[MAG] The RBL Herald's Semi-Annual Extravaganza Edition, Week 27

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What would you have done in the same situation?

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  1. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    ----- RBL CHAMPION, WEEK 28 -----



    Shameless Advertisement
    A Champ of Champs
    A Small Serving
    The Final Warning
    In My Defense
    Weekly Poll
    Change We Needed
    Top 10/Grudge Summary
    No-Show Shine
    Punchline Pandemonium
    Personal Punchbowl
    Official Rankings
    Top 10 Predictions
    The Spotlight
    Rising Stars



    This is one of the fattest magazines to date. The league doesn't deserve such hard work and effort. I thank all who helped and I encourage everyone to read everything. Let it soak in and marinate your souls. Get wrapped around the words. Discuss and expand on the issues. Become a part of this league, not just a name on the ranking list. Dedicate yourselves. Show up for your matches, do your best, and don't bail when times are tough. Accept your level of talent, learn from it, and strive for growth. Lower the egos, lose the attitudes, and find yourself. And if all else fails, do something! ..Because, "Easy Come, Easy Go."

    But I don't intend to waste time with a lengthy introduction. We have more than enough bulk to feed your cravings. So, moving on quickly, I would like to end this introduction by extending a warm invitation to those who disagree with the way I write my magazines, or to those who may disagree with my views or the way I express my opinions, or simply to those whom may just want to help out and have a sincere concern for the future of this league. Please feel free to email me at usadesigns1 @ gmail. I am always open to suggestions and help from those who are truly interested.
  2. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By Lucifa


    Hello RBL'ers.

    You may have seen the advert for the RSTL Ironman Tournament in a not too long ago RBL mag. We thank Quriosity for his support of the RSTL whilst his attention is turned to your league. We also hope you guys aren't simply dismissing the RSTL completely because we need your help.

    The tournament is now up and running and the voting is open to everyone that is registered here at rapmusic.com. So we would like to encourage you all to come over and drop votes if you have time and an appreciation of writing rhymes.

    We all know that text is a dying art and leagues struggle with activity levels and the no-shows that blight them. It would be nice to have both the RBL and the RSTL buzzing with life but alas those days are long gone and both just have to ride the rollercoaster of interest at any given time.

    It is a bit of a long shot and I again thank Q for giving the RSTL some exposure in the RBL area, but we are hoping that this small feature will increase the feedback our competitors obtain for the work they will be putting in to their writing. And you never know, it may even inspire some of you guys to try your hand at a harder competition environment that the RSTL offers, when it re-opens after/toward the end of this tournament.

    So yeah, please show some support for this tournament if you can and good luck in your RBL matches this week.

    Visit The RSTL Tournament Forum
  3. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001



    There hasn't been a dominant figure like this in quite some time. Almost refreshing in his reign, Caveat1 restored a certain level of respect for this league in the eyes of many. Though he has successfully concealed his identity, it is no surprise that such a legend would accomplish such a feat. One of the first to ever hold it and one of the longest in recent weeks, Caveat1 has proven to be legendary once again and has crumbled the misconceptions that old textcees are now washed up. He tackled the opposition and rose to the occassion for 17 weeks, only failing to deliver in a single bout. Nearly flawless. Appearing in nine title matches and successfully defending his belt eight consecutive times against numerous veterans and few up and comers all talented in their own respects, Caveat1 has clearly became the model for success within the RBL. He favors a simplistic style and approach, but what Caveat1 lacks in intricate flow he makes up tenfold in pure punches. The definition of a power hitter. In my most humble opinion, he is raw in wording, and effective in choice of content. His ability to focus on an opponent is noteworthy, and he makes mince meat of all who stand in his way.

    He is not Demik.

    He is not Oneduh.

    He is not even Caveat1.

    But, he is a competitor.

    He is a legend.

    He is the last to hold an RBL "Belt".

    And lastly, he is the RBL's very first Champ of Champs.

    Hats off to you and your textual success, and we hope that you return soon.


    [table="head;autonumtitle=rank;width=40em"]V. OPPONENT’S NAME|OUTCOME: VOTE COUNT
    V. MR. DOUGHBOY | W: 6-4
    V. TROMBLEY | L: 0-5
    V. T.A.C | W: 12-0
    V. CRITICIZE | W: 8-0
    V. PABLO BAZOOKA | W: 6-0
    V. TOIL | W: NS
    V. EUSICH | W: 3-2
    V. DEFCON_5 | W: NS
    v. MOUNT [TITLE MATCH] | W: 8-0
    v AREA51 [TITLE MATCH] | W: 9-1

    OVERALL RECORD: 16-1 (94.1%)

    TOTAL VOTES FOR: 101 (69.1%)
    TOTAL VOTES AGAINST: 45 (30.8%)

    NUMBER OF WINS BY KNOCK-OUT: 6 OF 17 (35.3%)



    NUMBER OF NO-SHOW WINS: 4 OF 17 (23.5%)

    View More Statistics In The Archives
  4. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    T.a.C Meets Servical​

    TheDude8125 (4:26:11 PM):
    ok so we couldnt get Cav to do an interview but we may have done just as well, we got the current co-champ and Cav's final RBL opponent, Servical here
    TheDude8125 (4:26:48 PM):
    so Servical, what was it like to end the winning streak of Cav?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:27:47 PM): i wouldn't say i ended it, he had to many dickriders that voted for him so it ended in a tie, but i think it's pretty obvious i shoulda won
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:28:29 PM): he nice though, i give him that, but i think in the end people voted for him cause they didn't wanna see him lose to me
    TheDude8125 (4:29:26 PM):
    did you do anything special to get prep'd for the match? its not often someone puts on a streak like Cav's
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:30:53 PM): nah, i treated that match like any other match, and yea i give props to cav for having a long streak, but he ain't really face a challenge till he battled me, and he almost and shoulda lost till his fans showed up and voted for him
    TheDude8125 (4:31:41 PM):
    do you think Cav would have been champion for as long as he was if it wasnt for these "fans"?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:32:18 PM): i think most of the people who even vote for him in the first place, knows his real alias lol
    TheDude8125 (4:32:42 PM):
    who do you think Cav really is?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:34:26 PM): don't know, don't care, doesn't matter now lol, i didn't even put any thought into who he was untill i was writing my verse against him.
    TheDude8125 (4:34:57 PM):
    i gotta say congrats on the win. how long do you forsee your title reign lasting?
    TheDude8125 (4:35:12 PM):
    do you see anyone in the near future who can de-throne you?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:35:54 PM): eh, not long, i only signed in cause i seen some people i wanted to beat in battle, plus i wanted a rematch with seph and now i got it.
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:36:58 PM): im not unbeatable, the first time i champed the league i didn't even know i did lol, this is just a hobby, its for fun to me, but if i try i know can pretty much slaughter anyone in the league
    TheDude8125 (4:37:30 PM):
    speaking of the whole alias deal, how do you feel about people saying you are an alias?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:38:47 PM): it's funny, people can believe whatever they want, i don't how the fuck people thought i was demik though, and i don't even know who the fuck calefaction is, s'all good though lol
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:39:54 PM): lotta people don't know or remember, but i was here ever since the RBL restarted back when king grimet ran it, guys like striktah, exodus, gundam, purgatory all remember me.
    TheDude8125 (4:40:57 PM):
    how many times have you champed the league?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:41:52 PM): i champed it before not too long ago against doc richards aka demik, thats about it.
    TheDude8125 (4:42:39 PM):
    haha, well that would defeat the demik theory.
    TheDude8125 (4:43:10 PM):
    i know theres a lot of controversy surrounding the way Q runs the league, how do you feel he has done as a mod? and compared to past mods?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:45:51 PM): nobody can really complain, he's done an excellent job hands down, the mag and the battles are usually up on time, he knows how to give real insight on each match and opponent, he tells it like it is, the man deserves props cause he really don't have to be doing this as busy as he is.
    TheDude8125 (4:46:45 PM):
    i agree. so what do you think when you hear someone like E Tha Real, or Calibre talkin shit about Q's running of the league?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:49:02 PM): i don't think nothing of it, just show up and battle, i had differences with q before back when i was a mod, but it wasn't no big deal, people just need to know their place and role in the league.
    TheDude8125 (4:50:54 PM):
    If you had a choice of anyone in the league, who do you most want to battle?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:53:00 PM): just seph, since he won against me before, other than that nobody, everybody i wanna battle is out of the league, i'd like to battle oneduh though but he's out too lol.
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:53:14 PM): i'll even grudge match him lol
    TheDude8125 (4:54:10 PM):
    we gotta find a way to get oneduh to sign in..
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:54:46 PM): fow all we know he probably was
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:54:55 PM): * for all we know
    TheDude8125 (4:55:06 PM):
    lol people were saying he was cav
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:55:18 PM): lol exactly
    TheDude8125 (4:56:04 PM):
    alright so ima name a few people in the league, you let me know what you think of them as battlers
    TheDude8125 (4:56:12 PM):
    sound good?
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:56:20 PM): alright
    TheDude8125 (4:56:45 PM):
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:56:59 PM): he nice
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:57:25 PM): one of the few heads thats beaten me before
    TheDude8125 (4:57:42 PM):
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:58:13 PM): he's nice, most likely an alias
    TheDude8125 (4:58:21 PM):
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:58:41 PM): that nigga garbage
    TheDude8125 (4:58:45 PM):
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:58:48 PM): lol
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:58:59 PM): you alright, decent i'd say
    CalvinTheOne04 (4:59:30 PM): or could be decent, decent-ish
    TheDude8125 (5:00:08 PM):
    haha sick im not garbage atleast, ok so lets wrap this one up with my opponent this week, gundam
    CalvinTheOne04 (5:00:43 PM): he's decentat times, but inconsistant though.
    CalvinTheOne04 (5:00:50 PM): *decent at
    TheDude8125 (5:01:42 PM):
    alright, so last question cuz im running out of ideas
    TheDude8125 (5:01:48 PM):
    T.a.C for mod, do you support it?
    CalvinTheOne04 (5:03:06 PM): no doubt, i'm for it, i'm probably not gonna be in the league though lol
    TheDude8125 (5:03:44 PM):
    haha, alright, thanks for taking the time and letting me interview you, congrats on becoming champ and good luck in your championship run
    CalvinTheOne04 (5:04:19 PM): yeah no doubt, thanks alot. appreciate it.
  5. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    T.a.C Meets Caveat1​

    TheDude8125 (8:32:25 PM): alright, im here interviewing the long raining champ, Caveat1.
    Cav. are you impressed by everything you accomplished these last couple months?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:32:56 PM): first off I thank you for the opportunity with the interview
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:04 PM): was I impressed, definitely
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:10 PM): nobody held a title that long
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:12 PM): for years
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:21 PM): along with that
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:28 PM): I faced some real serious competition
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:39 PM): went up against the likes of kempo
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:41 PM): exodus
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:43 PM): sephiroth
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:44 PM): mount
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:48 PM): area51
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:50 PM): gallactico
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:52 PM): and servical
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:33:58 PM): all far from pushovers
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:34:08 PM): so in retrospect
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:34:19 PM): what was most impressive is the fact I held it that long
    TheDude8125 (8:35:04 PM): congrats on the amazing reign. how did you feel about this past week your match with Servical? were you upset it ended a tie?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:35:33 PM): I tip my hat to servical, thats my fuckin boy regardless
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:35:39 PM): we go way back so if it was a tie
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:35:43 PM): I'm happy it was him
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:35:51 PM): he's worthy and a past champ many times over
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:35:56 PM): under his true identity
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:35:58 PM): am I upset
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:36:06 PM): well a few dynamics were in the mix
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:36:22 PM): first off he didnt have links and also
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:36:29 PM): voted on one less battle than me
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:36:39 PM): calibre vote was discounted as well as gucci manes
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:36:46 PM): so alot of shit surrounded it
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:36:53 PM): Q made the decisions
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:36:55 PM): alot of them
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:37:02 PM): dont agree with them all
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:37:05 PM): but nobodys perfect
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:37:12 PM): he's running the league primarily on his own
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:37:27 PM): and sometimes tries to hard to be rightous
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:37:32 PM): and uphold justice
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:37:38 PM): so upset..nah
    TheDude8125 (8:38:35 PM): why did you sign out? why didnt you want to stick around and possibly be champ for longer?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:38:46 PM): I got nothing left to prove
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:38:52 PM): my winning streak
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:38:58 PM): stretched over a whole season
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:39:03 PM): a quarter of the year
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:39:17 PM): it got tiring and now
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:39:21 PM): I got other leagues to champ
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:39:25 PM): I already started at the top
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:39:36 PM): so theres no where to go but coast to more belts
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:39:43 PM): thing is
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:39:50 PM): every week in the league is unexpected
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:39:58 PM): nothing is set in stone and its unpredictable
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:40:06 PM): I never know who I'm gonna face weeks down the line
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:40:14 PM): so in a league filled with past champ aliases
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:40:28 PM): and people like llama, resin, medichi, kung
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:40:38 PM): and a host of others all in the league at once
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:40:48 PM): no one can ever say my title didnt matter
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:40:53 PM): everyone had the same opportunity to get it
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:41:06 PM): I seized that opportunity and nobody but deon to this day beat me
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:41:17 PM): not being cocky at all, I earned that
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:41:26 PM): everyweek, no excuses or sob stories
    TheDude8125 (8:42:38 PM): haha im one of the victims of your winning streak way back at the beginning. who is one battler in the league that you think could give you a run for your money?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:43:11 PM): didnt notice the rankings this week honestly but I would say user
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:43:26 PM): he's wild busy and often doesnt show due to time issues
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:43:30 PM): and prior shit
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:43:35 PM): but when he does show, the league feels it
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:43:49 PM): that man is a menace, a text beast of the highest zenith
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:44:08 PM): we
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:44:15 PM): battled in the past
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:44:20 PM): real good matches
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:44:42 PM): user gonna be champ soon when he got more time, that i promise
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:44:47 PM): and one other is magus
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:44:52 PM): one of the best to ever do it
    TheDude8125 (8:45:22 PM): so will we ever see you back in the league?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:45:54 PM): believe me when I promise I'll be back to pick my title back up where I left it
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:45:58 PM): may be a while though
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:46:00 PM): because
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:46:02 PM): like I said
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:46:10 PM): I got a few other leagues to champ
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:46:15 PM): and
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:46:26 PM): q making some moves I dont feel
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:46:31 PM): like that whole oneduh shit
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:46:42 PM): that was a joker move demodding that man over nothing
  6. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:46:49 PM): i'll be back.. just not for now
    TheDude8125 (8:47:24 PM): theres a lot of people who support how Q has ran the league and a lot who are against it, where does Cav fall in at?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:47:53 PM): i think q's time he dedicates to the league is honorable
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:47:59 PM): and the league wouldnt function without him
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:48:06 PM): i respect the dedication
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:48:08 PM): and the time
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:48:13 PM): ranks, mags, the whole nine
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:48:27 PM): but like i said, sometimes he gets on his tombstone/wyatt earp shit
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:48:43 PM): and plays the dictator roll
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:48:49 PM): abuses power sometimes
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:48:56 PM): and makes some inept decisions
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:49:06 PM): all in all I support him
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:49:12 PM): making the league run
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:49:18 PM): but
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:49:35 PM): that law of the land shit needs to fallback a little
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:49:47 PM): cuz if he gets high off that power shit
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:49:54 PM): jook needs to check him into detox
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:49:57 PM): its a bad look
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:50:11 PM): anyone who gives time for the
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:50:15 PM): better good of the rbl though
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:50:22 PM): earns everyones respect in a way
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:50:28 PM): another "but" though
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:51:04 PM): shit like the champ match circumstance, the public fighting with members, and my way or the highway mentality, and that whole oneduh thing
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:51:10 PM): are all bad looks on his part
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:51:16 PM): just my two pennies
    TheDude8125 (8:52:11 PM): alright, this is the question im sure everyones waiting for, and you can decline to answer if you want
    TheDude8125 (8:52:15 PM): ..who are you?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:52:41 PM): no comment but what I will say is the people that know me
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:53:08 PM): include jook, magus, user, oneduh, aloe, and jai-z
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:53:23 PM): metasin too
    TheDude8125 (8:54:28 PM): which up and comer do you see being the next Cav?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:54:53 PM): that is a good question
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:55:09 PM): lemme think in my memory bank for a minute
    TheDude8125 (8:55:19 PM): alright
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:55:47 PM): couple dudes that I like on the up and coming tip
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:55:52 PM): windsprizzle
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:55:57 PM): and coil grimely
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:06 PM): those guys got some nice promise
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:12 PM): clever concepts from wind
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:17 PM): he always impresses
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:25 PM): and coil has a nice mix of wordplay
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:32 PM): rhyme schemes
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:34 PM): and personals
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:38 PM): all in one
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:43 PM): I fuck with those two prospects
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:56:56 PM): on some non-vet/big name steez
    TheDude8125 (8:58:27 PM): they are both sick, wind kicked my ass.
    alright i gotta ask, how did you come up with your name?
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:58:44 PM): caveat means warning
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:58:46 PM): so
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:58:56 PM): it was like some allegory type shit
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:59:06 PM): the deep below truth
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:59:19 PM): the name itself was really a warning to the league
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:59:23 PM): I'm coming
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:59:32 PM): and the 1 is because I was the number one issue
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:59:36 PM): warning number 1
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:59:48 PM): so the nom de plume
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:59:53 PM): came from that
    CavTheWorldChamp (8:59:59 PM): a deeper meaning
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:00:08 PM): nothing more then that
    TheDude8125 (9:00:28 PM): haha thats pretty tight
    TheDude8125 (9:00:50 PM): alright, ima name a couple people from the league, you tell me what you think of them as battlers, sound good?
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:01:03 PM): sounds like a plan
    TheDude8125 (9:01:50 PM): ok, Servical
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:02:15 PM): he's ill as fuck
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:02:19 PM): and sandbags a lot
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:02:27 PM): so he'll give the effort he feels necessary
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:02:31 PM): based on who his opponent is
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:02:40 PM): the better then opponent
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:02:43 PM): brings out his best
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:02:48 PM): word
    TheDude8125 (9:03:07 PM): EarlLeeGraves
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:03:27 PM): son is wack
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:03:34 PM): point blank
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:03:38 PM): never felt nothing from him
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:03:41 PM): ego from no where
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:03:54 PM): couldnt pick an ill line if it was ghost written for em by mad skillz
    TheDude8125 (9:04:20 PM): ouch, lmao. wasnt expecting that.
    TheDude8125 (9:04:24 PM): what do you think about Muffy?
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:04:36 PM): muffy is a character
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:04:42 PM): thats my man
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:04:49 PM): old half black half german ass textcee
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:04:59 PM): college student by day battle machine by night
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:05:01 PM): but nah
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:05:05 PM): he's nice
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:05:12 PM): got a great combination in his verses
  7. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:08:58 PM): he's like the michael beasley
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:09:05 PM): of the rbl
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:09:14 PM): making an impact
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:09:17 PM): and learning quick
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:09:18 PM): good shit
    TheDude8125 (9:09:36 PM): LMFAO @ timeshare in the dojo
    TheDude8125 (9:10:05 PM): alright, last one. how about I'm Deon
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:10:16 PM): haha deon is good money
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:10:23 PM): son is underrated crazy
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:10:30 PM): he'll never back down from nothing
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:10:37 PM): dont fear no battle cat
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:10:44 PM): and he has an integrity about him
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:10:52 PM): that I find respectable
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:10:54 PM): and admirable
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:00 PM): he always tells it exactly how it is
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:09 PM): and he's a clever wordsmith
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:13 PM): got lines for days
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:19 PM): he didnt invite me to his league
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:24 PM): but its cool
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:28 PM): I still fuck with em
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:31 PM): real rap though
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:33 PM): son is ill
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:37 PM): and deserves more credit
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:40 PM): then he gets
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:11:43 PM): good dude
    TheDude8125 (9:12:25 PM): yeah, he is definitely underrated, ok so last question, what is your prediction on the championship match this week?
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:12:48 PM): gonna be a shootout
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:12:52 PM): but
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:13:03 PM): if vegas had numbers on this
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:13:12 PM): I'd take sephiroth as the under dog
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:13:18 PM): winning by 1 vote
    TheDude8125 (9:13:36 PM): haha im lookin forward to it
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:13:40 PM): me to
    TheDude8125 (9:13:58 PM): alright bro, thanks for taking the time for this, gonna miss you in the league.. good luck with whatever else you do, and hope to see you back asap
    CavTheWorldChamp (9:14:21 PM): aight son thanks for the opportunity
  8. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    Okay, the rule states that only current, active members of the league and past champions may vote on matches. This is where our dilemma begins. What constitutes a true champion? In my past, and in the present and hopefully future, a champion has been defined as one who has defeated a champion. What I mean is that you are not deemed a champion by way of no-show. If a no-show is to occur, then you revert back to the same system that determines the first champion of any league, 2 contender matches wherein the winners will face off to determine the champion. I admit that I failed to conduct extensive research on the subject, but it was my belief that Calibre was merely a fill-in champion, which by definition would be simply the highest contender after a champion has willingly stepped down. Calibre contended that this was not the case and encouraged me to check the archives.

    Well, I did.

    Here is what I found.

    The archives are misleading, in my opinion. As listed, David Lama was crowned, followed by Calibre. In actuality, David Lama was crowned by way of no-show which is illegitimate being that you cannot become champion by way of no-show. Further, David Lama signed out, leaving the following top match to be simply a contender match in which the winner would face the winner of the second contender match to decide a champion.


    1. John Hensley v. 2. David Lama
    David Lama wins by way of no-show and signs out.

    3. Young Philly v. 4. Macmili
    ^Macmili wins by way of no-show and advances.

    5. Calibre v. 6. wreck'n'eyez
    ^Calibre wins.

    7. Revanon v. 8. KriminaL
    ^Revanon wins.


    1. Macmili v. 2. Calibre v. 3. Revanon
    ^Calibre wins, Macmili no-shows.


    Therefore, you neither defeated a champion nor the number 1 contender. It is true that David Lama considered both his win and yours as championship titles. However, this is false under what the RBL views as a championship title as well as myself. David Lama would have been the number 1 contender the following week, but signed out, leaving Macmili as the number 1 contender. Revanon should have never even been in the match, but even so, the winner of that match would have faced the winner of 4/5 to decide the champion. unfortunately in that match, you lost.

    That's how i see it. You can consider it a title if you so choose, but before i retire as moderator, i will write my own version of the archives and only acknowledge TRUE champions who actually beat a champion to gain the title.

    RBL TOP 20 - Page 10 - Rapmusic.com

    In regards to the championship this past week, Calibre’s vote was deducted as a result of a vote being cast in another match which begged for my attention. In a seemingly deliberate plot fueled by either hatred towards T.a.C or love towards Jai-Z, Cal randomly drops the rainbow vote in a midst of black and white. He applauds Jai’s efforts and nearly claims that every single line is quote-worthy while denouncing every bar of T.a.C’s otherwise flawlessly victorious verse. Neither was great and the votes reflected this belief, however Cal proclaimed that Jai was ruthless in her demeanor and slaughtered the competition with quoteables. I noticed this, remembered the numerous beefs between Calibre and T.a.C as well as a vote cast by T.a.C in Cal’s match in which he failingly opposed, and the fact that Calibre was not signed in nor a past champion. His vote was deducted because of this, and later when he decided to vote in the championship after I had asked him to cease voting until he became a member, I deducted that as well. It had no relation with a fabricated grudge that few may believe I have against Caveat1.

    Another issue of votes deducted was that of a member named Gucci Mane. I know absolutely nothing about Gucci Mane, and I’m sure you all share the same lack of knowledge. What I do know is that Gucci Mane signed in with 3 posts and voted in the championship with 4. I do know that he failed to post a verse last week as well as check in to a match. I do know that he had not viewed the forum under such a(n) username/alias the entire week until he cast his vote. I do know that he cast this particular vote within a matter of 2 minutes. I do know that his vote merely consisted of copying and pasting a chunk of each verse and proclaiming that Caveat1 slaughtered the opposition. I do know that I refuse to allow a character with 4 posts, only 2 relatable to this league, decide such a memorable and talented match-up between two heavyweights. It has been said that my deduction of his vote was wrong, dishonorable, dishonest, an abuse of my power, and simply another attempt to dethrone Caveat1. This could not be further from the truth. I have asked many, and all side with the fact that not only was Gucci Mane’s verse beyond suspect, but utterly ridiculous and should have not been counted.

    The last issue is a lack of 1 voting link on behalf of Servical. For one, at the time Servical decided to vote and due to the implementation of a new Skunk rule, there were only 4 available matches to vote, therefore he fulfill his duties to vote. Also, it has been made aware to you all and has been added to the rule thread weeks ago that the league no longer honors a win due to technicalities based upon voting. I can only stress to you all that you should read every single word of these magazines that I author if you wish to stay informed of pertinent information, rule changes, and general announcements. I am not inclined to personally inform each individual. However, above all else, you should trust that I know and understand each rule that I have set forth and that I only act out of complete honesty and dignity. You may oppose my decisions in the past, present, or future, but you can not legitimately state that I have been dishonest in those decisions. I have explained each and every choice that I have made and will continue to do so because I welcome the sympathy of dedicated members who are interested in the overall success of this league.
  9. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    Last week’s poll: How do you eat your Honey Bun? Icing to Tongue/Bread to Tongue
    Results: 3 Bread To Tongue, 1 Icing To Tongue
    My opinion: Who cares? You're gay either way. No, but seriously, I couldn't thnk of anything last week, obviously. In regards to the poll, I'm pretty sure I switch it up. Hard to tell though, because I haven't eaten a honey bun in ages.

    This week’s poll: What would you have done in the same situation? Counted Calibre's Vote/Counted Gucci Mane's Vote/Counted Both Votes/Counted Neither Vote

    Please, answer the question according to the situation and the responses by Servical, Caveat1, Oneduh, and myself.

  10. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    You all may have realized that Oneduh has been stripped of his duties as an RBL moderator. In my opinion, this should not come as a surprise. Since the rebirth, of all the moderators who have held positions within this league, I would confidently say that he has done the very least, or at least the very least of any who have held the position for so long.

    It was my ultimate decision to add Oneduh, MetaSin, and Username, all of which failed in their responsibilities. MetaSin was non-existent, Oneduh assumed a leader position and yet failed to perform mostly all of his duties and the few that he did accomplish were never on time, and Username surprisingly kept things going the best he could with a magazine each week which was his sole responsibility. Yet, Jook decided to relieve Meta and User while retaining Oneduh. This was ironic in my opinion.

    Nevertheless, the only times I can remember Oneduh being present during my time as active moderator was once to oppose my decision by allowing a competitor to wrongfully advance in a match where both had failed to show on time. And I quote, “Listen Q.. Following every rule to a T isn't always the best thing for a league. A decision was made here & I'd appreciate if you don't step on my toes like this again.” The second time he showed life was this past week, helplessly swinging from the nuts of Cav who took the situation rather lightly, though still taking subtle shots at me in this week’s interview.

    It is true that I requested One be taken off the squad, leaving only myself. But the truth is that I am the only active moderator. What has changed? I challenge you to discover a difference with Oneduh no longer moderating. I honestly felt as though it was for the best. I told One last time he opposed me that I would step to the side because I could not work with him and then I watched him fail. Now, I have rebuilt the league and had I stepped aside again, it would have been the death of it. I could no longer tolerate his immaturity as a moderator and unwillingness to reason and/or cooperate with me.

    Last Words:

  11. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By Yung Troy​

    Over the past weeks, there has been lots of controversy between competitors, me being one of them..Grudge matches have taken place and disputes have been settled through well fought battles..

    Magus vs. Yung Troy

    I can't lie, I have nothing to say after the loss to Magus, it was known to me before I even battled him that my skills would surely be tested..Magus ended the battle in a well deserved victory and settled any dispute that was argued in regards of who's the better man

    In other news, there's a lot of anger aimed at Quriosity of late..some people say he abuses his power as a mod, some just don't like how he goes about getting the job done..Quriosity's biggest beef seemed to be with Wordp1ay..idk, there was just a lot of things wordplay didn't agree with Q on, though he shouldn't be complaining anyway because he's not the one running the league..personally, I feel the solution is simple..if you don't like how things are being done, SIGNNN OUTTT..<but I'm not encouraging this to happen because I want this league to prosper as well as I know you guys do..

    So, moving along...

    We have a new beef that sprung into action..the newcomer EarlLeeGraves and Ooh Gots (who's most likely some alias) have been having their run-ins..their problem is simple..Ooh challenged Earl to a Grudge Match and Earl denied several times..OG now suspects Earl of being nothing but a bitch but E says otherwise and chooses not to battle someone who is NOT ON HIS LEVEL..< that's what it looks like Earl is trying to tell OG, imo..we'll see what happens later on in this week, but until then..Adios
  12. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By T.a.C​

    [1/2] CAVEAT1 v. SERVICAL

    Cav has signed out, following him shooting straight to the top. And this match was a fitting send off for The Champ. Both, widely believed to be aliases, brought their A-games to this match. This battled ended in the only way it deserved to end. A tie. So all there is left to do is say, congrats to Servical, and congrats to Cav. Now tell us who you are.

    you getting votes in the first place is something up for question
    all that terrible reign did was remind us of the 2001 elections
    you boring as fuck, hope you took advantage of that extension man
    cause your consistancy's drifting away, along with our attention span
    with that trademark style, the vets wouldn't be proud of you holmes
    you should leave their archives out of this and get a style of ur own
    i'm guessing ur demik, then that would make this #3 of our fights
    so whats the point of getting personal, when i've already beaten you twice ?
    ain't droppin no mo, it's his last hurrah n' he up outta the throne
    think ur gonna come with the 'W', who the fuck is you, Oliver Stone ?

    Calefaction.. Servical.. that's a creative name that you thought up
    The question used to be "who's the Wash alias?".. now it's "how'd this alias get so Wash'd up?"
    When I saw his Superman logo, I just laughed at first
    Then realized his kryptonite must be anyone that posts an above average verse
    After seeing how he got here, how's THIS the cat you believe in?
    All he did was beat a couple wack jokes.. I guess after this battle, we're even
    Tell the truth, you a bum.. I bet he'd suck cock for a quarter
    This fuckers more desperate for change than Obama supporters
    She aint loyal.. I can pull your bitch without tryin at all, geek
    That pussy gets publicly-traded so much, you can buy it on Wall Street
    Bitch got a canyon for a snatch.. the entire hood runs in that bed
    Shit.. odds makers in Vegas don't even know how to cover that spread
    While I'm out ballin, you gotta work for wack fees
    Our names reflect our roles in life.. you just Serv & Cav-eat
    Nobody knows you, another shut out since I'm battling this lame flop
    Your small time rep got my shit lookin like Flavor Flav's clock
    Closed your soundclick page soon as I heard this lame's verse
    The only booths you should be speaking in require inserting change first
    I've racked up 15 wins so far, but this is where the fun begins
    Cuz I'd GLADLY give up my 16 if you promise to never spit one again
    Gas is expensive.. so before I douse your house with it, I'll rob ya
    Then let you see the matches for free like an e-harmony trial offer
    My winning streak is 14, what the fuck could you tell the greatest?
    We both stayed grounded.. me? cuz I'm humble.. you? cuz your skills never elevated
    You a bitch.. so you don't even deserve a punch, you gettin smacked
    I'll just beat Serv with a backhand like this was a tennis match
    Went from Killa Blaze to Calefaction, now Servical.. just stop it bitch
    Next time you trying to think of an alias.. just do us all a favor & call it Quits


    Not much to say here, User no-shows.


    I thought this was a closer match than it ended up being. Battle of the up-and-comers. In the end Windsprizzle took this 5-0.

    And your ranks a joke...so im in cruise control
    Cuz 5 hasnt been this harmless since McNabb's Super Bowl
    Youre of a loser mold...nothing but a joker dude
    Q said I sucked in the mag...and picked ME over you
    See, youre a natural disaster...a nothing on stand by
    Rename you earthchild for getting sonned in a landslide
    And why do you make films?...it aint hard to tell...
    Wanna make a scary movie? Script your stay in the RBL
    I'll crush you with a thunderous lecture...
    Prove youre not dope, tho you'll crack under the pressure
    Your stay here was short as I beat you well
    And your name sums up the end result here...P2L

    Admit your purpose is scams, propaganda is worthless man
    Wind, you couldn't air out the room if you were a circular fan
    Your feeble terms, churned underneath a stampede of words
    Lose then sign out, he left quick like illegal u-turns
    Embarrassing that weak style you stay practicing
    You're making a bigger ass of yourself than Kim Kardashian
    Ever since then, I can stand you as much as shin splints
    This dude is only intense for short bursts like wind sprints
    And I calls them how I sees them and you're a fucking bitch
    Teach you a lesson, you ain't passing son like a lunar eclipse

    [7/8] TRISTAN v. REN

    Tristan no showed.


    I think if this league was about lyrics, Coil would have taken this easily, but since this is about punches mainly Q had an easy win in this 7-1. But lets give Coil some shine, he is new to this and he did come pretty good in this one against a vet.

    You may think Tricks are fun?
    ..Someone outta tell his kid that his bitch is one
    Word is, I'm the Truth defined. And this time..
    Quriosity'll kill the cat, yeah, while he's contemplatin' suicide

    Blah, blah, blah.. nobody hears a word that you spit,
    RBL Archives
    ^& I’m not saying you bit a line.. but I'm encouraging it,
    ..Two notches under his belt and he still doesn’t seem tough,
    Since that record.. will only prove E right that the league sucks,
    & Q ain't half the man that you are <-- I’m inclined to promote it,
    ..But only because I beat that ass with half the lines that you posted,

    By T.a.C​

    Only one Grudge match this week.


    Yo Yung, Magus can be extremely hard to get along with, BUT YOU DON’T CHALLENGE HIM TO A BATTLE! That is what he does. Damn, seriously, you are a pretty cool dude, but you aren’t in his league. This was murder. Magus came with some ill punches, not to mention those pictures. Shit was crazy.

    hut 1, hut 2, hike..oops, my bad
    shit, I'm blinded by the width..I could've sworn those were shoulder pads
    your barber's nice with the clippers?< lol,*dead*
    I thought mountains had rough edges..until I saw your forehead

    First off you look like a dyke and I mean it you ass.
    if all studs were that ugly, earrings would be a thing of the past.
    im serious, you faggot..before i would've guessed you a man.
    but that lessbo look could disarm robinhood with less than a glance.
    his faggot is hopeless, so after i shut him out he'll hate me.
    no punchlines necessary....youre a bitch and you look like Jai-Z
  13. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By Yung Troy​


    I'm sick of this played shit.. respect? you don't deserve any son
    Tristan might hate Quizzno's.. but he STILL relies on a Sub to serve anyone
    appauled n its criminal so dog be original, ya ain't got heat or skilled rhythm
    kid I've Scene enough of ya punches to make a fuckin Feature Film with em
    n ya claimin ya good its not the same if ya hood get rid of that style
    if your skills Apparent.. it explains why it up and left like yours did as a Child
    he's a pussy at heart, don't push me an start I'll maul you in motion
    Fuck water. mention danger n he'll Runoff fast enough to cause an Erosion
    your chick? I'm maiming ya standards while putting a shame on ya manners
    everytime a Mandrills ya bitch she starts to grow MORE hair n cravin Banana's
    I'm not able to stand her..shes tooo big, so its a risk if your askin her
    Family? do you Caravan doesn't even have room for HER to fit as a passenger
    the bitch is harassin ya.. your lackin what it takes, I'll rip up any praise
    there's a Long Distance to the title.. n if you Called it wouldn pick up anyways​

    Although there were quite a bit of no shows this week, Ren was the only competitor to post an actual verse against a no showing opponent..I encourage that all participants post actual verses because you have those pussy type battlers who will come at the last minute and post a verse they've been working on all week..but anyways, we appreciate the dedication and hope you continue to elevate in this league.
  14. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By Yung Troy​

    [10] XQUISITE vs. gundam
    this dudes a clown…honestly, I don’t even take this shit serious
    its laughable you’re trying to beat me…and laughable Im trying period

    [9] I'M DEON vs. 4matt
    just admit i'm better than you kid & then stop talking
    cuz outta all the 'mystery men'..
    ..YOU'RE why the movie flopped at the box office

    [8] SERVICAL vs. caveat1
    see i look at the bigger picture, so i really don't give a fuck
    it doesn't matter if you are who i think you are, when i think you suck

    [7] QURIOSITY vs. coil grimely
    With a punch every 15 lines and hopes of stinging a legend,
    The way he swings at heir.. could overthrow a kingdom in seconds

    [6] OOH GOTS vs. magus
    I'll be facin the Champ soon, u just a ghost of the past
    You won't get in to Serv Cav
    They wont even let you vote in that match!

    [5] MAGUS vs. ooh gots
    he's more of the rescue ranger...but into stale ploys.
    cuz he'd rather fight pussy along side the chippendale boys

    [4] GUNDAM vs. xquisite
    you can go on with that bulshit, talking forever
    you'll still get ate, like when you add my wins and losses together

    [3] CAVEAT1 vs. servical
    I've racked up 15 wins so far, but this is where the fun begins
    Cuz I'd GLADLY give up my 16 if you promise to never spit one again

    [2] SERVICAL vs. caveat1
    ur writing flaws outweight mine, n' steady comin up wacker on
    if my lines are stretched, yours is getting ready for a triathlon

    [1] QURIOSITY vs. coil grimely
    Blah, blah, blah.. nobody hears a word that you spit,
    RBL Archives
    ^& I’m not saying you bit a line.. but I'm encouraging it
  15. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By Yung Troy​

    [10] COIL GRIMELY vs. quriosity
    Listen, bitch, you should just..Change ya Title from "Michael Clayton of text"
    ..to being under-appreciated in the ranks ..."The Rest"

    [9] YUNG TROY vs. magus
    and yeah I look young, but, your facial hair is a problem
    I wouldn't want your stache if it contained billions of dollars

    [8] T.A.C vs. jai-z
    she went straight to get a bit of T.a.C's dick
    only thing Jay Z-like about you is the fat lips

    [7] MAGUS vs. yung troy
    First off you look like a dyke and I mean it you ass.
    if all studs were that ugly, earrings would be a thing of the past.

    [6] QURIOSITY vs. coil grimely
    & Q ain't half the man that you are <-- I’m inclined to promote it,
    ..But only because I beat that ass with half the lines that you posted

    [5] CAVEAT1 vs. servical
    Nobody knows you, another shut out since I'm battling this lame flop
    Your small time rep got my shit lookin like Flavor Flav's clock

    [4] GUNDAM vs. xquisite
    your last match proves you shitty as fuck
    you can't even beat someone who's past their prime and someone who's admitted he suck

    [3] CAVEAT1 vs. servical
    Went from Killa Blaze to Calefaction, now Servical.. just stop it bitch
    Next time you trying to think of an alias.. just do us all a favor & call it Quits

    [2] MAGUS vs. yung troy
    he look like a bitch...but what's surprising me more.
    halloween is right around the corner.
    .............so this whole site must be on the other side of that door

    [1] SERVICAL vs. caveat1
    i'm feeling calm, but with that terrible style i see why you shook more
    ur wordp1ay so bad, it's bout to get banned like it dissed everything Q stood for
  16. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    TOP 10

    1. Servical 6-0 (Co-Champ)
    2. -Sephiroth- 9-1

    3. Windsprizzle 5-1
    4. Ren. 3-0

    5. Quriosity 7-1
    6. EarlLeeGraves 2-0

    7. ILL Cyndicate 2-0
    8. Muffffy 5-1

    9. Gundam 5-4
    10. T.a.C. 6-4


    11. I'm Deon 2-1
    12. D.LOKE 6-7

    13. itzconstant 1-0
    14. Juked 1-0

    15. Area51 8-3
    16. Wordp1ay 6-3

    17. PERTAiN2LiFE 3-1
    18. coil grimely 2-1

    19. Yung Troy 1-5
    20. Future 1-1

    21. Ooh Gots 1-1
    22. Xquisite 3-3

    23. 4Matt 4-5
    24. Soull 0-3

    25. Yung Money 0-2
    26. Diso. 0-2

    27. Brad Banks 0-0
    28. Walter Sickert 0-0

    29. Strikta 0-0
    30. RoddyPipez 0-0

    31. TREDone 0-0
    32. Minfinity 0-0
    33. MADD ILL 0-0​
  17. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    1. Servical 6-0 (Co-Champ)
    2. -Sephiroth- 9-1
    Servical -2

    Sephiroth has been lazy and disappointing lately. He has the talent, but I don’t know if he possesses the interest or drive. Serv has what he wants now with the title in hand and will most likely want to defend it successfully at least once. Plus, he’s been craving for a rematch with Sephiroth so I expect him to take this slightly more seriously than Seph will. Seph will come strong, but fail and blame it on time constraints while Serv will come strong and pretend as though he gave it little effort, yet still take the win in comfortable fashion. I’ve got Serv by a couple.

    3. Windsprizzle 5-1
    4. Ren. 3-0
    Ren -1

    Both have shone promise, though neither has impressed me the way I had expected. Sprizzle is inconsistent in his portrayal of talent. At times he’s nice, and at others, he’s EarlLee. Ren has at least stayed consistent though has done little in his time here in the RBL. Due to a low number of participants, no-shows, sign-outs, and whatnot, he has climbed the ranks quickly but with little clout gained. He did have an impressive and convincing win over Deon who is looked at to be one of the best in the league. I’d say Ren will win with at least 2 lines about Wind’s fictitious girlfriend while Wind has a chunk of greatness and a lot of wackness. Ren by a hair.

    5. Quriosity 7-1
    6. EarlLeeGraves 2-0

    7. ILL Cyndicate 2-0
    8. Muffffy 5-1
    Muffffy -5

    ILL appears to be a knowledgeable veteran in his comments and yet an authentic newbie in his level of talent. Muff is slightly inconsistent but consistently above average. I see this as his match to win and if ILL does pull off an upset, then he would have solidified a spot for his name in next week’s edition. Muff is the better writer, the more experienced, the most polished, and the easy favorite. ILL has potential, but either he still puts dashes at the ends of his lines or he’s trying too hard to conceal a wack alias. I’ve got Muff by a lot.

    9. Gundam 5-4
    10. T.a.C. 6-4
    Gundam -3

    I would call it Gun all day but he’s inconsistent and T.a.C is growing and shows true potential to someday down the line at least be a true contender. I don’t see a title in either’s future, but both are competitive. I think this is easily Gun’s match to win though and if he loses, he should consider registering a new alias. T.a.C, surprisingly, has the better record and will look to impress voters with a surprise win here. He has what it takes, but I think Gun may be slightly more polished and will deliver in fan favorite fashion. I’ve got Gun by a few.
  18. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By Yung Troy​

    what's good everybody?..this section of the mag is what I like to call TTT(TOP TEN TEXTCEES)..it will feature the most talented of all the textcees this league offers, STARTING WITH LAST WEEK'S COMPETITORS..I encourage any participant who isn't on this list to not let my opinion effect them in any way and continue to elevate in this league

    [1] Caveat1

    [2] Servical

    [3] Magus

    [4] Quriosity

    [5] Ooh Gots

    [6] Gundam

    [7] I'm Deon

    [8] 4Matt

    [9] EarlLeeGraves

    [10] Coil Grimely

    Runner Up- Yung Troy

    Let it be known that this order was chosen based on the quality of last week's verses, not the actual skill a competitor possesses, so write a dope verse and there's a possibility that your name can be featured in this list...pz
  19. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By T.a.C​

    This is for everyone who has been a member here for less than 2 months, and are in the top 20.

    [1] WINDSPRIZZLE (5-1) - As one of Windsprizzle’s victims I must say dude is sick. He took me 6-0, and skunk’d me before most of you guys even posted your verses. This kid is tough to beat, and that 5-1 to start off is very impressive. I must say this kid is here to stay. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was champ soon.

    [2] REN (3-0) - I haven’t seen much of Ren, but starting off 3-0 AND beating a respected head in Deon is worth mentioning. So far in his matches, his User Title has been proven to be true. Another kid I could see with some championship gold in the near future.

    [3] COIL GRIMELY (2-1) - I must start off by saying I am not a fan of the way you format your verses, but that really doesn’t matter in a battle league now does it? Other than last week when you ran into a brick wall, you have been flying up threw the rankings. You are definitely one of the best lyricists in the league, all you got to do is get punches to match your lyrics and you will be a force in the league.
  20. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    By Young Troy​

    this section of the mag is dedicated to those textcees who are on the verge of making a big impact in this league..there are some rookie textcees that have shown great potential and I would like to recognize them...

    Coil Grimely
    when coil first joined the RBL, I thought to myself, this guy is gonna be another joke that everyone laughs at..but after his last verse, I can assure you, when he gets the hang of text battling, we'll be seeing some pretty dope lines coming from this character...

    Earl(the man of controversy), has a big ego, but at the same time proves that he has bags of potential, and in time, will become much better with structuring his writing and punchlines as time passes..

    I'd like to encourage these two participants to keep on elevating in their writing and prove all your haters wrong..

    wordz from ya boy...Troy
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