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  1. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001

    I. WEEK IN REVIEW, Part 1 (Clawz)
    II. WEEK IN REVIEW, Part 2 (Clawz)
    IV. BATTLE BREAKDOWNS, Part 1 (Got Life?)
    V. BATTLE BREAKDOWNS, Part 2 (Got Life?)
    IX. TOP 3 VERSES/BATTLES, Part 2 (Pent uP)
    XI. TOP 5 SEGMENTS (Pent uP)

  2. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Week in Review (WEEK 8)

    by Clawz​


    Runna DaMille (27-6) defeated Vigil (17-11) for his first defense in the Championship Match, narrowly edging him out for the victory. TRAP didn’t concur with the majority in his vote, however, citing that “I feel like I could relate to Vigil […] more, even though I was hoping to relate to Runna…”.


    In the Contender Match, Ribonuclease (7-2) moved past veteran Tekneek (67-29), getting himself into the big show next week, despite a bit of controversy over Cigma not hiding his vote for Ribo, leaving the decision as to it’s validity in Tek’s hands. The situation came down to posing him this question:

    StupiditySeZ (6:58:12 PM): u want the vote to count or no?

    Faced with this daunting decision, Tek does what he always does in this situation, consulting his family heirloom to make the difficult decision:


    The Red Division Title match was host to Got Life? (17-10) taking on Tha DQ (6-7), as the former took the battle convincingly, although Cigma had su••••ions as to GL’s identity, saying that “It felt like I was reading a childrens porn except with clever wording.”


    I knew it, it was Insense all along. In the Blue Division Title Match, Pent up (28-10) and Noib Da Mutt (38-13) both came to a 3-3 draw as they move on together to the Contender Match next week. Each of the RSTLers attempted to conquer the animal kingdom, leaving both the founder of PETA and Franz Kafka rolling in their graves (File Photos below).


    Elsewhere, Blackbeard (2-0) squeezed past Pain (17-11) as he took the victory, as the only note of interest was a random guy named 6ftground asked how he could “suscribe” to this “realm” sporting a Care Bear avatar while claiming GOD saved him twice. This is what happens when scientists ask the question “What would happen if we cross-bred George W. Bush and Richard Simmons?”

    Veteran TRAP (1-0) upended Kryptical (3-2) in a solid battle that thankfully ended without drama, while Cigma (25-6) returned to a league and voting trend unfamiliar to him, spouting furious debate over the criteria people use to judge battles, losing by a single vote to the respectable Urizen (12-7). While some of the quality of judging is questionable, just remember:


    Last but not least, Nique (18-4) tied the formidable Atheist (37-10) as the pair came to a 3-3 draw. A lot of no shows this week, led by none other than magazine favorites Jersey Emcee.

    And that’s the week in review.
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    Apr 12, 2001
    Week in Review (WEEK 9)

    by Clawz​


    Defending Champion Runna DaMille (28-6) earned his 3rd consecutive defense, holding off the impressive run made by Ribonuclease (7-3), edging him out by a single vote. In the Contender Match, a hotly contested 3-way ended with Pent uP (30-10) downing Got Life? (17-10) and Noib Da Mutt (38-15) as he joins the 30+ Wins Club.

    The battle sprouted some interesting comments, as Pain let his Double Entendre partner know that “Got Life?: You’re flow has improved an assload since you first joined.”


    Erokladon: “I could just be a child banging pervert though...”


    And in the only other match this week, Vigil (19-11) shut-out his opponent 8-0, making quick use of Linxz (0-0), putting him where he belongs.


    (FYI for you dumbasses Lynx is what they call Axe in Europe). Elsewhere, the pussy train was in full locomotion as Pain (18-11), Tekneek (68-29) and Erokladon (2-0) all took no-show wins.

    And that’s the week in review.
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    Apr 12, 2001
    Voter of the Week (Week 8)
    by Pent uP​

    I'm going to cut to it; got life would have got the award, hes the
    only person i can remember getting the full ten points. What really
    stands out is how he goes into every thread and adds himself into
    every conversations and bombs his opinion on everyone...I suppose he
    does give the most INPUT all week....but honestly it becomes rather
    nuisance-like after he ignores all the OUTPUT

    But whatever, congratulations, your nose is brown again; HOWEVER
    Tekneek did not get the full ten points, but he did vote on all
    seven battles AND he critiqued Erikladons verse, therefor giving MORE
    input and getting the award for week 8

    Voter of the Week (Week 9)
    by Pent uP​

    This week was pretty clear cut, everyone voted on every battle with
    only 3 real battles to vote on. and i think 3 Verses that requested no
    alternate. Dic because not only did he vote on all battles he
    gave all verses a break down. While alot of people (as noted in week
    8) just came into the threads and made jokes-slash-somewhat-bitched
    (present company included) about how foolish it is for them to waste
    our time (one second to click, 2 seconds to load page, another 2 to go
    back to previous page + time to respond which changes with the brain
    capacity of people and how quick witted they are). Wonderful shit
    In the future take Dic's example and if u go into a thread type the
    hide code and then tell the people what they can do to improve rather
    than bitch in public about the people that everyone is already
    laughing at
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    Apr 12, 2001
    Battle Breakdown (Week 9)

    by Got Life?​

    The Debauchery that was this past week…

    So first off to everyone that no-showed…I think you’re all the gayest cock suckers I’ve ever come across in my life, lets be serious…more people no-showed than people that actually showed. On top of that everyone that took a no-show win deserves to be fucking shot as well. Oh and you know when Pain voted on more matches than you did that you’re really worthless to the league, ironically this isn’t the shit list though, this is a breakdown for the people that actually did what was asked of them in the league…they came and they left it all out on the table.

    Vigil vs Linxz

    So truth be told I really can’t say anything good about Linxz, his voting was ironically even worse than his writing, which made Blackwell look like a seasoned vet. I mean the guy really lived up to what Ribo said about him... “you’ll soon find out that this guy is a fucking idiot” … granted I paraphrased that, but regardless…people voting on this match found that they really wanted to chip in and invest in getting Linxz hooked on phonics. To no surprise Vigil dropped a little crafty piece that was by no means anywhere near even top 25% of his capabilities, but it didn’t matter…I think my 4 month old puppy could have beaten Linxz this past week.

    Trap vs Dic

    Trap actually had a much more abstract piece this week than his usual monotonous style, yet at the same time it wasn’t abstract and the way he layered the story between the hood and what it’s become and how people react to different things in urban society these days, yet at the same time having it revolve around a basketball game was rather creative. His piece was just lacking something that didn’t let him beat out Dic, who wrote some semi sappy trash where he tried to build up a story through apology letters, yet the sincerity was not really present and this piece didn’t do much for me because it lacked a genuine vibe to what was being said.

    Got Life? vs Pent uP vs Noib

    So this was a really good match that was rather close between Pent and myself. Noib admittedly didn’t really put his all into it, but you know what can really be done when you only get 3 votes on a match. Pent wrote about young love of a girl of 17 years of age and an older man. The whole statutory rape issue came into play, yet it was executed smoothly. I told a tale of a guy reliving the same day over and over, a day that happened to have been filled with gore, anxiety, and a lot of issues. I didn’t really read Noib’s piece or don’t recall much about it…regardless it really never factored into who was going to take this one.

    Rikovs Ribo

    So yea…this was a fun match…Riko snuck off with a nail biting win as he wrote, a very eloquently put together piece about the art of topical writing…while it was cool for what it was I personally didn’t see the twist that someone (I forget the dumb motherfuckers name) else apparently claimed to have seen. Ribo wrote about a man going through a graveyard and kind of brought life to several characters as he went…it kind of reminded me a bit of the gravedigger scene in Hamlet. Regardless this was a solid match, but nothing over the top.

    Now forget about what a shitty week that last one was and take a trip down memory lane to a week prior to this past one, where several battles actually went down.
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    Apr 12, 2001
    Battle Breakdown (Week 8)

    by Got Life?​

    First let’s take a look at the round robin…

    Nique vs Atheist

    First off just want to go ahead and give some props to Atheist…you know telling us that he’s back for a while and to be excited and all that and then spending a whole 1 week in the league. Atheist had a twisted story of a cereal killer draped within a rather intricate plot. Nique wrote from God’s point of view towards his contempt of what’s been going on. This was a close battle and it truly showcased two rather good writers.

    Urizen vs Cigma

    While some might blame Kryptikal for being an eager beaver Cigma did edit his verse after Kryptikal’s vote and that was all she wrote…nothing really special about either verse.

    Kryptikal vs Trap

    Most of you that have been in the league for the past few months can recall several pieces along the lines of “Vampire Lust” and Kryptikal did the same except his mechanics were way off base. Trap on the other hand wrote a piece to the topic Angel Bondage, and whilst it didn’t seem that he really tied it in together properly…the piece was still executed well enough to give Trap his first win since he’s been back.

    Pain vs Dic

    So Pain continued doing what he does best, he painted an accurate account of things going on in the world around him and topped it off with a really smooth flow…Dic on the other hand wrote about some kid and how his anger drove him crazy…this wasn’t a particularly stellar match either.

    Now onto the brackets…

    Got Life? vs Tha DQ

    This was a joke…I slaughtered tha DQ…even Dic couldn’t have voted against me in this one…

    Noib vs Pent

    Pent wrote some ridiculously drawn out shit about some crazy ass cat leading to the slight humor in the last bit of the piece, wasn’t really my favorite piece by any means. Noib flipped the death of a salesman piece, using the character Gregor from Kafka’s metamorphosis. A last minute vote by sir sucks the cock drew this into a tie.

    Ribo vs Tek

    So Ribo wrote about a kid genius who came from a sick twisted family, who is constantly in secure and the ending was awkward. Tek also had a rather awkward character who seemed to be some sort of messenger from God. Regardless both of these verses lacked a solid foundation and were kind of all over the place.

    Riko vs Vigil

    Last time I checked Vigil wrote some clever piece about a mother dieing while pregnant and roaming the galaxy with her unborn child. Riko on the other hand ever the mast of self hype wrote a “I’m Riko and I’m great” type piece and of course the RSTL loved it. On a different note I just noticed that Vigil was given 2 points for the loss, yet he didn’t lose by 1 vote…he lost by 5 votes, so he shouldn’t have been given those 2 points.

    Leaving off from the breakdowns I’d like to leave my final thoughts. The league is still very much what you make it…if your involvement is minimal it shall remain that way throughout…if you want to see the league improve, step up and do something about it…and don’t just say you will…do it…actions speak louder than words.

    On an aside I appreciate what some of the mods have been doing in order to keep the league running as smooth as possible, yet I really ask that you stop half assing everything you do because it only hurts the league…when every single thread has screwed up pts(that only being the tip of the iceberg) it’s hard to maintain an accurate account of what’s really going on.

    Take some fucking pride in what you do you maggots.
  7. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Cypher Winner (Week 9)

    by Pent uP

    I hate fake people and bass fiends remain feeble
    hate evil ravers that take so much deisel they break needles
    I hate the world for given birth to a demon
    they tell lies and your the first to believe em,
    hell is great a place where surgeons are bleedin
    and hotter than fuck became a permanent season
    hate lousy excuses I wanna be hurt for a reason
    my thoughts break a lost snake searchin for Eden,
    earth is decievin, cursed with disease nervous & bleedin,
    I hate drinking warm water.. but the burban is decent.
    The reason I chose Ribo over the other 2 and one third contestants
    Contestant 1- Erokladen; I Found a stupid oxymoron or paradox in your
    verse; you're talking about dudes that talk hard in their raps because
    they claim they're from the streets and then you end it with you
    saying your harder than them because you're from the streets; granted
    the flip of you'd get killed if u really said what was going on on
    record was gully but it wasnt enough to get me over the fact that its
    a paradox (or oxymoron)

    Contestant 2- Vigil; I just wasn't feeling the flow man; it felt
    forced like u were attacking the cliche things that suck in life; i
    mean if its not coke its meth, if not its pcp; someones always gonna
    have a problem with a drug and you said some shit about governement
    that was cool but the way you strung it together just didnt appeal to
    me; it felt more spoken word then cypher....IMO

    our 1/3 of a contestant; Inkwell (chris) -- You are a DUMBASS, read the rules
    i aint even tryna break down another verse this week

    Now Ribo was kinda like vigil but i felt he clutched his shit together
    more. made it more fluid; had a whole hella metaphor going there too,
    it was just better imo

    is that you fools all started your flow alike
    with "what i hate the most" when you goto type
    instead of going for the juggular with a poison strike
    You coulda been like "I've never gotten to hold the mic
    I hate MC's who don't deserve lime light
    Their selfish struggle doesnt concern my fight
    so why should i care about trite vermin sight?"
    then you coulda talked about illicit drug use
    descriptive thugs, booze and how these figments bug you
    but this is advice, dont let my scriptures perturb
    WHAT I HATE THE MOST (you silly)
    haha just kidding, till next week
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    Apr 12, 2001
    What the HELL is wrong with you?

    by Tali​

    "You can't vote in my battles!"

    "Your vote shouldn't count. You don't tend to vote for me, therefore, you are biased!"

    "You can vote in my battles but you can't vote in them if they include so and so or if we are past the third week of the summer solstice!"


    I don't know what in the hell has happened, but since the time I came back in mid-2005 to now, it seems that everybody has a problem with somebody voting in their matches. Somebody doesn't like something that someone else said about them in a thread about 50 Cent's nut sack in some other bullshit forum and all of the sudden they've lost all ability to grant an honest opinion on that person's writing. Where I grew up, we had a name for people who acted like that: WHINEY BITCH!

    Of course, it isn't just the person doing the voting who shares some of the blame here. There are those who absolutely can't take the fact that someone doesn't necessarily prefer their god-like style of writing. There is a difference between a person who purposely votes against you every match because he is the aforementioned WHINEY BITCH and one who simply doesn't care for something you tend to do with your writing. Or maybe it's not simply a matter of preference, but a matter of the fact that your writing might just fucking suck at this point in your development. I went through that phase myself. I think anybody who has any shred of honesty can remember back to a time when their shit just wasn't that lovely. There are, however, those out there who can't accept the fact that they lose at anything. Some call those people "highly competitive." Where I grew up, we had a different way of describing those people: DICK HEADS!

    Now, I think we can all agree that there are a small number of WHINEY BITCHES and DICK HEADS who grace the league from time to time. Everybody knows who they are. They are the people who vote with spite rather than compassion (reading too much Dalai Lama lol). They are the ones who make a thread damn near each and every time they lose to remind the world how shitty the voting was in their match and how fucking awesome they are. They are the ones that have a damn laundry list the size of *insert ethic minority joke here* that details each and every person who can and can't vote in their matches. They may even be all listed above. Where I grew up, we had a name for those people as well: WHINEY BITCH ASS DICKHEADS!

    If you find yourself slipping towards any of these sorts of actions, smack the shit out of yourself and grow some gonads (yes women have gonads too, believe it or not lol). While you're at it, pick up a brain and your very own opinion as well, I heard K-Mart is having a hell of a going out of business special at a number of locations nationwide.

    In all seriousness, please stop this shit. Grow up, settle your differences, and move the fuck on with your life. There is probably one or two people like that out of twenty, so stop being so damn paranoid. You make it living hell to be a moderator and you basically ruin the fun for everybody else participating in the league as well.
  9. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Top 5 Verses (Week 8)

    by DIC​

    Top 5 Verses of the Week - these were already said in my vote of your
    matches, but my votes explain in detail why I liked these verses. Shit,
    you all had better verses than me this week anyway. Lol

    5. Vigil, this started with some nice and explosive lines that pulled
    me directly into the piece. Your wit has always been a personal
    favorite of mine in reading topicals of this league. Here you made some
    nice references to the contradictory lifestyles people lead, while
    people claim to practice values of the bible, they also enforce
    structures of war that go against it all. Your narration in this was
    powerful with a clear voice and flow was displayed throughout for a nice
    and easy to follow read. It's easy to see you have battle skills
    because your use of catchy lines are always evident and it shows in this
    piece nicely. Nice word play and the way it's structured is like a
    motivational speech to uplift everyone from the current state of
    things. Obviously, I liked this, but I did think there was a little
    something more you could of added like a way to change this. That's not
    an easy concept at all to handle, but with a piece directed on
    everything that's wrong, it's often useful to provide a way to make
    things better and gives that serge of hope towards better oucomes.
    Maybe even a little emphasis on anything you feel that has been done to
    aid this cituation in some way. Just a thought. Great display though

    4. Noib, when I first started reading this, I was thinking the flow
    seemed forced, not stretched, but so much emphasis placed on it that for
    the first few lines a lot of words were used and reused to keep the same
    flow..... It picked up nicely after that thought with much more
    narrative substance in the format. So, moving on, this had a very nice
    way of detailing some sociological/societal things with tact and and a
    lil wit. It was getting pretty catchy and the flow continued through it
    all to keep the narration strong. You have some nice metaphors that
    caught my eye and kept me wanting to read so that's always a nice
    development. I was just thinking that your verse has a lot of the
    qualities missing in rikos verse this week and combined would be a dope
    ass verse, not taking away from either of you as an individual writer,
    but with his comoex narrative structure and your metaphorical wit on
    things, well..... I've said enough on that. This was a nice verse
    regardless though and one of the best topicals I've
    read from you. I've always thought of you as a much better story
    teller, but this shows you're well developed with both. Nice shit

    3. Riko, this was a nice breakdown of the several ideas people get when
    writing and the thoughts that transpire. It has the nice flow as usual
    with poised vocab and a mature narration. I thought you could of
    expaned a bit on the sudject with your examples of writing influences
    cuz your examples were very brief, but still put together nicely. I
    don't agree with your statement that length doesn't matter because you
    could of reached more depth within this piece with some more lines to
    detail your topical choice. Nevertheless, this was nice and some of
    the lines were worded in great sequences of flow for a nice narration,
    but all this really provides is flow and vocab. There's not much else
    in this verse.... No emotion, no character to develop, nothing of your
    personal experience to add to it somehow....

    interpretations seen in votes to be a bit closed minded as well, but
    it's something that we all have to deal with. I think the flow in this
    piece is nice with metaphorical wit and a natural format that I was
    liking too. A lot of the lines were catchy in depicting the graveyard
    shift theme of a drug dealer. The tragedy of it was your main focus and
    you painted that well without a doubt. It went in several directions
    and was hard to see where you were going, but you wrapped it up nicely
    to put it all together. I don't agree with Eryko or GL, especially when
    GL has never had much flow at all an anything I've read, cuz I thought
    this was rather easy to read with the flow you provided. Somewhat like
    a spoken word piece. Nice topical man.

    1. Pent, well damn fool. That shit was fuckin impressive man. I found
    some of your lines were stretched, but some sequences of flow in the
    narration were hot as fuck. The words you used, the development of the
    topic and not so subtle approach used made this one of the dopest verses
    I've ever read from. Not to mention this was a nice topical scheme for
    you to use that seperated you from the others with more originality on
    your subject matter for this week at least. I gotta get back on the
    flow of this, it was filled with witty one liners, some tactless
    metaphors, which you know I like and then you braught it up even more
    with some nice inners to add to the multies that stood out....... I
    already said I'm impressed and after reading noib's, I was like damn,
    how's pent gonna rise above that with a topical? You rose to the
    occation though. The sexual take on statutory rape was with the
    development of your narration assisted the kinda twisted mind frame
    people have on getting some pussy and/or dic. The start was great, it
    stayed consistent all the way through the body and the ending was
    execucuted to make me drop my sidekick smiling. I'll say it one more
    time, very mothafuckin impressive ninja.
  10. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Top 3 No Show Verses

    Since there so many no shows, I've decided to give a brief critique for
    those who have posted a full verse that may not be read by many.......
    Showin yall that the dic does care a lil bit and wants everyone to get
    the recognition they deserve. Ya know wassup ninjas

    3. Tek, this was a nicely detailed description of a relationship. In
    love wit a stripper theme seems to be popular in pop culture. It
    happened to me, matter of the the stripper is still callin me after I
    kicked her out, pent has seen some pics of her, but anyway. The
    narration on this didn't really have much details on the actual
    relationship of you and her. It seemed to be written in a light to make
    you look much cooler than you actually are. Some scenes of the actual
    relationship, like arguments, intimate moments shared and things like
    that would of made this verse much stronger. The flow was decent
    enough, although kind of simple, it made it cool enough to folow. The
    details that you did choose to use made it an entertaining read like
    something in a vidoe for that song...... "I'm in love with a stripper"
    aphrodite in the hood, temptress of passion and shit..... I felt it.
    Nice foundation, it would of been better with some interesting displays
    of things that happen within the relationship and the flow needs some
    help. Using simple rhyming words that are only 1 syllable is easy man.
    You can do better than that if you try. There were some good sequences
    though and more emphasis on the important moments.

    2. Erokladon, this was a very interesting piece to say the least. The
    narration was very emotional and filled with strong passion. The
    symbolism of an angel was a key part in this as she was corrupted by her
    influecing society and turned to the darkside. You developed her
    character well and lead her transition nicely through depression. Your
    connecting character to her wasn't layed out so well cuz I didn't see
    why you two were so close really. She became a whore, were you her pimp
    at one point, an ex lover that did robberies with her? I'm not sure.
    The naration was powerful though..... The perversion of it, damn.....
    That was some shit, she went down and the suicide was kinda graphic with
    draggin herself into your room. The ending was really twisted as you
    gave her one final goodbye so to speak..... Twisted, but then you just
    left to get a sack? Didn't really say that you cared as much as I
    woulda thought from the rest of the narration. Still, a twisted piece
    with some interesting details.

    I'd suggest working on your flow a bit more and when having more than 1
    character, develop them all so they have their own personality aside
    from the main character.

    1. Pain, the narration of this was pretty smooth and packed with a high
    morale code of conduct. Degrading women is a very old trait of humanity
    though and now that women have the options to not be degraded in our
    society, it's ultimately their choice, but I feel you. Although it's a
    choice in our country, it's inst much of an option in a lot of other
    countries. The flow was nice and although it had sporadic changes in
    the rhyming syllables in some places, it held it's own definately. The
    sexuality of women is an interesting topical choice that you're dealing
    with and you did a very nice job in stating your view on how things
    should be's just unlikely to happen though. It does
    elevate way past the dudes selling dust on the blocks and it takes a lot
    to make such a significant change because it's evident in almost every
    society known to humans. This was a nicely developed piece, the
    narration was smooth, the detailing of the path you took on it was well
    put together and your opinion on the change was presented nicely as
    well. Good shit man.
  11. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Top 3 Verses/Battles (Week 9)

    by Pent uP​

    Pain VS Blackbeard;
    EastCoast Vs Westcoast
    Shyne VS 2pac (Pain is to small to be biggie)
    Ice VS Fire
    Rock VS Paper
    Holy bonanza
    i'll stop now
    Pains verse was pretty tight; it was one of those moving and
    describing what you see then opinionating yourself peices. Im guessing
    he was getting chauffered around in a car while this was happening
    because he was rolling an L while he was doing all this, and he moved
    from scenery to scenery kinda quick, so whatever. The subject matter
    of what he's thinking is usually the highlight of these peices, rather
    than description of WHATS going on its WHY or HOW its going on. He
    brought it in by talking about how some kids throw their lives away by
    starting to deal drugs as early as thirteen. He then moved on to how
    he saw a 13 year old hittin on some dude with a fat whip and how hes
    gonna fuck her and bounce but shes to damn stupid to realize that shit
    be happenin to her all the time. Then he passes a bar full of
    alchololics cuz its noon and they're trashed (while hes medicating
    himself); and he talks about how stupid boozing is (though i've caught
    him drunk many times on AIM); then he noticed a 'lady' walking the
    streets with a baby carriage thing-a-ma-doo-hickey whilst being
    pregnant, said she looked like she was about his age and he took into
    how stupid chicks is, and then he brought it all together as his L was
    ending...It was pretty dope though; the transgression of subject was
    fairly smooth and it made me feel like i smoke an L with him; high
    points ninja

    Blackbeard (who i insist raps weird) came with some
    illllllllllllllllllllllnesssssss over some wack ass beat (dont hate
    ninja(#2?) wordtoit). anyways he wrote this story verse about how he
    got locked up as a kid into the psyche ward because he had to beat his
    brothers ass. The twist was that his brother is disabled and in a
    wheel chair, but he still gives him helllla shit cuz he was older and
    he was a power tripping fool (i guess) anyways he picked a fight with
    his brother over some laundry room bullshit and because his brother
    was disabled his parents didnt know what the hell to do with him so
    they sent him the hell to the psyche ward (we love u niggy; NH)
    anyways his flow was pretty damn ill; i found ONE flaw in it but hows
    to be a nitpicker? he showed me the hook to it over aim and that went
    like "I've been hated all my life, you think you Nigguhs can fade me/
    ya not even coming close, you're just some bitches and babies" which i
    think exploited his personal side very well. It was almost a soft dic
    in the room for a second, i could see the tears flowing...but not
    really. His diction as always pretty legit, a must read match imo.

    Athiest VS Nique;
    Athiest started his story quickly with a murderscene and two
    detectives. The problem i found with this story is that he introduced
    only 3 characters, one of which being the hunteress of the killer so
    that leaves 2 suspects; the husband, who shortly after the story began
    left his wife (the huntress) because he felt she neglected him to much
    for her work. He also introduced her captain, which plays the role of
    the seed of doubt. He made their relationship seem close and made me
    wonder if they were fucking around and if that was part of the reason,
    or if the captain was the killer, but i was almost sure after the
    husband left who it was. anyways the story progressed after he left
    her and the murders continued and some number of years later there was
    a breakthrough case; the murder left an envelope for her with an
    address where they could meet and possibly apprehend this villain. and
    then she goes to confront the villain and make him spend his years in
    prison and when she gets there its none other than..................

    oh wait i forgot to mention the reason i liked this verse so much; was
    because of how seamlessly athiest connects each line. He's got diction
    down to a form of non-toxic based paint that anyone can understand. it
    seems as if he plots out every single line and he makes them connect
    on such a literary level he might as well write books like this (which
    is my goal, so screw you). The word choice (though sometimes a little
    to over-the-top) was goddamn beautiful. the picture he painted was
    vivid for how dark and gloomy the surroundings were. Dope SHit

    Nique -- My one main problem with this is she portrayed God as a
    christian. Niques verse was one where she placed herself in gods shoes
    and discussed how frustrated he must be with all of us. From the
    people that worship him on sundays and talk shit about him the other
    six days of the week; to the people who take his name in vein every
    day. then she attacked catholics who pray to the same god but have
    issues with finding legitimate priests (why is that? maybe god is a
    pedefile? maybe we should remember that god used to expect us to be
    wed and have gotten or gotten someone pregnant by the age of THIRTEEN
    until government felt that should be changed? maybe ima get back into
    her verse? or maybe im go write my own.......) she then continued to
    emphasize how god controls us all and everyone isn't a victim to
    circumstance but a victim to his power(hungry ass). She then proceeded
    to call 9/11 an act of god (which i've done in a verse before) and
    said that she'll think about what do over the next 20 years. i missed
    a few details simply because you should read the verse
    her flow is dope as shit though; its nice and crisp, line to line with
    some internals that are fluid and smooth. a resally personified verse
    dope battle folks
  12. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Ribonuclease VS Tekneek

    Ribo -- Here ribo hit with a verse about a surgical student somewhat
    following his dads footsteps (his dad was a malpracticing dentist)
    except he tried not to malpractice, and he tried to acctually be a
    dope doctor. I dnt know much about medical college so i guess he got
    his tools or whatever and he raced through his first year with ease,
    being all prodigal like and shit. and then his second year started a
    decline in appreciation due to a strong stress factor.
    Oh yeah i forgot to mention; dude was basically a hypocondraict so he
    thought everyone was against him and he had all sorts of problems (i
    swear hypocondriacts should not be taught all the different types of
    problems a human can have) so thats kinda where the stress came from.
    anyways he dropped out and jacked the tools from school. and bsaically
    went on to kill himself in some reallllly fucked up way, during which
    operation the drugs that he jacked from his medical school made him
    hallucinate (im guessing, ribo called it a self realiztion) and the
    ending is dope you gotta read it i hate spoiling that shit. I'm very
    impressed with the way ribo wrote this though; fat flow, double
    rhymes, nice multi's, good imagery, but most of all he had wit and
    wordplay in a story; and a sort of moralistic ending, but not really;
    shit was dope.

    Tekneek -- this one is weird; i talked to tek about this piece after i
    voted on it...He said the last line signified how everything starts
    from a little semen, he didnt mean for it to sound perverted, and i
    guess i can see that having it told to me...but still that shit sounds
    wiiiiiild. I think this shit was about him playing the roll of an evil
    creator or something. Its a really weird peice filled with dark and
    evil descriptions and wordplay. The flow is metered very well but the
    actualy content is left far to much to the imagination of the reader;
    which is where I think tek falters nowadays but not putting his
    personal touch (unless u wanna call tek the holyman of the RSTL) to
    his peices. I really dont know but lately tek has been on some other
    other shit.....maybe its just me...
  13. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    A Conversation with Jersey Emcee

    by Rikoshay​

    Jersey: why were all my points taken away???...i said in the sign up thread when i sign up last week to make my record 0-0...which you did...but all my points is gone???...umm i earned them points....

    rikoshay: You still have cumulative points

    Jersey: this wouldnt be an issue...but all this lil point shit ya got in this "new" rstl....

    rikoshay: how many matches have you been in since the new league began?

    Jersey: dont know kid...thats your job...but i know before i reset my record...i had 27 5 i just got for winning this wee...

    rikoshay: your temp points have expired

    Jersey: wtf is a temp point????well why do all these people keep there temp points???...and you said my shit expired like its a fuckin visa...

    rikoshay: look at the matches thread it lists who still has "Temp points" and how long till they expire

    Jersey: whatever...why dont i have cumulative points???...i have like 26 wins...

    rikoshay: looks like you have 12 cumulative

    Jersey: 12???...20 somehting wins gives me 12 points????...

    rikoshay: points have only been earned since new league began hence, cumulative. You've barely voted
    rikoshay: everyone got "temp points' based on their shit prior to new league, to help the transition. once you've been signed in 5 times, you lose temp points

    Jersey: well i was not signe din 5 times since this crap started...2 no shows and 1 thats that means i should have 2 weeks of temp points left...

    rikoshay: nope, this was your 5th match

    Jersey: negitive ghostrider...

    rikoshay: you no-showed on the match posted 27th last month, forget who opponent was

    Jersey: how can i no show and wasnt even signed me to the "Nson27th shit


    Jersey: look @ the says no show signed out...with my name...and yall still gave me a match...u see...???...

    rikoshay: I see

    Jersey: so that means i was signed out...and shouldnt have had a match then...

    You signed up 4 days before matches were posted

    Jersey: thats not the same week from what i just previoulsy pointed out to you...

    rikoshay: it is

    Jersey: there was a whole week where i was not signed in from the time you showed this...

    rikoshay: yeah, week 4

    Jersey: how can i be signed out and signed in @ the same time...

    rikoshay: you signed in for week 1,2,3, NS week 3. suspend for week 4. signed back. NS week 5. suspend week 6. showed up week 7
    Vs. Stairway - 2 points (2 for showing, -2 not voting, 2 for losing by vote)
    Vs. Mr. Chavez - 9 points (2 showing, 2 voting, 5 winning)
    Vs. Urizen - -2 points not voting, not showing, not winning,
    Vs. Vigil - -2 points not voting, not showing, not winning,
    Vs. Trap - 5 points (2 showing/ - 2 voting/5 for win)
    rikoshay: 5 matches, 12 points earned

    Jersey: I had Trap, Stairway, Urizen...and 2 no shows???...

    rikoshay: yes, those are the 5 matches you signed up for

    Jersey: well what ever fuck it...all this thinking blowing my high...
  14. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Top 3 Segments (Week 9)
    by Pent uP​

    Sucks that you guys gave me so little battles to choose from

    BlackBeard - ​
    I used to dream of death, but now death dreams of me
    Loosing power… wishing I could take back all the evil things
    I should have been a better husband before divorce was the option
    I'm sorry T.,
    I was cheap like a whore in an auction
    I reminisce on the loving vows we both committed to
    And I meant it too
    Before my horny style left you miserable
    Please believe I never wanted to leave you struggling
    Begging your friends for ends and saying,
    "It's all because of him!!"
    Daydreaming… travelling back to when we'd chill after our class
    Walking you from our homeroom to Mr. Cabit for math
    The teacher's pet, while I just had my head in my ass
    Arrogant and ignorant.. cheating on tests you helped me to pass

    TRAP -​
    Courts as Vines dangling above our chests.
    Some felt it an exodus, but I saw it as supressed.
    Like we were Lab Rats of sorts,
    the ghettos were they're projects, the courts,
    were Cages .. the basketball the Running Wheel.
    & the music out the boombox was some sort of appeal,
    ing factor to us all, so soothing. A calming vibe.
    Took orders like a Queen Bee in a Beehive.
    & believe me, we stung. But sometimes our own people.
    Blind to the facts, no-one was created Equal.
    But it was the Music that kept the Peace.
    As the murder rate increased, the music changed,
    from beats. To beatdowns.
    We got the Jazz to Drugs & Violence.
    & I still wrote what I saw, in complete silence.

    RunnaDaMille -​
    he paper becomes entangled and wrapped in…
    the same old story told from every angle imagined.
    The only change is semantic.
    There are conflicts and plot twists and anchorless tangents.
    There are monotonous topics, there's anger, there's passion.
    There are fulfillments of brilliance in dangerous flashes
    followed by inevitable let downs that strangle the magic.
    There's character development and overanxious romantics.
    There are tales of treachery with ancient combatants.
  15. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    by Tekneek​


    Voting in the RSTL is keeping the matches stable week by week.


    At this point in time, there is no way to determine if a payback vote has occurred People can actually get away with a payback vote and the mods can’t determine that. Voting has become a more personal situation rather than the criticism of a written verse. People seem to find their appreciation thru biased decisions. Isn’t that what personal preference is?? Well in that sense yes, but there are certain ways in expressing a vote to determine if it’s biased or legitimate.. The voting situation as of late has been more of a war of words rather than showing an etiquette in critiquing. So who is right? What is right? Right now, a problem does brew within the voting process and the way in getting the mods to enforce what’s right and wrong. The thing that people are finding unsuitable is the credibility of reasoning. Many votes do get a bit too technical unnecessarily while others don’t pinpoint enough. What can be done about it? If there’s a way in writing a vote utilizing some form of etiquette, the league may find itself to be in deep dark doggie doodoo..


    Magazine Writers are right and exact in what they see and feel about a person in the league.


    Nobody is right or wrong. People are angered by remarks/comments made by GOT LIFE or whoever from the magazine. GOT LIFE is no more credible than a JERSEY EMCEE or a URIZEN. The fact that writers of the mag make themselves exposed to things like this in the limelight is one of the reasons why beef and/or disrespect exists in the RSTL. I feel during the ‘dead’ state of the league, I did not foresee this to be so publicized the way things have been in the past couple weeks. Whether if the intention to ‘start something’ was a staged feud or a ‘real’ situation, some folks have taken dealing with blatant remarks way too personally. PENT UP, GOT LIFE, and MALOSOVICH are a few of the people that continuously spread critical negative remarks directed towards me, however, I find no pleasure nor problem with what they feel. They think what they think. The problem is that the next man cannot and will not deal with such remarks and will cause a beef that extracts into something more scandalous. L-DOGG, DIC, CLAUSHOUSE are a few names who find such problematic situations with a number of folks. If MALOSOVICH was considering this to be something that the RSTL was missing – I personally wish it shouldn’t have come to light. People like VIGIL, CLAUS, GOT LIFE or whoever that contributes in stating their opinion about someone in the league have a right to – we as readers need to bite the bullet and forget their negativity. They make the magazine and submit to show their side of what is happening in the RSTL In another words, if they write something about you or talk smack, so what? Let it go – show it with your writing. Do you feel angered that they say what they say? Don’t agree? Then you write a story or a column! – Air out your feelings, it’s what the mag is for isn’t it? – Point being, nobody is right in how you express your rhymes, you just do your part in convincing the majority that what you present is what they appreciate—not just from one person’s thoughts.


    TRAP is not the writer he use to be.


    TRAP showed and proved in the past that he’s in the level of THA TALENT, VERN-ACULAR, TALI, AWEDISHIN. The league has (if you look at the people real closely) become very biased and/or critical of certain people’s writing style. People take that as heavy incentive to vote against those particular folks. Some tend to criticize them in a personal way—which is total disrespect. TRAP is a victim of that in its purest form. His style does not satisfy and is looked upon as something in the levels of mediocrity. He gets the bad rap for his style and is used as an example as to what IS occurring in the league as we speak.


    The mods are NOT doing a good job in handling situations.


    People are becoming way too personal on minor situations in their own match. They need to respect that the mods are looking into threads and making sure things are OK. As a former mod, I would NOT even take time to look into threads when closing up matches or checking to see who showed. I only would do this when it’s the very end and I make the choice of deciding what’s negated and what’s legitimate voting wise. The fact that mods rely on one another to handle situations and/or talk amongst each other to see if something is legal/illegal is a good thing. Whether if it’s unjust or just, it is the final decision and that’s how it is. I been into many situations where I could’ve argued and disputed with the mods, but I didn’t. Why? It’s a friggin website as many of you would say. The moderators have kept the league stable and are continuing to do so.


    Overrated writers will never succeed for success.


    Anybody in any level of writing is capable of doing the unthinkable. TeKneeK beats Vern-acular for the title. Why? Vern-Acular didn’t use strategy. The RSTL is not just a war with the nicest verse. The essence of writing and winning is also strategic. How will I write to convince the majority that they’ll vote for me? How will my opponent present his verse this week? How will I adjust to the rhyme I wrote last week? Will my verse that was GOOD last week equate to what I write this week? Will my verse that was BAD last week be better this week? What kind of style am I going to write? Will I incorporate a story or a topical narration? I can already tell that the masses look to me as not the best at all but an OK writer. To have won the title twice shows that any person in the league who’s not have the luck of winning a title yet is as able as the best writer to win the title. Anyone is capable of making noise.


    I have a chance against Vigil this week.



    LAST WORDS: The RSTL is still what it is and will continue to be what it is despite drastic changes or however. People should respect, recognize and show some form of honor in the way things are and to accept the way things reveal even in the face of unfairness.
  16. Vigil

    Vigil Im infinite consciousness

    Aug 16, 2005
    Great mag, it was pretty funny, especially the first segment. Sorry I couldn't help out.

    And it's nice to see other people are contributing, a total of seven people did things for the mag, when was the last time that happened?

    Once again, props to clawz, pent, got life, dic, tali, riko and tek.
  17. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    wow look at all the feedback.

    at this rate we'll be motivated to do another one in october.
  18. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    Yea... I kinda just skimmed it after anni's intro...
  19. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    good job folks.
    i wasn't gonna write a verse til this magazine came up! bastards!
    nah, i'm just lazy .. but yeah .. this was a good read .. & i pretty much read all of it ..

    clawz is the glue in this shit that keeps it together, always funny.
  20. TRAP.

    TRAP. i'm soo old school.

    Jan 1, 2002
    oh & LMAO @ the "interview" with JE.
    i wasn't even high & that shit confused the fuck outta me.
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