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    Jun 10, 2010
    One adorable wedding anniversary. Fifteenth. How time passes. I remember those two from years ago. Fifteen years. She of aristocratic pedigree, beautiful and charming, which is, incidentally, a rare combination. With the often upbringing defect in terms of simplified female ideology: loyalty to the grave. His and hers.

    He's a successful businessman, charismatic, sporty. A playboy ~ a bit rude, but true. However, this comes as a package deal with first-class men. No, no, but that's the way it is! Or compromises, which are starting to cast a sinister shadow displaying in a discrete jump over the fence. Or two.

    Anyway, back then; to the surprise of us all, their friends and family members; they got married after dating for only four short months. Unusual. For her as for him. Modest but appropriate wedding celebration for all precious leeches. A week later, a wedding party for friends followed. He suddenly disappeared. She didn't even manage to really start to panic, when he called her from a nearby hotel.

    "Come here," he said, "303rd room"
    "What are you on about, we have a full house of guests! What are you doing?" She replied confused.
    "The guests can entertain themselves, come here, if I say so."

    And she went.

    There she caught him in bed with an unknown woman. Of course, she fell out, got hysterically irated, and whilst crying she, to put it mildly, sent him to hell and stormed home. Home, home. To her mother.

    After a week she agreed to talk to him. If nothing else, it was necessary to resolve some of the technicalities, but encountered his speech: "I never thought that I would fell in love. And I did. I feel that this is it, and I want to live with you. Ultimately, I married you, which is damn far from my previous beliefs. With you I want to have children, but never in my life I will let you destroy something that means more to me, because of an unknown woman you'll accidentally found me with. If you aren't able to get past this, then we can end things right now."

    I've more or less generalized the speech, but not the essence of it. Well, now we had the anniversary. Fifteenth. They are one of the few truly "happy families" that I know of. So it continues. If you know how.
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