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  1. Quriosity

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    Nov 24, 2001





    01 Introduction
    02 Spotlight Match
    03 The King of Nothing
    04 No-Show Shine
    05 Punchline Pandemonium
    06 Official Rankings
    07 Q’s Top 10 Predictions
    08 Q’s Top 3 Picks of the Week
    09 The League Is Back
    10 Outroduction

    01 Introduction

    Wow, I am thoroughly impressed with the recent increase in activity. Not only have numbers risen, but the rate of no shows has dropped dramatically and activity on the text side as a whole is at an all time high in regards to the past year or so.

    Some nice textcees are present too. Though most are sitehoppers and aliases, a good verse is a good verse. All I can say is that you shouldn't estimate your opponents talent by his name or last match. Each week, a new name emerges with threatening talent that shouldn't be taken lightly.

    Unfortunately, this is a bad time for me. Recent news has led to my decision to leave RM in the months to come. I must prepare for a life that I am not ready for. I am stressed, nervous, and anxious at the same time. I would explain my situation further, but it is unlucky so early in the process. Just know that I only have a good month or so left in me. School is more serious than ever and I just won't have the free time to dedicate to wasting time anymore. It has been a pleasure serving you all and I expect to still be around from time to time, but not actively. Thus, I will be accepting applications for moderating opportunities. I am looking for two dedicated candidates. I will also delegate duties and monitor the league's process. As far as I am concerned, it will still be on my shoulders to ensure its success. Please, wish me luck in my future endeavors. I will surely need it.

    At this time I would like to extend a warm invitation to those who disagree with the way I write my magazines, or to those who may disagree with my views or the way I express my opinions, or simply to those whom may just want to help out and have a sincere concern for the future of this league. Please feel free to email me at usadesigns1 @ gmail. I am always open to suggestions and help from those who are truly interested.
  2. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    02 Spotlight Match

    As you all may know, grudge matches are for pictures only. It was a creative way to bring back picture battling and incorporate within the league as well as settle minor beefs and grudges. Recently, you all have reached out to me with hopes of a text only grudge style match. I have yet to come up with a definite plan of action for this, but in the mean time, the RBL will be hosting its first ever Spotlight Match. This will not fill the void of a text only grudge match, but instead it will be utilized to host only highly anticipated matches to be determined by the powers that be. More specifically, it is a rare event in which two legendary textcees meet to settle differences.

    With that said, our first match is between two text heavyweights: Fracture v. Oneduh.

    Fracture has proven his worth, regardless of his true offnet persona. Historically, possibly the greatest of all time, Fracture has defeated some of the most respected and is regarded by all of those respected as a great writer of his time. In the same breath, many contend that his time is over and has been for quite some time. I do not believe that any wish to dispute his background, but it is his future that has been held in question.

    Oneduh was a bit of an unknown in my time. A struggling writer with unproven potential. Through sought help for wording and structure, he has sense become one of the most dominant writers of the new era. Though many proclaim his streak to be fluked by weak competition, no one can claim that they have matched it or will in this lifetime. Not to say that it isn't possible, but it isn't likely. In my opinion, Oneduh was just in the right place at the right time. Looking back, he is better now than he was then and is a threat to any era of text.

    This shall be a grand match and definitely one to remember. I will leave you no with words from our very own, User.

    If there was one match that everyone's been wanting to see go down for a long time, it's this one. Unfortunately, what some people may not remember is that this battle technically already took place. It was a special tag team match in the RBL a few years ago, pitting OneDuh and Oz against Fracture and Phair English. However, everyone seemed to drop their full potential EXCEPT for Frac, only dropping about 14 lines (if i remember) and still garnering some votes early on. In the end, Oneduh and Oz pulled away as winners, with the vote count soundly in there favor. After that match, while evident that Fracture didn't try - OneDuh could technically claim having a win over Frac. I'm sure that adds some hatred to the match for Frac, having to listen to remarks like that from 'Duh (because we all know he either has or will make them - that ego's enormous). Now, I made it quite clear that i favor Frac in this match - but that doesn't really mean OneDuh's chances are any worse. Plus, after the past week - I think Frac might have the upper-hand in the personals department. I'm not going to spoil it at all, but I've taken part in some chatrooms and the ammo given to Fracture in the past week is potentially vicious as fuck if used right. All in all, while the past has proven Oneduh can beat Frac, this match should show what'll happen when both competitors put forth effort and end the guessing games and shit talking. I'm looking forward to it...
  3. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    03 The King of Nothing

    Servical: Alright i'm with the first person who modded the RBL ever since it's return, King Grimet
    Servical: So whats been goin on with you lately grim?
    King Grimet: Whats up man, not too much I havnt been on the net a lot lately but I saw that the RBL is looking sharp so props on that
    Servical: Word, it's been doing ok, lotta aliases lately, what you think about that?
    King Grimet: I don't have any problems with it, but you never know what your goin to get.. Some of them might be some good talent and others are just new cats who wanna give it a try.. never a bad thing gettin new people involved with the community
    Servical: True, i agree with that
    Servical: Lotta people saying im an alias this season
    Servical: People throwing names at me left and right
    King Grimet: haha they just don't know about my man killin shit
    Servical: Haha, word
    Servical: But anyway, one of the reasons the RBL is back up to where it's at now is cause of you, how did it happen?
    Servical: Did you talk to Jeff about it or something?
    Servical: To get the league started back up?
    King Grimet: To be honest man Ive always been the kind of person who likes to get involved with different projects & when I showed up I think it was Halloween Jack that was restarting the rbl. I told him I could help him with the magazine and what not but after week 2 Jack disappeared so everybody in the league was trippin out
    King Grimet: So I hit up Janitor, or Jeff, who has been a friend of mine over the years & I told him I was going to be helping jack but he was nowhere to be found so I asked if I could keep the league running until someone else could take over
    King Grimet: After a few weeks I was getting involved with it & so I just stuck with it because it was fun to see the league getting back up on its feet even tho it was a slow process
    King Grimet: The RBL is rich in tradition and it was hard to gain the respect of the veterans because I was a nobody and everybody thought I was an alias or somethin but I was really just a new mod tryin to make things work out
    Servical: Word, you did a good job of bringing the league back, major props fam
    King Grimet: Thank you
    Servical: Right now Quriosity's taken the helm of running the league, he's somewhat showing signs of wear and tear and is close to not giving a shit probably.
    Servical: What advice would you give to the new mods who take resposibilty of it in the future?
    Servical: Oh and shouts to JOOK, Troy, Tac, and especially Q, he's done a crazy job with the league thus far
    King Grimet: Thats a good question, I think that a mod has to understand that to gain respect from everyone you have to show them respect. Nobody likes a mod who abuses their power. Its important to get to know everybody in the league, to get people involved with the league and not just go through the motions.
    King Grimet: I was always trying to minimize any problems by working out issues in the fairest way possible, people knew they could contact me on aim or email or pm me and talk to me and i was always willing to work with people.
    Servical: Real shit
    King Grimet: Yea Q does do a good job, even tho he isn't a big fan of mine I still respect him for the job he does cuz I know its a lot of work and time running a league and sometimes it doesnt feel like your appreciated for what your doing
    Servical: True, it comes with the territory, i was mod for a little while too then gave up on it
    Servical: So have you been paying any attention to the leagues competitors lately? Anybody you think stands out so far?
    King Grimet: Nah man honestly I havnt had the chance to check it out, I saw that Sephiroth was in it, Magus was in it, and Oneduh was back, so if you ask me i think Sephiroth will end up battling oneduh and that will be a classic
    Servical: Yeah that would be a nice little matchup
    Servical: I think One's in it this week just to battle Calibre though lol
    Servical: Magus been destroyin comp lately and Seph been kinda off
    King Grimet: Well
    King Grimet: I got the insider
    King Grimet: Oneduh is in the league until he beats magus
    King Grimet: he just told me himself but ill keep his aim off the interview
    Servical: Oh ok, Oneduh's making a comeback, maybe i'll sign back in myself
    King Grimet: I think you should
    King Grimet: Maybe I'd be interested in running the league once again as well..
    Servical: Ha, maybe, i did all i wanted this season
    King Grimet: That is to say if I am offered the spot
    King Grimet: Quriosity doesn't like me so if its up to him it wont happen
    Servical: You and Q should just battle it out lol
    King Grimet: im down with that
    Servical: Nah i'm messing around, nobody wanna see that
  4. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    Servical: Im'a throw some names out there and you tell me what you think of them, cool?
    King Grimet: Sure
    Servical: Muffffy
    King Grimet: i saw a few of his battles and im scratchin my head, i dont think hes good and seph killed him a few weeks back
    Servical: Lol, he is the RBL and peoples champ though.
    Servical: Magus
    King Grimet: He is Dope as hell, he often takes his opponents too lightly but his potential is unlimited
    Servical: I agree, dudes a monster, and i hardly ever give anybody props
    Servical: Oneduh
    King Grimet: OneDuh is probably the best, he is full of himself and he is a dick head to everyone but when you are talking about his ability, he is one of the best of all times, once you get to know em dude is real cool
    Servical: No doubt no doubt
    Servical: Deon a.k.a HotDogVendorMan
    King Grimet: Never heard of him
    Servical: LOL
    King Grimet: Stupid name tho
    Servical: Sephiroth
    King Grimet: Seph is a beast, to be honest I think he could be the best cuz he is passionate about it, he really loves writing and he is very creative, its good to see someone who does it with passion
    Servical: Word, Calibre
    King Grimet: Calibre has been around for a minute, I think if he is motivated he can compete with anybody but just like all of us he tends to not always be very motivated and its easy to see the difference
    Servical: I agree with that, he's real beatable but i don't think i ever seen a wack verse from him
    Servical: Defcon 5
    King Grimet: Never really read much from him but I know he is good..
    Servical: Baron Mynd
    King Grimet: Eh, baron mynd is tight, havnt seen many battles from em but i know his topical writing was on point
    Servical: Word, last but not least, John Hensley
    King Grimet: one of the best, he has proven himself and he belongs with the elite
    Servical: Definitly, i agree with that
    Servical: Alright, thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions Grimet
    King Grimet: No problems man
    Servical: I know some people were wondering what happened to you and all
    Servical: And thanks for the work you put in to the league
    King Grimet: Yea I been goin through some rough times but things are gettin back on track so i hope ill be online and around more often.
    King Grimet: Thanks for the interview.
    Servical: No doubt
  5. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    04 No-Show Shine

    In no particular order.


    i'll put you ina general hospital, fuck all these boring-flows
    only time you's a boss is in the world of sonny corinthos
    why you killin' the west coast?, i need trees to help me breathe
    why im killin ya format.. we need real textcees to help this league
    fire starter in the buildin', yet i'm chillen like cool kids should
    when it rains it pours..cats & dogs'll put up a better fight than you 'wood'
    plus you could crash like a meteor, meaning you don't want war, matt
    and i adore a warm welcome, "fire starter" stitched into my door-mat
    4matt'll paddle his ass up shits creek.. he's so lost and without a map
    searching for hidden truths of the league yet it's no secret he's fulla crap
    fallin' back, losing momentum and now he's beginning to wither
    only time yur flows' considered hot, is boiling water for dinner
    i'm 'hungary'..
    yur tender like fillet mignon, and a blatent gay i suggest get gone
    find a new forum board to 'rome', straight to format: 'you're a peon' (european)
    bombs 'Ire-land', just to prove there's 'nor-way' that i'm scared of ya
    'den-mark' a target on ya crouch, i'll kick you in ya 'bulg(e)-aria',
    'russia' fake individual wit a barrage of bullets that'll never cease
    ..you gotta better chance to start a fire workin' wit 'turkey' 'greece'
    there's no other or better way to explain that you's a discrace
    you 'nether-land' punches, while mines i 'russia''malta' your face


    Never heard of Al, is he wack? That's what I'm hearin'...
    I'll punch out his lights...
    And leave him with four senses like Blind Fury...
    Knock him down senseless, and hand'em his ass....
    Like a Wal Mart employee, Al ain't standin' a chance...
    I'll show up I swear, this dude is just lyin'...
    Suicide is his only path, he's been on more paths than Stewie n Brian...
    Braggin Writes had to shut down to get me here...
    Al's walking a tight rope...
    Kids more of a circus act than Britney Spears...
    Q give this kid a clean shot, he's really earned it...
    Just one'll have him outta the league, like Plaxico Burress...
    See people know me, I had plenty of heads vouch for my text...
    Alix a heavy hitter, and you can catch my clout in the chest...
    I'm not a spic, I've never had the wettest of backs...
    So you can save the S.A. wordplay and all those mexican cracks...
    I think you can from RB, so aint no way this man is hot...
    He's the gayest Knight to battle since Sir Lancealot...


    RBL! hello here's a dope key...
    tri the sickest...so please feel free to vote-3.
    Steezx100, So we know who's emerging the victor,
    Lyrical photochop, I'll remove you from the picture.
    H'comes a name flip, cause its all I know about you guy,
    He sucks underground. But he'll 'pop' up
    ...and catch the main stream in the eye.
    Son, ya styles nothing. But thats assuming you have one,
    The director.... so its no surprise I'm callin the action.
    Smack you, and come with more rhymes to bruise ya
    You the solution for suicide,
    ...compared to you, not even CJ's a loser.
    un-timely? oops forgive the haze n beam
    Cause I ain't from portland...but I'll still blazer team.


    You thought five days what you set to tell me
    Doc. file open, all set to kill me
    not percieved as a threat, cause really..thought it gon' end so nice
    so did KIMBO SLICE when he fought PETRUZELLI
    i hear he a thug, with a shot to ruin me
    but the scenes dont match, wheres the continuity?
    all poised and perched, he saw boys in church
    this Homo wants to be a priest for the opportunities
    and i dont mean to keep bringing up fag shit
    but his style a reinactment of Brad Pit
    im Danny Ocean of this rap shit, so trust me
    first conflict, he out the window like Rusty
    He talks about his "skill" and all the guys he's hurting
    but its all in his head like Tyler Durgen
    and im for certain that your regime's bucklin'


    some say its hard to battle someone when you ain't got no motive
    but I believe its scarier to have a murder that has no provokin'
    rappin's like the heimlech, ya doin' it right if ya breakin bones of those chokin
    and Bill's bitin' off a lil more then he can chew if he even thinks about flowin'
    got a pistol to his head and I ain't talkin bout dome when it's blowin'
    he shall be planted in the dirt like seeds but nothin' dead got start growin'
    hostile Tarrantino hostel gettin at you with the hacksaw dude
    thats the T+Pain when ya fuckin' with me..and you officially been chopped and screwed
    chopped in two..like siamese twins and all of the talent in you's went in to
    guess you would call it ya better half
    let me explain it better..your Danny DeVito, you're made of all the crap
    and Bill Lauden? What kind of fuckin' name is that bitch
    sounds like you'd be happier then a fag with a pack of dicks
    if you could find a fag who would pack you wit dick
    you'd be Mr. Hankey...happy as shit
    Or if this 'L' Gunnar was slappin you with was really a "Curvey Seven"
    you would be like Elton John livin' in fag Heaven
    But its not, it stands for you takin' a loss
    If ya chance at winnin' was measured in wire, it been thin enough to use for floss
    and before I forget let me say "No Homo"...sorry Bill wit me you've got no luck
    this is Harlod and Kumar and ain't nothin gay about gettin' ya dick sucked...
  6. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    You champ'd this league BUT get no respect - stop it bitch
    Thats why I'll skunk you.....and get no fuckin props for it
    ^ Let me make this a little more clear, i'll clock this joke
    And even if you could decide...you'd still have OohGots in Votes
    But ya a pimp with the dimes right? yea but all is loose
    This kid starts fights with bitches...just so girls will call a Trus
    And his guy friends loooove him..told me ''he's awesome B''
    ^^ Their all like bad golfers........the way they never get off da T


    I kno my record aint lookin great, it was hard enough last week...
    but i had to go up against a gun...he lost to a partial state!!
    I would of wiped the floor with that verse, especially the closer...
    that line was so bad...open your mouth cuz i think i might throw-up
    No i guess it was a false alarm, so thank god i can remain calm...
    since i don't have to dig up the dirt..that's what graves are built on!!
    Dude just signed back in, yep and he'll probably sign back out...
    if excuses were trampolines...it's no wonder he's tryin to bounce
    My flow will make you want more, like blazin blunts in hot sauce...
    his is just run ons past the cliff-note...that's why he dropped off!!


    WOOOWWW...so last week was his big text debut..?
    Only took you 5 years to build the courage to beat a biter and one gay dude
    Got years prowling on boards n now you claim yourself an artist?
    This my house!
    And you dont get allowance just for taking out the garbage
    You sorry piece of net nerdom, dont even reign over the forums you use
    Forensic means rhetorical, cause bitch.. no one answers to you!
    Yea I'm Amish, I'm stuck in the past and I do it hardcore
    Just dont think Im unevolved when Im seen walking on FORS
    I rep CHICAGO TILL I DIE! You live where? you so nerdy its sickenin
    sorry but cyberspace cant constitute as a state, or you as its citizen
    Last week dude bit 3 of the wackest netcees? yea i agree no doubt..
    But if Ab woulda shut his mouth, Pinero woulda shut you out
    Shit was still garbage, honestly someone should be writing for this herb
    You're not a party to skill
    So leave before the people that were invited all return
    You're not even an alias, you're just a nolife newb with shitty bars
    Some toy on his last 'thread' cause I just ripped em into fifty parts
    I hope you read this and die you rap tourist, bitch my aim's to vanquish
    Yea YOU can type English, but in rap thats just a Foren language
    Look up my past battles, you're pun's will still come out irrelevant
    I killed Norm last week, you dont have to ask Forensic for the evidence


    you want to rap. trust me, failure in that choice will lurk.
    you'd have to blaze way more than a 20 sack to dub a voice that works.
    you never had any friends, and now that the attacks are done.
    the only ppl to meathooks will be CSI after i introduce his back to one.
    as far as biting. it looks like somethin your kind would do.
    so Ren left? huh. guess he musta gave all his concepts for lines to you.
    always chillin with fagots, yeah, he's hidden the scars.
    fuck underage drinking, none of HIS friends need an ID to get into Bars.
    he wasn't into dressing up, but his fagot boyfriend got him to look
    n' proved u don't need pirate accessories to see a fist in the bottom of Hook.
    the holiday is over, you being the person i've faced is sublime.
    so i have to give thanks... it was nice having a reason for wasting my time.


    brad's the rbls top disappointment and we waitin on some better shit
    this laughing stock was going down before the recession hit
    ur not a factor with that record while i'm shootin through the ranks
    even the dollar signs in my name want nothin to do with banks
    call me a newb, wack name, no skills..all that really meant you
    so i'ma put ur ribs in a basket like the chilis menu
    signing in was a brave start..to bad ya verse'll be the lame part
    full of so much bull merril lynch will be lookin for a new trademark
    whos supporting u? if ya got fans they embarrassed or too shook
    ya bandwagons the only vehicle they wouldnt put in the blue book
    its that pathetic while I'm fly and every victory's the flight plan
    son is so wack on stage his own echo wouldnt play the hype man
    double the losses ya got wins? watch this sucker perrish
    if banks is good as gold there couldnt be more than a couple karats
    brad cant get no bitch and this cornball needs a partner
    best he can do for himself is swing on the web like Peter Parker
  7. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    05 Punchline Pandemonium (Week 31/32)

    Compiled by U S E R

    if I winked at his girl, in fear he'd plead for me to back off
    Since his girls jeans remind me of black friday... How they're half-off
    - E Tha Real

    Stats show homos are a cause of worldly aids
    so its safe to say most faggots'll lay with early graves
    - Vontana vs. EarlLeeGraves

    death's upon you, i'll drain all the blood from your veins
    corpse in a cold-state that puts sarah palins to shame
    - Citizen K.

    I'm like ya Broker, & Im pretty sure you'll be hoping to clearly buy, dude
    Since when we start 'trading' blows, u'll get more of a 'share' than I'd do
    - Calibre

    Had to redeem my name, but this scenario is the worst case.
    Yung Money?
    Beating wack bitches like you, is the reason I'm overrated in the first place.
    - BronzeAtlas

    I'm smashin in action amused, dog you'll have to improve
    idc if you get Pumped for the win. ya dick'll still be small AFTER you lose
    - Ren (or whoever else)

    So it’s Min + Finity, I guess that matches the case,
    Since at any given moment, a bunch of Min Fini'ty bag this fag in his face
    - Quriosity vs. Minfinity

    I never had to change my name, I'm dope and you're too much of a bitch..
    To ever admit you lost to me before.. and looked up to me ever since
    - Amishstad

    U think ull win? youz nothin to me.
    This match'll be a Rude Awakening like your titty slappin you while you adjust in ur sleep
    - Mufffy vs. Deon

    you're the ass of the squad, one who'd never come close if u rank us
    so if Deon follows Muff, then I'm feelin sorry enough to vote in your favor
    Muff ya stuff needs a prayer, so please dude get amped
    but first realize my last punch is the ONLY reason you champed!
    - Deon vs. Mufffy

    and at pussy this faggot'll smile and grin
    but the only time you'll see windbreaker back is when THAT fashion's in style again

    Champ match chokin ass nigga, nothin u write is on the hot route
    I researched 3 D verses and not a single punch popped out
    - Future vs. Deon

    & I put that Justin Timberlake on when I'm in the bed with chicks
    but when asked about Future Sex/Love Sound like something he'll never get
    - Deon

    & ya girl said she was pregnant & that my sperm spawned it
    fuck an abortion, u can't find a hanger without one of my shirts on it
    - TREDone

    & Save the drama, ^that shit is hardly worth proceeding to cry,
    You call it feeding, but I call it 'you suck too much for me to waste lines',
    - Quoriosity

    when u done folding the laundry on the bed I'll punish ya bitch
    lay over the outfits and get head on the clothes on some punisher shit

    Don't act surprised when you get shut out, mufucka you know about me
    The votes must be scared of earthquakes.. cuz none of em'll goto Cali
    - OneDuh


    Best believe this loss'll make him taddle n pout
    I always wanted to Bring our Troops Home..but after that some faggots never get out of the house
    - Mufffy

    get a style, dont take mine, being ill takes time
    muff's was good at the start.....

    ...........cuz the fastest route from point A to B is a straight line.
    - Magus

    scared of getting a easy title. i was right to be worry
    easy week?
    shit...this big of a break from muff, could qualify for the clergy.
    - Magus
  8. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    06 Official Rankings

    TOP 10

    01) Muffffy 10-2
    02) D.LOKE 10-8

    03) RoddyPipez 4-1
    04) $lim$hady89 3-0

    05) Tristan. 5-2
    06) Quriosity 12-2

    07) John Hensley 11-2
    08) Vontana 2-0

    09) Gunnar 2-0
    10) Amishstad 2-0


    11) I'm Deon 6-2
    12) Xquisite 6-5

    13) Oneduh 7-1
    14) T.a.C. 9-6

    15) PERTAiN2LiFE 6-3
    16) itzconstant 3-3

    17) Yung Money 2-1
    18) TREDone 1-0

    19) Smart.Alix 1-0
    20) Mets 1-0

    21) Memorie 1-0
    22) x-Q-sis 1-0

    23) Citizen K. 1-0
    24) iCon. 1-0

    25) Ooh Gots 5-2
    26) Jai-Z 2-1

    27) magus. 13-1
    28) E Tha Real 3-1

    29) Yung Troy 4-7
    30) xX_NASTY_Xx 7-3

    31) Ren. 6-1
    32) Blue Bayou 1-0

    33) coil grimely 3-5
    34) Gundam 6-8

    35) BronzeAtlas 1-1
    36) trichomes 1-1

    37) Future 3-4
    38) Fervent_Notion 2-2

    39) Normal Rockwell 0-2
    40) Thurber Mingus 0-2

    41) Tony Elbow 0-1
    42) vash. 0-1

    43) The Royal Penis 0-1
    44) Undisputed 0-1

    45) Defcon_5 2-2
    46) Abilify 0-0

    47) Area51. 0-0
    48) Criteria 0-0

    49) dazasta 0-0
    50) Diso. 0-0

    51) Fluffs 0-0
    52) Hades. 0-0

    53) Igotjuice 0-0
    54) Jonny Hustle 0-0

    55) Meters 0-0
    56) Nick Fletcher 0-0

    57) Out Write 0-0
    58) Poo Bag 0-0

    59) Prodigal_Son 0-0
    60) RAWz 0-0

    61) 'Revelations' 0-0
    62) topsy krett 0-0

    63) YounG Doo Rag G 0-0
    64) Zygotic Embryo 0-0
  9. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    07 Q’s Top 10 Predictions

    01) Muffffy 10-2
    02) D.LOKE 10-8
    Muffffy -4

    Yea, normally I'd call it a blow out and in actuality it better be the case. But at the same time, D.LOKE was fierce last week in terms of determination reflected. If he can tackle and overcome minor wording troubles, I think this will be another great championship match. Muff has been putting on a good show in recent weeks and looks to continue. Ironically, he was never meant to be in the contender match and yet he has become the most accomplished champ in just two short weeks of competition. Defeating more than formidable opposition, he is now the face to beat. The league seems to be split on his abilities, but I am a reasonable believer. I don't expect more from Muff than he has proven capable of. Truth be told, he has always been a good writer. Recently, he's just learned to formulate punches with more effective material and a unique aggressiveness to what could easily be considered a lack of good wording. His style is effective though, and if LOKE can gain some ground with good personals then he'll have a fighting chance. Otherwise, Muff in a blow out.

    03) RoddyPipez 4-1
    04) $lim$hady89 3-0
    $lim$hady89 -2

    Eh, both are hardly worthy of such a high position. Shady has only 1 legitimate win and though he posted an impressive verse, i don't think it warrants a title shot so soon. Roddy just hasn't proven to be good, from what I can recall. He's an eigth tier textcee that doesn't deserve the third spot. Based off last week, I'd say Shady has this one fairly easily, though again, both are hardly proven to be anything other than blah'bagge, so it may be closer than I expect. Also, Shady seems overly confident which could bite him in the ass by posting first. Though, overcoming a verse would require talent which I don't think Roddy possesses. Good luck to both, but i'll say Shady wins it.

    05) Tristan. 5-2
    06) Quriosity 12-2

    I'm uninspired and tired. Should still be a decent match though.

    07) John Hensley 11-2
    08) Vontana 2-0
    John Hensley -3

    Vontana has yet to prove his worth, but looks to here with a great shot at solidifying his name in the game. Hensley is easily considered one of the greats of his time, and if he doesn't slack, should win this quite easily. Yet, I won't count out Vontana who has proven at least a knowledge of what a good text verse is. If he goes all out and catches the Hen off guard, he has more than a fair chance at stealing the show. Although its occurence is highly unlikely, I think Vontana my just pull it off. But, I won't go as far as to predict it, its just a thought in the very back of my mind. With that said, I have to go with the proven competitor which is Hens in an easy match up.

    09) Gunnar 2-0
    10) Amishstad 2-0
    Amishstad - 2

    Eh, not an interesting match. Amish is straight and will be a contender in time if he stays consistent in activity. Gunnar is much less impressive and I assume he's either had some no show wins or just very easy compeition. I'll got with Amish on this one.
  10. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    08 Q’s Top 3 Picks of the Week

    3) Muffffy - The current champion who, at this point, is streaking through the competition. If he can remain, the competition will get tougher. I think he'll look to continue the streak against a underestimated opponent with the potential to pull another upset. Sporting a horrendous record, Loke has talent and if he can find the material, this should be a close match. But, I think Muff will go all out and dig up some personals that I know nothing about being that both battle at other sites as well. Good luck.

    2) Magus - Coming off an impressive loss... (yes, Magus lost), I see Magus going all out against decent competition who almost made the list. E is underestimated and overestimated at the same time. I've skimmed the verse and at least I can say that his ideas are fresher than last week's showing. Assuming that his wording is up to par, it'll be a tough match. But, I think Magus has something to prove here. Many have attacked the Mag-man this past week both here and at other sites. It's become pretty personal with shots firing from all directions. Magus'll shut the haters up with an impressive verse, crushing E's hopes of an upset. Good luck.

    1) D.LOKE - Ooooo, the underdog of the year. With a terrible record and an equally terrible reputation within the league, somehow LOKE has defied all odds and reached the coveted Champ match. Assuming he can find the material needed to attack Muffy's character, he has a great shot at an exhausted champ. Otherwise, I don't see him coming close to winning this off pure punches or wordplay. My advise is to keep it as raw and truthful as possible and really delve into who Muffy is and what he has done. Keep the corny wordplay to a minimum and tighten the wording and you'll catch some votes at least. Good luck.
  11. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    09 The League Is Back

    Beef is stronger than ever.

    Magus v. Jai-Z
    Magus v. Username
    Fracture v. Oneduh
    RM v. RB

    I could probably go on, but there is no need. My point is that activity is steadily increasing thus resulting in more interesting beefs and more interesting matches. This time next week, we'll probably be back in the Top 20 forum and the whole nine. I am excited and saddened at the same time. I hope the league can live on without me.

    Ok, well this was filler. I forget my original intentions of this section. If I come up with more to add, then i'll add it. Otherwise, love it for what its worth.
  12. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    10 Outroduction

    Jai won a beauty contest. E won a title. LOKE was undefeated. Magus made friends. Fracture was actually black. Resin was actually black. People actually did more than gossip on UP. RB was dope. Lil Wayne only went gold. Mos Def went triple platinum. Little Brother went double gold. Pigs flew. Calibre gave Oneduh good dome. John Dough hit it from behind. And...

    Seriously, http://board.rapmusic.com/rapmusic-...-muffffy-9-2-v-2-magus-12-0-muffffy-wins.html. Now do your dance on that ho'.

    Peace and chicken grease. I'm tired. No more long sentences.
  13. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    blah, quick work. hate it or love it.
  14. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    you happy now, muff?
  15. Muffffy

    Muffffy Attack of the Muff

    May 15, 2004
    good mag

    Lmfao servical interviewing a mod that had nothing to do with the league poppin off..and then saying calibre is good?

    how you not know who deon is


    rofl @ seph killed me..right you obviously didnt read shit.

    other tha nthat good mag my nigga q
  16. Muffffy

    Muffffy Attack of the Muff

    May 15, 2004
    no ima fuck king grimet up talkin bad son

    put yo dukesu p

    i have no intentions of impressing wash up mods who dont even know the active battlers

    dont give d.loke tips into beating me rofl OH NOOOOOOOEZ

    i dont expect someone whos not up on current events to like my shit

    i rarely have many general concepts.

    if i know you im diggin deep into your psyche other than that fuck it.

    edit: lmfao @ you editing in that last part q it still was a good mag w/ou it
  17. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    yea, that KG shit got a response out of me too.

    "lol. for the record. king grimet ruined the league. it was ended since he ran it. oh, i beat KG already. he's garbage. but, i only dislike him because he never shows up for his matches, ever. and that's in the rbl and rstl.

  18. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    nice mag.

    I feel special, Serv threw me a shout out

    LMAO @ User "never thought id be putting him here" hahahahahaha

    Yo Q, im interested in that mod job when the time comes
  19. Defcon_5

    Defcon_5 Relax and take notes

    Sep 19, 2002
    boooooo@no lines from the grudge match making the top punches when most of em were better than all those picks..especially the #1 pick
  20. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    i didnt think grudge matches got into the top punches list.

    now that i think about it though, that is pretty stupid - i shouldve picked some from those lol
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