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    Apr 28, 2014
    By the way I'm 16 and irish check out my tracks here http://m.soundcloud.com/john-kavanagh-2/rest-in-peace-mixed-emotions

    Mic assassin/ nicest rappin'/
    I'm the type who likes/ to slice and dice/
    with a nice incisive/ knife that's wrapped in/
    nine laxatives/ and I'll take a minor fraction/
    of your fuckin' spineless back then/
    and I'll rip your heart apart/
    because I'm bad like Michael Jackson/
    and I'll take a quiet nap then/.
    If you wanna spit, you should buy a napkin./
    When you idealise,/ your ideas lie, rancid/
    you should realise, if you even try
    rappin/ you'll be feelin' like/ Mike D/ enlighten me/
    on what your'e inspired to be
    but christ/ are you feelin' right?/
    You wanna be like the Beastie Boys? Tragic./
    But if you're nice-ly/ invitin me/
    to try to cre/ate a classic/ that'd be nice to see/
    but I'll justifiably/ make it tragic./
    you should try to see/ I'm writin P/olit-ely/
    don't lie to me/ but let's put light to thee/
    quietly/ moments we shared of sobriety/
    hopin' we cared, but we'll try to be/
    closely paired/ I'm vocally there/
    but I'm totally scared/emotions impaired/
    irrevocably/ and in terms of rappin', I'm thinkin' globally//
    extensively/ I'm meant to be/ elementary/
    but the way I'm puttin the lyrics together it's like an assembly/
    'cause I feel like I'm mentally/
    different from e/verybody in the last century/
    and my entity/ is unfriend-ly/
    and my enemies/ are exemplary/
    I'm throwin them in the dispensary/
    now watch as all these lrics will leave me endin'
    up in a fuckin' penitentury!!

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