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What do you prefer to read/write about?

  1. Love

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  2. Death

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  1. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001


    ..The Tribune : Vol. 3 : Issue 3..

    I. Introduction
    II. Weekly Poll
    Play-Offs Pamphlet
    III. Play-Off Finale
    IV. Got Life? Breaks Down S3:WK3
    V. Loose Cypher
    VI. Got Life? Interview With MetaSin
    VII. Divisional Format Feature
    VIII. MetaSin Predicts DF:WK1
    IX. Mod Balls
    X. … Of The Week
    XI. Competitor Profile
    XII. Outroduction

    I. Introduction

    Hello. This week's mag is a transition between the Seasonal and Divisional Formats.

    Next Week will see a more compact and tightened mag as it will be strictly all about the Divisional Format.

    II. Weekly Poll

    Last week’s poll of “Topical or Story?” was a tie: 5-5

    This week’s poll asks: “Love or Death?”

    What content do you prefer to read/write between Love and Death?

    A: Love
    B: Death
  2. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001

    III. Play-Off Finale

    4 became 2 as the race toward the champion of champions title heated up.

    Eye-Rime Vs Got Life?

    The voting deadline was extended by 5 days as the votes were very thin on the ground and it didn’t seem right to close down the thread with so few votes. This battle went back and forth with the lead changing in the run up to the deadline. I’m still quite disappointed that we only managed a handful of votes but at least this match seals the coffin on the Seasonal Format and Jook’s stench in the league.

    The battle itself wasn’t of epic proportions but on the same token they gave 2 verses that were worth reading and no-one could complain about the level of writing on show.

    Congratulations to both writers for making the finale.
    Extra congratulations to Got Life? for his win and title of Champ of Champs for Season 2.
  3. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001


    IV. Got Life? Breaks Down S3:WK3

    Got Life? 0-0 (20) v. Infinite Truth 0-1 (9)

    I know IT doesn’t care and I don’t read my breakdowns of my own match so I’ll make this brief for anyone that cares. IT wrote about a demented kid that drew some fucked up images about him marrying his sister, his parents flipped out, the dad tried to end it with a chainsaw, but the kid managed to get the chainsaw, kill his family and then off himself. I write about a brother who in a drunken drugged up state admitted his desires for his sister in which he raped her only to return to find that she mutilated herself resulting in her death after which he longed to take her place. This was truly a battle of the sick and twisted in which I won by a very clear margin.

    Lucifa 22-9 (7) v. rocket 0-2 (-3)

    Lucy needed an easier week so I don’t blame him for moving rocket as his alternate; after all, giving oneself an ego boost is thoroughly justified. I’m just busting his balls, but on a serious note this battle was actually much closer than I ever anticipated it to be. Rocket’s verse was still pretty much unbearable and he’s going to need to step it up by a mile if he wants to stand any chance against me this week, but Lucy didn’t bring the fire either. Lucy’s verse was a topical approach to how we leave the world fucked up for the youth. While this could have been a really well executed idea as it definitely started off in the right direction and I’m sure as Lucy is a father that this is something he genuinely relates to and genuinely considers, but where this fell off was that it was to vague and the examples given weren’t any of substantial consequence. It was like a B-/C+ grade overview of the fucked up things in the world compared to the topical that TR brought out early in season 2 where he went on a statistical killing spree. It was that lack of powerful examples that toned down a possible gem from shining for Lucy. On the other hand rocket decided to shy away from his typically depressing pieces that only he himself and I guess his wife understand and went the route of a samurai story. For those that read my battle with Vern in the season 2 final 4, you’d know that these kinds of pieces are of interest to the RSTL readers/writers and if executed well can be quite effective in garnering the win. Rocket however did seemingly everything in his power to drag this concept through the mud and make it almost unbearable. His structure, flow, and mechanics were painful. Beyond that the piece quickly lost focus and you were left with a jumbled clusterfucked verse. While the outcome was no surprise it was still nice to see both guys give an effort to vote and it’s also nice to see activity back on the rise in the league.

    .:pain:. 2-0 (6) v. nom de plume. 8-4 (6)

    Take your pick between this match and mine with IT as battles of the week and deservingly so. This match saw two former champs match wits; Pain a champ of the old generation and probably one of the biggest sleepers in the league vs Nom who seemingly had that one good run, won the title and hasn’t brought the same content to the table ever since. Two distinctly different styles clashed here and Pain proved to be the favorite amongst the readers who preferred his natural hip hop flavor as opposed to Nom’s poetic approach. Pain wrote a verse about a boy who from what I got was forced by their father to sleep with his sister while their father watched. At the end of the day the brother seemed to get past it all with the demise of the father however his sister was left scarred forever to the point where she now works the corner turning tricks. The brother obviously wants to help his sister, but seemingly nothing can be done. Nom on the other hand stayed the course with being obscure throughout his entire piece and while his wording was quite eloquent the piece didn’t unfold until the very end providing insight into the piece being a dedication to Mother Nature. At the end of the day it just wasn’t enough to get past the emotion and relatability that was established by the characters in Pain’s piece.
  4. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    IV. continued..

    Pharaohe Def 1-0 (4) v. Chin Kwon 1-1 (1)

    I think out of everything this battle disappointed me the most. It pitted two people that while fairly unfamiliar to most RSTL heads have a decent amount of experience with topical/storytelling writing and who have been on my radar as people to watch once they get the ball rolling on their mechanics and such. What this actually turned out being is that Pharaohe completely let me down by dropping just a few bars (enough for it to be considered a show) which actually teased the fuck out of myself and other voters being that we found his beginning quite interesting and would have liked to see where he went with it. Chin on the other hand wrote a piece about a father realizing that he was being too hard on his young son and vowing that he would take it easier and accept his son as a child. The piece was decent but it lacked strong imagery and emotion to really connect the reader to the subject at hand. I think it’s pretty clear that Chin got off the line pretty easy in this one though from what I’ve seen of the kid he didn’t like catching the easy win and will be back with a full head of steam this week. Pharaohe on the other hand better make sure to vote and write a full verse or else I’ma be kicking that ass and throwing bird shit at him in the weeks to come.

    Mic-illaH 0-1 (1) v. sfsportsfan 0-0 (0)

    Last week I gave praise to Mic-illaH as I saw him as someone that could be effective in this league if he hones in on his writing and I stand by that, on the other hand SF is going to be a major project and needs more help than just about any writer I’ve ever seen. I guess lets start with SF first since he posted first. This verse was clearly rushed and while well ahead of the deadline, it should have been molded into a more concise piece as it would have had a better impact. He used the topic you’re sleeping with your boss’s wife where his character not only sleeps with his boss’s wife, but is caught by the boss, finds out that the boss killed the wife while he slept and had also had enough time to have sex with his wife. A piece that got really jumbled as everything happened very quickly and the details were scattered and underdeveloped. The dialogue throughout the entire piece was very rigid, the flow was off, and it seems that for some reason an arm grabs the main character and this causes him to die as 911 isn’t quick enough on the scene. Two things bother me about this; you don’t know how he dies and who would bother to call 911 for him if they killed him. Anyway that was just a giant mess to read and pretty hard to get through. On the other hand Mic didn’t come with the most original verse, but it was night and day compared to SF. Mic’s piece had a character on his way home from a poker game that ended up wrapping his car around a tree. From here we go through the entire piece hearing about the out of body experience with all the details, the panic, and the emotion in a rather vivid account until the plug is pulled. It would have been nice to see a more original spin on this concept; however it was executed well enough with solid flow/scheme and mechanics to get beyond SF with ease. Mic only voted on 3, however even taking the 2 vote hit he still won by a very significant margin as not a single vote was cast in SF’s favor.

    Rap Antics 0-0 (0) v. MC Guttso 0-0 (0)

    I really didn’t expect much when I saw this battle on the card considering I haven’t seen either of these guys in the league prior. What it all came down to was RA won by votes, but since he didn’t bother to vote on anyone else’s match Guttso actually cruised by him for the win. What actually broke down in the writing though went down like this: Guttso posted first and while the connection between the old man and the deranged exorcist lookalike in a broken down hospital bed wasn’t exactly great, he pulled it off. The reason he was able to do this is because his verse took an old man and turned him deranged, as he turned insane and started hallucinating, the verse actually picked up steam and got better. Parts of this were definitely shaky, but clearly this kid has some original ideas in his head and as he tightens up his skills he’ll become someone to watch for. RA didn’t put his topic anywhere in the verse, but you can pretty much assume he ran with “War at Home” like about 300 other people did this week as the RSTL featured a week on domestic disturbances. The verse didn’t necessarily offer anything special, but it was written in a style that allowed it to be easily appreciated. The structure actually resembled that of Rico’s in the season 1 tourney when he was actually trying. Personally I felt like the piece about a daughter who was abused by her father, who also abused her mother finally getting to exact revenge on him as he lays there in the gutter lacked a bit of satisfaction. I would have rather seen him get dragged out in the dirt more and suffer from disease rather than a gun shot putting him at ease, but alas this was not my piece to write…what did come out of this though is a pretty close battle depending on what you prefer to read and how much effort you wanted to put into understanding/reading both verses.

    And with that we conclude another Week in Review.
  5. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    V. Loose Cypher


    For S3:WK3

    Top Match: nom de plume. v .:pain:. : Link
    This makes the top spot on the basis that this was possibly the hardest match of the week to vote on. As Pain showed up in this battle with solid content that was delivered a little sub par, whilst nom gave his verse a lick of elegance but lacked enough depth to the content to carry it through. It was a good read on both accounts but for different reasons, whilst both being good in their own right the winner came down to the content itself and Pain won. Good shit fellas.

    Top Verse: Got Life? : Link
    I don’t think many people put a lot of effort in during S3:WK3 due to the reset of records and such, so this selection was quite hard but also quite easy. This probably comes down to the fact he was against Infinite Truth that Got Life?’s verse had a shining light to it over the week, as everyone ups their game against IT. This wasn’t the best verse I’ve read from the IronMan, but it did have enough strength in showing to take the top spot for the week. Well done.

    Top Voter: Chin Kwon
    There were various names in the hat this week, including someone that wasn’t even signed in. However, for me, I think Chin Kwon deserves praise for his voting as he makes sense in his crit by saying what he liked and disliked, keeping his opinion fair and just. He also doesn’t fill his breakdowns with clichéd terms and shows that he clearly reads both verses and thinks about what he’s typing before doing so.

    Top Competitor: 3-Planes
    And he’s not even competing?!? Technically no, he wasn’t facing an opponent in S3:WK3 but he gave his time after signing up to the Divisional Format to go and vote on every match. Yes, EVERY match up. His feedback may have been a little harsh and downbeat but he made valid opinion when he didn’t have to. He’s signed up and competing in DF:WK1 and will be making a fight for the 1st Champ Gauge, so people beware.

    Top Dog: Got Life?
    How can anyone else take this spot for this week? He has just been crowned (somewhat controversially) the Champ of Champs for Season 2 by beating Eye-Rime 5-4 on votes in the finale. He followed that by beating his CGI crew member and very talented writer Infinite Truth. There’s a clutch of people in the RSTL that would be short odds on taking the 1st Champ Gauge and Got Life? is certainly one of them.
  6. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    VI. Got Life? Interview With MetaSin

    E Got Life: Ok kids, scumbags, and aliases...he's a loveable People's Champ...no not Calibre...it's Metasin...whaddup guy?
    itz L to the T: not too much fella... tired as fuck, but being entertained by one of your many e-beefs lol
    E Got Life: Meh...I don't consider any of it beef...like I wouldn't go see any of these kids even if they lived within 10 minutes of me to slap them around...it's a waste of time really...but while it's dead at work...shit happens
    E Got Life: So what brings you back to the league?
    itz L to the T: damn net connection
    E Got Life: Your damn net connection brings you back to the league?
    itz L to the T: it logged me off
    itz L to the T: but
    itz L to the T: I like the new format of the league
    itz L to the T: competition looks solid
    itz L to the T: and lil details such as u picking pictures
    itz L to the T: and lucifa dedicating more time
    itz L to the T: are all positives in my eyes
    E Got Life: word...i was a big fan of this format when riko and claus use to run it and I helped mod back then as well so i'm glad tr and lucy were for it when i brought it to tr's attention...naturally they changed it up to fit their own mold /w a different system, but i'm definitely all for it.
    E Got Life: who do you see as your biggest opponents?
    itz L to the T: man theres a lot of good writers in the league imo... you, tr, Pain, 3pa, Vern, lucifa, q (when he's around), inf (when he's in)... also some newer heads that seem to have some talent i.e. Chin, and Pharoe Def who surprised me with a pretty good verse last time i signed in. I actually noshowed that battle, but I owe him one
    itz L to the T: speedy
    itz L to the T: etc
    itz L to the T: good competition all around
    itz L to the T: Im actually looking forward to beating u...
    itz L to the T: no cheating this time! lol
    itz L to the T: ;-)
    itz L to the T: errr technicalities
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: lmao...
    E Got Life: i think there are a lot of guys in the league that can beat anyone on a given day and vice versa...when you consider that and the odds that you might get alternated you gotta stay on your toes and actually write good verses...it's definitely going to make people have to write more honest pieces
    itz L to the T: definitely. all the drama from last season seemes to be behind us, and I think this will be a successful season for all concerned
    itz L to the T: especially me
    itz L to the T: this whole almost champ, but not quite thing
    itz L to the T: will be overcome
    E Got Life: i dunno...there are at least 9 former champs in the league and i'm sure they'll have something to say about mr. rbl over here champing their beloved RSTL
    itz L to the T: very true... Topical heads dont like when battle heads invade their circle it seems... but most of the dudes are cool. I think last season got me back into the swing of things regard stories and topicals. I have just a lil rust to shake off after my month or so break
    itz L to the T: but I should be fine
    itz L to the T: it won't be easy for me
    itz L to the T: but it wont be easy for them either
    E Got Life: true...i'll give you that...i'll also give you a spoiler...lucy's verse is pretty good.
    itz L to the T: i havent read it yet... but Lucy seems to perform well against me... and I like to return the favor. I guess this is the rubber match between us... with him edging me the first time in the champ match, by a vote... which im still bitter over, lol. I took the second match, and plan on winning this one
    itz L to the T: besides beating point leader last regular season is a good way to start off my season eh?
    E Got Life: Lucy wasn't the point leader cupcake ;)
    itz L to the T: during the regular season he was
    itz L to the T: wasnt he?
    E Got Life: lol nope
    itz L to the T: well watever. lol. Beating a former champ, and game competitor in Lucy will be a great start
    itz L to the T: how bout that? lol
    E Got Life: maybe after he and q went on some rampage of striking down certain wins of mine and whatever else nonsense they did...but yeah...i guess that's a better way to put it...though some people still say that lucy got lucky to win the title as Q had a really off week and some think he was much more fitting as a people's champ and not deserving of a title to date.
    itz L to the T: he defended a few times tho, and he beat me when even Q thought I'd win...
    itz L to the T: he deserved the title
    itz L to the T: regardless cuz
    itz L to the T: he won
    itz L to the T: and he didnt need a technicality
    itz L to the T: oooooooooooooh
    itz L to the T: :crowd cheers:
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: lmao...i sitll beat you when it counted
    itz L to the T: yea after swaying the first vote or two
    itz L to the T: fuck face
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: gtfo
    itz L to the T: lol. u won... so what?
    itz L to the T: that was a champ match too huh?
    itz L to the T: fuck. i gotta stop droppin the ball in champ matches
    E Got Life: lol yeah
    itz L to the T: lol. ion think i ever got shutout tho
    itz L to the T: in a champ match
    itz L to the T: so thats cool
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: especially if you want to win a speedometer
    E Got Life: or gauge...w/e lucy is calling them
    itz L to the T: lol. there are a lot of cool as lil graphics arent there? i like it
    itz L to the T: shows effort
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: yeah...although i'm pretty sure i already have a shrine of gfx dedicated to me in the emcee hookups
    itz L to the T: hahahaha! that one Lucy did, with the dude gettin arrested (i used the original for a story) was great
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: lmao...yeah lucy has been rather on point with that...i also love the one he did with Jook as Gollum holding a fish saying it's my precious
    itz L to the T: lol havent seen that one. Im sure its jokes hahah
    E Got Life: so any predictions on how well you'll do in the league?
    E Got Life: btw...here's jook as gollum [​IMG]
    itz L to the T: Im hoping to win my first few battles, and then win the first champ match of the season... that way i have a better chance of holding both belts at the same time. lol. I dont think thats been done in a while... I dont think it'll be easy, as its already looking like Ima have to drop fire for Lucy. If I get past him and somehow win the champ match I'll prolly sign out for a bit, since I would have collected some much needed points and so forth. I do want to battle Q and Inf this season somehow, as I never faced either and like both of their writing styles
    itz L to the T: lol at its my precious
    itz L to the T: btw I'd also like to battle Pain again (I won the first but think he underestimated me), and 3PA...
    itz L to the T: and I'll beat u sometime this season
    itz L to the T: :cool:
  7. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    VI. continued..

    E Got Life: inf is scatterbox btw, so he's in the league and you don't want to just accumulate points cause it's not seasonal anymore
    E Got Life: plus you lose pts for signing out
    E Got Life: might want to read up on all that superstar
    itz L to the T: lmao Im too cool for rules
    E Got Life: that's why you lost the 2nd time around
    itz L to the T: aaaaaah. zing fuckface
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: neener neener
    itz L to the T: word@ scatterbox i thought that was his performance name only.. didnt even notice him signed in
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: yeah, he's hiding his head after that embarassing loss to me last week
    itz L to the T: didnt see that, but seems unlikely that he'd lose to you.
    itz L to the T: lol
    itz L to the T: inexplicable even
    E Got Life: bah...he only clipped me 3-2 the first time
    itz L to the T: lol. i just think his style is more aesthetically pleasing, and ppl hate u
    itz L to the T: so its surprising hahah
    E Got Life: people might hate me but i've won a whole ton of matches
    E Got Life: neways, i think i had verse of the week last week
    E Got Life: though i tend to think that every week
    itz L to the T: when dont u think u had ve
    itz L to the T: damn
    itz L to the T: i just hit enter
    E Got Life: LOL
    itz L to the T: cuz u beat me to it
    itz L to the T: lol
    itz L to the T: this has strayed from the formal interview eh? lol
    E Got Life: formal interviews are for TR and his republican party
    itz L to the T: <Democrat
    E Got Life: where if they don't allow him to drill for oil he'll shoot them with bird pellets
    itz L to the T: lmao
    itz L to the T: ahahah
    itz L to the T: i like TR too
    itz L to the T: but DEMOCRAT FOR LIFE SON!
    E Got Life: I'm actually Republican, but i'm pretty moderate
    itz L to the T: this just in... Im starting a Democratic subcollective of TMU for anyone interested
    itz L to the T: lol
    itz L to the T: grammatically that may be wrong.. but in my mind its all good
    E Got Life: i think that'll leave Lucy to create a Ralph Nader front and steal votes from you
    itz L to the T: lmao
    E Got Life: how do you like them apples son?
    itz L to the T: with peanut butter, and 2% Milk.
    E Got Life: sounds queer
    E Got Life: how bout a word association to tie this all together?
    itz L to the T: its a healthy snack. lol.
    itz L to the T: uh sure havent done one of those in a while
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: or are you man enough to grade the writers in the league?
    itz L to the T: I can grade
    itz L to the T: doesnt matter
    E Got Life: ok grades are more fun
    E Got Life: people catch feelings
    itz L to the T: lol
    itz L to the T: fuck it. everyone likes me
    itz L to the T: i think
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: your own mother doesn't even like you
    itz L to the T: Im like the polar opposite of u
    E Got Life: we'll start /w the inferior blue division
    itz L to the T: and thats cur ur moms to busy likin me
    E Got Life: calibre...
    itz L to the T: eeeeeh topically... c-
    itz L to the T: i havent seen him
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: D- from me
    E Got Life: SpeedyCal
    itz L to the T: B- (lack of consistency)
    E Got Life: took the words outta my mouth.
    E Got Life: Guttso
    itz L to the T: i dont know. but thats a bad name lol
    itz L to the T: C?
    itz L to the T: D?
    itz L to the T: u tell me
    E Got Life: C-?
    itz L to the T: sure lol
    E Got Life: i've read 2 verses from him
    E Got Life: hard to tell
    E Got Life: umm...fuck a KDP...
    E Got Life: how bout Noble Soldier?
    itz L to the T: Noble seems to understand how to write, but against top comp Ion think he'll win. C is average
    itz L to the T: so C
    E Got Life: i know nothing about him so i'll take your word for it
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: Sacrifice
    itz L to the T: does he have any battles in the rstl?
    E Got Life: he's at least a 2x champ
    itz L to the T: Im newer to rstl so I wouldnt know but he must be atleast a B-B+ writer
    E Got Life: last time i saw him he was like a B or so, but he can definitely be an A- at times
    itz L to the T: word.
    E Got Life: Tbone!? wtf blue division blows dick...
    E Got Life: umm Chin Kwon
    itz L to the T: d-
    itz L to the T: lol
    itz L to the T: Chin is good
    itz L to the T: he needs some work
    E Got Life: C+
    itz L to the T: I'd sayu
    itz L to the T: C+
    itz L to the T: yea
    itz L to the T: he'll up his grade as the season progresses
    itz L to the T: imo
    E Got Life: yeah if he sticks it out he should
    E Got Life: Mic-illaH?
    itz L to the T: wtf
    E Got Life: i think he's on the same level as chin kwon
    itz L to the T: really?
    itz L to the T: ive never seen him
    itz L to the T: lucky we dont judge by names
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: yeah...last few weeks you've missed it
    E Got Life: 3-PA?
    itz L to the T: dope. I'd say 3PA has one of the most fluid styles in the league.... just needs to bust loose a bit more.
    itz L to the T: I'd say B+
    itz L to the T: if he wrote more
    E Got Life: i think he's the biggest choke artist in the league and i'll give him a B
    itz L to the T: he'd be higher
    itz L to the T: lol. his styles clean
    itz L to the T: but i see why ud give hima B
    E Got Life: that's fine, but he doesn't beat any good competitors
    itz L to the T: we'll see this season...
  8. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    VI. continued..

    E Got Life: Nomsy
    itz L to the T: Nom grew on me. I didnt like his style at first, but I'd say he does what he does well... A-
    itz L to the T: real cool writing imo.
    E Got Life: i'd say he can write on that level, but he fluxes between an A- and a B- for me...he's very hit or miss
    E Got Life: I'd probably consider him one of the most inconsistent writers
    itz L to the T: yea. But at potential he's a beast
    E Got Life: TheRepublican
    itz L to the T: Good ass Topical Writer... he's never in the league long enough lately
    itz L to the T: I'd say an A because he does his style better than anyone in the league
    itz L to the T: one of the few that beats stories with topicals
    E Got Life: he's hit or miss for me as well, but he's always in the B+/A- range though I've seen some A verses from him
    E Got Life: Pain
    itz L to the T: Pain is dope, but also inconsistent. I'd say he's a solid B varying up and down (c to B+) depending on when he tries
    E Got Life: i'm biased...A- ... blow me
    itz L to the T: lol.
    E Got Life: Dolla
    itz L to the T: kinda a toughy.
    E Got Life: C+ from me
    itz L to the T: His style doesnt appeal to me as much as some... I'd say
    itz L to the T: C+ or B-
    itz L to the T: hit or miss
    E Got Life: fair enough
    E Got Life: now onto the important division
    E Got Life: rocket
    itz L to the T: never seen em
    itz L to the T: i even looked
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: D in my book
    E Got Life: ATP?
    itz L to the T: who is that?
    E Got Life: Ace the Prophet
    itz L to the T: ah
    itz L to the T: he's aite actually. pretty decent writer
    itz L to the T: i'll say about a C+ for now
    itz L to the T: gotta see him against more established writers
    itz L to the T: ive peeped a few open mics tho. not bad
    E Got Life: i'll say C for now
    E Got Life: here's a fun one...what does meta think of meta?
    itz L to the T: Id say Ima solid B.
    E Got Life: B+ creativity needs improvement is my opinion
    itz L to the T: lol
    itz L to the T: yea I write to my potential once and a while
    E Got Life: word...
    E Got Life: lmao...sfsportsfan
    E Got Life: fuckin F
    itz L to the T: D
    itz L to the T: lmao
    E Got Life: gtfo
    itz L to the T: D-----
    E Got Life: how dare you
    E Got Life: F
    itz L to the T: hahahah
    itz L to the T: F+
    itz L to the T: lmao
    E Got Life: read his verse last week
    E Got Life: you'll want to kick him down 3 flights of stairs
    itz L to the T: dude i can imagine. he battles in rbl too
    E Got Life: lmao...
    itz L to the T: like wow really? thats the best u can do?
    E Got Life: neways.
    itz L to the T: he's new tho. hopefully he learns
    E Got Life: Saga?
    E Got Life: C for lack of familiarity, D for su••••ion of Jook alias
    itz L to the T: LMAO
    itz L to the T: I'll ride with u. cuz Ionno the name well
    E Got Life: Tek
    itz L to the T: Tek is a former champ right?
    E Got Life: B, dude is a vet
    E Got Life: yeah...and he's won like 70 battles
    itz L to the T: word. B
    itz L to the T: ive only read a few
    E Got Life: DeadKing
    itz L to the T: DK is underrated to me
    itz L to the T: i like his style
    itz L to the T: I'd say B
    E Got Life: he just won the season 2 tourney
    E Got Life: lmao...
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: B+, stand up guy
    itz L to the T: yea.
    E Got Life: Dougie G
    itz L to the T: C-
    E Got Life: C -
    E Got Life: yup
    E Got Life: kid improved
    itz L to the T: yea.
    E Got Life: Pharaohe
    E Got Life: C+ for cock teasing me last week
    itz L to the T: aaaah. P Def.
    itz L to the T: B from the one verse i've seen
    E Got Life: B when he writes...agreed.
    E Got Life: Rico
    E Got Life: C-
    itz L to the T: C_
    itz L to the T: C-
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: lol @ C underscore
    itz L to the T: hahah
    E Got Life: inf troof
    itz L to the T: A+ when he's on
    itz L to the T: his flow is dope as fuck
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: dude is a beast
    E Got Life: solid A writer
    E Got Life: Lucy?
    E Got Life: Solid B, ranges up to a B+/A- at times
    itz L to the T: I'd say Lucy has done too much to be less than a B/B+ writer
    itz L to the T: i agree with that
    E Got Life: Vern
    E Got Life: Same as IT, dude is a solid A writer
    itz L to the T: yea I havent been as impressed tho
    itz L to the T: but he's a good writer
    itz L to the T: A-/B+
    E Got Life: and then there's me
    itz L to the T: hmmmmm
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: Solid A for myself
    E Got Life: and a gold star
    itz L to the T: A writer
    itz L to the T: who cheats with his older, subpar stuff
    itz L to the T: lol
    itz L to the T: I'd say u vary...
    itz L to the T: a bit
    itz L to the T: sometimes u dont try at all
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: lol, only cause i recycle
    E Got Life: when it seems like i didn't try at all it's cause all i did was copy and paste
    itz L to the T: yea.... write new shit that actually relates to the pics
    itz L to the T: loser
    itz L to the T: lol
    E Got Life: at my current state of writing, 20 minutes is all it takes to take your life
    itz L to the T: lmfao. spend 20 mins against me and u'll regret it
    itz L to the T: :-D
    E Got Life: no i wont
    E Got Life: i'll just find the appropriate rule to exploit
    itz L to the T: lmao
    E Got Life: and with that Spain beats Germany 1-0
    itz L to the T: haha
    E Got Life: neways, i'm off to eat lunch and knock back a few
    E Got Life: any last words?
    itz L to the T: Good Luck Lucy... and anyone who stands in the way of Meta God taking your soul... or somethin along those lines.
    itz L to the T: TMU
    itz L to the T: lol
    itz L to the T: TMU in yo bitch and all that
    E Got Life: umm...CGI says we snort 8 balls off your mothers back and thighs
    E Got Life: then we kick start the bitch
    E Got Life: OMGasaurus.
    E Got Life: i'm out.
  9. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    VII. Divisional Format Feature

    You can find detailed information by Clicking Here.

    A Quick Over-View:
    Divisions: The league has been split in to 2 groups of competitors.
    A RED and BLUE division.
    You will battle it out against people in your division to climb the ranks of one or the other.
    Top ranks will feed in and out of (League) Contender and Champ matches after 4 weeks of competition.
    Losers drop into the opposite division to which they ‘escaped’ from.
    Use the link provided to see much more detail on how the Divisions and Contender/Champ matches work.
    Worth Points: The league will now rank with Points rather than Records.
    Points reward your own effort and input to the league.
    You will have 2 Points Values. Accumulated (always climbs) and Active (variable points used for ranks).
    It is possible to earn more points in a loss than the winner obtains, depending on effort. Since points are awarding for such things as – voting quantity and verse post date.
    Other interesting and fun things will be done with the points over time, including possibly “gambling/betting” with Active Worth.
    Use the link provided to see much more detail on how the Points break down in value.
    Your goal?
    To achieve Champ status and earn yourself an RSTL Champion Gauge:

    So with all of that said, here is the 1st Official RSTL Divisional Format Table(s):

    The ranks above translate to the following match-ups for DF:WK1:
    1. Got Life? v 14. rocket
    2. Vern Acular v 13. Ace the Prophet
    3. Lucifa v 12. MetaSin
    4. Scatterboxx v 11. sfsportsfan
    5. RICO v 10. Saga
    6. Pharaohe Def v 9. TeKneek
    7. Dougie G v 8. DeadKing

    1. DaAlmightyDolla v 14. Calibre
    2. .:pain:. v 13. SpeedyCalhoun
    3. TheReturn v 12. MC Guttso
    4. nom de plume. v 11. _KDP_
    5. 3-Planes v 10. NOBLE SOLDIER
    6. Mic-illaH v 9. SacriFICE
    7. Chin Kwon v 8. tbone

  10. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    VIII. MetaSin Predicts DF:WK1

    1. Got Life? v 14. Rocket
    I don’t know who the hell Rocket is, but unless he’s an alias, or surprisingly talented, I belive GL? Takes this rather easilly.

    2. Vern Acular v 13. Ace the Prophet
    Ace has shown the ability to write decently, but its hard to ask a newer member of the league to step up and beat someone the quality of Vern. I see Vern taking it convincingly.

    3. Lucifa v 12. MetaSin
    The RUBBER MATCH!!! We’ve battled twice before, splitting the series thus far. We seem to be able to rise to the occasion against one another, and this promises to be more of the same. I know Lucy has already posted, and he’s done his part… now all that’s left is mine. We’ll see what happens.

    4. Scatterboxx v 11. Sfsportsfan
    Infinite could write an ode to his penis, in pig latin,… in giant rainbow colored font,… post late,… and still win this one. Sorry SF but Scatterbox is out of your league, and this wake up call may leave you out of ours. >;^D

    5. RICO v 10. Saga
    I have Saga taking this one.

    6. Pharaohe Def v 9. TeKneek
    I haven’t read much of TeK but he’s a good writer… From the one verse I read from P. Def he is also a decent writer himself. I’d say Tek would win this battle more often than not, but I’ll go with P. Def because I love upsets.

    7. Dougie G v 8. DeadKing
    I got DK beating DG. DK seems like a more polished writer, with a better flow… Dougie has improved but still has a bit to go.

    1 DaAlmightyDolla v 14. Calibre
    I got DAD taking this one. I see him taking this with a better story, and more RSTL experience.

    2 2. .:pain:. v 13. SpeedyCalhoun
    This will be a good battle. I actually think both of these fellas are pretty dope writers, but I think I’m leaning slightly towards Pain by a vote or two. I think SC has a chance to take this even when Pain tries, so if Pain half asses (like he’s known to) SC will take it.

    3 3. TheReturn v 12. MC Guttso
    I don’t know who MC Guttso is but I know who TR is. I think The Republican takes this one with a smooth topical.

    4 4. nom de plume. v 11. _KDP_
    Nom is one of the better writers in the league, and honestly I think he takes this one easilly, unless KDP is an alias, or I’m just clueless as to who he is.

    5 5. 3-Planes v 10. NOBLE SOLDIER
    Noble may be able to conjur up a good story, but I think 3-P’s style is a bit to slick, and flow is a bit too dope for it to matter. I hope he doesn’t halfass, as it’d be nice to see him put in some effort.

    6 6. Mic-illaH v 9. SacriFICE
    I honestly don’t know of either writer’s topical prowess, but I’ll go with SacriFice… as I like his name better. Lol.

    7 7. Chin Kwon v 8. tbone
    Chin Kwon seems to be the better writer, but tbone apparently gave away his sn, so if its an alias he may win… If its not I don’t see him taking it in any way. Vote- Chin
  11. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    IX. Mod Balls

    A repeat segment this week, cos you guys really need to understand this shit.

    Know Where You Stand

    The Rules & Regulations are found : HERE
    They have been updated for use within the Divisional Format.
    The Division Format is explained : HERE
    We’ve attempted to explain it as easy as possible. Any questions, feel free to ask a moderator.

    The moderators are here to keep the league moving in the right direction. We will not rule with bias and when competing are bound by the exact same rules. The rules are written for clarity to both competitor and moderator, with the stipulations clear on what happens if a rule is broken.

    Don’t be a bitch. Just do the do and don’t step out of place. This way you will be fine and not feel hard done by when you are deemed to have infringed upon a rule outlined in the appropriate thread.

    Moderator Word Is Law!
    So lick our balls and have a nice day.​
  12. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    X. nom’s … Of The Week

    This week’s OTW selections are opted for by nom de plume.

    Honey Of The Week
    Keira Knightley




    Music Video Of The Week
    OutKast – Da Art Of StoryTellin Pt.2


    Random Video Of The Week
    Amazing Hand Shadow Puppets


    nom’s Joke Of The Week

    What is the main cause of Paedophilia?

    Sexy Kids.


  13. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    XI. Competitor Profile


    Profile of: TheReturn

    Selected Image:

    Accumulated Worth: *000*

    Link To Self-Written Proudest RSTL Verse:
    "Running from the Past"

    Self Reflection:
    I'm an A++ that's made the RSTL my bitch for 2 years. If you've been beaten by me, consider yourself lucky to have been in the same match as me. If you've beaten me, I let you. Seriously though, my weak point is creativity and consistency, strong points are multi-rhymes that sound natural and a good flow. I also make music plucking at the strings of your emotions when I write. I've won two titles, but defended the second one for five weeks, would've signed out on top but J o o k convinced me to stay in so his alias could face me while I wasn't motivated, in order to avenge the whooping I put on him before. I'm not very active, and usually just stay in around 8 weeks at a time before taking an extended break. My highlights include winning a title in my first four weeks in the league, also coming out on top against legends like Vern Acular and DiC GeTs GuLLY. I don't really beef with anyone, I'm a pretty chill guy, but no one is exempt from the infamous TR one-liners.

    League Reflection:
    I enjoy writing, it's an outlet for me, and it's relaxing when insomnia is getting the best of me, which is usually the reason my verse is finished on the same day matches go up. I'm also ridiculously competitive in real life, and it has carried over a few times to the league, but I think I do a pretty good job of reminding myself it's the net. I can't really say I've had any specific influence. I got my short bar style from USER's old open mics, and some of Richard Corey's concepts used to be dope as hell to me. I really enjoy getting philosophical in my pieces at times, and respect anyone that goes above the usual storylines to put their thoughts into their work. I wish the leauge would pick up in activity, back when there were 30 heads competing was always fun, but the way it is right now is more like a small family where everyone knows what everyone else is capable of bringing to the table, so each has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Moderator Interview:
    Q: Tell us why you joined the RSTL and what keeps you coming back.
    A: I joined the RBL when I first got to Rapmusic, that was like late 2003, and once I'd had enough with that I tried my hand in the RSTL under Everkleer, had a terrible record, and still hadn’t sorted out a style for myself. Came back in late 2004 under this name with some inspiration to write, and ever since then it's been a way to outlet a bunch of shit that goes on in real life.

    Q: So you've seen the league in many conditions. Apart from activity, how do you feel the present RSTL compares to those of old?
    A: Well, it's smaller and a lot more close-knit mainly. People say the talent level has fallen off, but I don't really see it. Sure more activity means more good writers, but with a smaller group of solid writers you don't really have any off weeks so you have to bring your best every week in order to really succeed.

    Q: So who, from past and present, would you consider your toughest opponents?
    A: Vern Acular, first and foremost. But I've had run-ins with DiC, SacriFICE, Quriosity, J o o k, yourself, Got Life?, nom, pretty much all the big guys of the new era except for Baron. Not sure how we avoided that one.

    Q: I'm sure you've been pitted against one of his many aliases. Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on using an alias?
    A: I don't have a problem with it, as long as it's done fairly. Hell, TR is an alias when it comes down to it. As long as no one has more than one alias that they use to vote for themselves, I don't really see what the big deal is. As a matter of fact, the coolest thing I've seen done in the RSTL was the no ID tourney, which was like 64 people, all aliases.

    Q: I agree with the fairly used alias. The No ID thing sounds good, but how are you feeling the new (re-introduction of) Divisions?
    A: Completely in favor of it. I think the RSTL really needed something new after the shit that went down, and I wasn't really sure why the points system was ever stopped in the first place, so suggesting that it be brought back was something I really wanted to do. I think it has really given a much needed breath of life to the league.

    Q: Now it's up and running and you can see the divisions, what are your predictions for the 1st Champ match and Champion?
    A: Well, I have to take into account early posting and extra voting as opposed to just wins for that, which is something I can definitely see you and Got Life? being good at in the Red Division. Blue Division looks a lot lazier with the likes of me, nom, and Pain, so I'd probably go with a pick like 3-Planes for the first Blue contender, and hopefully you could pull one off on Got Life? this time around. I'm going with 3PA as first champion, since he's got RHYME off his mind and is totally focused here now.

    Q: I think records caused a lot of problems with people for various reasons, hopefully the points=worth thing works out better. So, as we wrap this up, what are you looking forward to most from the Divisional Format and 'new' era?
    A: Getting my animated speedometer son.

    haha, word ‘em up. Good luck with that.
    Thank you, thank you.

    12-16 Line KeyStyle ~ Self/RSTL Related:
    Posted in thread.

    OutSide Of The RSTL:
    I don't really listen to rap music. When I ride around with friends it's Three Six Mafia, shit gets me hyped, but when I'm relaxing it's usually Kanye or Jay-Z, and if I'm in the mood for something different I'll put on some Ness Lee. I'm an architecture student, which keeps me really busy, and I work under my grandfather who is an engineer so I can take over his construction company in a year or two, so I'll be bankrolling then son. Let's see, I was an all-state first baseman in high school, and won two baseball state championships. I lack sleep and party a lot, I also have a metal plate in my head. My friends call me Party Petty, I will talk shit to anything that breathes, especially if I'm drunk, and I'm kind of a big deal.

    The Last Word:
    If you like my writing, thanks. If I've influenced you, thanks, you've probably influenced me too. If you get offended by something I say, I don't care because I was probably joking. If I wasn't joking, then fuck you. I don't do audio, I don't have aspirations to be a rapper, and I don't give a fuck if you vote against me as long as you keep reading my shit.
  14. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    XII. Outroduction

    There we have it folks, the end of all that was Jook tainted is now confined to history and the RSTL moves on from this week onward in the Divisional Format. There’s a nice buzz around the forum right now and I really hope people will keep up the interest and make this all worth the effort and time we’ve been putting in to making this work and making it work WELL.

    We need you guys pulling in the same direction. So please do pay attention to the Mod Balls segment and be sure that you are clear on how things work and your part on those workings.

    Thanks to the contributors to this issue: Got Life?, MetaSin & nom de plume.

    If anyone would like to submit material to the mag then feel free to contact me:
    AIM = Lokoveli
    MSN = lokinontoyou@hotmail.co.uk
    Email = lokoproductions@hotmail.co.uk
    Or simply PM via RM.com
  15. 3-Planes

    3-Planes Cruel... and unusual

    Oct 16, 2007
    lmao son, i just like imposing my will and the best way to do that is through VOTING (but i didn't vote on every match, i think there was 2 i didn't vote on)

    - as for harsh feedback, when i started out here i sugar-coated the shit out of my votes because you know, i didn't want to earn flak that way.. besides, when i say a verse is flawless i want it to mean something

    dope mag
  16. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    my bad 3-P .. Got Life? said you'd voted on everything (and should have gotten top voter cos of it) .. I remember seeing you in (obviously "almost") every thread .. but whichever .. you showed worth to the league by voting and signing up .. it's appreciated ..

    now we just need to get this league keeping a steady pace of momentum so I can really sock it to that cunt Corey and his bad mouthing of this league over in his tiny community ..
  17. TheReturn

    TheReturn Life of the Party

    Aug 24, 2006
    Fuck Democrats.

    And TMU in ya bitch.

    And damn, I didn't know my profile was this week I thought Q was. I'll edit in my keystyle after I finish my verse. Or some shit.
  18. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    ^i never sent mine,
    i'll get it done this week though.
  19. Pharaohe Def

    Pharaohe Def Take a Swing

    Jun 20, 2001
    dope mag; very long but dope.
  20. 3-Planes

    3-Planes Cruel... and unusual

    Oct 16, 2007
    at whoever voted for 'love' in the poll

    *cough* queers *cough*
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