Matchmaking lottery.

Discussion in 'Ladies Lounge' started by GaLaTeA, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Jun 10, 2010
    "Can't you leave me in peace with my friends for at least a little bit?!"

    "A better use of your time would be cleaning our apartement, it's like an a-bomb hit it."

    "It is just like your mother's apartment when you trick me to going there for lunch."

    "Why must I always go to the store in the sun and carry all the water, you could have at least helped, if not arrange everything yourself, as real men can!"

    "For weeks she's not sleeping with me, just because I forgot a silly anniversary, would you believe it? If it weren't for the children..."

    "There is nothing to him. I don't know where I was looking. If I would be choosing with today's sense, this asshole wouldn't even come close to being picked."

    Suffice to say, enjoying my mid-morning coffee is no more. And has turned into a nightmare. Again. Last week with a group of women and today with "dream" married couples.

    Where the hell do these people find each other?! How come nature hasn't already took care of this ish ~ that two who become a couple, at least meet the most basic criteria of compatibility? When one looks and listens to these people, one might be under the impression that the state lottery played a poorly clothed cupid at least, if not, the blame falls on the "Matchmaking society for the most incompatible people".

    I like my coffee nagging free.

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