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  1. NinoBrowN15

    NinoBrowN15 the 100 million man

    May 20, 2004
    iight i'm bringin it bak an hopefully my old partner in crime metaforikal will do sum 2

    We Meet Again - by NinoBrowN15 on 02/02/05

    This is shortly after the Roc-A-Fella break up in a Manhattan Night Club, where Damon Dash's Dash Music Group and Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella happen to be. Either group knows that the other is there and the tension mounts when they meet up while both are exiting the club.

    Dame: hahahahah ~~~~~ I'm back in the industry. They can't stop me.
    *throws up dynasty sign*

    NORE: yo man, you can't be throwin that up no more. we aint Roc-A-Fella no more. Remember it's Dash Music Group.

    Dame: Oh yeah, I've been thinking of something I could do but I'm not sure. All I got is this. *clumsily throws up a DM sign with his fingers looking more like a retarded school boy than a thug label*

    NORE: Yeah.............thats hot????

    Dame: Yo! Free, Beans, Gunz come on! And somebody get RZA outta the fish tank. That ~~~~~ talkin bout thats the 37th Chamber and shit.

    Beanie: Yo Dame look who it is.

    Dame: Who, I thought the ~~~~~ you capped lives in Philly?

    Beanie: ~~~~~ stop playin stupid its Hov.

    Jay: Hov, H to the O V.

    Dame: Stop sayin that, I don't have to put up with your shit anymore.

    Jay: What you eat don't make me shit.

    *Memphis Bleek walks up casually*

    Bleek: Hey Dame*with a goofy ass smile on his face*

    Jay: Bleek, go warm up the Maybach.

    Bleek: How come I aint never allowed to stay for the drama?

    Dame: Bleek, Jay said go.

    Bleek: You ugly ass, lyposuction havin ass ~~~~~, I don't gotta listen to you no more.

    Jay: He's right..........He's the future now.

    Bleek: Show off.

    Jay: YES!

    Bleek: Roc-A-FELLA!!!!!!

    Jay: YES!!!!!!!!!

    Bleek: Get Low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jay: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dame: Fuck, stop that shit. Y'all aint ready for my movement. I'm bout to blow shit up. Most of our artists came with me anyways!*feeling like he got one up on Jay*

    Jay: Didn't you notice I got all the ~~~~~s who do numbers. All your men combined don't even add up to Kanye's first week.

    *Kanye West is chased outta the bathroom by Jim Jones and Cam'Ron who have their pants to their ankles and are screaming for Kanye to come back*

    Kanye: Guys it was only one night I told you I would never do it again!!!!!!!!

    Jay: Do It Again????

    Dame: Don't even.

    Jim Jones: Goonie Goo Goo, let us touch ya kufi. NO HOMO.

    Cam'ron: Let me see ya shiskabob!

    *Kanye runs outta the club with Jim and Cam chasing him*

    NORE: Hey puto, we are the shit. You are just a washed up rapper anyways.

    Jay: Who are you? Have we met before?

    Bleek:*whispering in Jay's ear* He's one of those rappers Dame signed with nobodys consent.

    Jay: Didn't I tell you to warm up the car.

    NORE: What Wha What?

    Jay: Hmmmmm.

    Dame: Well ~~~~~ you gonna be sorry you ever left Damon Dash, I'm takin Armadale, Roc-A-Wear, shit I'm takin everything with me.

    Jay: We don't even own that shit*raises his eyebrows* Remember we just tell people we do so we can look like we owning shit. We jus get royalty cheques.

    Dame: Oh yeah.*rejected look*

    Dame: Well I don't need you! When does Bleek's album drop.

    *The whole Dash Camp and most of the club laugh at the idea of Bleek's album ever coming out*

    Jay: set a date for March 23rd!

    Dash: Well fine on that day I'ma release every artist on my label and we gonna see who is gonna do better on the charts.

    Jay: Do you even have distribution?

    *Dash asks a number of his artists if they have distribution*

    Dash: No, but don't worry I know big people in big places.

    Jay: All you know is Def Jam and you sabotaged that relationship by acting like an ass and thinking you were creating something higher than them.

    Dash: Whatever. I am gonna still beat your sales!

    Jay: I'm out dude. Either love me or leave me alone.

    *Jay walks off with Bleek*

    Dash: Yo Jay!

    *Jay turns around and looks at Dash with a puzzled face*

    Dash: HOLLA!!!!*throws up the Dynasty sign*

    Jay: I own all copyrights to that ~~~~~, you can't keep flashin it like it's yours homie!*flashes Dynasty sign and laughs*

    Dash: Well I got my own sign you camel ass ~~~~~*throws up the same clumsy DM from before*

    Jay: What is that................."think they gangstaz/doin twisted shit with they fingers" I'm out. See ya on the top of the Billboards!!!!1
  2. NinoBrowN15

    NinoBrowN15 the 100 million man

    May 20, 2004
    now yall drop ya thoughts and drop sum scenes of ya own
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    Dec 14, 2004
    wtf is this
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