McGrady to miss up to five weeks with back injury

Discussion in 'Sports Central' started by Bash, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Bash

    Bash New Member

    Jul 24, 2003
    HOUSTON (Ticker) - The Houston Rockets once again are without Tracy McGrady.

    The Rockets announced Friday that their superstar leading scorer will be sidelined for up to five weeks with another back injury.

    A six-time All-Star who has been dealing with back problems all season, McGrady fell on his tailbone late in the third quarter of Sunday's victory over Portland and did not return.

    McGrady returned to the lineup Wednesday and scored 15 points in 21 minutes vs. Indiana before aggravating his back in the third period.

    "It's frustrating," McGrady said afterward. "I've been dealing with it all season. It's the same old issue I've been dealing with."

    McGrady had his back examined Friday by Dr. Robert Watkins, a back specialist who said that the injury was not considered chronic and a result of Sunday's fall.

    The loss of McGrady is a serious blow for the Rockets (29-33), who are in 11th place in the Western Conference, 2 1/2 games behind the eighth-place Los Angeles Lakers. Houston is 2-13 without its superstar swingman this season.
  2. Brahman

    Brahman Mel Van Peebles

    Feb 1, 2003
    a potential blessing for the rockets come next season

    time to see what yao is made of now that he's maintained course on such a steep incline for longer than he ever has in his career. this will be good experience and a test for yao to see how he can carry the rockets on his own.

    if we make the playoffs, great
    if we don't, no worries... hopefully t-mac will be rested, get time to deal with his off-the-court issues, and come healthier mentally and physically next year while yao will have gained more wisdom as a leader

    i may have turned off the tracker and denounced this team on the board earlier in the season, but make no mistake... i'm still a huge genuine fan who watches every single game that i can

    go clutch city!!!
  3. double ML

    double ML Guest

    brahman was in tears when he read this
  4. Klas~Sick

    Klas~Sick New Member

    Nov 19, 2004
    hahahahha, good shit

    this is good for yao ming owners in fantasy leagues, if yao plays like hes been playin, he can elevate his play, thinkin he can carry the team to the playoffs, which he cant, since theres no help,but he'll increase his stats, which is good for me in a league im in 3rd place in,

    i think houston should focus on next year, and developing swifts game and alstons consistency on offense, if that cant happen, then get someone else, and they should learn how to play w/o tmac, i doubt he'll be gone 50% of next season, but for the games hes gone, they have to win most of those
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