Make your 2013's albums list.

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    Nov 5, 2011
    Drop your Top 5/Top 10 (if you need 10 do 10) albums from 2013. We don't have this topic or I missed it and in that case sorry...

    No order.

    1) Run The Jewels - Self Titled.
    2) Blue Chips 2.
    3) Yeezus / MMLP2
    4) Twelve Reasons To Die
    5) Czarface.

    I just downloaded Flatbush Zombies' Better Off Dead since I liked that track they have with Bronson. So I STILL need to peep some albums, I have more time now so I'll try to peep before 2014 even "starts".

    Side note: I just move to USA and my internet connection seems better since I downloaded this mixtape faster... or maybe it seems faster since I downloaded this from a blog that was hosting it instead of torrent or some megaupload-esque site. Whatever the case may be, I'll be getting music faster, so good. lol
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    Haha welcome to the North son!
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