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    Apr 5, 2002

    I. Week in Review (Annihilation)
    II. Top 20 breakdown and More (Got Life?)
    III. Pain and GL Interview Old Newcommer Headless Verseman
    IV. 'GL vs. Annihilation' Straight From the Horse's Mouth (Annihilation)
    V. Archive Updates (Annihilation)
    VI. TaLi's Top 5 Verses of Week 4
    VII. TaLi's Top 5 Verses of the First Round
    VIII. Voter of the week (Week 4)
    IX. Some Parting Shots From Me.

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    Apr 5, 2002
    I. Week in Review

    The Week in Review
    by Annihilation(aka Claushouse)

    All good things must come to an end, and while American Idol is still going strong (thank god), Strike's (7-1) seven game winning streak was put to rest by a 7-1 loss to Vigil (12-6), as he takes his first Championship belt. Despite the outcome, both cats came with fire, as Vigil's complex, rap-centric tale of the night closely edged out Strike's touching, emotional story of a broken man in voter's (often equally broken) minds. Said Shogun of Strike's verse: "it made me wish i had some scotch lol." I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

    As Valentine's Day approaches, there is still no love between Double Entendre crew members Got Life?/Pain and Annihilation (8-2), as the former tourny champ's 2-1 lead over Got Life? (9-7) was nullified with 1 minute left to go in the match with a vote from, who other than, Pain. With a formal protest issued against him voting in the match earlier in the week, citing reasons of bias, the vote was overturned by moderators and the initial, unconvincing 2-1 score remained, as moderator Pent Up banned Pain and Got Life? from voting in each other's battles in the future, and told all three beefing emcees to avoid each others forthcoming matches. Moderator Pent uP was quoted saying "I pity the fool disobeying my orduhs!"

    Next week's Championship match will pit defending first-time Champion Vigil versus Annihilation, who recently lost a 5-4 title match against Anaphora in 2006, and 6-4 to InsaneVillain in 2003. Only time will tell if third time is the charm; while Vigil lost their last encounter 7-2 in the Contendership a month ago, it bears little indication of what will happen this week, as, presumably due to time constraints, he was only able to post a 16 line verse against Annihilation's 60.

    I Dunnno (7-3) defeated Erykah Caine (3-1) in a solid matchup that pitted two seasoned veterans in a much under-appreciated match that only garnered four votes, whereas American Idol, part of Fox Networks quality programming, tallied 730,000. The deadlock between Kryptical (3-1) and Nell (4-0) was finally ended, as their much-hyped third encounter in as many weeks was finally decided... by no-show. That's one way to solve the problem. Newcomer Nell enters the Contendership, facing off against I Dunnno, who is no stranger to the Contendership (or Rick Moranis, for that matter - how long can the Oscars keep overlooking his performances?)

    Elsewhere, Runna DaMille (18-4) handed Urizen (2-1) his first loss of the season as he moves up to fight Lost Prophet (11-4), who shut-out Tekneek (63-23), in what should be a stellar match-up. Pain (11-7) moves up in the rankings as his opponent Malosovich (37-19), in a surpising turn of events, no-showed. He'll take on femme fatale Tha DQ (3-1), as she convincingly upset veteran Ashen Horse (5-6) with her most polished piece of the year. Headless Verseman (2-0) got the W over Atreyu (2-1), who took a page out of Malo's playbook and didn't show. HV will battle Unavailable (44-33) next week, a veteran in the truest sense of the word. In coming back to the league, he joins Pestilence's (1-0) return to action a week prior as the second RSTL staple to sign up in as many weeks. Pest earned his first win this week as his competition failed to show.

    Venamis (1-0), Shogun (1-0), Mr. Chaves (1-0) and Tha Count (1-1) all took no-show victory's as well.

    In first round tournament action, the starting cast of 21 was wittled down to 10, starting off with top-ranked Rikoshay as he made short work of -AC3-, shutting him out, as his hopes of glory were snatched faster than Sean Preston by child welfare services. Please note that all matchups cited are tentative, due to the nature of the tournament. Tali Rodriguez, in similar fashion, defeated Tha DQ to move on in the event. I Dunnno also kept his opponent, Shogun, from being rendered a single vote, while Pestilence convincingly upended the formidable Trap by a count of 7-1. Meanwhile, Annihilation knocked out Headless Verseman and ConVerse beat Unavailable.

    Vigil, on top of the world this week, not only ended Strike's winning streak and took the Championship title, but took out both Urizen and Pain in the tournament's only 3-way battle. He'll continue his uphill battle, as he takes on favorite Rikoshay next week. In one of only two upsets this week, Got Life? took out the first former tournament champion with a victory over L-Dogg, boding well for the week-in, week-out grinder. With L Dogg removed from the tourny, three former tournament champions and six league champions remain in contention, while the rest are seasoned veterans, leaving a strong lineup for round two action.

    Tekneek will go on to the second round, as controversy struck Jersey Emcee once again, who failed to vote in the tied match. If you're not familiar with Jersey Emcee (or Psychology, for that matter), the diagnosis for such behavior is known as Paranoid Skitzophrenia lol. To help the reader better understand one of the RSTL's more prominent figures, I sat down with league moderator Rikoshay in order to try to get a better understanding of the troubled emcee:

    Rikoshay: Do you know about Jersey Emcee's history?
    Annihilation: no i don't
    Rikoshay: Every match he finds a way to say he was robbed by some cheating or technicatlity
    Rikoshay: he thinks all the mods are corrupt and out to get him
    Rikoshay: He's cyrin about matches being closed on Sat
    Rikoshay: tourney matches
    Annihilation: yes, a very silly argument i read it.
    Rikoshay: Jersey used to not post links
    Rikoshay: and then cry for not getting his wins
    Rikoshay: and claim he couldn't understand the link posting tutorials everyone wrote for him
    Rikoshay: lmao
    Annihilation: rofl
    Rikoshay: When I faced him, I edited my verse into a post I'd made a few days earlier
    Rikoshay: but, it was clear my edit time was before verses were due
    Rikoshay: as well as way before the first vote
    Rikoshay: he claimed I cheated and altered my verse somehow
    Rikoshay: funny thing is, you're allowed to edit if it's before deadline and no votes are cast
    Annihilation: you should ask for links to therapy sessions not battles he voted on lol
    Rikoshay: he thought the mods were making up fake votes in the No Names tourney
    Rikoshay: lol
    Annihilation: hahaha
    Rikoshay: after he no-showed like 3 matches in a row, he was told to not bother signing in again because he wouldn't be ranked
    Rikoshay: he signed in anyway, cried about being left out
    Rikoshay: claimed he was never warned
    Annihilation: lmao

    Finally, Malosovich posted a fantastic, touching and emotional 50 line verse... in a 30 line battle, to coincide with no-showing in his league match. Oh Malo, where would the Week in Review be without you? The RSTL's favorite headliner conceded to fellow moderator Pent uP, who will move onto round two with his ode to a fork. Seriously.

    I pity the fool who don't read the Week in Review!
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    Apr 5, 2002
    II. Got Life's Thought's on the Past Week

    So to say that last week was an interesting week is a real big understatement any way you look at it. I guess first lets draw our attention to the tournament being that it’s taken a lot of attention away from the league itself. So the first round went down without any particularly big surprises. There’s really not all that much to say about it that hasn’t already been said…no real surprises in the tourney as far as in my eyes anyway…no real standout verses either with the exception of pest’s…I think he captured some real interesting elements in his verse that stood out from the rest of the crowd.

    Round 2 seems to be interesting especially with a lot of really talented writers facing off against each other assuming that everyone shows. Vigil vs Riko will definitely prove to be an interesting match up and one that should have two well worth the read verses…I think the winner of this match-up has a really solid shot at the tourney win. If Vigil has the time to dedicate to this I think it’s his to lose.

    Then there’s Tali vs Me and I think this should be a better match-up than the one that we had last time. I know I already submitted my verse and I like what I did with it and Tali promises to show so that’s always fun. I think the way everyone sees it as this is Tali’s to lose and I really won’t go further then that because Tali is a good writer and there’s no arguing that he’s a worthy opponent.

    The battle between I dunnno and Pent could be entertaining although I’ve come to expect a lot of incoherent crap from pent so who knows…hopefully this goes down because both writers have the potential to do well…it’s I dunnno’s to lose in my book though.

    The converse vs pest battle is definetly another battle to watch, but this has two guys that get slept on…in the end though I think that pest is a better writer than converse and should come away with the win.

    As far as anni vs tek, personally I know as per a promise I made I shall not be voting on this, but I think if tek actually focuses and stops experimenting he can take anni and I hope he does. Regardless of which these two “vets” should prove to provide some excitement as well.

    With all that said though I think the tournament is up in the air right now and should continue to stay the course…as for who will win…only the votes can tell.

    Now onto the weekly review of the battles which I’m doing myself this week due to Pain being unavailable.

    The champ match was solid I guess, although the votes don’t seem to agree that it was a close battle. Personally I expected Vigil to come through and take the belt, but Strike really almost had it. I think he did the battle justice, but in the end Vigil’s creativity was just to much for him and I think that’s why Vigil was able to edge this one out.
    Now the contender match as most of you know is the one that was filled with the most drama this past week due to some technicalities and pure nonsense. Essentially the way the votes in the battle read it’s 3-2 in my favor, but that’s not the way it was played out…Tek’s vote was disregarded because it came 25 minutes to late, thus bringing it down to 2-2. Then the Hate vote rule was implemented on NK’s vote nullifying it thus giving anni the win 1-2. Honestly I think captain technicality slipped by on his luck yet again this week as the battle was close but when it comes down to it some think it was a matter of preference, but I think anni’s verse was just to cookie cutter and dry. I guess this shit pulled by the mods was bound to happen sooner or later so now everyone is all strict about the “rules”. Personally I think that all of this is funny as fuck, but oh well…Anni doesn’t have the talent to beat Vigil for the belt anyway. At the end of the day though Pent will point his finger at me saying I’m an asshole and he went through a lot of bullshit because of me, but the only one bitching about votes and not just ridiculous decisions made by mods based on how the league has been running was Anni…call it how you want, but I think dude is a full blown cock sucker…although this was the battle of the week…it was also a battle decided by a biased mod…and pent this is my formal way of letting you know…don’t vote on my battles and I won’t be voting on yours…same as I’m no longer voting on clause’s battles…and I say this because you’re biased and irrational…

    Erykah vs I Dunnno proved to be a losing battle for Erykah where the recently returned femcee faced off against a more dominant opponent. Personally I think Erykah gets slept on from time to time, but it could be because her verses are hard to get into….or that’s how they seem to me anyway….as for I dunnno, not much I can say about him, he’s a consistent writer and a good voter…this was a solid matchup from both and I look forward to facing Erykah this week.

    In other news the saga of Kryptikal and Nell finally came to an end with Krypt no showing and Nell finally moving on…nothing person to Nell, but I don’t think he has much of a shot against I dunnno in the contender match unless he starts listening to the feedback people give him and work on his verses.

    In the 9 v 10 spot we had Urizen and Runna where the much favored Riko pulled away with yet another win although this seems like just a continuation of recycled material and nothing pertaining to the topic at all. Even still though…Riko continues to provide interesting reads and clever lines.

    Now the Tek vs Lost Prophet battle really surprised me because after what happened last week and what Tek said I really had expected him to come with a much more intricate write. Although Tek will not do interviews I am under the impression that he was testing some things out and will be focusing soon.

    As for everything else that went down. The 13 v 14 Battle ended with Malo no-showing and giving Pain the win. The 15 v 16 Battle had tha_dq pitted against ashen horse (rumored to be pent up)…this ended up coming down to a 4-4 vote, but once again Pent doesn’t follow the rules and didn’t vote notching yet another loss onto his record. As for everything else it was just a massive stockpile of no-shows on either one side or both and further disappointment for those trying to remain active in the league.

    Hopefully things will pick back up and this week has a lot of interesting match-ups scheduled.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Pain & Got Life? Interview Old Newcommer Headless Verseman​

    Got Life?: how's everyone doing tonite?

    Pain: chillin son

    Headless Verseman: Just got done eating kettle corn man, lol

    Pain (10:31:17 PM): that's wussup

    Got Life?: Fuck kettle corn...I just got back from the olive garden. So yea..lets have some fun with this

    Pain: makin' me hungry n shit

    Got Life?: Basically the way I see it is you've been kind of out of the RSTL loop and are coming back into it to do a 10 week do you feel the league has changed?

    Headless Verseman: It changed in the fact i dont know anybody. with certain leagues, you get accustomed to seeing a group of core people in it, whether you take a week off or two years off.....i doubt i know 60% of the people in the league...

    Pain (10:34:25 PM): any talent difference?

    Headless Verseman: other then that, i think there is a definite rise in talent, even though im unfamiliar with them. i think back in the day, alot of matches could be won with a simple, clean longer, more complex metaphors, rhyme schemes, and a focus on details and imagery. You need to use alot of fiction and poetic devices in order to win, because everybody can write clean verses these days

    Got Life?: so do you think the league has gotten better?

    Pain (10:36:28 PM): word, straitfoward verses are no longer acceptable it seems

    Headless Verseman: has it gotten better, hell no. but the talent has risen, and while it seems like a contradiction, its not. back in the day there were CHARACTERS, who could write INSPIRING, everything is good but little is great. I was entertained to read verses by people back then, i only like a small minority of verses these days

    Got Life?: yea...I feel where you're coming from because I read so many verses being that I try to vote on everything and so often I find myself wondering why I even bother

    Pain: word, that's why only vote when I win lol

    Headless Verseman: yea, i agree....everything is good in a conforming way, very few stick out

    Got Life?: what about the whole favoritism factor in the league...i know it doesn't seem as prevalent, but if you watch certain people they have very firm patterns and they kinda say the same thing week in week out

    Headless Verseman: i havent noticed it, but thats because i've only been in the league for like 2 weeks now. does a mod wanna drop names? lol,

    Got Life?: personally i'm not in the mood for dropping names right now, but it's funny to me how some things unveil themselves or what have you off topic though...what made you come back?

    Headless Verseman: lol, i'll keep my eye open for it. ive been unfortunate to have 2 straight no shows, which i guess is a blessing, but yea, i havent experienced it yet. What made me come back?

    Got Life?: to the league

    Pain: and how long you been out for?

    Headless Verseman: A re dedication in my writing. I'm a creative writing major, and there was a point I started to grudge writing, battle, topical, fiction, poetry, essay....because I had to do so much of that for school, ive had like 5 creative writing workshops in 2 years, 1 a semester...and shit was wearing me out, even though throughout my academic career i'll have close to 20 of those. But i didnt like not writing. ive dont it daily pretty much my whole life, its become regimented, i HAVE to write...and yea, so it was just a re dedication

    Got Life?: I can respect that. i've taken a few workshops myself. I'm doing a double major philosophy and econ with a minor in english

    Headless Verseman: plus ive never won the rstl title and its bothered me because i know i have the talent to achieve that

    Pain: I'm a youngn, I'll get back at you with my perspective on that in a few years
    Got Life?: i think i've been writing just about everyday since I was 12 and i've moved cds here and there cause I really love hip hop

    Headless Verseman: lol, yea, my education will finish in 2013 with 3 degree's, ba, masters and doctorate in creative writing

    Got Life?: right now i'ma have this degree in '08 and from there we shall see

    Pain: god damn you plannin on teachin or somethin?

    Headless Verseman: yea, ill get my ba in 08 as well, i took 2 years off from college to write and lounge everyday

    Pain: that's wussup
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Got Life?: true...I can respect that, but question, who do you feel inspires you or drives you the most

    Headless Verseman: and yea, ill probably end up a college professor if i dont enter the writing world as editor, lit journal owner, etc...but it will all be to fund my writing, i want to sell novels and poems, etc. hmmm, in the league or in life>?

    Got Life?: life. the league is just a part of writing the way I see it

    Headless Verseman: too many people man. fiction- chuck p- who wrote fight club *the movie butchers his masterful words*, invisible monsters, diary, choke, etc....also chuck palaniuhk, hemingway, twain...poetry- dylan thomas, langston hughes, alot....recently

    Pain: so you get your inspiration from other peoples work?

    Headless: ive found inspiration everywhere though... my college friends are great and crazy, and we do some amazing things...not just other peoples work, a certain chick i've met this year has inspired alot of my poetry and a sucker, and a hopeless romantic

    Got Life?: i feel you on that. I think my inspiration stems a lot from my daily life, from all the dumb things i've done, from growing up as a white russian jewish kid in the projects, from the first girl I loved, the same girl that tore out my heart because that's when the writing is real...I think that's my biggest issue with a lot of the shit I see in the people writing about things they don't grasp

    Headless Verseman: but, im more of a cynic asshole prick, then anything. i hate everything, our gov't, president, and find the citizens inadept ....and i agree...recently, i was inspired by Thoreau's civil disobedience, a take i did in my league verse

    Pain: same here, that's why there's a certain amount of realism? couldn't really think of a better word so I made one up, in my verses, or at least I think so

    Got Life?: i'm inspired by various philosophy I read, not so much as I agree with it but because it provokes thought and causes me to look at things I normally wouldn't

    Pain: word, my personal philosohpy is ALWAYS reflected in my rhymes

    Got Life?: so who do you think are the top writers in the RSTL these days?

    Headless Verseman: civil disobedience is amazing, same as self- reliance by emmerson...but yea, i definitely have a unique philosophy, and everything. most of which people disagree with, but fuck them...i write what i like to read. hmmm *scratches head*

    Got Life?: yea..I feel you on cynicism...i'm def more a fan of Locke than Decartes

    Headless Verseman: well, NOT strike2...he's coo, good peoples, but i think his writing style is boring. its that damn dutch in hm...Vigil impressed me this week, a verse that wasnt as clean *little wordy*, but came off as nice. I dont think annihilation is good at all, no beef, i mean he beat my shitty verse in the tournament, but i think he's below mediocre...that was my first impression when i read his ish before our matchup....i dont know him, um, got life dropped ill 2 weeks in a row and your from jersey so a plus.....but yea, the past 2 weeks you've easily had the best verses....good flow, interesting and complex wording and use of complex metaphors, imagery, the tournament, everybody sucked but pestilence....he murdered that verse

    Got Life?: yea I loved that verse he dropped although I think it flew way over just about everyones head

    Headless Verseman: ps, you merked annihilation, but i didnt want him bitching about me hate voting, so you get penalized a

    Got Life?: lol werd...he's a herb...he'll get his in the end

    Headless Verseman: ps, ur down 1 vote, lol

    Got Life?: a person I earlier didn't want to name lol

    Headless Verseman: lol like budden on "dumb out", "no name but its no sublime, you know who you are, but i'll end it before it goes too far"

    Got Life?: yea...budden gets slept on hard. so what lasting impression would you like to leave in the minds of the RSTL?

    Headless Verseman: its the same as everybody who writes for it, or it should be if it isnt. the greatest to write a topical verse. and not, "name your top 5" and people go "richard corey, tekneek, mac flow, joe schmoe, headless...but "without question, 1. Headless Verseman", no others.....and i have to pick it up to get in that, but thats my goal....

    Got Life?: that's def a hard feat. so you're after the illusive belt then?

    Headless Verseman: course, the greater the goal the greater the achievement. its not just about GETTING the belt, its about KEEPING the belt, and not for a week, or 5 weeks, but a year, or two years, or till I have to go big, or you might as well go home, seriously, winning the belt and losing next week isnt an accomplishment

    Got Life?: lol yea I want the belt. I want to do iron man. I want to wake people the fuck up and teach them why people rap.

    Pain: same here, I wanna show people that text is just a prelude to audio, and that the best texts make the best songs

    Headless Verseman: and a side goal, that i think i can accomplish, is to show people a new path to writing, to write a dope story, in a way nobody has ever written a story, after all, there are but 2 stories, its how you tell it

    Got Life?: true. so with all that said, any last things anyone want to say?

    Pain: nah I'm done, sorry I wasn't much of a contribution, lol

    Headless Verseman: Look out for my music coming up.

    Got Life?: Unless I get fucked...Vigil look out...i'm hungry...oh and go read Beast of the East...another double entendre collab
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    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    Got Life? vs. Claushouse: Straight From the Horse's Mouth (Annihilaton)

    This is the final rebuttal I'm making about this dumb shit, I'm tired of Got Life? and Pain disrespecting me. Comes off a bit narcissistic but whatever, fight fire with fire.

    My Record:

    NS WIN, 30. Annihilation (0-0) vs. 29. Wordsmyth (0-0)
    NS WIN, 24. Annihilation (1-0) vs. 23. Johnny Ogre Seed (0-0)
    2-3 LOSS, 20. Annihilation (2-0) vs. 19. Anaphora (3-1)
    NS WIN, 21. Annihilation (2-1) vs. 22. Twixn (1-0)
    4-2 WIN, 15.Annihilation (3-1) vs. 16. Junio Sixnine (14-7)
    5-2 WIN, 6. Annihilation (4-1) vs. 5. Tekneek (61-20)
    7-2 WIN, 3. Annihilation (5-1) vs. 4. Vigil (9-5)
    4-5 LOSS, 2. Annihilation (6-1) vs. 1. Anaphora (8-1)
    6-2 WIN, 9. Annihilation (6-2) vs. 10. Pain (10-6)
    2-1 WIN, 4. Annihilation (7-2) vs. 3. Got Life? (9-6)
    0-0 XXX, 2. Annihilation (8-2) vs. 1. Vigil (12-6)

    30-17, Annihilation (8-2)

    As Claushouse (9-1)
    -3rd longest winning streak (9-0)
    -2002 RSTL Tourny Champ (128 ppl)

    I faced about 5-6 champs (like Edward Lake, BlackJesus, InsaneVillain, etc.) back then, and lost once. My first match ever was back in 2002 and it was a no-show win, my only one, so I didn't post my verse. The topic I used for the match is a story lead from Peril Eyes. You might notice it in the league topics this week. It's also the verse I used against you this week - first one I ever wrote 4 years back rofl. My 3 losses are all to champs.

    Your Record:

    4-4 TIE, 19. Got Life? (0-0) vs. 20 Soul?uest (0-0)
    NS WIN, 10. Got Life? (1-0) vs. 9. EternalPath (2-1)
    1-4 LOSS, 5. Got Life? (2-0) vs. 6. Ninja Kid (3-1)
    2-2 TIE, 13. Got Life? (2-1) vs. L Dogg (42-11)
    0-5 LOSS, 5. Got Life? (3-1) vs. L Dogg (42-11)
    0-8 LOSS, 13. Got Life? (3-2) vs. 14. Vigil (4-3)
    NS WIN, 20. Got Life? (3-3) vs. 19. Brandon Thompson (2-1)
    4-3 WIN, 15. Got Life? (4-3) vs. 16. Complexic (5-2)
    1-1 TEK WIN, 7. Got Life? (5-3) vs. 8. Ashen Horse (3-0)
    0-11 LOSS, 4. Got Life? (6-3) vs. 3. Atheist (34-10)
    3-6 LOSS, 12. Got Life? (6-4) vs. 11. Tali Rodriguez (31-5)
    NS WIN, 19. Got Life? (6-5) vs. 20. Ryder (1-0)
    2-3 LOSS, 13. Got Life? (7-5) vs. 14. Tekneek (61-21)
    4-5 TEK WIN, 14. Got Life? (7-6) vs. 13. Ashen Horse (5-3)
    2-3 TEK WIN, 7. Got Life? (8-6) vs. 8. Malosovich (37-17)
    1-2 LOSS, 3. Got Life? (9-6) vs. 4. Annihilation (7-2)

    24-57, Got Life? (9-7)

    You've won 1 match in your entire life, by one vote.

    Pain's Voting:

    Pain votes for GL vs. L Dogg, 2-2
    Pain votes for GL vs. Tali, 3-6
    Pain votes for GL vs. Tekneek, 2-4
    Pain votes for GL vs. Ashen, 4-5
    Pain votes for GL vs. Annihi, 2-2

    Voting/Record Conclusions:

    Take away all NK, GL and my votes in each of our battles, and what do you have?

    Got Life?

    1-2 Loss vs. L-Dogg
    0-4 Loss vs. L-Dogg
    0-10 Loss vs. Atheist
    1-6 Loss vs. Tali
    1-2 Loss vs. Tek
    2-2 Tie vs. Malo
    1-2 Loss vs. Annihi

    18-52, Got Life? (9-7)


    2-2 Tie vs. Anaphora
    3-2 Win vs. Junio
    4-2 Win vs. Tekneek
    4-3 Win vs. Anaphora
    2-1 Win vs. Got Life?

    28-14, Annihilation (10-0), RSTL League Champion, and combined that's a league title, tournament title, 19-1 combined record, 2nd best winning % in the league, 4 off of WWIII's all-time leading 23-1.

    But no, you're right, Pain is unbiased and you're getting robbed.
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    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    V. Archive Updates (Annihilation)

    Editor's Note:
    I went back through the entire championship history in order to
    catalogue the specific outcomes of each match since mid-2003. Along
    the way, a pattern of deception and manipulation emerged as I delved
    deeper into the records. Tali, and especially Rikoshay, provided some
    invaluable knowledge and insight in sorting out the "Convicted Biter."
    incident. Many people are aware he bit many, if not all, of his
    works, however few realize the how far down the rabbit hole this goes.

    While the full extent of his tarnish on the league will probably be
    never known, some concrete evidence could be drawn from the RSTL's
    history books. Match after match, page after page, it became apparent
    that he had not only bit his verses, but was also a mod within the
    league, had as many as 4 to 5 aliases within the league, and used them
    to vote for himself in matches, ban votes and change outcomes in
    matches at his own discretion.

    I opted, with the consent of moderators, to specifically alter 2 match
    outcomes. The first "Convicted Biter." lost, 8-7, to Tha Talent. His
    moderator alias then closed the match, proclaiming it a tie, his
    justification (if you can call it that) was "Talent posted his voting
    links in the thread a little late". Suspected aliases voted in the
    match as well.

    The second was versus Rikoshay, in which "Convicted Biter." lost. A
    definite alias of his voted in the match and Omen discounted a vote
    for Riko claiming the person "no-showed in their battle and therefore
    his vote does not count", which, much like the first case, has no
    basis in RSTL regulations. The match was counted as 5-5 tie, when in
    fact Riko won 6-4.

    Although many su••••ious alias's and voting behavior were observed
    throughout, these were the only two that had enough direct evidence
    and moderator violations to overturn beyond reasonable doubt. The
    original outcomes remain (in red) in order to provide the continuity
    of posthumus matches.

    Among other things, it was also discovered that the alias Mindscape
    was "Convicted Biter's.", which he used to lose to himself with by a
    score of 8-0.

    If you, or anyone you know, has any information about the whereabouts
    of any of his Alias's, please contact us.

    -Annihilation (aka Claushouse)
  8. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    ----- What's happened since mid-2003? -----


    Tekneek defeats Solution for the title, 5-1.
    Tekneek falls victim to “Convicted Biter.”, 9-0.
    InsaneVillain defeats “Convicted Biter” to become champion, 10-6.
    InsaneVillain defends the title against Dah Lohner, 7-0.
    InsaneVillain defends the title against Cigma, 8-1.
    InsaneVillain defends the title against Black Jesus (no show)
    Dmetrius ties InsaneVillain to become co-champion and both sign out, 4-4.
    Richard Corey defeats LiquidLife for the title, 7-3.
    Patriarch defeats Richard Corey for the title, 12-2.
    L Dogg defeats Patriarch for the title, 10-2.
    L Dogg falls victim to “Convicted Biter.”, 6-5.
    Tha Talent ties “Convicted Biter” to become co-champion, 7-7.
    Tha Talent and Highpawthecyst fall victim to “Convicted Biter.”, 7-1-0.
    MC4SIGHT falls victim to “Convicted Biter.”, 8-1.
    Awedishin falls victim to “Convicted Biter.”, 9-1.
    Tekneek falls victim to “Convicted Biter.”, 12-10.
    Tha Talent ties “Convicted Biter.” as co-champion and both sign out (original outcome)
    "Convicted Biter." abused mod powers claiming Talents links were 'late' and used alias's to vote for himself
    Tha Talent defeats "Convicted Biter." for the title, 8-7 (corrected outcome)


    Awedishin defeats Desenuts for the title, 7-0.
    Vern Acular defeats Awedishin for the title, 9-1.
    Vern Acular defends the title against Tha Talent, 6-5.
    Vern Acular defends the title against Dmetrius (no show)
    Vern Acular defends the title against Jowelz, 14-2.
    Tha Talent defeats Vern Acular for the title, 7-2.
    Tha Talent defends the title against Richard Corey, 7-6.
    Desenuts defeats Tha Talent and Erykah Caine for the title, 5-1-1.
    Desenuts defends the title against God Extensions, 8-2.
    Desenuts defends the title against Athiest, 10-2.
    Desenuts defends the title against Tha Talent (no show)

    Richard Corey defeats Desenuts to win “2004 Champions Tournament”

    Vern Acular defeats Desenuts for the title, 6-1.
    Vern Acular defends the title against Athiest, 5-5 (Atheist didn't vote)
    Cereal Killer ties Vern Acular and becomes co-champion, 4-4.
    Vern Acular defeats Harlequin and Cereal Killer to remain champion, 9-0 (CK concedes)
    Vern Acular defends the title against Anaphora, 8-0.
    Vern Acular defends the title against 5Starre and signs out as champion, 10-0.

    MC4SIGHT defeats “Convicted Biter” to win “2004 Summer Tournament”

    Tha Talent defeats Awedishin for the title, 10-1.
    Tha Talent defends the title against Wise Punchlines, 6-0.
    Tha Talent defends the title against Noib Da Mutt, 9-0.
    Tha Talent defends the title against Infinite Truth, 5-2.
    Richard Corey defeats Tha Talent for the title, 6-1.
    Richard Corey defends the title against Jowelz, 8-1.
    Richard Corey defends the title against TRAP, 8-4.
    Richard Corey defends the title against Anaphora, 5-4.
    Richard Corey defends the title against MC4SIGHT, 5-2.
    Awedishin defeats Richard Corey for the title, 3-4 (RC didn't vote)
    Tha Talent ties Awedishin and becomes co-champion, 5-5.
    Awedishin defeats Tha Talent and Noib Da Mutt and remain champion, 3-2-0.
    Atheist defeats Awedishin for the title, 5-4.
    Doyen defeats Atheist for the title (no show)
    Doyen falls victim to “Convicted Biter.”, 8-5.
    Tekneek falls victim to “Convicted Biter.", 8-0.
    "Convicted Biter." signs out.
    Edward Lake defeats TRAP for the title, 5-3.
    Noib Da Mutt defeats Edward Lake for the title, 5-4.
    Noib Da Mutt defends the title against Retulen Reactus, 7-1.

    Tha Talent defeats Infinite Truth to win “2004 Fall Tournament” (no show)

    D.I.C. defeats Noib Da Mutt for the title, 4-0.
    D.I.C. defends the title against Mad Poet, 6-0.
    Insense defeats D.I.C. for the title (D.I.C. concedes)
    Mad Poet defeats Insense for the title, 6-5.
    Mad Poet defends the title against Blackgammon, 4-2.
    Patriarch defeats Mad Poet for the title, 6-3.


    Patriarch defends the title against Infinite Truth, 3-4 (IT didn't vote)
    Patriarch defends the title against 6ft. Deep, 6-5.
    D.I.C. defeats Patriarch for the title, 11-0.
    Doyen defeats D.I.C. for the title, 6-0.
    Tekneek defeats Doyen for the title, 7-2.
    Tha Talent defeats Tekneek for the title, 3-2.
    Tha Talent defends the title against Erykah Caine, 5-2.
    Tha Talent defends the title against D.I.C, 4-3.
    Doyen defeats Talent for the title (no show).
    Rikoshay defeats Doyen for the title, 8-0.

    D.I.C. and Rikoshay tie to become co-champions of the “2005 Winter Tournament”

    Rikoshay ties “Convicted Biter” and signs out as co-champion, 5-5. (original outcome)
    "Convicted Biter" abused mod powers to ban a vote and used an alias to vote for himself

    Rikoshay defeats "Convicted Biter" and signs out as champion, 6-4 (corrected outcome)
    Pent uP was “Convicted Biter’s” first victim, 3-1.
    ConVerse ties “Convicted Biter” and signs out as co-champion, 3-3.
    Insense ties “Convicted Biter” and both move forth as co-champions, 5-5.
    Insense and God Father become “Convicted Biter’s” next victims, 5-1-4.
    Mindscape becomes “Convicted Biter’s” next victim, 8-0.
    Note: Mindscape is a "Convicted Biter." alias
    Doyen ties “Convicted Biter” and loses, 6-6 (Doyen didn't vote)
    Rikoshay loses to “Convicted Biter” but takes the title, 3-6.
    “Convicted Biter” and aliases are banished from the league and records.
    Rikoshay defends the title against L Dogg, 6-5.
    Rikoshay defends the title against Awedishin, 11-1.
    Rikoshay defends the title against God Father, 5-1.
    Rikoshay defends the title against Jersey Emcee (no show)
    Rikoshay defends the title against Vizz Blade, 7-2 (18th straight win)(5th defense)
    JOOK defeats Rikoshay for the title and signs out as champion, 8-4.
    D.I.C. defeats Tekneek for the title, 6-0.
    L Dogg defeats D.I.C. for the title, 5-2.
    L Dogg defends the title against Pent uP, 7-1.
    Runna DaMille defeats L Dogg and Noib Da Mutt for the title, 3-0-1.
    TaLi defeats Runna DaMille for the title, 5-0.

    Doyen defeats Deadking to win the “No I.D. Tournament”

    TaLi defends the title against Unavailable, 8-0.
    TaLi defends the title against Deadking, 5-0.
    Runna DaMille ties TaLi and signs out as co-champion, 4-4.
    TaLi defends the title against Insense (no show).
    TaLi defends the title against I Dunno, 5-2.
    TaLi defends the title against Junio Sixnine, 5-2.
    TaLi defends the title against JOOK, 4-3.
    TaLi defends the title against Pent uP, 8-1.
    TaLi defends the title against L Dogg, 5-0.
    TaLi defends the title against Black Jesus, 3-2.
    TaLi defends the title against Vigil, 4-3 (15th straight win)(11th defense)
    Richard Corey defeats TaLi for the title, 6-3.
    Athiest defeats Richard Corey for the title (no show)
    Runna DaMille defeats Athiest for the title (no show)


    Anaphora defeats Runna DaMille for the title, 5-4.
    Anaphora defends the title against Claushouse, 5-4.
    Richard Corey defeats Anaphora for the title and signs out as champion (no show)
    Vigil defeats Strike for the title, 7-1.
  9. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    VI. TaLi's Top 5 League Verses

    5. Tha DQ

    Tha DQ has always showed up with interesting ideas to write about. With her, it was more an issue of mechanics. It has been fairly well documented that English is not her first language. With that said, this week, she showed great improvement in that aspect of her writing, so it’s only right that someone notices.

    4. Vigil

    Another in a long line of solid Vigil rhymes that I’ve had the pleasure to read. This wasn’t as witty as a lot of his other pieces but the overall description he presents is still pretty impressive.

    3. Runna DaMille

    I usually manage to get a Runna DaMille verse somewhere in these top 5’s. Usually it’s based mostly on a mixture of outstanding flow and rhymes but this week, I actually thought the content was stepped up as well.

    2. Lost Prophet

    This was much along the same lines of other verses the past few weeks. I like his way of telling stories and he pays nice attention to the flow and the rhymes so that always scores points with me. Again, the story itself is pretty predictable if you are up on your current events but it was still told quite well.

    1. I Dunnno

    I’m pretty sure this is the first time I Dunnno has captured this life-changing award. I hope he understands the responsibilities that come with being a winner of it. If he doesn’t, then God bless his soul. But if he does, then he’ll realize that he must continue to right solid stories with really good rhymes and pretty good flows lol.​
  10. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    VII. TaLi’s Top 5 Tournament Verses

    5. TaLi RodrigueZ

    I know I’m breaking one of my rules but, seriously, if you disagree, go chew on a large cock.

    4. ConVerse

    This was about as complete of a 16 line verse as you can get. Obviously, it could have gone even further. As it stands, the rhymes are ill, the flow is damn nice, and the concept itself was clever, so whatever.

    3. Pain

    It was a damn shame that this verse didn’t get Pain to the next round. In and of itself, it was certainly good enough. This was probably the best all-around verse I’ve read of his. Unfortunately, one of his opponents had one of his best verses as well. This should definitely get read though.

    2. I Dunno

    I’m just going to paste my parts of my vote in here because it says everything that needs to be said. “This is the caliber of writing I wish you would come with every week. Sometimes, I think you get a little lazy, which is unfortunate because you could beat anybody on any given day with stuff like this. The rhymes and the schemes were awesome. The flow was smooth as whatever is really smooth. The vocabulary stood out as well… I totally feel where you're coming from and a verse like that was definitely needed after what's been happening lately.”

    1. Vigil

    Vigil, what in the hell has gotten into you lately? You’ve been dropping some ridiculous shit the past few weeks. Maybe it’s just because we write so differently but I’m almost always impressed with your way of describing ordinary things in an unordinary way. The other big plus in this verse was the larger metaphor. I was totally not even seeing it as that until I got to the second...wait…I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone who hasn’t read. But yeah, check this one out.​
  11. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    VIII. Voter of the Week

    Theoretically, this could have gone to a few of the same old folks who always end up winning. However, I am actually pleased to announce that there is someone new who is solidifying his, her, or its position as one of those folks who are constantly being considered for this mammoth of an award. Two people are getting it this week. One is I Dunnno for voting on 5 matches and the tournament matches. The other is Tha DQ, who voted on her four and on top of it, dropped votes of a quality that I thought deserved mentioning. So there it is.​
  12. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    IX. My Thoughts on Whatever

    Hopefully, after this magazine, a certain few parties can begin to move on to bigger and better things. Strike apologizes for missing the Top 20 Review. I wish we had more people signed in. When I'm finished with school, I'll put my money where my mouth is. Until then, get your friends and enemies to join this shit.

    Also, people in the league, VOTE ON TOURNAMENT BATTLES TOO. I don't know about anyone else but I'll come vote on your league battles if you vote on the tournament battles as well. I'm sure others would too. That's it; Be gone.​
  13. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    If you are not in the tournament at this point and you drop them a vote
    I will drop a vote in your RSTL battle
  14. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    nice job fellas, thx for the interview got life and pain, good shit

    pent up, im voting on tournament matches tonight, dont forget to vote on my rstl battle when me and un post. k thx
  15. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    I will vote on absolutely everything as I do week in/ week out...and I voted on 13 battles last you know i'm good for it...oh and anni I love how you left out the fact that Tek voted...oh and dude...keep browsing through the files and jerk me off while you're at it...because I stay on my grind every single week...and improve with every're still the same fucking hermit...and what Tali asked was for your lame ass to not go into my battles and me not to go into yours...hop off my cock and elevate yourself...i'll still beat you any day of the week...
  16. I Dunnno

    I Dunnno New Member

    Sep 14, 2005

    I understand and thank you for the honor. I write for my enjoyment and yours as well so I hope you enjoy what's forthcoming. Happy Black History Month and RIP to Coretta Scott King.... she was truly a pioneer for us all whether you're black, blue, orange or whatever.
  17. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    consider it done
  18. Vigil

    Vigil Im infinite consciousness

    Aug 16, 2005
    Thanks, Tali.

    Good mag, i read almost everything. Cool interview.
  19. Scrolls-Oracle of Omen

    Scrolls-Oracle of Omen *DBS*--*A.B.C*

    Feb 23, 2001
    word....ill go vote in the tourny....if my opponents show(doubt it) then just throw the votes back this way....
  20. .:Pain:.

    .:Pain:. Futurely J. Keeper

    Dec 4, 2005
    Herb ass son of a bitch, of course I'm gonna seem biased if you only show the matches that I voted for Got Life?, and show none of the ones where I voted against 'em...
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