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    We've created a guide for rappers/singers on how to promote your music (and make money!) online. We used our own experience as "online music producers" to create this guide, and applied it to rappers/singers. It covers recording equipment, promotion, social media, song/album release, online royalties and a lot more.

    We have a section for those who make music just as a hobby and want to "do it right" (get the best sound quality possible for a limited budget), but most of the guide is for those who want to really take the next step and start earning real money with their music.

    There's no "magic trick", but if you follow this guide, and you work hard, you WILL see results!

    You can download the book from scribd or (lil) better quality version here

    *Also to jump start your career you can get 1 (ONE) beat from us with premium rights (our best licence + wav trackout - $99 value) for $10!
    Just contact us - with name of the beat you would like!

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