’ve been lied to and cheated on by friends that I trusted
    Love has betrayed me and left me disgusted
    Like being thrown from a window twenty stories high
    Can’t no one be trusted so I won’t even try
    Some people say that love is worth the wait
    But I’m not a patient man so time isn’t on my slate
    I’m tired of hearing stories of how someday I’ll find the one
    I figured I might as well hold out and prove them all wrong
    But something made me change my mind once you came along
    And now I stand corrected and I admit I was wrong
    I’ve been through too many battles to lose this war
    Sick of seeing how love has nothing in store
    Too much pride and effort are put into these lines
    I’m tired of being the suspect and never having done the crime
    But you are all worth it, and now you are mine
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