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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by J-Kastro, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. J-Kastro

    J-Kastro Rapper

    Mar 24, 2004
    If you high and feelin' the flows then spit something after this.. pussy!


    J Kastro smoke the weed day in and day out..
    And I hustle on blocks, im getting payed in and "payed out"
    I spray out, weed got me nervous and lookin'
    Canadian gangster runnin' drug service to Brooklyn
    Im so stoned right now I just smoked a bowl of grass......
    None of yall can reply to this mayne all ya flows are trash..

    So fuck yall, you dont want no problem wit us
    My flow so hot it could make a THERMOMETER BUST

  2. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006

    drinkin malts so i can kill like a suicide party for cults
    n i smoke so much weed i now embody the hulk
    got a truck load that the feds are chasin
    so i sped-away-an rolled up some of my medication
    i got a fetish, n thats to lay in bed with my stash
    i dont like ice cream but i got me some heavenly hash
    yo uncle, lend me some cash
    to plant fields of it n fill barns with spliffs
    n ill getchu what you need like the family pharmacist
    i aint a true fiend, but i got a couple ounces of what you need
    so fuck an umpa-lumpa i got smirfs to make me some blue weed
    Mary Jane is a dyme, id tap her n spank it for some dank shit
    and i wont front, i sold some oregano to 7th graders on some prank shit
    i dont hate yays,
    but im trapped with this gateway til pay day
    i dont sell if i know you a true bitch who aint pay
    but i got two spliffs for you gays
    who cant hang with me on those chilln tulip-tuesdays

    word this was fun

    nice thread
  3. Inscrutable

    Inscrutable N'sKrewtable

    Apr 24, 2005
    Seems To Me That No One Has Any Decent Weed/
    Cuz Please Believe Tha Green Is Mean And I Chief For Free/
    Stay On My Grind, Pushin Pounds And Bows/
    I'ma Fuck Around And Puff A Whole Pound Of Dro/
    I've Got Astounding Dough, So Tha Skunk Is Potent/
    And I've Never Seen A Fatter Bleeze Than Tha Blunt We're Rollin/
    Guess Wut?, We're Smokin, I Could Blaze All Day/
    Brains Fried Out....I Stay Dazed All Day/
    I'm Always Chokin, How Many Will It Take Me To Learn?/
    Tha Dealer Has Reggies, But I Was Aimin For Purp/
    It Ain't Wut I'm Used To, But For Today It'll Work/
    Touch My Stash, And Like Seeds, You'll Get Laid In Tha Earth/
    Gimme Tha Lightest Green With Tha Orangest Hairs/
    Unlike Any Other Purchase I Wanna Torch Tha Wares/
  4. BlaCkShaMpOo

    BlaCkShaMpOo P.u.S.h

    Nov 5, 2000
    kastro jealous - im puffin joints fater than cohibas,
    n i know grimace cant feel his face
    cuz that joint looks devious,
    vision blurry - mixture wit hard liquor
    is just too serious - weed got me delirious
    i may stumble,but i pick myself up like a fumble,
    i keep it g ever since my daddy was runnin numbers,
    me n tha weed just rumble - tussel,
    drive through tunnels, get lost smokin weed up in the jungles,
    fuck a bowl,i get higher wit a funnel....
  5. Checka Fred

    Checka Fred New Member

    Dec 30, 2006
    It ain't nothin but Kush and Marijuana, the Ganja
    Take ya thoughts and rewind 'em back to starters
    I'm as higher in the sky as the planes stay
    Flyin around for hours, hopin to God that he helps me land safe
    I don't go down but pass the wings up to my man
    And we competing to get higher and be blind to the landscape
  6. NAiT

    NAiT myself

    Jul 6, 1999
    He said fuck to me, I mean we?
    good for he I got my thc
    I was running dry
    off a stunning high
    but I found a stash
    now I'm smashed
    like I been smoking hash
    drank the champagne
    fresh for new years eve
    a pile of buds and leaves
    now just stems and z's
  7. MC-Panther

    MC-Panther New Member

    Jul 10, 2006
    Panther smokes...

    True? Very , i stay blazing that blueberry
    unleashing wisdom from out my mouth to allude the toothfairy
    blaze daily with grimace , pass the sweet to Minister Kastro
    so he can preach the heat while he reap's the sinister hash smoke
    a fast toke , leave your lungs soaked , while kickin rap quotes
    the day i dropped my bong. my heart sunk when that glass broke
    im past ghost , this is the last post , im murderin'
    what your burnin's thin , determinin' , splurgin in and curvin skins,
    to reconstruct the art of a dutchmaster
    and i smoke like method man , the bud must love panther
  8. MC-Panther

    MC-Panther New Member

    Jul 10, 2006
    Haha , and i just made 4:20 by a minute.
  9. MC-Panther

    MC-Panther New Member

    Jul 10, 2006
    Im off to get 40's and blaze.
  10. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
  11. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    I break up the buds wit my nubs im limbless
    My bong wreaks of used thongs damn I should bin this
    Cause I ate my bitch out after she worked up town
    I put my mouth on the pipe to pass the taste around
    Im a caring sort of a guy when im high I ride on telepathical waves
    Hey I think im insane the tv can hear what I say
    And it knows my name, shit this shit was laced wit k
    I cant move, im glued to the tube my friends in a coma
    Cotton mouth oh tha agony I need a soda
    Bro the weeds runnen out i scream out aloud
    So I start to recycle those numerous smoke clouds

    intermission while I pack a cone

    ahh I pull it then put the pipe to my nose
    before I exhale I clear out my sinus yo
    or block it up fuck im fucked what a head rush
    got to go
  12. Flocabulary

    Flocabulary New Member

    Jan 7, 2007
    ill give it a go

    pass the cronic, pass the dutchie pass the blunt playa
    I need some food, i need some munchies, or some drink wit grape flava
    my eyes is red,its herbal pleasure
    eatin' nachos wit a slurpy beverage
    when im blunted, hurt me? never
    smokin' the best shit, keep me high for ever
    ripp'n up a cent'ry, fill it wit the best weed
    get high as fuck till i cant walk, cant feel my right or left knee
    feelin like a parapegic,
    burn it fast like some now you see it now you dont shit
  13. Cheez

    Cheez New Member

    Jun 5, 2002
    i hit blunts like ike smacking bitches
    off me my dealers stacking riches
    puff till my lung itches
    inches from passing out
    on the couch kush cashed out
    looking for a retail
    priced weed sale
    slide on green like tree snails
    cotton mouth, need water like 3 pails
    now with captain i see sails
    or wait till 5 o'clock if he fails
    roll for a ho with lee nails
    more papers than pen pals
    clear wraps that look plastic
    weed with hairs that stand like static
    gram fanatic
    roll a grands worth for a grand finale
    in a hundred dollar bill
    front row, legalize weed rally
  14. whatwhat55

    whatwhat55 New Member

    Jan 14, 2007
    yo yo people come and see me when there hungry for weed/
    its something they need, you know that when ur getting head for bud and your as ugly as me/
    im a rich ass man, with a quick back hand/
    that no hoe can stand i onced whipped a black man/
    for selling me fake shit and expecting me to bake it/
    i made him take it and hit him so hard youd think an earthquake hit/
    im gunna make it, to the store for a blunt/
    smoke that shit qucik then stick my dick in a whores hairy cunt/
    its a reglkar rotuine getting laid while im blazed/
    as im begging you shoot me as i lay in a daze/

    yea im pretty sure that whole fucking line rhymes what
  15. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Im used to lung aches, keepin blurry visions..
    Its funny, i keep tha same smoke as the grimace..
    I toke, when i choke i aint finished..
    I smoke more than i breathe, i focus on tha spinach..
    Is it, not the finest thing ya ever seen before..
    Havin stacks and the tightest green galore..
    When my sack's chiefed, i still fiend fa' more..
    Go around tha corner, and i hit an easy score..
  16. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    its a reason I MOBB, cause after parties mornings seem DEEP
    but don't get it twisted, I roll be calm in these streets
    if problems of situations occur, I'm strap even my troops hold heat
    meet up crack dutches kill cyphers, fuck a bitch if she there for the breeze
    cause we control sells, crack or weed, meth or speed, also acid or that PcP
    even pain pills I can get it pop'n, type of cat that move like he rap "EASY"
    likewise this world needs me, stone heart, so I wear it as a badge on sleeves
    tip jar theive fuck who I be, got bitches that want but they to blind to see
    cause together, we cant afford, to live like we dream i'm after that cream
    fuck what it seem, cause this what it be, if she could just listen and beleive
    I wouldn't feel neglected by distant, or lite candles everytime she leave
    if i'm man enough to admit, ya shouldn't promote that Half Ass Shyt
  17. Pooch

    Pooch New Member

    Feb 23, 2007
    I smoke an ounce a dro, then I bounce out the door /
    Make my way to the bank so I can count my dough /
    I forgot, ass ended up at the discount store /
    Stealin bags of beef jerky and crawlin round the floor /
    I'm high, and its not just a state of mind /
    Its a way of life, I live it one day at a time /
    One buffet at a time, cause I'm gettin the munchies /
    Stuffin my pockets with gummies, crunchberries, and lunch meat /
    I'm a junkie, when it comes to the mari-ju-ana /
    I got my own stash, but dawg you can share if you wanna /
    And I'm gonna get high tonight, so high/
    Sit back, relax, and watch the world go by /
  18. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
    word on the shout-outs
  19. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    don't pass that blunt, boy, I get silly
    No homo, but I likes 'em wrapped around philly's
    It's all but love, I'm paranoid as shit
    Im sleepy with ya bitch, guess that's why I quit
    I like my shit with that white sprinkled on it
    Y'all buyin' a dime, I only got a single on it
    Fuck it, puff puff and hurry pass that stuff
    cause I just wanna puff puff puff puff puff....
  20. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    Puff, Puff, than *choke*, oh ish, excuse me/
    The way the do do, going through the bong tube just wooed me//
    through me, hella off, when I saw that smoke/
    Could'nt wait to get it all down my throat//
    Into my lungs and hold it in for a while/
    Just so it mixed in, that's my kind of style//
    iight, it's been a while time to let the smoke/
    and sit back and listen in my car to the beats, cuz it's sounds kind of loco//
    Oh, yo. that's my song, put that back on/
    and bump it soo loud, I can hear the "bass" go 'BOOONG'//
    And let it just thump, sittin' back lifted mad crunk/
    feelin' it inside of me, feelin' like the partyin' variety//
    And pretty girls, I'm just eye'n, b/
    Gotta dress good, to try and get they're noteriaty//
    Or attention, or dentention, this high suspension/
    Like I'm sittin' on lows-lows, feelin' oh-so..//
    Oooh Weee,/
    ya'll know what that be//
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