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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    RBL Magazine
    Week 43 à 44

    What’s going on guys? Welcome to the first edition of the RBL Magazine typed up by yours truly, iLLWeeMan.

    State of the League

    I have to say in all the years that I’ve been here, and Quriosity can agree with this, this is the worst condition the RBL has ever been in. We’re 10 - 12 deep with no shows every week, nothing spectacular in the battles as far as punches and concepts go, and the voting is just terrible. Something needs to be done here. I believe the rules need to be enforced more. Why does every match need an extension? It takes 20 minutes to write a verse that’s 12 lines long, and you know who you’re battling days in advance. You’re telling me you can’t sit down for 10 minutes, write a few lines, then come back tomorrow and write a few more lines? That’s sad. Those who no show are absolute morons, and should be thrown off of a mountain. The voting is too a big issue. Instead of saying 1 or 2 things about a verse, break that shit down! Tell us why you feel someone won a match - don’t read the other votes and just go off of what they said. Read the verses, give a good critique on each verse (or all 3 if it’s a triple threat match), and cast your vote accordingly. This league used to be prestigious; people used to come from all over the internet, other boards, and want to be a part of the 150+ member league that shut down text leagues all over the world!
    Let’s remember that next time we sign in; next time we want to no show; next time we want to vote.

    Week 43 Recap
    By Resilient. aka iLLWeeMan

    Quriosity vs. TaC
    In a twist of events, Q and TaC decided to do a pic battle. Excellent idea to spice things up. TaC posted first with a style that is known to be a turn off in the text scene now a days. It’s hard to maintain a good flow when executing this style. With the personal attacks on Q’s children, I’m surprised these two gentlemen are still friends! Quriosity posted second with Vintage Q Pic Battling. May I add that Q is one of the best pic battlers this site has ever seen.. Truth. The point of a pic battle is to diss your opponent’s picture, and Q did just that with Hit after Hit.
    Line of the Match:
    “Fat fuck had fame as a child. See, his past is in movies,
    Now tell us what happened to the rest of the cast from the Goonies!” - Quriosity

    Quriosity Wins

    Allanon vs. FlippetyFlop

    Well FlippetyFlop flopped in this match by no showing, although what could we expect from someone with a gay fucking name like that. Allanon is no better, posted up a no show verse nearly 8 hours late. In my book, it’s a double no show - but I don’t make the rules here.

    Allanon Wins

    PharCyzE vs. Tristen

    Another bullshit match, tbh. Tristen no showed - Didn’t even check in; what a joke. PharCyzE had a verse posted that was solid. I did read the verse, but I will not quote anything that was removed before the thread was closed. From what he posted, here’s his best line:
    “i'm great w/ pens.. lightning jabs - but all u hear is sounds of thunda
    than turnaround n hang ten lyk surfers throw'n up cowabungas” - PharCyzE

    PharCyzE Wins

    Gramur vs. wreck’n’eyez
    Decent battle to be honest. Nothing spectacular between the artists here. Whether Gramur admits to “trying” in this battle or not, it was not a good verse. I would say Gramur’s wording was his weak point. Maintained a decent flow, had a generic yet legible style, and showed on time. Wreck didn’t do MUCH better, but he edged it out with fresher concepts and actual punch lines. Still a sub par match.
    Line of the Match:
    “this is an easy win for me, ya skills aint where they need to be
    cuz the only dudes that have trouble with Gramur... are here illegaly” - wreck’n’eyez

    wreck’n’eyez Wins

    Origin vs. Blue Tongue

    I think Blue Tongue is healing from the ass whooping I gave him a few weeks ago, because he no showed. Origin no showed as well, but at least he checked in (?) Both should not be welcome back to the RBL.

    Nobody Wins.

    Contendership Match
    Mister E vs. Resilient.

    I won’t critique my verse, but I showed. Nothing special from me, but I had line after line digging at my opponent for always posting late, no showing, and being the wack piece of shit that he is. Thanks for not showing, asshole, and wasting my time. Someone insert the LINE OF THE MATCH from my verse since I won’t chose one.

    Resilient. Wins

    Championship Match
    Sonny Daze vs. the marshall

    In an upset, the marshall showed up with an average verse, but it was enough to beat with Sonny Daze had to post. This wasn’t the Sonny that we were used to, with stretched out bars, lackluster flow, terrible punches, and weak execution. Was it really Sonny that posted? Definitely not his style. the marshall showed up with decent at best concepts that needed some rewording, an okay structure that made it easy to maintain a decent flow, and actual punch lines, although weak, attacked his opponent. Myself and Q agree, structure won this match. There are no quotable lines in this match up.

    The marshall wins.
    (I’ll be seeing you soon)

    Week 44 Ranks and Predictions

    11. Reptilian(0-0) vs. 12. Roadblock(0-0)

    I don’t know either of these guys, so I hope they both show and have a good match up.

    9. T.a.C(0-1) vs. 10. Ravenous510(0-0)
    I don’t know Ravenous, but I know TaC. TaC has a decent amount of talent once he strays away from that style of his. Ravenous has been active on this side for a few days, so I hope he shows up on time.
    My vote - TaC

    7. SonnyDaze(14-2) vs. 8. Gramur(4-4)
    Judging by last week’s showing by both artists, this will be a good battle. Gramur claimed “he didn’t try” so if he tries maybe he’ll win. As for Sonny, if he posts the garbage he posted last week, Gramur will take this. I think if Sonny sits down and actually writes his verse, he’ll edge this out.
    My Vote - SonnyDaze

    5. Allanon(1-0) vs. 6. Quriosity(1-0)
    All I’ve read from Allanon was his no show verse that didn’t even show a hint of any talent. It’s a no show verse, that contained probably 15 words. As for Quriosity - This guy is nasty when he wants to be.
    My Vote - Quriosity

    #1 Contendership Match
    3. Wreck’n’eyez(1-0) vs. 4. PharCyze(1-0)

    This is going to be a decent battle. I read PharCyzE’s verse when he posted the full verse before editing out for the no show, and it was solid. Maintained a great flow, had some decent concepts. Judging by Wreck’s previous post, he’s going to have to come up with some good ideas.
    My Vote - PharCyzE (if he posts with the same magnitude)

    Championship Match
    C. The Marshall(3-2) vs. 2. Resilient(3-0)

    Well, I won’t toot my own horn because I know I’m not the best, but I will beat the marshall. If he posts anything near what he posted this past week, I can post a no show verse and beat him. The marshall, however, has posted some solid lines in the past. I myself am confident enough to know that I will win. Make sure you post on time, TM.
    My Vote - Resilient. Will be the new champ!​
  2. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    Verse of the Week!
    For Week 43


    Fat fuck had fame as a child. See, his past is in movies,
    Now tell us what happened to the rest of the cast from the Goonies!
    Chunky butt, with that double chin up under ya mug,
    I wonder when you’re in a deep thought, which one do you rub?
    And I see that you shave it, but fa’real, ya hopes dim,
    Looking like you grow two totally separate beards on both chins,
    But really, you should be getting whores and sex,
    Cos you’re just one Chin away from having a bukkake orgy fest,
    And at least I get well fed for molly-whoppin’ this nigga,
    Cos I’ll roast T.a.C, and be good for about 6 or 7 holiday dinners,
    And fuck 20, cos pound for pound, I’m the best type,
    Plus there’s enough lines in ya neck to go 3 more rounds with DethStryque,

    With wits, flow, punches, and a damn good job dissing the picture submitted by TaC, Quriosity came out with some serious fire.

    Top 5 To Look For

    5. Sonny Daze
    Something tells me he’ll be back for more. After suffering a loss at the hands of the marshall last week, he’s hungry to be back on the top again in that champion seat. It will be a tough road with Quriosity, TaC, PharCyzE and Restilient. In this league.

    4. Quriosity
    Definitely someone to look for, and probably going to be the most dominant force in the current RBL.Q comes from a long line of veterans on this site who used to win and win and win. Q knows nothing else but to win. I foresee him being in the champ match in 2 weeks.

    3. PharCyzE
    From what I read before he edited out his verse, very solid individual, depicting fresh concepts, nice flow, and some hard hitting personals. I see PharCyzE to be a force in the upcoming weeks.

    2. Resilient.
    Although I haven’t heard real opponents due to no shows, I will say that I am working on getting rid of the rust and beginning my reign here. It will be tough with the other members, but I’m sure I can hold out. I see the only competition right now would be Quriosity and PharCyzE, but I’ll wait for some to prove me wrong.

    1. The marshall
    The marshall rid SonnyDaze of his title after those long week of him being champion. The marshall will show up, hopefully on time, and do what he has to do to win the match. His only vice is being on time, ‘fore he likes to get extensions to the dead lines.

    To those I do not know; Allanon, Reptilian, Ravenous, and Road Block - I wish you all good luck in the upcoming weeks in the Rapmusic Battle League.


    That will end this edition of the RBL Magazine. Stay tuned next week for more recaps, reviews, and information.
  3. Reptilian

    Reptilian I need live meals.

    Aug 2, 2012
    Hey...i dont know anyone here but i posted up my verse against roadblock.
    im thinking he will no show! Peep my verse though if youve never met me. You may like, you may not. Any feedback appreciated!
  4. BarZ.

    BarZ. Over Everything

    Jan 24, 2012
    i ready ya verse rep..

    1st.. i'm dunk'n over you from outta bounds... - unless you got Vince Carter in his prime/Lebron when he first came to the league/Michael Jordan b4 he played baseball all rolled up in 1 person... it's almost damn near impossible to dunk on some1 from outta bounds.. Just Say'n..!

    2nd... ur last line.. why is it BLACK guy from crowd: say it again
    it couldnt' be a random guy/latino/even arabic guy...
    i would've put Random person in crowd: say it again...

    decent verse.. i'll give more feed after the battle to give insight
  5. BarZ.

    BarZ. Over Everything

    Jan 24, 2012
    Great Mag..!
    the breakdowns were on point and the insight was great
    SN: if you Ever need Help w/ the MAG for Just in case Purposes i'm down to help
    like a top 5 bars of the wk.
    worst 5 bars of the wk.

  6. Resilient.

    Resilient. .. . ..

    Sep 9, 2001
    Thanks Phar.
  7. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Weezy, youdamanbro. Excuse the hiatus guys, had some personal shit going on. So, I'll be back contributing starting next week. Weezy, i will hit you up this weekend and see what you want to do for the Mag, and go from there.

    ps: wtf? Did they finally let T.a.C change his name?
  8. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    lmaoooooooooo @ W.eezy being a smiley
  9. Resilient.

    Resilient. .. . ..

    Sep 9, 2001
    Lol. Of you type "we.ezy" it's a smiley. Where's the []'s? Lol

    And no doubt man. Hit me up. I have recaps almost done.
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