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  1. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001

    I. WEEK IN REVIEW (Clawz)
    V. TOP 5 SEGMENTS (Vigil)
    VI. TOP 5 VERSES (Vigil)
    VII. ROCK THE VOTE (Lost Prophet & Clawz)
    X. THE SHIT LIST (Got Life?
    XI. INTERVIEW (Noib Da Mutt)
    XII. FINAL THOUGHTS (Rikoshay)

    NOTE FOR OPERA USERS: Pictures do not display properly, use IE or Firefox to view the mag. -Clawz
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    Apr 12, 2001
    Week in Review​

    by Clawz​

    We enter Week 5 of the New RSTL with the highest level of participation in half a year, so props to everyone who’s making this league what it is. This week had a crazy turnout rate, with 21 out of 25 cats showing and posting, and a record 10 battles to vote on, which hasn’t been seen for about as long as Fat Bastard hasn’t caught a glimpse of his one-eyed trouser trout. Here’s the week, by the numbers:

    3.23 - Votes per show this week
    4.18 - Votes per show last week
    5.06 - Votes per show two weeks ago
    30.0 - Percent of votes won by less than 2 last week
    12.5 - Percent of votes won by less than 2 this week
    5.82 - Points earned this week
    7.00 - Points earned last week
    Infinite – The type of car I’d like to drive

    Unfortunately, despite the great turnout, voting is slowly going down the drain again after a steady surge to a great 5.06 two weeks ago, down to 3.23. That’s about 20-30 less votes, FYI. Remember, voting points now work as follows: 2 points for your standard 4 votes, 3 points for 7 votes, and 4 points if there are 10+ battles and you vote on all of them. Some of you didn’t reach the Divisional Title Matches this week because you didn’t vote, or didn’t vote enough. The league is only as good as its voting, so pick it up.

    In league action this week, Annihilation (24-3) downed Stairway (3-1) by a score of 5-2 for his 6th defense, surpassing Richard Corey, Peril Eyez, Rikoshay and InsaneVillain to move alone into second place on the all-time consecutive defense streaks list, still an near impossible 5 defenses away from Tali Rodriguez’s record-shattering 11 defenses, set late last year.

    Meanwhile, in the Contender Match, I Dunnno (48-13) defeated Lord Drama (2-1) by a count of 4-3, as the L Dogg alias went down kicking and screaming, most certainly living up to his alias’s name. L Dogg signed out this week after both mod, supermod and super super mod declined his pleas, but don’t worry, he’ll be back next week hate voting under alias, much like he did will this weeks RSTL Poll:


    Moving onto someone who isn’t attracted to polls, the very heterosexual Runna DaMille (23-6) shutout Lola Cruez II (3-3) by a tally of 8-0 in the Red Divisional Title Match. He’ll take on the formidable Ribonuclease (3-1), who convincingly defeated former champion Vigil (14-10) with a score of 6-1 in the Blue Divisional Title Match. You know what they say, Ribonucleotides divide, but Ribonuclease’s moniker is divide and conquer…hahaha… ahhhh… I’ll shut up now.

    This brings us to supa fly super moderator Malosovich (50-25), who earned his 50th win this week, joining Awedishin in the ranks of the 50+ Win Club. He now falls only behind Tekneek, Jowelz and Tha Talent, part of the 60+ Win Club, and Vern Acular who lies alone at top of the 90+ Win Club. He earned the victory in style, sweeping his opponent Blackwell (0-0) 9-0. Congratulate him when you see him, and then kick him in the shins for not voting. It’s worth noting Ribo took the black tie event literally, voting malo and black a tie, saying it was too “hard to choose a winner, because im sorry to say Ithoguht both were pretty bland.” If you think that’s bland, read last paragraphs joke. And that one. And that. And that. And that. And that.

    Brickz (12-2) downed newcomer Mets (0-0), with a solid 6-1 victory over his opponent, heaving his opponent a little jook up. Given the way Brickz approached his subject matter and took the battle, you’d almost think Mets was a femcee. Aborting a No-Show win, a little formatting got Noib Da Mutt (35-12) and Got Life?’s (14-9) match going, as the two seasoned veterans drew a 2-2 tie.

    Lost Prophet (15-6) was nearly upset by Calibre (0-0), as the veteran pulled away eventually for a 5-3 win. He also became the new reigning BlackJack champion, and I’m very happy for him. In unrelated news, I hope you die a slow and painful death. Elsewhere, Urizen (9-5) was the odd-man out this week, taking a no-show win over MISSKEYdaQueen (9-7). On a more serious note, his verse only got feedback from two emcees, and he voted on nine battles, the least you can do is take a minute and read his verse, maybe give a few lines of feedback. Ungrateful bastards!

    Two other battles that were more or less slept on, first off, was Tekneek (65-27) versus Pent uP (25-10), where the latter took the battle by a convincing score of 6-0. The other was Tha DQ (5-6) upending –Kriminal- (1-2) by a margin of 4-1. –Kriminal- had the great idea of editing his votes into his own thread. Don’t hate, these are the kind of ideas that helped populate Alabama, and create such movie magic as Deliverance.

    We got a huge influx of new cats this week, including veteran Young Jayo (0-0), better known as Trap, Trapezoidal or God Extensions, as well as the return of former champs Pain (14-9) and Jersey Emcee (23-18). Also coming back is well-known femcee Nique (14-4), and the ever-vigilant RICO (22-21).

    Newcomers or aliases entering this week are WorDwell, Bill Lauden, Jimmi Dungeon, Exotic Username, Juked, Grewsome and Living Hell.

    And that’s the week in review.
  3. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Power Rankings​

    by Clawz​

    NOTE FOR OPERA USERS: The image will not be displayed properly (it gets cut off); use Firefox or Internet Explorer to view properly.

    Here’s the Power Rankings after 4 weeks in the New RSTL, listed in the order of wins, points per game, and power rankings. For mag purposes, combined records are used to project accurate All-Time power rankings.


    Edit: I just noticed Brickz Championship, 2 Contender Match victories aren't listed, I'll add them next time, your total Power Ranking should be 28.
  4. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Battle Breakdowns, Part 1​

    by Got Life?​

    So the turnout this week was phenomenal…I honestly have to say it’s the best turnout I’ve seen since I’ve been in the league, but none the less such a good week for the league as overshadowed by conspiracy theory, useless drama, and a lack of voting.

    I guess let’s kick if off with the man so sick of alternate matches that he took his no-show win…Urizen continued to write a creative piece as he always finds an interesting way to approach his topics…something about this piece just didn’t connect with me personally and I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it, but the imagery was there…the only thing is that he needs to continue building up his lines in order to get more productivity out of them, but make no mistake Urizen continues to get better and is making himself a force to be reckoned with in the league.

    Brickz vs Mets​

    Jook introduced a piece talking about issues in China in regards to only being allowed one child, and with boys being more desirable there are many girls being aborted. As the story progresses the family that has been through so much finally has a boy on the way and as the child is brought into this world he turns out to have a grave illness and Jook’s piece gives the reader that cold bitter taste of be careful what you wish for. Trying to match up against such a verse is no easy feat and Mets was met with much disappointment as his story really never came to any actual conclusion. Sure there were glimpses into relationships and he stated that love is blind and then connected love to a girl and hence came around to the topic of blind girl, but there was really no connection between this piece and the reader. It just left me sitting there like ok? Regardless glad to see both of you showed and I hope you guys continue to do you…and Mets…please elevate.

    Malosovich vs Blackwell​

    First off let me hop on the same bandwagon that everyone else jumped on in giving Blackwell props for showing after taking such a beating his first week out, of course this week wasn’t that much more of a difference as he was no match for even a mediocre showing by Malo. Blackwell did vastly improve from last week and had a central focus to his piece and tried to bring out some emotion and imagery, the thing you need to do though is polish your writing more and use better tools for bringing out your thoughts. Some of the metaphors and phrases you included just weren’t appropriate. As for Malo’s piece it was obviously written better, but it was lacking greatly compared to what we expected to come out of him. The way I see it is that people didn’t really want to vote for either of them, because they didn’t bring much to the table, but Malo’s happened to be more polished. As Ribo put it…he thinks this should have been a tie because both verses were lacking. Regardless Blackwell stay at it and stay focused towards bringing your writing to a higher plateau and Malo stop being such a lazy bitch.

    Lost Prophet vs Calibre

    This match was actually a huge let down for me because normally I really look forward to reading verses from LP, but this week he gave a rather lack luster performance. In fact his piece seemed like something Tek would have written except it flowed better and had a more genuine writers voice. All that aside it was enough to come away with a win against Calibre who took a page out of Tha_DQ’s book by overcrowding his verse with imagery that lead nowhere. I just like Anni at first glance thought this might have been something along the lines of an Edgar Allen Poe type piece, but after reading through it all I noticed was error upon error and a story that lead me nowhere. I hope you guys step it up and bring a level of writing that people have come to expect from ya’ll.

    Tha_DQ vs Kriminal​

    Well congrats Jess you finally came away with a win after weeks of being jerked around and suffering tough losses you managed to beat Kriminal. Personally I don’t find that it was such a challenging feat as Kriminal came with a level of writing consistent with your average open mic drop and that’s just not enough to succeed in the RSTL. This league isn’t part of the open mic because we hold writing to a higher standing so such a lackluster performance obviously didn’t allow Kriminal to advance. Jess on the other hand provided a verse that she still cluttered with some useless imagery here and there and she forced some of her lines because she wanted her syllables to add up, but at the end of the day her story progressed well and while the story of a captured wild cat didn’t fit to well with the picture of a house cat peering from out of the shade, most people were smart enough to recognize what she was getting at. Both of you need to continue elevating though if you want to find success in the league.

    Got Life? vs Noib Da Mutt​

    Well when this battle was originally posted Noib had something along the lines of 150+ lines, which obviously wasn’t something that would appeal to the interest of voters, after this was formatted down to 64 lines and the original thread closed due to over crowding of bullshit this match finally went down. Ironically the match where the combined voting totals between both competitors was the highest, managed to garner the least amount of votes resulting in a 2-2 tie. Noib wrote an interesting series of letters between a man in prison and his wife, which progressed through the loss of a child, the wife getting pregnant again, and the man turning gay and running off with his cellmate. I went a different route from my usual approach and depicted a story where a man went out with a woman who he was infatuated with…as the story progresses it is revealed that she was disgusted by the man and didn’t not want to be there the whole time…the story progresses past this towards when the man rapes the girl and murders her, framing her ex-boyfriend for the murder and in the end we find out that the man was the girl’s father. Personally I have to say that this match and the champ match were the best battles this week showcasing some very talented verses.
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    Apr 12, 2001
    Battle Breakdowns, Part 2​

    by Got Life?​

    Pent uP vs TeKneeK​

    As I was not allowed to vote on this match I didn’t break it down quite as much as I broke down everything else, but Tek here tried a very different approach by trying to incorporate most of the topics on the list, unfortunately he didn’t link any of them together and kind of just displayed many couplets that really didn’t captivate anyone or draw them in because the connection was weak and just as you started getting interested in a topic he would jump to the next. Pent on the other hand continued with his little food for thought rants along the same lines of live your lives and do something with them. This really came of no surprise as the eccentric TeKneeK has been writing some really far fetched and all over the place pieces as of late, not really connecting with the reader although he continues to make promises. Get some sleep Tek…

    Runna DaMille vs Lola Cruez II

    I think that even before I give you guys a breakdown of this match it’s pretty obvious that no one expected Lola to come away with a win in this one. More so people like myself are still scratching their head as to how Lola ever even got into a divisional title match…regardless of all that Riko continued providing us with some recycled verses that continued to be more polished than what Lola wrote, at the same time I felt his piece was about nothing because it talked about how the moon came into existence and it’s effects on the earth. Like I stated in his thread…while my sixth grade science teacher might appreciate this, I particularly did not enjoy it. On the other hand Lola had a lot of potential in her piece, but wasted potential is about as useful as cancer, no one really benefits from having wasted potential or cancer. In this case Lola wrote about a girl abused until she went from being a lesbian to being straight…there were so many things here that could have been approached in order to convey strong imagery and emotion and she didn’t approach them at all…this verse was skin deep and really didn’t convey much. You really need to start putting some time into your writing and not continuing this lollygagging.

    Ribo vs Vigil

    This week Ribo proved that the underdog can definitely come up and bite a motherfuckers head off as he toppled Vigil. Vigil wrote a piece where he continued to showcase his unique style of off beat flow that somehow connects to readers, while being witty and crafty in what he was saying. While some of his wordplay continued to be very clever some of it just didn’t connect this week and the piece in general was definitely not his best work. On the other hand Ribo finally took a more creative route and talked about the life of a boy who was the son of a deranged killer, who through isolation and torment ended up becoming the exact person he never wanted to be…his father. This was nicely done and although I was harsh in my breakdown I only do it because those are things that if you improved upon you would be even more flawless, both of you are definitely people in this league that stay consistent and continue to perform at a strong level. Much respect goes out to both of you.

    Lord Drama vs I Dunnno

    This match had Dic writing the kind of things he’s been known to write…you know that graphic twisted shit that he connects into his own sick little reality. Regardless of which this wasn’t his best piece by any means and I felt that the connection between the progression of his story just wasn’t there. As for L Dogg, while he really had nothing original about his topic or how he approached it, he wrote a very heartfelt piece about love and lovers quarrels and overcoming obstacles, yet fighting through whatever may come. In the end Riko's vote was judged to not be biased, and so Dic won. I still feel my vote should have never been dq’d on the ground that even if I am biased against Dic and L Dogg…I am not more biased towards one than the other…if anything I think I’ve said more shit to L Dogg than to Dic…so fuck the bullshit.

    Stairway vs Annihilation

    So Stairway’s climb towards a 4-0 RSTL title were clamped shut by Anni this week as he came with a very clever topical about a “Prozac nation”…Anni talked about the various issues seen every single day within middle America and I have to give him a lot of respect for the clever way he worded this and for the fact that for once he was actually writing about something he was familiar with. To many times I get on his case for his ramblings on some silly shit, but this was a genuine piece and it showed in his writing. Stairway on the other hand continued on his religious tip, but there were several things lacking from his piece and generally speaking there were to many religious things going on that lost me because I just don’t study religion all that much beyond the basics. I think he’s very comfortable writing in that realm, but my advice to you is to become a broader writer, because eventually it will become rather dull.

    And that you silly sluts is how the breakdown went.
  6. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Top 5 Segments​

    By Vigil


    I sensed FADED PICTURES in the dreams when I sleep
    When in moments many feelings got me mentally weak
    Thinkin worst of what it is when life comes to break me
    Sometimes it gets hazy, and the focus is shady
    I look into the mirror and I see FATHER'S EYES
    Lookin back deep within mine having similar ties
    In which we think alike, act alike, and feeling depressed
    From a hard life livin so depleted in stress

    4.Pent uP

    My theory is we talk to people to copycat and spit refrences
    in a group of people i'll smirk, smile, or frown but never deliver sentances
    because, to be honest, I'm still debating what the definition of "better" is
    and why people feel the need to include it in opinionated messages
    But I don't write to you to flaunt my selfishness


    i won't be leavin this world without a list of grievances & i got reasons
    they can't waive my liberties cause im a free agent with no off-season
    and i understand that revolting against the corrupt doesn't count as treason
    when there's a cause worth believing in that costs more than me breathing
    so i'll put my life on the line of fire when the people finally come to
    until then i'll be patiently waiting, couting my tips like they're
    accounting to chips.


    I tried to free the pride in me society had ostracized.
    I've seen the earth sink and I've seen some coffins rise,
    and the color of deep red, free spread across the skies..
    victim after victim tortured and sodomized,
    givin rude hints of my blue prints, but always kept my plot's precise.
    so as I continued to slaughter through those awful cries,
    I saw my reflection in the mirror and gazed into my father's eyes.

    1.Runna DaMille

    The earth becomes revitalized when Luna rides the skies
    like a pale ghost ship sails oceans as it chases windless drifts.
    From the day she’s “Full”, you can watch as her face diminishes.
    She keeps her pace deliberate, knowing she’s not in the race to win a
    until she’s “New”, then she begins to again share her graceful image with
    her unappreciative mate in their chastened minuet.​

  7. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Top 5 Verses
    By Vigil

    5.Lord Drama

    Alot of people can appreciate this piece because it's genuine, and real.
    Now, alot of kids in the RSTL
    strut around saying "I only write real shit" which I think totally destroys
    being real, but L Dogg is different, he doesn't have to tell you he's being
    real, you can read it in the rymes, you can feel his emotion. The verse
    progressed in an easy pace and the flow for the most part was really good.
    I'm a big fan of vocab but I'm not one of those guys that thinks a verse is
    shit if it doesn't have good vocab, besides L Dogg has already proven he has
    a good vocab. I like L Dogg's style because his verses are different almost
    every week, and they're all nice, in their own way. The emotion and the
    ending of this piece were the two things I liked most. Props!

    4.I Dunnno

    Like almost all of D.I.C's verse, this was entertaining, to say the least.
    The imagery, description, and depiction of the scenes were superb and the
    development of the story was done really well. The rhyme scheme, like in all
    D.I.C's verses was great, the flow didn't slow down, the pace was good, it
    was definitely a fulfilling read. The creativity in this verse is the
    biggest reason why I Dunnno made it to this list. He never fails to come
    original, I think he's without a doubt the best storyteller in the RSTL at
    the moment. Keep it Goin!


    This verse was an example of great lyricism, the conviction and diction in
    this verse was the best this week. I love spoken word pieces, more so than
    storytelling pieces, and I thought Clawz transation from writing a story to
    writing a topical was really good. Very few writers have the capability to
    write dope topicals and stories, and Clawz is one of them. This verse was
    also really intelligent, the vocab was stellar, the wordplay was nice, the
    flow was on point, and the lines were well-thought out. The thing I admired
    most was Clawz' ability to stick to the script, and not go off topic cause I
    know I usually do when I write topicals like this. The vibe and feeling this
    verse gave off was also nice. Great shit Clawz!

    2.J O O K

    The greatest trait Jook has as a writer is his ability to draw readers in to
    what he's talking about, all his verses start off slow then once he grabs
    you, you're in for a ride. Jook is a really nifty writer, he crafts verses
    really well and he develops the story in a good pace. This verse had great
    imagery, a nice rhyme scheme, good emotion and the vocab was above average.
    What seperates Jook from most writers is the topics he tackles, almost
    everything he writes is based on reality, and that's nice to see. And week
    in and week out he uses his creativity to make the story interesting, this
    week I thought he tied in the title with the story really well. One reason
    why Jook has become one of my favorite writers in the league is because all
    his verses are drawn out to perfection, they feel complete. Props!

    1.Got Life?

    I like what Got Life did with this piece, it was unexpected but at the same
    time it didn't just come out of nowhere so it was very believable. The theme
    and picture that the topic was based around, "Heads over Heels" isn't
    original but like I said, Got Life made it his own. The imagery and
    description were both good, the flow was also nice but Got Life still needs
    to work on that. I was suprised why Got Life put his verse at #2 last week,
    but don't mind that, cause sometimes you have to look past what a person's
    done in the past. With that said, if you haven't read this verse yet, I
    suggest you go read it, its a shame there was only four votes in the battle
    so this verse didn't get much feed so the least you can do is read. Great
    shit Got Life, props!​
  8. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Rock the Vote​

    by Lost Prophet & Clawz​

    Lost Prophet:

    Welcome to the RSTL, the most prestigeous topical/storytelling league on the web. The league sports a vast array of extremely talented writers, most of whom possess unique styles. Every single participant in the league, however, is connected by a single element. Vothing.

    In essence, voting is the backbone of our league. Not only do we post verse upon verse, week upon week to climb up in the ranks, but we also post to get feedback from our fellow RSTLers (or is that RSTLians). Since the advent of the Voter Of The Week Award and the new voting rules that came along with the New RSTL, voting as a whole has gotten better. That isn't to say though, that there are no horrendous voters plaguing the league.

    Aside from no-shows and the lack of grammatical/spelling/4th grade english class skills, there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a three line breakdown of a 30+ line verse. The way I see it, voting is meant to offer constructive criticism, as well as a breakdown and understanding (to the best of one's ability) of a verse. In no way can a person cram any type of thoughtful analysis of a 30+ line verse into three lines. Or even five lines, for that matter. Instead of taking the extra five minutes to submit something of merit, many league members opt to cast what I call the Special Ed vote, or sped vote. The following is a brief example of a sped vote:

    'yeah, so this was cool. The flow was ok. Your vocab was ok. I didn't like the part in the middle. It was good though.'

    These are the type of crackhead votes that are hurting our league. So you didn't like that part in the middle. What didn't you like about it? Do you have any suggestions as to what the writer could've done to make 'that part in the middle' any better?

    There are too many people in the league casting these inbred type votes. Hopefully, this article will be seen as a wake up call. A writer, especially someone new to the league, should be able to view the votes they receive as pointers on how to make future verses better. No one wants to stay in a league where voters offer no type of advice. If you're unsure as to whether your votes are up to par, go to the RSTL Archives, view the Voter Of The Week section and compare that person's votes to yours. As Vigil so eloquently stated in a magazine a few weeks back, "VOTE YOU FUCKING DUMMIES (x4)."


    Lost Prophet makes some good points, so I’m not going to re-iterate them. Instead, I’m going to go beyond the surface and examine something we’re all victims of, both in everyday life and importantly, in the RSTL realm. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all subject to social influences, things that affect our decisions, thought processes and actions, both consciously and subconsciously. These are scientifically proven Social Psychology phenomenon that we all fall prey to. Let’s examine one of these effects today, self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Self-fulfilling Prophecy

    Probably the biggest problem in the RSTL, this is a subconscious process that probably determines more battles than I have Valium to counter. This is how it works:

    1. You’re at school, and you think “Damn, that new kid looks like a total prude.” So when you walk by him as he goes to say hello you shun him, looking away as he approaches you.
    2. Then he thinks “What an ass, fine, he doesn’t want to say hello, screw him”, and so he shuns you and walks right past you.
    3. Then you think “Hah, I knew it all along, look at that prude turning away from me like that”.

    This is called self-fulfilling prophecy. Basically, you’ve made an assumption, and by inadvertently acting on it, you’ve fulfilled your own expectations. Obviously, this is an oversimplification of a more complex subconscious process, but you get the idea. So how does this apply to voting, you ask?

    We go into every battle with schemas, assumptions and expectations of both emcees. The people we don’t like (“that faggot sucks”), the people we do like (“man I hope he pulls thru this week), those we respect (“that guy is dope he can’t lose”) and those we don’t know (“lol this newbie has no chance”).

    We’re going to process information from them, even if it’s the same information, differently because we filter it through our perceptions of that person. Those spelling mistakes my buddy Malo makes garner the response “LOL Malo, use a spellcheck next time :p”. That newbie coming into the league (who does he think he is, anyways) doing the same thing, however, might get something like “dude you really need to learn how to spell man, that shit threw me off, really couldn’t get into it”.

    The same spelling errors garner the same distraction in both verses, but I’ve perceived Malo’s through my schema’s, attitudes and view of him into something humorous, passing it off as a quick key or a ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude, something positive, after all, he’s my friend, I don’t hang around idiots obviously he knows how to spell. Meanwhile, I filter the same mistakes across someone new, and they’re a distraction, annoying, his spelling reflects onto his personality and who he is, I have no vested interest in him or his success, and assume he’s a dumbass or some punk kid.

    Of course, while I’m rating both verses, none of this is crossing my mind, I’m reading both verses and judging the outcome. I have a social desirability need to maintain as a human being, and interpreting my friends spelling that way permits me to both point out a fault in his verse in my critique and not piss off my friend. My availability heuristic for possible correlations between his errors and a non-threatening attribute are high, because I know him (“he’s just being lazy” “he probably did that one on purpose” “he had to rush to a concert” “he’s still using wordpad lol” etc.), while those for someone I don’t know are close to nil but help re-affirm our own self-worth (“fucking newbies” “kids got a long way to go”), and those for someone I don’t like I instead correlate to attributes that re-affirm my dislike in other areas (“what an idiot, he can’t even spell” “doesn’t even put time and effort into the league, pathetic” “this is unreadable, this guy blows” etc).

    We’re also going to use that availability heuristic and remember more of the negative aspects of the people we don’t like and fewer of the positive ones, and vice-versa for people we do like. By doing so, we’re tipping the scale of voting into a more favorable outcome for our ego, while maintaining a positive view of ourselves and our fairness and objectivity and lack of bias because we’re not “lying” in our decision, we’re basing our decision on a sample of selective material and then making an objective vote. Obviously, if one verse is significantly better than the other, it’s certainly possible that we will still vote for the person we don’t like over the one we do, because then we’d be unable to convince ourselves that we’re a good person and a good voter and view ourselves in a favorable manner (that, and it might look bad if you’re the 1 vote in the 13-1 loss). There are some people who will vote against someone no matter what, but that’s a different phenomenon.

    So take a minute the next time your voting and see if you can maybe make a bit of an extra effort to avoid falling prey to these social mechanisms.
  9. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Cypher of the Week​

    by Clawz​

    Alright, so we got a great response last week on the RSTL Cypher, with about half the league participating. Due to a technical error, my update of the cypher wasn’t input. We’re now giving away 5 RSTL points to the winner, 3 points for second place, and 2 points to third, due to the great turnout. Some of you are perverted, twisted freaks. I love it!

    This weeks criteria:

    -Independant (do NOT continue the verse above you)

    The person who posts above you just fucked your girlfriend/boyfriend behind your back and you just found out. If there's a gender conflict, the person above cheated ON you.

    The highlights were Nique, who had a dope scheme and twist, Pain came nice with some hardcore graphic and straight to the point shit, Vigil had a funny and graphic piece that had a dope narrative twist, Urizen had a cool approach lol, he had everyone in the thread fucking this bitch and then he falls in love with her, but can’t go thru with it so gets drunk and pays Ribo to screw her, and finally WorDwell came mad creative with some mother goose shit haha, was pretty funny, Ribo had a nice more serious piece, Lost Prophet probably came nice, but somebody had to steal my BlackJack championship. Here’s the Top 3 Cyphers of the Week:

    3. Pain to Got Life?

    To think, at one point I loved this chick,
    Until I found out she was stuffed full of russian dick,
    I walked in on those two, still fuckin', shit,
    Right about the time he told my girl to "suck it, bitch,"
    I was gonna wait for the disgrace of him nuttin on her face,
    Instead I blew his head off and started fuckin' out her brains,
    Each thrust was capped by knuckles to the jaw,
    Then I realized that I was fuckin' this bitch raw,
    So I shot her, knowing I got stds from Life,
    Just wanted to make sure no slut will carry a seed of mine...

    2. Vigil to ClausHouse

    I'll bring over to my haunted house, she'll get goose bumps
    I wouldn't do much, I'll just be breast feeding her loose pumps
    I see scars and a few lumps & when I met her at the bar she was with a few punks
    she's confessing like "I already got a life with pain" but this bitch isn't too drunk
    so I put my fist over her mouth and throw up in it
    "It's guinness, baby" when your stomach blows up I'll hit it.
    "My finger prints red ink" is what I start to chant
    "I'm Santa Clause baby & I brought an elf in my pants"

    She comes home with her face scraped so I'm like "save the switch"
    The fucking house always wins, but why he gotta rape my bitch!

    1. Nique to Young Jayo

    After months of cheating and deceit it shows,
    That Nique should've cheated, like Keyshia Cole.
    Instead I avoided it; Not the time or the place,
    And spreaded poison for simply being blinded by faith.
    Infested, germs, infected-You crept, it was unsuspected,
    And then neglected the fact that his sex was unprotected.
    An epidemic; Wrapped and imprisoned in rage,
    When black women are the leading victims with AIDs.
    You ignored that fact, a treachorous plan,
    When I found out, that you slept and crept with a man.

    Congratulations to Nique on winning the first RSTL Cypher, you’ve earned yourself a cool 5 points for a tight flowing, graphic piece with a dope twist. Props to 2nd place Vigil, you’ve earned yourself 3 points with a funny and well-written cipher with a sick twist on the protagonist. And to Pain as well, who came with a nice flow and gruesome, graphic and straight up piece that was twisted to the core, you’ve earned yourself 3rd place and a sweet, sweet 2 free points.
  10. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Voter of the Week​

    by Clawz​


    Alright this week had a decent amount of voting, both in terms of amount of votes and the quality therein. This week was a lot easier to determine than last, where I actually had to use a points system to determine the winner. Saw some solid voting from the usual suspects, such as I Dunnno, Tha DQ, Ribo, although none of you really seem to be gunning for the award, just putting out solid votes, which is great. However, this section is about pointing out the people who went beyond the call of duty, and this week those people were Urizen, Lost Prophet, Annihilation and Got Life?. Urizen voted on all nine battles, while Lost Prophet posted some enormous votes (although nowhere near the amount of votes he’s been posting in recent weeks) and Annihilation wrote some huge breakdowns in seven battles. One man, however, stood above the rest. Voting in every single match, and posting novels in nearly every one of them, giving extensive deconstruction of everyone’s verse, I have no choice but to give this week’s award to Got Life?. Someone please, PLEASE, make an extra effort this week and prevent him from winning again, I never hear the end of it from him on AIM lol.

  11. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    The Shit List

    by Got Life?​

    I was actually rather shocked much like everyone else when I went to start voting to notice that there were a total of 21 out of 25 people that showed, but have no fear…there were still plenty people that earned their cum guzzling spots on this weeks shit list.

    This weeks no-shows included three no name writers who continued to be absolutely meaningless to the league by having on impact. In similar news Misskeydaqueen continued on the same path this week and proved to be utterly useless to the league again. At least this week she didn’t taint the board with terrible voting…in a sense she did us all a favor by not making us read her mediocre writing and by not having to receive her terrible votes upon our battles.

    Quickly putting to rest any misconception that other RBLers will transition into the league like Ribo and Jook…Mets took the opportunity not to vote and to further prove that all feedback given on his match was not earned and he further showed the fact that not only is he a mediocre writer, but he doesn’t give a fuck unless he’s winning, but who knows maybe he just doesn’t give a fuck…all I know is I once saw a picture of him and down syndrome came to mind…

    This battle garnered one other man on the shit list as Calibre was found to be the only person in the entire thread who seemed to have believed that Mets actually won…apparently he felt the emotion of Mets verse although he also felt Jook’s verse, and being that he decided that both of them had solid imagery…and those were the only things he mentioned…it’s funny that he claims to have felt Mets’ piece more…this kind of vague ambiguous shit should not pass as a vote in this league and congrats on being a fucking tool Calibre…

    Joining Calibre as a dip shit voter in Kriminal, who not only seemed to stick his nose where it didn’t belong this week…he also failed at observing the rules as to what a vote in the RSTL actually entails…just so you know the 3 lines of feedback required don’t count you quoting an excerpt from someone’s piece and saying…“that was your best part”…this is the RSTL not the open mic…you need to not only elevate your writing, but you need to elevate your voting as well...oh and read the rules for god sakes.

    Needless to say this battle that garnered a total of 9 votes by anni’s count contained two competitors who both did not vote, while Blackwell is still confused about how the league works…super mod Malo just flat out doesn’t give a shit…which might explain why most people find him irrelevant these days unless he’s reversing a decision made by league mods or recycling topics…at least he’s honest in that regard.

    The only stupidity prevalent in Calibre’s battle against LP is the fact that Calibre tried to dispute what I had to say as far as my vote was concerned…so let me clarify this for you again…if you’re going to talk about Asian demons and the devil you might want to stop screwing up various religions…and lice cannot fill the floor…they can cover the floor…just as blood does not fill the floor it covers it…termites can fill the floor because they would be internal…stop making yourself look like an idiot by disputing things that are undisputable, just take from the feedback and writer better.

    In a stroke of stupidity Kriminal was actually found editing votes into the same thread where his verse was…when Anni and I pointed this out to him he apologized, proclaimed himself a newbie and at that point gave up on voting…well that doesn’t give you much of a shot at redeeming yourself because not only did your 1 and only vote suck…you also got crushed in your battle because your writing level is on par at best…

    In my match with Noib, Calibre continued to be a half wit as he proclaimed that Noib’s verse was apparently the greatest thing since sliced bread…while no one particularly shared his sentiments Lola found a story or rape and murder with a clever twist and the rapist/murder ending up being the father…well apparently she’s seen that written thousands of times…I’ll leave it alone because judging from Lola’s writing she’s a confused, illiterate dike, but yea…I really hope idiots like these two avoid my battles…I rather get hate votes from Pent than get dumb votes from the ignorant…

    Pent uP vs Tek garnered 6 votes as well while neither of the two felt the need to vote…while this is uncharacteristic of Tek it is refreshing to see fewer dumb votes going around in the league…at the same time I still don’t understand how Pent feels he is helping out the league when he refuses to lead by example…man up and start helping the league…it’s like I always say…garbage in…garbage out.

    I don’t even want to address the web of nonsense spun in the match between L Dogg and Dic…all I know is that if you bitch well enough and the people you’re bitching to like you…it tends to work out in your favor.

    As I go onto the champ match…I swear to God if I see Calibre state that he felt something a little more one more time after giving nearly identical ambiguous non-detailed breakdowns of nothing...fuck I hate this guy’s voting…you actually piss me off with how brain dead and full of shit you are…I hope you get test positive for AIDS.

    Runna vs Lola was a rather uneventful match, Lola forgot to post links to her voting apparently as she got -2 for voting even though I know for sure she stopped by with a shitty vote in my battle beyond that she also voted stopped by and voted for “Virgirl” stating that she felt that “Virgirl” absolutely shut down Ribo’s verse…ironically she was the only one that voted for “Virgirl” or Vigil for those of us that aren’t illegal immigrants. And that motherfuckers is the shit list.

    Oh and just so he doesn’t feel left out…Stairway…you’re a prick…you gave excuses this week stating that you’re votes are short because you were rushing to get them in…well…I don’t want to hear it…your votes have always been short and lacking substance…you continue being a shitty voter.

    So this week it’s tough to decide who’s the ultimate moron so I’ll have to give the dumb motherfucker award out to co-winners once again…Lola and Calibre…congrats guys…the two of you were single handedly the worst voters this week, with a close runner up by the name of Stairway.

    My final words to all of you named above is stop being worthless dumb motherfuckers.
  12. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Interview with Got Life?​

    by Noib Da Mutt​

    Noib Da Mutt:let me start out by saying, even though I don't like you, these questions are your opportunity to reveal the type of person that you really are to the league... So, no biased bullshit on my part...

    Got Life?:: sounds cute

    Noib Da Mutt: riiiiight... ok then... How long have you been in the league to this point?

    Got Life?:: Hmm I think I signed in back in Nov...something along those lines...and i've been here since...

    Noib Da Mutt: What initially drew you to the league?

    Got Life?:: and he told me to get at the RSTL so I did
    Got Life?:: Ninja Kid aka Pain aka Jae Keeps
    Got Life?:: me and him were dropping collabs a couple times a week in the open mic

    Noib Da Mutt: Ah, well that certainly explains the relationship between you two...
    Noib Da Mutt: Let's go back a bit further though, what initially drew you to RM? It says you've been here since August 05, which really isn't very long...

    Got Life?:: We just come from similar back grounds and have similar foundations in writing as far as talking about personal experiences and bringing out emotion through writing
    Got Life?:: well umm Aug '05 my boy wanted me to get into the rwe
    Got Life?:: and do damage battling
    Got Life?:: I joined when it started
    Got Life?:: but it was a total crock of shit
    Got Life?:: run like garbage
    Got Life?:: and a very lame league
    Got Life?:: that's basically when I first started talkin to pain
    Got Life?:: and yea...
    Got Life?:: but I was never on RM prior
    Got Life?:: except back in 03
    Got Life?:: when some guy told me to audio battle him on here
    Got Life?:: and you can check my initial name "boxa"
    Got Life?:: it has maybe 10 posts
    Got Life?:: i was never really on rm

    Noib Da Mutt: right... When you first began in the RSTL, how was your reception by others?

    Got Life?:: it was fine...I was still figuring out what kind of writing style would work because I wrote some really abstract stuff my first few weeks, but I stayed at it and kept trying to improve myself...i wasn't to thrilled by the votes and even tali himself agree that my 3-3 start was kind of odd considering my performance...and really a couple votes here and there and I would have started 5-1...but that's been every week for me...I vote a lot, and not many people vote on my battles
    Got Life?:: at first it was because I was some random new guy

    Noib Da Mutt: I bet...

    Got Life?:: and nowadays it's because people like you form hate against me without even knowing who the hell I took you all of 2 days not to like me and you didn't even have the slightest clue as to who I was
    Got Life?:: add to that the bullshit that someone claimed I was really didn't help at all

    Noib Da Mutt: Let's not make this personal, I have no interest in conversing with you in that manner...
    Noib Da Mutt: back to the questions...

    Got Life?:: it's not meant to be's just the most obvious example...

    Noib Da Mutt: When was it that you first began to do the mag?
    Noib Da Mutt: or contribute, might I say...

    Got Life?:: hmm...I think just before anni started helping with it or right around the same time

    Noib Da Mutt: So, how many weeks would that be?

    Got Life?:: cause pain and I were sick of people just getting away with random crap so we started our shit talking part of the mag
    Got Life?:: i don't know...a few months for sure
    Got Life?:: I just enjoy the league so I want to see it continue to prosper which is why I help out with as much as I can

    Noib Da Mutt: You wouldn't consider yourself a bit bias in your opinions?

    Got Life?:: Everyone has least i'm honest about mine...I don't hide them on aim or bicker in my own little corner...I let it be known...i'm a very blunt person

    Noib Da Mutt: But, what does this have to do with your opinions regarding people who you call out in your articles, because they don't like you, or disagree with you?
    Noib Da Mutt: Is it not a columnists job to be objective?

    Got Life?:: I call people out in my articles? not quite...if it was just me bitching (calling people out) then anni would call it an editorial...simply put I break things down to the point it has to be broken down to...I don't call anyone out in my for the shit's a shit objective can you be with a shit list...i'd say that I give a nice dispersed amount of hate to everyone on the shit list except for no name newbies who don't even deserve to have their name in the mag...
    Got Life?:: I mean lets be real every writer has their own writers voice...and i'm not the only one that feels I give a justified breakdown, while still staying true to myself

    Noib Da Mutt: Let me ask you this, what types of things were people saying about you before you began doing the mag?

    Got Life?:: I was just under the radar before I started doing the mag
    Got Life?:: I was starting to gain some recognition as a writer
    Got Life?:: but still had a ways to go as far as improving

    Noib Da Mutt: what was your record?

    Got Life?:: you can look it up if you're that bored, but I don't remember

    Noib Da Mutt: Well, I'm just trying to figure out if there is a significant difference in the "Got Life" perception as a whole before you were put in the spotlight, and after...

    Got Life?:: i've continued to become a better writer since I got in the spot light
    Got Life?:: before people knew who I was I got 1 verse in the top 10
    Got Life?:: in the past 6 weeks i've had 5 verses in the top 5
    Got Life?:: I continue elevating
    Got Life?:: that's not because of being in a spot light
    Got Life?:: that's because that was my purpose for joining the league
  13. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001

    Noib Da Mutt: Do you create your own hype?

    Got Life?:: I don't even create hype...there's no need for hype
    Got Life?:: but when someone says something about me
    Got Life?:: i respond
    Got Life?:: I don't sit quietly trying to avoid beef or w/e
    Got Life?:: and sure i've been advised against it many times
    Got Life?:: even dic told me that i'm starting to impress him but I need to avoid all this beef
    Got Life?:: but it is what it is...I don't take shit in real life and i'm not about to take shit from someone hiding behind a computer screen...

    Noib Da Mutt: Many would say that your attitude is undeserved based on your lack of accomplishments... Now, that is not to say that one can't stand up for themselves, but doesn't it seem like a bit of a Kanye West complex?

    Got Life?:: first off I have no respect for Kanye so that's uncalled for...but my lack of accomplishments?...not really...i've held in there and most of my losses have been very close ones...I do a lot for the league and while I respect what those in the past have done...we can't live in the past...what's done is done...what's being done now though is what leads us into the future...beyond that I continue to gain respect from the silent majority and continue to elevate...and it's not self's noticed...

    Noib Da Mutt: Is it really? Are you justifying your losses?

    Got Life?:: I don't have to justify my record...records are for silly little insecure children...

    Noib Da Mutt: So then why compete?

    Got Life?:: For the sake of writing and elevating my writing
    Got Life?:: a few people in the league actually give good criticism

    Noib Da Mutt: Isn't that what the open mic is for?

    Got Life?:: lol..have you seen the open mic lately?

    Noib Da Mutt: I'll give you a point there, but still, the RSTL is a competetors league...

    Got Life?:: agreed...and I compete...but I don't give a fuck win or lose
    Got Life?:: I still come harder the next week
    Got Life?:: I don't care who i'm facing
    Got Life?:: although I enjoy facing certain people

    Noib Da Mutt: If that's the case, why be upset when people don't respect you?

    Got Life?:: because I respect them as writers
    Got Life?:: because respect...and winning are two different things
    Got Life?:: I don't give a fuck if I lose...but if someone is going to come at me and disrespect me...that's a different animal

    Noib Da Mutt: Woudn't you agree that wining will get you respect?

    Got Life?:: to an extent...
    Got Life?:: but I mean...not to shit on the guy...but look at Urizen...guy is 9-5...decent record...stays under the radar...votes every week
    Got Life?:: still gets no respect...
    Got Life?:: he gets put as an honorable mention
    Got Life?:: every week
    Got Life?:: he's like the runner up
    Got Life?:: every single time

    Noib Da Mutt: 9-5 is not a good

    Got Life?:: see...that's all a matter of perception

    Noib Da Mutt: Not really, but let's switch gears...
    Noib Da Mutt: Do you know how to do word association?

    Got Life?:: you say a word I tell you what it reminds me of right?

    Noib Da Mutt: exactly, ok, let's go...
    Noib Da Mutt: Tekneek...

    Got Life?:: fag

    Noib Da Mutt: Jessica Alba...

    Got Life?:: marry me

    Noib Da Mutt: American Idol...

    Got Life?:: whack

    Noib Da Mutt: 50 Cent...

    Got Life?:: homo thug

    Noib Da Mutt: RSTL...

    Got Life?:: Writing

    Noib Da Mutt: Jeff...

    Got Life?:: who?

    Noib Da Mutt: lol, that's a laugh...
    Noib Da Mutt: anyways man, thanks for the time...

    Got Life?:: np guy

    Noib Da Mutt: Wordness, we'll see if you can back up how you feel about yourself...
    Noib Da Mutt: pz...

    Got Life?: pz
  14. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    Final Thoughts​

    by Rikoshay​

    I've been in this league pretty regularly the past 14 months. This time last year, I was Mod. Durring my first stint as Mod, we only had 9 actual matches take place twice. Since I returned, up until this week, we have not even reached that mark.
    This is the first week I've ever modded over 10 matches. Being pretty invovled durring the intervening year, I don't recall there being double digit matches at any time for at least a year.

    Double digit matches! Woo hoo!

    Then again...almost a third of those people involved in matches this past week didn't even cast a single vote. Maybe we only had 7-8 matches two weeks ago but nearly everyone cast at least a couple votes and matches averaged nearly twice as many votes recieved.

    How do we really judge the quality of this league?

    What if we do finally get our over 50 signed-in (Hasn't been since I joined) but we still only have 15 people casting worthwhile votes? Do those of us who give quality votes really want to vote on 15 matches knowing that half those people won't even return the favor with a token minimal vote, let alone a thorough breakdown?

    For now I'll just chalk it up to the fact that we had a large number of unseasoned participants last week and since we're only now entering week 5, I'll anticipate that, with time, the mechanics of the league will drive voting quantity.
    As for quality, some times you can say all that needs to be said in 3 lines. Sometimes you can write a novel and say nothing. Just try to think about what you want to see included in votes on your match, and include those elements in the votes you cast.
  15. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    Oh and look at that...voter of the week and verse of the week...yea...I really am so self proclaimed...

    hi haters...
  16. Annihilation

    Annihilation CLAUS HOUSE

    Mar 17, 2003

    mag is open for posts btw
  17. Lost Prophet

    Lost Prophet 11/04/2000 - 06/19/2009

    Nov 4, 2000
    Funniest shit list I've ever seen.
  18. UneekTestimony

    UneekTestimony New Member

    Feb 16, 2003
    Anni you're a very very good writer from a journalist point of view. Oh and, thanks for the cypher win thingy. Didn't even know you could win anything, lol. And I'll post in here again when everything is posted, since I posted my piece I will need to be entertained until other people drop.
  19. Lost Prophet

    Lost Prophet 11/04/2000 - 06/19/2009

    Nov 4, 2000
    Don't worry, Got Life won't win VOTW this week.
  20. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    Ha...i'd like to see you stop I rock an xzibit avy...
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