martial law coming november 1st because food stamps may be cut off.. thoughts?

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    Honestly? I was writing a really long post with math based on this but deleted it because you fgts wont read it.

    Long story short: Increase tax rates across the board.

    Current Sales Tax National Average : 9.6%, brings revenue of $77B/YR
    Current Property Tax National Average : Below 0.80%, brings revenue of $90B/YR
    Current Corporate Income Tax Rate : Scales, brings revenue of under $16B/YR
    Current Personal Income Tax Rate : Scales, brings revenue of $76B/YR

    Introduce a national minimum for Sales Tax (12%) and Property Tax (2%). Increase both Corporate and Personal Income Tax rates by anything from 2-5% at all levels. These changes could generate over $400B / year in revenue from taxes with minimal impact on individuals (talking under $10,000 / year for the average dual income homeowner before tax refunds).

    Grats, no more deficit by 2015.

    My property tax rate is 1.06%, and that works out to being under 5% of my individual annual income. That's a joke for a dual income family to manage already, then all the tax refunds and shit you get as a homeowner are honestly absurd (this is from a finance point of view, not as a homeowner, lol). It's a myth that increasing taxes would seriously hurt the vast majority of homeowners (lets be srs, we're the ones that matter, fuck renters and students).
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    Not fucking shithole Detroit.
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