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  1. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    I think we may be having a misunderstanding. I'm interested in what you believe.
    It caught my attention that you said you are against Nations, Governments, Religions, Etc.

    What is the solution that you propose?

    I'll be more clear with you. Where I am opposing you is that you have a view of how you would prefer to live. Your reality does not include God. My reality does not include the Christian concept of God. Their reality does include the Father Figure God.
    If I watch a sunset, I may feel one thing and if you watch a sunset you may feel nothing at all. I may feel powerful emotions from the light bouncing off the ocean and you may be viewing it through scientific eyes and thinking, "The lights are caused by this, this and this." A Christian may view it and see God behind it causing it (I don't know, just a guess). Nobody is right, nobody is wrong. Our views of the sun is irrelevant. Now, if the Christian tells me, "You must see God behind the sun and God is forcing it to come up and down." I would say, "No, the only God that exists is the invisible force that is within you and me and around the earth, keeping it in motion around the sun which is itself rotating and just one star among billions. God is not behind the sun. God is in the sun and in you and in me and in everything else." You may overhear us and say, "God doesn't exist. The sun is just gases and nuclear fusion, etc. You're both fuckin crazy."

    Can any of us prove it? You can't prove that the sun is gases. You can only prove that it is a theory. I accept that the sun may be gases. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I don't really care what it is, it's beautiful and it's there and that's all I know and need to know about it. By knowing it, I can't change anything. So it is what it is, for me. I cannot prove that the sun isn't what you say and you cannot prove it. But you cannot explain what is keeping the planets in motions and what caused and keeps the sun spinning. You can only explain what scientists theorize (believe) on and your belief in them. The religious man cannot prove nor disprove anything either. But we all feel (through our individual beliefs) that this is what is happening. Does it matter? No, the sun is there today and will be there tomorrow.
    If it stops, we die. If it doesn't, we live. Nothing has changed. Maybe your theory will create something useful for you. But I don't need it to live. I am already alive and happy. If I get sick and die, I die. I accept death as part of life. I don't need to make my life better. I'm satisfied and content with my life, as it is.

    The only time that I get angry and will fight against you or anybody else is when you or anybody else tries to tell me or anybody else that they cannot and are not allowed to believe meaningless beliefs and feel what they feel inside.

    You say that you are for freedom. You say that you support homosexuals right to BE what they feel they are. I say, "Me too." I don't agree with it. It isn't real for me. But I would fight and die for their right to live as they choose. Yet, you don't want Christians to believe in Christ. Why? If they can believe without sending you fliers and knocking on your door or leaving pamphlets under your windshield wiper, then good. It doesn't harm you.

    From our conversation I drew that you are not fighting for freedom, you are fighting for your views of freedom (for you and others who you agree with).
    That is why I do not agree with you. If I am wrong, correct me. But you saying and attacking people for believing in God, is for what? For freedom? No, because you are not letting them believe what they want.

    Instead, you should be fighting to teach them to keep their beliefs to their self unless asked what they believe. This is what everybody should do. If somebody asks me, "Do you think homosexuality is natural?" I would say, "In what way? It is natural in an animal sense, but not in a productive and meaningful sense." But, that is my view. If they don't want to know my view, they shouldn't ask. If they ask, they should be able to hear it and either except it or reject it and go about their day. Why argue? Now, I would never approach a homosexual and say what I feel about it. Why do that? Will they stop feeling what they feel just because I don't feel it? Nope. If anything they will pretend to agree with me and force their feelings inside and become false and fake. But what does that achieve? Nothing. It just feeds my ego. I'm not for the ego.

    Maybe we are misunderstanding one another.
    Maybe not.

    Drop a response when you get a chance. Let's be adults.
    *Extends Hand For A Shake*
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  3. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    I'm not Shallow, I get emotional feeling from sunsets as well. But a Sunset is not God. it is a Sunset. Try to understand, God can only come from the religion because the concept of god was created by men for other men to explain why they must follow the unexplainable. However, Sicence has taken over this area. But Science is not God either, Science is our real reality for understanding this Universe. It does not tells to fear it or we go to hell.

    You can have both feelings and Scientific perceptive without God.
    That is the Delusion which religion advocates is to correlate everything as God. This isn't logical. If it were I would be their God.

    that is the problem, it's based on nothing but a Indoctrinated Belief.
    Strip that away, and you could say, Martin Short, is behind the cause
    of everything. It's retarded.

    However, They think they are right.

    Science view of the Sun is not irrelevant. It's Explaining to you how it works and why it works. Your view on the sun is just that your view on the sun. But because you correlate with God doesn't make you deep, it makes you a sheep.

    They say God controls everything from Spirtiuality to physical happenings. Wrong, god controls nothing. Snice Science came along we know how the Sun works it doesn't Involve a real man, invisible man. The problem is they Believe in God.

    Why must it be called God? WHY? that is my problem with people like you, you must refer to as God. I have meant people who are the same way. However, They still get this concept from the Bible. Invisible Force? Invisible man? all buzz words for I believe in God.

    How do you know God is in the Sun? it's Stupid to assume so.
    I say God doesn't exist, because you believe God does.
    You can be expressive in a romantic way, But it doesn't have to involve God.
  4. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    It's not Like God. Because God has no foundation to study inorder to create a theory. A theory is not a Belief. A theory is tested through models of a foundation either by Data collected or by probes which study outer space . So far, No God.

    Theory - a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world; an organized system of accepted knowledge that applies in a variety of circumstances to explain a specific set of phenomena; "theories can incorporate facts and laws and tested hypotheses"; "true in fact and theory"
    Belief - impression: a vague idea in which some confidence is placed.


    Yes you can, That you can. But it doesn't have to be God.
    Think for yourself what could it be other than what religion
    has told me? Stop correlating it with everything Religiously god.
    It is what it is, Sounds alot better than God.
    Yes I can. Studies have been done on the physical Sun. No study on God can be done because God isn't number 1.) visible or number 2.) physical. And the Belief in the Spirtual god is 3.) not factual. How can you be feeling god, when someone else doesn't? That shit makes nosense and is left up to belief and faith.
    it's called Standard model and gravitational Pull.

    Of course you don't. You like living in the delusion of unproveness.
    Well I don't. And If this God is going to keep causing Wars and blood
    shed, it better be able to prove itself. Yet it doesn't. But hey it's a belief right?
    ^ That is how people need to speak.
    You tell others they can't believe in their beliefs. All I do is piont out the Contradiction out everytime. Moreover, Which leads you to believe I have
    a disbelief. That is what makes you Angery. And no you don't have a right
    to believe in something that's a continuous death machine. Whether your views different or not, The God Kills.
    I agree with it all. Homosexuality is real, Don't bury your head in the sand when it comes to homosexuality. You can't belief your way out of it. you must put the book down a confront life. Christians can't empirically prove christ. Plus, Christians are Corrupt, and Don't follow christianity as it was intended, And therefore their need to spread a welcoming of Judgement day is not something I'm inviting. However, They must pull everyone down in the world with them. believer or Other, doesn't matter.
    I would say your Assumption is flawed about me. Then don't agree with me furturistically. But A time will come when people are sick of the bullshit religion causes and God promotes, and you will have to make a choice.
    Inorder to believe in something as Dangerous as God, They better be able to back it up and they can't back their imagery Creation up. It's a reckless Belief. Belief is reckless.
    This like racism in society only Hides the problem.
    I'm Sick of the Hiding.

    But two heterosexuals can be nonproductive (Mother is unable to have babies), therefore liken them to Animal sex. You're opinion is stupid. And I have a right to call it as such. Becuase its a dumb view, I do not have to stand for something as reckless as your view. Only time I have a problem with a Homosexual is if they try to take rights from others to gain theirs. MLK, never played dirty, he spoke rationale and logically.
    it's good to ask, However, they are hoping your open mind. This way they can debate you and if something said makes sense to you, you'll rethink your ignorance.

    Why not argue? Especially when an oppositioner doesn't make any sense.
    If we didn't argue we'd go along with everything. I have welcomed your
    debate. That's the difference between you and I. I welcome that shit. But if that shit isn't logical or factual, I'm going to point that bullshit out.

    See the problem correlating God with homosexuality is, God is a belief and Homosexuality is how some humans are Biologically genetically brithed. Just like heterosexuals are born to fuck women. However, the belief of God is caste upon everyone to accept or else your a blasphemer.
  5. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    Now you have my understanding. No more confusion.
    Sorry I can't shake your hand I am germophobic.
    Not being a smartass either I really am germophoic.
    But I'll nod or wave or something to you.
    I'm not going back and forth either, So read what I said.
    try to understand it, then make a new but littler response.

    It's not me that doesn't understand you, it's you who doesn't understand yet.

    I tried to keep it a short effective read.
  6. MC VeXeD

    MC VeXeD New Member

    Feb 22, 2002
    i've actually been reading some intriguing evidence on the sun menaz........

    the center of the sun might actually be an absolute vaccuum

    since the discovery of plasma...... which has the ability to put protons and electrons together unlike liquids, solids and gasses which repel likes and attract opposites... we can now understand the universe is 90 percent plasma......

    the gasses around the sun are held in place by the absolute vaccuum meaning they cannot enter the vaccuum and cannot move farther away from it which in turn may actually cause the gravity we are victim to.

    Science is a beautiful thing

    No wonder zionists call it "the devil"
  7. BeEgEe

    BeEgEe El Warm Shot

    Mar 1, 2001
    you 2 are fags.

    pm eachother and shut the fuck up
  8. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Part 1

    Again, you are taking the word "God" and applying it to all concepts of God. The word "God" is generic. It means many different things to many different people.
    Your application of God is yours, not everyones.

    No, you would be a portion of the God, not "their" God.
    "That view of God includes both you AND them.

    What makes you so certain that the 5 human senses are all there is?
    If you truly follow science you cannot possibly believe that all forms of reality are seen through 5 senses. Science has clearly proven this wrong in many, many ways. Just because it has not been observed (by you or scientists) thus far, does not mean it is not true. Have you studied physics at all?

    I didn't say that I agree with them. What exactly are you trying to convince me of?
    Your view is no more "fact" than theirs. If you don't believe in God and you have seen no evidence of God, then just say that. But you cannot disprove God. It cannot be done. Even if you are correct, it cannot be done. You cannot prove a negative. If God does exist and you cannot observe God with the senses, then you cannot disprove God either. If God does not exist then you cannot prove it because that would mean you have to prove a negative. That is impossible.

    Speaking of unproven beliefs being pawned off as facts.
    The Nuclear Fusion Model of the Sun has never been duplicated in an experiment. It is nothing more than a theory at this point, which itself is nothing more than a belief. You are a religious man, Menaz. Science is your religion. If you practiced science then it wouldn't be your religion but since you do not practice it and you simply accept the most probable explanation given to you, you are a believer in scientists. They are similar to priests for you.

    The question I would have for you is, if there is no soul and there is no God and there is no purpose and no meaning (which I'm not completely opposed to believing), then what is motivating you to change the world? What is it that you are trying to free? People's minds? That is impossible. Their minds are creations of society according to sociology and psychology.

    You "think" you are right. You don't know for sure.

    No, their explanation is how they "believe" it works. You may accept their first explanation, but I don't. I know that it doesn't work as they explain it. But Vexed touched on that below so I'll leave that for him and you to discuss if you're interested.

    What I find amusing about you is that you don't have a scientific mind at all. You've accepted the explanations that they have thrown to you and you're rolling with them. But there are other possibilities and you don't even care to hear them. You are a product of your conditioning and you are not scientific at all. You are religious, whether you like it or not.

    It amazes me that you can't past the generic word "God" . . .
    What is it about those three letters that brings up such a reaction?
    Would you prefer I call it what I normally call it? "Tao"?
    That's three letters also.
    How about "Won"?
    Three letters also.

    Who knows.

    What would you like me to call the force that moves through all forms, "The Electromagnetic Pulsating Light Current"? Or maybe if I got scientific with it and used some Quantum Theoretical terms you could grasp it? Nah, that would go way the fuck over your head. You can't even keep up with three letter words.

    You are still trapped, like a slave in the Cartesian Paradigm mentality that all scientific knowledge is certain, but it isn't. Theories are limited. Science can never provide any truth or total definitive understanding. Scientists do not care about the truth. The truth is not science. Any true scientist will flat out tell you that, if he is a real scientist. Scientists deal with the limited and approximate descriptions of reality.

    If you choose that path (the path of dividing and dividing and dividing until nothing is left to divide) then go ahead. That is what science is. That is ALL that science is. Science cannot take on the God question. If God is the totality and the totality cannot be observed, as that would require the physicist to observe everything in the universe and its interwoven unseen, unobservable action and reaction with everything else, then scientists need to be scientists and stick to what science aims at . . . which is the approximations and divisions.

    You're not a fuckin scientist. You are a naive kid who has his head so far up his ass that he speaks in farts.
  9. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Part 2

    Science has not definitively figured out how the sun works. Stop saying that. Scientists don't even claim that. I'm not saying a father figure God is steering it. Obviously, I don't believe in a father figure God. But I can't disprove it and neither can you. Just like I can't disprove your invisible atomic genie that lives inside of the sun. I don't believe it, like I don't believe in the father figure God. Why? Because it's not fuckin likely.

    How about I call it Yahti?
    Would that work?

    The Yahti Force?

    Name it after myself since I came up with it.
    Or I could play scientist and be like "Quantum Energestegic Eclomorphius Genericitus Forumation." For abbreviation it could be QEEGF.

    That better?
    Stop getting so caught up in the word. You say, "Destroy their concept by destroying their word." I say, "Fuck that . . . that's too much change at once, it won't work. Change the meaning of the word and let them hold onto the word and simply define what has never been defined."

    You with me yet?
    Probably not.

    Baby steps, chief.
    You're telling me that you want to scream at a newborn and force it to run when the motherfucker can't even hold his head up yet. I'm telling you, chill out. The baby can't run until it learns to walk. It can't walk before it learns to crawl. It can't crawl before it learns to hold it's own head up . . . teach it to crawl.

    Gradual process
    Too much at once will only get you killed

    How do you know that there is an Atomic Genie in the sun?

    "it's Stupid to assume so." <---(Your words, not mine)

    And I say, you are not agnostic.
    I don't say that God does or doesn't exist.
    I say that you have no right to force them to believe that God does not exist.
    Believing that God doesn't exist is no different than believing that God does.
    Forcing them to disbelieve is not freedom. You cannot fight for freedom by forcing people to accept a freedom that will break them. It is too much at once. They are infants mentally.
  10. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Part 3

    Science cannot study the totality. Science does not focus on totalities. If you're going to pretend to be a scientist then at least know what they do. They divide things and learn the divisions. They cannot possibly see the totality. That would be impossible (scientifically). It is not impossible spiritually, but you have to turn to the spirit for that evidence and there are spiritual techniques that work. But you have to try them for yourself and you are afraid of that.

    You won't try them.
    You won't even ask for them.

    You don't want The Yahti Force to exist.
    It scares you because if that is true then you are nothing as an individual and you want your self to be true. But it isn't. It isn't true. You have no control over what is happening. All you can do is enjoy the dance.

    Unless a theory becomes a fact, it is still nothing more than a well formulated belief. The sun "theory" is not a fact. It is a belief. :thumb:

    I don't call it God unless I'm talking to religious people.
    God works for them. The word God is generic for me.
    It means nothing to me.

    I told you Menaz, I am not a religious man.
    Get it through your head.

    To you. But not to a Christian. Or a Muslim. Or a Jew.

    Studies cannot be done on God as the totality which I'll call The Yahti Force. You can call it the Tao or the Won, if you like. That would be impossible. If The Yahti Force is in us and we are surrounded by other objects which contain this same synergy . . . then how can we study it, but through divisions? Can you know the whole of anything by studying all of its divisions? Don't you have to be outside of it to study it? If The Yahti Force is everywhere, there is no possibility of being outside of it. To step outside of it is to not exist. It cannot be proven through scientific means. It also cannot be disproven. You fight a losing battle, Menaz. The only option is the one I will take. That is the only possibility which is defining God. Nobody has ever defined God before. God has traits and characteristics and has been painted as images . . . but nowhere does it say WHAT God is. No book says WHAT God is.

    Prove it. Prove that you can disprove God and in turn prove that you are correct.
    You cannot do it. Therefore, you live in a delusional world. Basic logic for ya.

    You foolishly imply that you matter or that these wars matter or that anything we do ultimately and definitively matters. It doesn't matter. By realizing that it doesn't matter, true peace is possible because all the motivations for the meaningless goals and ambitions of world domination will instantly fall away.

    I agree that the retarded wars need to stop. Fighting over Israel is one of the dumbest fucking wars ever fought. You got Muslims fighting for a city that they don't even pray towards (they already have Mecca) and then you got Jews fighting for the city because they believe God gave it to them and you got Christians helping Jews because they've bought into the whole "God's chosen people" nonsense and it just keeps going around and around in circles.

    But if Jews suddenly had Israel all to themselves, you think they'd be satisfied? Fuck no. They wouldn't quit being Lawyers and CEO's of record labels and distribution companies or Hollywood Execs.

    It's all bullshit. Of course, it's bullshit. But that has nothing to do with what I call God. That has only to do with what they call God. You need to learn how to differentiate. Just because Muslims blow themselves on buses to kill Jews and Jews have their kids signing missiles to fire at Muslims, that doesn't mean Hindus (who also believe in God) must abandon their peaceful God.

    Religion isn't necessarily negative.
    Negative minded people controlling the religions makes them negative.

    There are very spiritually beautiful elements to many different religions. Some of the greatest art has come through religious experiences. Look at what Michelangelo did in Rome because of his faith in God. Should we throw all those statues away and burn the Sistine Chapel now just cause Menaz doesn't believe in God?

    Get a fuckin grip, dude. The concept of God is neither good nor bad. It is how people view the concept that matters.
  11. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Part 4

    Not all Christians are like that. I don't care for the religion but there are some really nice Christians out there who are nothing like you just described. There are some really nice Muslims also. Jews also. You can't clump everybody into categories. There are Sufi Muslims that are Buddhist-like in their approach to life.
    You can't just scratch people off into categories. Life doesn't work that way.

    You can't prove that God promotes it. All you can prove is that they claim God promotes it. If you try to prove that God promotes it then you have to prove that their view of God is the only view of God AND that God exists. God cannot promote something if God does not exist.

    Try to prove that their God does not exist.
    But don't scratch off other views of God such as the Won or the Tao because Physics supports them both. Sufi Muslims view Allah as Buddhists view the Won and Taoists view the Tao. Jewish Mystics view YHWH the same way. All of their views coincide and fit perfectly with Physics.


    Belief is reckless?
    That was a very foolish statement.
    Some beliefs are beautiful.
    Without beliefs there would be no pursuit for formulating theories.
    Without theories there is no science. Beliefs are reckless?

    Then come out of the closet.

    There is nothing "reckless" about my view of homosexuality . . . hahah
    I said, let them live how they choose to live. I clearly stated that I would fight to protect their freedom to live the way they live. Me believing that it is worthless sex is not reckless. Don't be a fool. If you want to be wise, then be wise. Learn how to differentiate between positive beliefs and negative beliefs. My belief is that I don't care what they do, I'm not doing it and so it doesn't matter to me. Do I believe it is beneficial? No. If it is not beneficial then it is not beneficial and ultimately is worthless. Does that mean it can't be enjoyable? No. Perhaps it is, I wouldn't know. Am I against them? Of course not. I'd actually rather be around them than Christians.

    MLK didn't support homosexuality.
    He was a Baptist Christian Preacher in a period of time where homosexuality was considered an abomination. How can you appreciate MLK, who believed in God and taught Peace for God's Way and then turn around and say, "God's gotta go?"

    You gotta work out these issues. You're a divide man.

    No homosexual has ever "asked" me what I think about homosexuality.
    Only straight people ask such stupid questions.

    It can't make sense to me. I can never see through their eyes. I'm not a homosexual. That's like asking me to agree with a Muslim that Israel should belong to them just because Jews didn't obey their imaginary God in the sky. I don't agree with them. I never will. Then again, Muslims don't tend to ask people what they think about Islam either.

    And don't claim that they force it either because there's over a billion Muslims around the world. I've never been approached by a Muslim with, "Do you know Mohammed?" Fuckin Jehovah's witnesses will knock on your door at 7am to ask you that question.

    Dude, sometimes I think that you don't think at all. Choosing not to argue doesn't mean that you have to go along with the person. It just means that you say what you feel and they say what they feel and if you cannot meet on common ground, then you simply agree to disagree and move on to another subject.

    Why argue a subject that cannot be proven from either side?


    Menaz, you never listen during a debate. You never consider your possibility of being wrong. It's always just a back and forth game with you. You just want to win. You don't actually want the debate.

    Arguing with you is like arguing with a child in some ways. The child will plug theirs ears and hum when they know they have no point. You simply ignore everything I say to you, even when you are so very clearly wrong.

    No, that has not been proven. The genetically birthed shit is a theory. It is not proven. Until it is proven you cannot claim it as a fact. As of this moment in time, the Western God and Biological Homosexuality are both nothing more than possibilities.

    Neither one is likely.

    No it isn't.

    My wife and I are living in the Bible belt and nobody has even brought up God once in a conversation with me during the two years that we've been here (other than on RM).

    People don't actually talk about God all that often.
  12. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    I will say this . . . their view of God can be proven false. I tend to do that. Their view of God is a violent, vengeful, angry father figure who spanks his children by murdering them if they sneeze wrong. That God is nothing more than the inner fears of human beings, in a chaotic and turbulent world, thousands of years ago. It has evolved with time (as necessary to adapt) and thus religions are what they are.

    But, I will replace their view of God with the true view of the Universal Yahti.
    It is the Tao of Lao Tzu. It is the Won of Buddha. It is the eternal force that moves all things. It is real and it can be proven. I also tend to do that for the world.

    By destroying their false god (which is their excuse for all their corrupt actions) and replacing their belief in a false and violent god, they will instantly move from anger, fear and frustration, to love, non-fear and peace. I'm not going to try to change the world. I'm going to change the people and they will change the world.

    Like I said, your revolution isn't necessary.
    You're welcome to join mine though.
    It is the only revolution which will succeed.
    My revolution begins inside of you.

    The true revolution always has been.
    It will bring what Yeshua called, 'The Kingdom of God.'
    Buddha called it 'Waking Up.'
    Lao Tzu called the one who experienced it, 'The Sage.'

    Before you can lead a successful revolution you must know several things (as well as many other):

    1. You must be able to attack from all directions at once
    2. You must understand Seduction and how it works.
    3. You must understand human psychology (the need to believe).
    4. You must be able to guide people by teaching them to guide themselves.
    5. You must know the truth.

    You don't understand any of the above.
    Nor do you have any true understanding of the other elements.
    That is not an insult. It is a fact. You like facts. There is one that you can consider. You were not born to lead others. Lead yourself. Lead by example. If you want peace, become peace. If you want love, become love. If you want understanding and compassion, be it.
  13. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    That new theory is probably true, Understand we can see the Sun, we can continuely study the sun. However, we can not study God, Because there is no God to study. As long as we don't trick ourselves either way the God movement can't win.
  14. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    No i'm not. The Seed of god comes from one place, Where? The man-made Scriptures. Nowhere else. Save the bullshit Belief system.

    Your subscribing in delusion. Microscopes in labs pick up what Sense can't.
    You can't prove your God. Why are you attacking science? Unlike your God, Science exist.

    Better question is what are you trying to convince others of?
    Wrong, My View is correct. your view and their view are
    fallacies. The fact you think their is a God to Prove is why I
    i'm being Satirical with you.

    I don't have to prove anything, You do. It's your creation it's your God you say exist. You must prove this God. Or Acknoweldge your God is a Figment Imagination of your imagine like a Imaginary friend.

    I never said the Sun was tested through a model. I said the way we test Physical foundations is usually through modles. I don't take part in beliefs that is your Creation not mine.The Sun being a theory dose not make me a religious man.
    Number 1.) I do not pray to the Sun. Number 2.) I do not worship the sun.
    The Sun is a Hypothesis for how and why it functions the way it does. These Theories are based on incorporated facts, laws, and tested hypotheses though this can change with discovery. None of that has shit to do with God.

    Has nothing to do with my belief. You must free the delusional Psychological dependencies of God to change the sociological stucture. That is How change
    is made. It won't be easy but with time it can be accomplished.

    Vexed is welcomed to a Newer version of theory on the Sun. Because the Sun exist and can be studied. The Subject is God, Not what Theory of the sun is more Accurate.

    Yes I do. I don't reject other Possiblities on the I keep a Open mind.What do reject your belief in correlating the sun as God. Especially when you can't even
    prove your creation. More Ad homine fallacies. I swear if all your replies are gonna be that Assumptive and Shallow I'll stop reading right here.
  15. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    It amazes me, You follow this Word God and annex to everything you come in contact with. That actually amues me. I perfer you keep religion out of it all together. Understand, Tao is in place of the word God. It's Analogous bullshit with a different Approach.

    That has nothing to do with this Subject. It's Electromagnetic Pulsating light currents. So what? Is this the part where you repeat yourself like the broken record you are refering to God as Electromagnetic Pulsating light which is produced and released by Sun spots and enterally traveling throughout the flat expanding Universe?

    Agian that's not God, that is Electromagnetic pulsating light
    Traveling through the Flat Universe.

    When did I call Science certain, Mr. Assumptive? You're trying to prove something (God) that isn't there but only in your head. Science is studing something that is actually there. Either through 3-D Mircoscopes, reduplacated modles, or by physical Observations. their is no better con-man than the Theologist. Your being rediculous.

    they break it down until the reach a definitive Answer, If one is not reached conclusively then a new hypothesis is made .God does not exist, You can't prove your creation. Scienctist did not Make up God, That is the work of ancient men. Yeah perhaps we should Leave God to the creationist, But the sad part is if we do so, They'll drag this whole world down along with them. They bring retrospect ideology not modern ones.
    And Since the unverise is flat and still expanding it can't be Infinite yet. Therefore, shouldn't have God been found, Or is God just a rather Good
    Hider? Or is it in your belief God is somewhere in this unobservable action and reaction with everything else? Like maybe with his Kingdom of heaven. Sounds like bullshit to me. Funny thing about Creationist, They have to keep changing their God's Form just to keep up the delusion that their God Exist. How cute.

    I'm not a scientist. I Study science.
    And what are you a Scientist? NO!
    WOW @ your immaturity.
    Naive kid? Excuse me, Don't you have the belief in God?

    What is this a Attempted Character assassination based on anger? Try to stay on topic. I don't need to read your low IQ frustration about me.
  16. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    I know it hasn't. But the Sun does exist and is Studied. However, This God of yours Can't even be studied. Hell I even can't see it. No I will not stop saying this.
    You need to hear it. I don't give a fuck what your saying, It's all in your head. However, I breaking it down logically.... God is a creation from the Scriptures.
    This creations can not be proven... Therefore, Pieces of shit like you play creationist and change god to Fit your Beilef system. It's FUCKING RETARDED, Like having a Invisible freind at 23 years old. Stop it!

    It's NOT MY FUCKING CREATION, It's the Scriptures and mentally ill People,
    You neurotic motherfuckers must prove God. But like you said you can't.
    Therefore, God Doesn't exist. For some metally ill reason You keep wanting to explain there is a God somehow by comparing it to the sun. However, You can't prove it. Oh and by the way, the reason You can't disprove it is because you sir are not a scientist. And way is the sun mine? When I don't worship it? I don't follow it? I don't pray to it? it's not mine, But I do study analytical
    hypothesis which are based on incorporate facts and laws and can explain what the sun is. Plus, I can see the sun, and that Doesn't hurt.It's not the same as some vague imaginary theological concept made by ancient men without Scientific technology inorder to get people to Obye the Social struture.

    Or you could call it, the Dark side of the Force.
    Fair enough?

    Destory the Word of God destory God. It's not too much change it's the perfect change. I don't deal in belief. Therefore God must Go.

    I will not believe in God with you.
    So No i'm not with you.

    You should be with me.

    Names, Menaz, Not cheif. Got that,girl scout?

    I've said nothing of the Sort. I've made it Clear dozen of times
    to your nonreading ass, the time is near not at hand.
    But you are a loud mouth Religious fuck.

    I Plan to die.

    You don't listen. If you listened you know I'm agnostic.
    Wager was a Agnostic who believed in God.
    However, I am a Agnostic who Doesn't deal in belief, but likes how Science explains things I can see.
    I have ever right to tell them they can't believe in God.
    it's bad for Society, it's a spreading mental illness, and they can't prove their creation. My plan will win them over democractically.

    Can't fight for freedom? What did American Revolutionaries do? What did the Union Do? that was ignorant comment. However, I will win over the Intellectuals
    it will win over the hearts and minds of the people.You Underestimate people.
    They are fed up with Bullshit, Noreason to keep living the lie of belief.
  17. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004

    However, Theology can not see a totality, it's a cons-mans Game I will not play. I have tried that Sprit crap, you might as well call yourself a Devout christian the way you carry on about the spiritual bullshit. The, krishna consciousness, all that is horse shit. You can't scientifically prove this Creation, Therefore until that day, God does not exist. You're delusional mind has created a Spirit based on Scriptures teaching. That's all that it is.

    That is something you made up. I don't care about it.
    It has no meaning or blind following. You should stick to dancing.

    Your Belief isn't based on ANYTHING. That is the difference.

    I don't Worship the Sun. I don't Pray to the Sun.
    I don't Follow the Sun. I don't Kill in the name of the sun.
    The sun does not talk to me. I However, can see the sun.
    The Sun might not be Hypothosized to it's definitive answer yet,
    But one day unlike God the Sun is a Factual existence.

    You won't have to worry about that much longer.
    There won't be any religious people around for
    you to bullshit with.

    No it means everything to
    you, Other wise you wouldn't argue it.

    LMAO! You are, but whatever!

    Mask time.

    From now on when you repeat yourself, Because you've nothing to say,
    I'm just going to repeat myself.

    However, Theology can not see a totality, it's a cons-mans Game I will not play. I have tried that Sprit crap, you might as well call yourself a Devout christian the way you carry on about the spiritual bullshit. The, krishna consciousness, all that is horse shit. You can't scientifically prove this Creation, Therefore until that day, God does not exist.You're delusional mind has created a Spirit based on Scriptures teaching. That's all that it is. You can not study something that does not Exist. Hence, your God! You can't define something that doesn't Exist, hence your God. You can't protray something that doesn't exist, Hence Michelangelo depicting God . You can imagine God and Paint it, But it is not God existing. That would be like saying mikey mouse is god, because I imagined it and then Painted it. Wrong. Their is no Synergy, Remeber
    You said you believed and Disbeleived. Biopolar, Sometimes you feel like a God Nut sometimes you Don't.
  18. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    You're the one believing in God. You must prove your creation. I'm not backing the creation. You are. I think if people read what I have to say, they'll pretty much understand God is just the Idea of the mentally ill romanticizing in retrospective Behavior.

    I never said I mattered. I am in the Process of everything Anti-matter.
    But the wars do matter, Because they kill in the name of religion and God.
    Until the structure of religion is gone, shit still matters.

    It's not exactly like that or that Fundamental. But their God is the bitch causing all the problems.

    Which makes you the miniority. Which is why I think you should shut the fuck up.
    No I can differentiate, the reason I don't is because with God you can't. Because it comes from the Scriptures. You are just playing semantics with the scripture God. Either way both Answers are Bullshit. You must strip God from everyone
    to be Equal. Hindus Because of God rule by Caste-system. They must Go as well.

    It's not the people. People just aren't born Nagative. They are forced into nagativity. Religion is a major nagative force today. They Must do what they do for their God. otherwise to hell with them. Then you get many different religions thinking their God is better than the others God and you have WW3.

    I don't do belief, nor do others like me. Are you slow or something? Some of the Greatest Art has come from nonreligious Dogma. It wasn't a experiece, It was a Job, catholic church handed out to Michelangelo. Taking from the Depiction from Greek God's isn't hard. Also a brain will allow you to Invision and make things up. hence, The painting called "the Scream." Sistine chapel and statues, I've thought about this before. All I will say is it does repersent the religiously Oppressed Minds of the century. Much of the depictions infact come from reading Judgement day. You say God in a picuture, I say fascist propaganda all over the Walls.

    The concept of God is War, Obye, Opress minds, Enslave, Caste-system, Murder in thy name, make Propaganda. All that Shit is religions fault the people are just fooled by Chicanery.
  19. Leila Night

    Leila Night efrain,you're my one&only

    Sep 27, 2006
    "Love is a battlefield"
  20. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    I can explain this. You're problem is reading wikipedia.
    I'm telling your wrong about the Sufi.

    Sufi muslims are Orthdox muslims (mohammad followers to the core) they are not with mainstream law either.Buddhist parctice caste-system though, if they don't they aren't buddhist. The only tolerant muslims are called Apostates, who aren't really considered muslims by muslims any more. I've never met a christian or jew that didn't have a Political agenda or wasn't into Ridiculing fags. Even those Old lady christians ridicule fags. and If they aren't against fags or against abortion they aren't real christians or Jews. The Religious text is them, if they don't follow it they aren't it.

    Why, That was just dumb.

    I can't literally prove god Promotes its no. But I have proven their religious propaganda through the Word of God promotes it. See, and God can still
    not exist. hence, They are fighting for a nonexisting God for noreason.

    Matter and Energy is not God, stop correlating it with Physics. That is bullshit because The scriptures are Bullshit. Fuck your Belief on it.

    you really should stop following them.
    You don't need Belief, All you need is
    You can formulate a theory by critically thinking.
    With a hunch there is Theories which means Science.
    guided by intuition: an impression that something might be the case.

    Without a fake God, religion can't go tax free.
    Without a fake God, religion can't control the masses.
    without a fake God, religion can't have political agendas
    without a fake God, religion can't start wars and kill in the name of God.
    without a fake God, religion can't hold its rule over the social structure.
    without s fake God, religion can't propgandize or opress minds.
    without a fake God, religion can't get over on Science or Physics.
    without a fake God, religion can't takeover the world Judgement day.
    without a fake God, religion can't be created nor God
    Without a fake God, religion can't push creationism as existing.
    without a fake God, Religion can't push Belief through very vague contradictory acient scriptures acutally just written by men.

    Indeed, unscientific Vague Beliefs are reckless?


    Yes it is reckless.

    You create a animosity that heterosexuals are above Homosexuals becuase homsexual sex is not Beneficial when actually it is Because it's two people loving one another. You can't call it worthless, When the fact is Heterosexuals have the same non-reproduction issues.

    Either you can't understand the Recklessness of this or you can.
    it's seems you are ignorant and can't so you choice to make the fag less equal.

    The Homo's can adopt. The homo's are actually better parents than most the Hetero's. And you say it's not benefical? Tsk! tsk!

    MLK doesn't support anything he is dead.

    You totally missed the point. Like the dumb ass you are.
    I didn't say he was for Gays.

    And you just proved my Point, Christians aren't for gays.

    No you are just stupid and don't read. Your a Waste of time actually.
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