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  1. Australia

    Australia New Member

    Nov 14, 2011
    anyone wanna get ripped by me in a battle bring ittttt

    the only rule: cant go past 20 bars, but you cant go lower than 8 bars either. so 8-20 bars is the limit.

    you dont wanna mess with me, ur girl's havin sex with me
    she be lyin next to me about to get the best of me
    my raps are packed with energy like they just took ecstasy
    u got a better chance wrecking Em in a battle than wrecking me
    i aint Em tho but im cleverly better than u'll ever be
    bein as top tier as me is somethin that ull neva be
    u aint a thug, only thing u be poppin is christmas crackers
    im about to merk u way worse than DNA ripped dizaster
    ur girl told me u dont go hard enough in the bed
    i go hard as fuck like breakin coconuts with my head
    before im done i gotta say somethin but its nothin new
    i didnt only fuck ur girl yea i fucked ur mother too

    arhh im done LOL bring it cunts :)
  2. mrsupahype

    mrsupahype New Member

    Nov 21, 2011

    I boned your broad all the way from the US to Australia
    but I'm here to take your kone cause my tone's a little scarier
    what do you care I'm alcapone on this wippa snapper
    and here to take and own tis lill mugliffa-rapper
    if you're hard then I'm metalikka lyrical
    it'll take the whole universe to match me & a galaga miracle
    thankgiven over and you still have not a opponent
    so unlucky for me like how I just came & owned this
    damn a newb came and boned your broad at first lyric
    if this battle's twenty bars then I'm hoping you fear it
    my rap's style never weird, trick like how can you compare it
    you can't cuz I don't even know if my comp bares tis
    I make the rarest shit's on yo bitch tits wit clarity
    and no bitch can match my WITS if you get where I'm glaring G
    go have yo fit now your braindead it ova
    cause how you chick gave brain reminded me of a mug coaster

  3. Australia

    Australia New Member

    Nov 14, 2011
    ightt cunt

    yea ur comp cant bare this cause ur shit is too fake
    wanna back outta this shit hell nah its too late
    u talkin bout mugliffas n how im so damn braindead
    then u talk bout me havin a fit man it dont make sense
    ur girl's brain so fucked up she dont no how to make friends
    she givin me too much head man her brain's DEAD
    like i said it dont make sense ur raps r all faulty
    fuck u and ur mugliffa metalikka forced multies
    u bone my girl from US to australia man thats very funny
    fuck US and Australia i bone yo girl in every Country
    ur comp cant bare it, it probly deletes ur raps on purpose
    actin all Gee'd up on the net but in real life u actin nervous
    this motthaafucker's name is mista supa-hype
    keep spittin fake shit n i swear u gonna lose ur life
    tryna spit multies but bro u cant even do it right
    if u dare to say ur married ima wonder whos the wife
    which fucked up drugged drunk girl would eva marry u?
    ur air conditioning is the only fuckin fan of u
    40 yr old pedophiles is the only ones havin a bat to u
    u only got 9 posts ahaha stop bragging dudee

    yee i'm done bring it

  4. mrsupahype

    mrsupahype New Member

    Nov 21, 2011
    bish pleeze I slap that illumanknotty symbol off yo profile
    you mess with hotty chimps so off yo go, u ho that's foul
    I'ma take this game like lion taking jungles wita growl
    leave austr. still lame in his mumbles like wowwww
    you gave a more effort of a loss now take it like a man!
    my verse might bite off your head so like it grand
    yer not quite the man to take this beating
    take a loss you lil bitch and the hyhenas'll be feasting
    I taught this lil bitch, bitch-slap 101
    I likeee haymaker on this pupil, u itched-rap but sweeter than a hony bun
    and I lied about your broad last verse
    cause really I was at melbourne taxing hur and making that ass hurt
    furced multies you right trick all my kids on hur
    or did I buss on hur back? dosen't matter I bonnnned hur!
    go get a pad and a pen write about yo past kid
    cause after this battle your a hassss-been
    go and fag some arabs kid, play wit a bomb vest
    and I fucked yo dumb chick, and thought I was a dumb vet
    my lines like sniffing lines of coke
    rhymes are potent, yo rhymes a jokkkke!

    come wit it, I'll finish youuuu!!
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